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It's official, I'm an LCSW!! Thank you for providing such a comprehensive program. I used TDC in the past to prepare for the Law and Ethics Exam, so I knew I was on the right track trusting TDC to get me through the LCSW Exam. I went through the material twice and studied for 2-3 days a week for a few months. The quick studies and quizzes were my go to for review. I found the practice exams to be the most helpful and also took the ASWB practice exam. I originally scored in the 80-90% range for the practice tests (DSM, Crisis, and Ethics) and in the 79-82% for the mock exams. I scored an 80% on the ASWB practice exam. After all that studying, I was feeling well prepared for the test, although still nervous. Listening to the final pep talk was just what I needed to get into the right mental space. The day of the test I ate a big snack, went on a walk, and listened to a meditation to get myself focused. I'm so happy to say, I passed!!

TDC was an absolutely amazing resource in my preparation for the LCSW exam. I credit my high score on the exam directly to TDC's program. Every TDC resource has been thoughtfully created to ensure adequate preparation and understanding for the real exam. Every step of the way boosted my confidence. One thing TDC does that really sets itself apart from other programs is the level of support you receive as you prepare. I knew that if I had a question, I could send an email and receive a quick response that provided and in-depth explanation to help ensure real understanding of a concept. If I had tried to study on my own I would have gone into the test a nervous wreck, wondering if I truly was ready. Instead, I walked in calm, collected, and confident; I KNEW that I had the information and skillset to pass the exam. And I was right! I passed it on my first try. I couldn't recommend this program enough. Thank you, thank you, TDC!

I just wanted to let you and the TDC team know that I have successfully passed the CA LCSW Law & Ethics Exam!!!!!!! I wanted to say thank you to Amanda and the rest of the TDC team for your awesome program and continuous support!!!! Since, I am an "out of state" applicant, I have fulfilled all of the requirements with BBS! So, now I am looking forward obtaining my CA license and being licensed in the state of California and Pennsylvania:)!!! Thank you all:)!!!

This program gave me the confidence I needed. I utilized the strategies and felt secure throughout the test. I even felt secure in feeling insecure, which really helped me not spend a great deal of time second guessing myself. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. Will be using it again for the Clinical!

Today I passed my LCSW Law and Ethics Exam on the first try! I had purchased a book on the same subject to study with, but found the lectures and materials from the Therapist Development Center were far superior and incredibly helpful! I plan to study with you again for my LCSW Clinical Exam.

I passed my LCSW exam on my first try, and aside from purchasing the ASWB practice exam, I used TDC exclusively to study. The straight forward and thorough nature of this program was incredibly helpful. I didn't have to spend time thinking about how to best use the program; it's all laid out. For an exam that covers so much, the way TDC lays out the study program kept me from feeling overwhelmed. I was able to listen to lectures during long commutes which was helpful to reinforce things. I really appreciated hearing the reasoning for answers which ultimately I felt was the key to my passing. The practice exams were great preparation for the real thing, and gave me the confidence I needed going into the exam.  

Thank you Amanda and team!! I could not have done it without you! The study material was perfect and it made studying fun. It really did! 

Wow!! I passed on the first try!!! Thank you so much TDC!!!! I do not think I would have passed without the TDC. Compared to other study materials I viewed and considered purchasing, TDC is far superior. I am just so grateful to have passed. I was so concerned about passing; just so much information, and I felt overwhelmed with where to start trying to organize all of the information. I absolutely love how comprehensive the study system is with TDC. The audio instruction was extremely helpful; all of it. I particularly found the "Top 50 Topics" and "DSM" audio lectures to be profoundly important for my learning. I would listen to them repeatedly while cooking, cleaning, and driving. The quizzes were extremely helpful, and the 2 final mock exams were incredibly valuable and important for preparing me for the exam. I felt so much more at ease in the real ASWB clinical exam after having learned to pace myself, as well as get accustomed to the wording and format of the questions with the mock exams. Thank you TDC!! I could not have passed without you!  What a wonderful program and support you provide. I highly recommend this program to anyone who needs to pass the LCSW!!! 

