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I have taken the CA MFT Clinical Exam twice and failed before using Therapist Development Center MFT Exam prep study system. I used another study prep program the first two times, attended their weekend workshops, took all the practice mock exams multiple times and it was devastating to fail each time since I felt I knew the material, yet just cannot seem to adjust my brain to how to take the exam. The exam felt like it was reading a foreign language. Additionally, the practice exams did not look like the real exam, I felt the test questions were much easier compared to the real exam. 

However, with TDC study guide, I finally passed. It is an extremely organized system and I would definitely recommend it to all MFT Associates. The practice exams were very much like the real exam and even though the practice questions felt like they were harder, which was depressing when I got my practice scores back, I preferred for it to be harder since when I took the real exam, I felt extremely prepared. I do not believe I would have passed the exam without TDC. Thank you TDC!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Excellent program!!! I PASSED on my first try. Amanda Audios are the best. I could basically hear Amanda's voice in my head during the exam. The program teach you everything you need to know and nothing that's unnecessary. The audios about the questions rationals from the MOCK exams are extremely helpful. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE practice if English is your second language like me it would take more time for you to read the questions. BELIEVE IN YOUR SELF and have FAITH in GOD.

I know TDC was the reason I was able to pass the licensing exam on the first attempt. Amanda really helped me be able to understand how to go into the test, understand what the question was asking, and be able to knock out wrong answers. The exam was still challenging but with the program I felt like I had a shot at passing. The practice exams and rationale lectures were probably the most helpful part but I know I was able to do well on those exams because of all the audio lectures and understanding how to take the exam. I am so thankful for TDC and so happy I don’t have to take the exam a 2nd time. Thank you so much!!!

The BEST study program out there! I passed the CA MFT Clinical exam yesterday (first attempt). When ever I felt frustrated during the exam, I could hear Amanda's voice & final pep talk. The combination of audio lecture, visual notes, mock exams, & recommended test-taking strategies set me up for success. I am recommending this program to all of my friends/colleagues in need of study material. Thank you SO much TDC!

I’d moved my residence, my office, gotten sick at a couple of points, had an unacceptably low final mock and had to go back and repeat TDC’s paradigm breaking curriculum, and I just didn’t know how anything was going to turn out. I was so nervous! At every turn, when I needed an extension, TDC support was there for me, including when I needed support deciding whether or not to “wing it” after one time through the curriculum or go back into review mode, TDC was there to help. Well worth the money and leaving the competition in the dust. Thank you TDC!

I used TDC to prepare for the CA Clinical Exam and found it to be invaluable. The schedule is very manageable and I like that the program is organized and structured. I really appreciate the audio lectures because I am the type that needs to listen and take copious notes in order to absorb the information provided. The information was relevant and current, which really helped. I also appreciate that so many dynamics were covered and I learned more in this program than I have all my years as an intern. I would definitely recommend TDC for anyone who is preparing for the clinical exam.

TDC was really helpful with testing strategies. I think THAT really helped me navigate both exams (passed both first time). I am a SLOW test-taker which is NOT a good quality especially when it comes to the clinical exam. Even though I was the last one to finish the exam, the strategies TDC taught about reading each word and the eliminating certain answers, picking an answer and "moving on" really helped me save time which I truly believe made the difference between me passing and not. I avoided wasting precious test time by knowing what to look for in the question stems. I followed the plan as best I could with a full-time job and family obligations and it worked! I didn't use any other study materials other than TDC. Thanks a bunch Amanda for a program that worked for me!


I used the TDC program to help study for my MFT Law and Ethics exam and I thought the information covered was delivered in a way that I could learn. I think I most benefited from the rationales following each mock exam and the email feedback as well. I was able to pass the exam on my first attempt. Sending my thanks to the TDC team!

This was such a wonderful asset for preparation, not only in a practical sense, but emotional and psychologically as well. I felt well prepared and actually enjoyed taking this exam. A sort of "Zen" happened during the course of study. I did take a break for a few weeks and went on vacation before going into the last round of studying and review. Amanda, you were right. You *were* in my head! I found myself chuckling a few times reading scenarios and imagining rationale for the answers. Thank you so much for providing this excellent service. 

I tried TDC first for Law and Ethics to see how it was compared to other programs and I not only passed the first time but felt confident in my answers. I decided to stick with TDC for the clinical exam and passed on the first try as well! The lectures help get Amanda in your head and she was definitely with me while taking the exam. There were quite a few questions that I had to stop and ask myself “how would Amanda Rowan approach this question!” Thanks TDC! 

I am so grateful to TDC for helping achieve this huge milestone in my professional path. TDC really does stick with you until you pass. The coaches are always available to answer questions and help with test anxiety. The audios are great to listen to in the car. TDC taught me how to look for what the best answer was, what the test was looking for. So grateful for this program.

Your study material and lectures were very helpful and guided me in a logical and sensible way. It took me a while, but I finally developed a good strategy to approach the test with understanding and strategy. I have recommended your program to many people and while I was waiting in line to take the test I heard others talking about the "Therapist Development Center". So, Big Kudos to you!!!

Great program! Because of this program, I passed the L&E and LMFT Clinical Exam on the first try. Words cannot express how grateful I am. THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH!

Thank you!! You helped me prepare for an exam that I don't think I would have passed without you. You helped me really learn and understand the material and I feel more confident as a therapist for having taken your course. 

Love this program because it's very easy to follow. I felt supported through out my studying process. If I can pass this test anyone can!

Program was great! I appreciate the talks about calming your anxiety and keeping focus through the test. I feel that pep talk was the most important. Thank you again. 

All my intern friends who use the TDC course pass. I hate to say it, but those who don't, don't! This is the only way to go, in my book. It's impossible to prepare us for the exact questions that will be on the exam, but this course really taught me how to think like the exam; how to use the logic of the exam. Using what I'd learned, I was able to figure it out in the moment. It was a hard test but I felt confident! And I never have to take it again! HOORAY! Thanks TDC!

This program was great! I passed both the Law and Ethics and the Clinical MFT exams on the first try. Very thorough explanations and I appreciated how they focused less on the content that you could memorized and more on the strategies which are skills you definitely don't develop in school. Highly recommended to everyone. 

I was confident from the start that TDC was the right choice for my study materials. My school program was specialized, so I really appreciated having some of the theoretical review. As a more auditory learner, I appreciated the presentation of the study materials and enjoyed the rationales as though I were in the room with a patient and kind teacher. Thank you!

Thank you TDC! These materials have been essential for both the Law & Ethics and Clinical Exam. The most helpful element is the support on how to read the questions. Once I recognized whether the question was asking about assessment, goals, or interventions, I noticed my scores increased. The material is thorough and really does increase clinical thinking and decision making. The pep talk at the end was really helpful. I found that taking that break for food at question 100 is essential for this marathon exam. Thank you also for the generous extension after I suffered an injury right before my original test date. I can tell you truly care about your consumers and I will recommend this program to anyone following this pathway!