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I passed my Master's Level LSW exam! The test results I received after taking the exam said I needed a 98 to pass and I got 120 questions correct. The program helped me to visualize the client being in front of me, what would be said in a meeting to consider what would be done first or next.


Not only did I pass this exam, my knowledge of mandated reporting, obligations towards clients, and how to handle myself in complex ethical situations has significantly increased. I feel more competent in my abilities to make proper judgement calls in both agency and private practice settings. Thank you Therapist Development Center!

Thank you TDC for preparing me for my Law and Ethics exam and the Clinical Social Worker exam. I found the study materials organized well, the quizzes were helpful, the mock exams and rationales prepared me for the actual exam, the study tips were useful, and the access to coaches was key in getting questions answered and for encouragement! Thank you, I could not have passed without this program.

I am so happy with what TDC did for me. I failed the LMSW twice and was really discouraged with the whole process. TDC made it so easy for me to study. The structure was beyond my expectations. It pushed me to keep working towards each lesson and it was very user friendly. I also loved the fact that there were coaches available for when I had a question. Their response was quick! Overall, extremely happy with what TDC did for me. I finally passed and I'm very thankful that I decided to give it a shot.

This program is well worth it! I passed on my first try. This program is so thorough and really prepared me for the exam. Your tests and quizzes were tremendously helpful. I know that if I had not had this program there is a pretty good chance I may not have passed. I have extreme test anxiety and when I started the test I was blown away by how much this program and the quizzes and tests helped me. I will definitely be recommending this program to friends who still need to take the exam. By the way, I would like to give Heidi some extra thanks. She answered my questions with such patience and kindness, and because of that it helped with my anxiety. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

It is relief to have finally passed this LCSW exam. I have been trying to for the past 4 years. I tried other study materials LEAP and even hired a tutor. It was a waste of my money because it didn't help. TDC helped me stay focused on studying and helped me structure myself. I studied for two and a half months. I found the audios very helpful because I could listen to them in the car, at work and anywhere I would go. I learned a lot that I had forgotten and most of all I learned that I still needed to have a life while studying. This can be very difficult for us due to work, family, and ongoing learning. I appreciate that I could always contact a coach for assistance when I felt confused about material. The response was always very fast and simple to understand. Thank you so much TDC. The program is definitely worth it.

TDC broke down the study material in a way that made it easy to take in. After my first review I felt I needed to review it again. Going over my weakest areas, learning from my first pass of the material really helped me feel prepared come test day and pass on my first try. Thank you TDC!

TDC!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU so much! I passed this morning and couldn't have done it without this prep system! For all those thinking about purchasing this system and reading this reivew, TDC is without a shadow of a doubt going to provide you with a great snap shot of pretty much everything you're going to see on the exam! Everything Amanda and Bethany suggested I followed! Shout out to my coach, Heidi! You are such a pleasure to correspond with and made any anxiety I had disappear! I walked into the exam so confident this morning and owe it to the system and you! If you want to pass, and you're willing to put in the work this study system requires, BUY THIS NOW!!! Thank you so much guys!!!

I cannot be more grateful for this program!! I took the LCSW prior to my wedding and missed passing by five in which I just wanted to give up. I also started to think that maybe social work wasn’t for me since I couldn’t pass the test. I realized that my studying prior to discovering the TDC wasn’t working for me as it was too broad and I felt that I really didn’t know what to/how to study. Well TDC’s program led the way for me! I wish I would have found this program far before studying the first time for my LCSW but I am glad I found it when I did! I cannot say thank you enough!! I can now say with extreme excitement that I PASSED!!!

I was very anxious upon entering the exam room, but realized that I was totally prepared for the questions and was able to follow what the stem of the question was asking. The practice tests and explanations allowed me to understand the reasoning behind the questions and what was being asked!

The structure of TDC was very helpful when it came to studying for the exam. The audio lectures are convenient to listen to wherever you go instead of having to always rely on a screen or worksheet to read.