I have used the TDC program in my study preparations for both the LMSW and LCSW exams. Thank you TDC, I passed my ASWB Clinical exam yesterday, 05/15/2018!!! The information provided on all topics is very helpful, but the most significant for me were the problem solving strategies. The manner in which Amanda Rowan and team breaks down what the question is asking and how to select the “Best” or “First” answer is phenomenal!! I have encouraged several people to use this program for their study needs and will continue to do so. I have found TDC to be true to their word when they say that they are with you until you pass. I have had to get several extensions due to personal family issues and not once was I denied. I’m both grateful and thankful for the opportunity to use this program and would like to encourage Amanda and team of coaches to continue doing great things. 

I had so much test anxiety around sitting for the LCSW. I have been eligible for 3 years and just sat on the fear. When I came across Therapist Development Center it was condense and easy to follow! I felt the "DMSV What's The Difference" really assisted in knowing key diagnostic material without overwhelming us with needing to know the full criteria of every diagnosis. Also, explaining the changes from previous DSM to  DSMV was extremely helpful. The lectures on the ASWB Code of Ethics was a key component to my success on the exam. THANK YOU!!!

Today I passed my LCSW exam on my first attempt, and I wanted to express my gratitude to TDC for having a wonderful, organized and really helpful study program! Having rescheduled my exam multiple times due to medical issues, surgery and Hurricane Harvey, TDC was always easy to contact and were accommodating in providing me an extension on my subscription. I only utilized this program in getting prepared for the test and did not feel that anything was left out! Thanks TDC! 

After waiting 8 years to retake the exam and two failed attempts by 1 point, I passed using the TDC test prep materials. The TDC coaches along with the audio tutorials really helped me prepare and organize my thoughts. The proposed study schedule was perfect for my life; as a wife, mother of two boys and working full time I appreciated and needed a schedule to follow. The rationales provided for the quizzes and mock exams allowed me to not only view my incorrect answers but also helped me to understand WHY the correct answers were chosen. It taught me to think like a Social Worker. I will definitely encourage others to use TDC.

I was unsuccessful at passing the first time after using another program. After failing, I decided to give TDC a try and have never regretted it. I passed the LCSW exam and I feel TDC did an excellent job at preparing me for the exam. Thank you!

I was so nervous about the exam. I am old enough to be from a time when you could graduate from high school without high stakes testing. I had horrible test anxiety!  When I started my exam, I felt like it was VERY difficult, but I am so happy that I remembered to take deep breaths and THINK like a Social Worker. That is the most important thing this course teaches you; how to use professional ethics and clinical judgement effectively. That was my saving grace. I passed! The first time! THANKS! 

TDC’s study program truly provides a solid foundation with material and focuses on problem solving and reasoning structure to successfully pass the ASWB clinical exam. I failed the exam twice using a different study program. Using TDC was a world of difference and I strongly recommend it to everyone. Thank you TDC!

It's been a long journey. I took my first counseling class in 2011. Here we are in 2018. Over those many years I was able to switch from professional counseling to social work, gain experience working in an elementary school, complete my MSW, study Portuguese and live abroad, and spend three years working with veterans as a VA social worker. I wouldn't trade any of these experiences and am so grateful that I was able to use Therapist Development Center to confidently boost myself to this next step and finally become an LCSW.

I enjoyed using the TDC for my study needs. The site and program is easy to use, user friendly, and thorough. I also enjoyed how quickly I received a response when I had to reach out for tech support. I studied independently but felt connected. Thank you for this program. 

The TDC curriculum and they way it is organized helped me not feel overwhelmed with choosing what to study for the LMSW exam. Listening to the lectures helped me think the way I needed to think for the test.  Taking the mock exams prepared me for the types of questions I saw on the test. The rationales provided after I finished the mock exams were helpful.

This program made me feel so much more prepared to take my exam. So many different tips where shared and the facebook community is greatly encouraging. I would recommend this program to anyone and everyone taking the exam. 

Thank you TDC!! Amanda and your team of coaches, especially Heidi, did an excellent job in preparing me for the exam. I went in nervous but had to trust that I was prepared after reviewing the material that was organized in a manner to help me succeed in passing on my first try. Thanks again!