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I was unsuccessful at passing the first time after using another program. After failing, I decided to give TDC a try and have never regretted it. I passed the LCSW exam and I feel TDC did an excellent job at preparing me for the exam. Thank you!

I was so nervous about the exam. I am old enough to be from a time when you could graduate from high school without high stakes testing. I had horrible test anxiety!  When I started my exam, I felt like it was VERY difficult, but I am so happy that I remembered to take deep breaths and THINK like a Social Worker. That is the most important thing this course teaches you; how to use professional ethics and clinical judgement effectively. That was my saving grace. I passed! The first time! THANKS! 

TDC’s study program truly provides a solid foundation with material and focuses on problem solving and reasoning structure to successfully pass the ASWB clinical exam. I failed the exam twice using a different study program. Using TDC was a world of difference and I strongly recommend it to everyone. Thank you TDC!

It's been a long journey. I took my first counseling class in 2011. Here we are in 2018. Over those many years I was able to switch from professional counseling to social work, gain experience working in an elementary school, complete my MSW, study Portuguese and live abroad, and spend three years working with veterans as a VA social worker. I wouldn't trade any of these experiences and am so grateful that I was able to use Therapist Development Center to confidently boost myself to this next step and finally become an LCSW.

I enjoyed using the TDC for my study needs. The site and program is easy to use, user friendly, and thorough. I also enjoyed how quickly I received a response when I had to reach out for tech support. I studied independently but felt connected. Thank you for this program. 

The TDC curriculum and they way it is organized helped me not feel overwhelmed with choosing what to study for the LMSW exam. Listening to the lectures helped me think the way I needed to think for the test.  Taking the mock exams prepared me for the types of questions I saw on the test. The rationales provided after I finished the mock exams were helpful.

This program made me feel so much more prepared to take my exam. So many different tips where shared and the facebook community is greatly encouraging. I would recommend this program to anyone and everyone taking the exam. 

Thank you TDC!! Amanda and your team of coaches, especially Heidi, did an excellent job in preparing me for the exam. I went in nervous but had to trust that I was prepared after reviewing the material that was organized in a manner to help me succeed in passing on my first try. Thanks again!

I passed! I think the most valuable thing about the TDC program is that it helped me to learn a new way of thinking; that aligned with how the test presents questions. Although there were many questions I felt "stumped" on during the exam, I think the solid base or reasoning skills I learned through TDC helped me to reason my way through questions I was unsure about. The Top 50 Topics lectures really gave me a solid foundation and helped me to understand the importance of addressing risk areas FIRST when taking the exam. I really like that TDC condensed the expansive information of social work practice into a logical (and manageable) sections. I can't say enough about how helpful this program was for me! It is worth every penny!

I started using TDC about 5 weeks ago after months of failed studying with a different program. I loved how organized the program is and really enjoyed the lectures. I followed the program almost to a tee and listened to some lectures multiple times. Thank you TDC, I was headed towards failure and I passed on my first try. The icing on the cake is that now I feel like a better and more informed social worker.

TDC provided excellent preparation for the LCSW exam. As a working mom I did not have time to compile materials and come up with a study plan. TDC's way of laying out materials and chunking your study sessions into manageable pieces was a lifesaver. I was able to listen to the lectures on my commutes to and from work and while I was putting my daughter to bed. The multiple opportunities for practice exams really supported my confidence in my knowledge and ability to do well on the exam. I highly recommend TDC's course to anyone!!! 

It was a very difficult journey as I am a senior or rather quite mature woman of color. I had to reframe my thoughts about my unworthiness. I am an excellent practitioner with skills and love for those clients that I work with. However, this test made me really dig deep to understand the core of the work that had to be done to say hold it! I am worthy! Confident and very capable! Affirmations, meditation, Tapping (EFT) and TDC! I hired a coach which really made the problem areas get unstuck. Priveledge and Tarasoff and not embellishing the answers. So I am not reading or doing anything today, but I’m sure going to get the AWSB from TDC! Thanks sooo much for all your support!

This system was awesome! The quick studies studies were helpful to review throughout the study process. The audio rationales were informative and helped me recall a lot of information that Amanda went over. The test questions were similarly formatted to the actual test. Overall, I was pleased with the program and passed my LCSW test with flying colors!!  

I had used another study guide to take my LCSW test and failed it the first time. I knew I wanted to have something that would help me study and learn in a multiple of ways, so I started Googling and found TDC. So glad I did. The coach was fantastic and helped me understand things along the way and clarified when I didn't understand. The mini quiz, study guides, and audio are all fantastic. I had so much more confidence going into this exam than the last one I took. I'm very grateful for TDC and highly recommend them!  

Thank you for your educational program that helps so many like me prepare well with updated information such as detailed changes in the DSM 5, outlining differential diagnosing, encouraging eating prior to the test, taking a break and especially "learning how to think." The audios were pleasant and easy to listen to even while multitasking! :) It is great to have support and support others through the blog. I will miss it! 

TDC really prepared me to conceptualize how to address each scenario versus simply memorizing concepts. The practice quizzes were easy to do in my breaks, the audios were easy to understand and follow, and with my busy lifestyle, I loved the quick studies! Thank you TDC family! I appreciate the easy request process to extend my program too, with planning a wedding at the same time I kept pushing back my date, but TDC made it easy for me to still have everything I needed available!

The techniques and materials found here are absolutely the best around. I recommend the Therapist Development Center as the only study plan for the LCSW test.

This prep system was really helpful to me. I think what was most valuable was the practice. Learning to think the way the test authors did about all those "first", "most" and "next" questions. The practice also helped me learn to attack the test, as Amanda advised. It would be so easy to get lost in the weeds debating between two answers. It must have worked, I finished in 2 hours. I scored 125 correct on a version which used 99 as a passing score. The rest of the materials were good for keeping me focused on the core of what I needed to know, instead of jumping from one topic to the next while studying. Since I have low level ADD, that could have happened easily. The Facebook group helped me feel like part of a community and on days when study seemed torturous, that helped. If you signed up with TDC you landed in the right place!

Excellent experience with TDC! I don't think I could have done it without TDC and their amazing coaches. I feel that TDC thoroughly covers all main topics on the exam. I failed my first try by a few points and gave myself a solid month of studying for round 2. I felt much more confident my second time around. Thank you TDC! I will recommend to future aspiring social workers! 

I found TDC to be well laid out, providing me with the structure to study the material. It was so nice to listen to the audio portions at all times during the day, to read the quick studies and take the quizzes, and the half mocks and full mocks were instrumental in preparing for exam day. I found the top 50 topics to be an excellent way to break down points for studying and the DSM What's The Difference helped me solidify my knowledge and feel confident on test day. I had Amanda's voice in my head cheering me on and really thought about her recommendation to "lean into the test on test day." I did just that! The blogs were also fun to practice questions and to read about managing test anxiety before the exam. Thanks TDC for giving us this excellent tool not only to help us prepare for test day but to make us even better clinicians in our practice.