This program is so awesome! The material and support that it provides is worth every penny. I was able to finally pass my exam on the 3rd attempt. I failed previously and the program was extended for me with no question, which I really appreciate. The coaching component and phone calls really helped with questions that I had, as well as boosting my overall confidence. The materials are straight to the point and prepares you as best as possible for the exam. Thank you TDC!

I want to thank Therapist Development Center for creating a thorough program hitting every major topic with detail giving me structure to my study time. I have terrible test anxiety, but I completed the program and am proud to say "I passed the LCSW first time!!" I felt so prepared with the quick studies, quizzes, and half/full mock exams, which gave amazing practice and a great understanding of how a question could be worded.  The best piece of advice... "Don't change an answer unless you have an AHHH moment and remember put them in order. The best or most important answer isn't necessarily the first step. I would recommend this program to others preparing to take the LCSW exam.

What I liked the most was the organization of the study program. TDC made sure everything was covered, and I did not have to worry about what to cover for the exam. I loved the audio lectures and the helpful hints for remembering terms and information, and the reminders were sooooo helpful for remembering to start where the client is. Multiple questions asked what to do FIRST, and I was able to choose answers related to client perspective. I also liked the hints about imagining the clients were with me in the room, or if I was staffing with my own team. I thought, wait, I know this stuff. I really felt confident going in and I loved how Amanda said keep your head in the game and tolerate uncertainty!!! It was great coaching. Oh I almost forgot... after flagging some of my answers I revisited them and applied the "Aha" response. I only changed 1 because I really had missed a hugely important piece of the stem, which stated the social worker was NEW. I had missed it and my answer changed because of it. I'm on cloud 9 and even though I never want to test again, if I had to, I would use this study material.

I took the test for the 3rd time. I had other materials to study from, but I missed by 1-3 points. My colleagues told me they have been using TDC and passed the exam for the first time taking it. I tried and it helped. I reviewed the true and false questions (2x) and the final mock exams a few days before the exam. It really helped me to summarize what I learned in the program. When I took the test, the scenarios were still fresh. When the proctor gave me the results I was nervous. When I flipped the page I saw “congratulations!” I was overjoyed and in tears. I asked the proctor, "can I hug you?" She said no. I saw another man who finished his test and he gave me fist thump gestures a few times and congratulated me! Thank you TDC! I am looking forward to purchasing your National LCSW Clinical program.

TDC study materials were all I needed to pass this exam. As I was going into the exam, I felt confident that I would pass the Clinical exam, because I felt prepared. As I was taking the exam, I felt that all questions were related to all information covered by TDC. I am so glad I decided to purchase this study program! I passed on my first try! Thank You Heidi for all your support.

I recently moved to CA and am transferring my license. I was nervous about taking the Law and Ethics exam as it's been 15 years since I took my last licensing exam. Going into the test, I had only scored 72% on my Final Mock Exam so was also anxious about passing. But a friend told me that the real exam is often easier than the practice tests, which was true in my case. The TDC practice exams create so many nuanced scenarios and seemed more complex than the actual test. Once I started taking the real exam, my confidence returned, I felt well prepared and passed!

I want to thank the development team at TDC for designing a comprehensive, quality, and relatable study program! I greatly appreciated the lectures, as I am more of an auditory learner, as well as the quizzes. The mock exams were spot on in terms of exam breakdown, content, and terminology, and highly correlated with the real deal. This package thoroughly prepared me for passing the exam and I will be confidently sharing this as a resource to other colleagues!

After failing the exam the first time by using other programs, I heard TDC was the best route to go. I actually buckled down for a whole month and a half. I heard the lectures everyday on my commute to work and back. I took notes while listening to the lectures and I felt that doing that made my studying much better. Thank you Amanda for creating a great program!

I failed my Law and Ethics exam the first time, then I used TDC and passed the first time. Therefore it was a no brainer when it was time to prepare for the Clinical exam what study system I was going to use! Amanda you helped me diffuse this test like a expert on a bomb squad! I applied every strategy you taught me and the exam became a piece of cake! I think your Mock exams were more difficult than the actual exam, so I was confident in my ability to answer the most difficult questions on the exam. Thank you and God Bless you. My family and I are grateful for the help of TDC!