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TDC is very helpful. Thank you very much! Studying the program is number 1 and number 2 is to manage the anxiety because ultimately that really makes a big difference. Amanda, I brought you with me on the day of the exam! Blessings to you, your family and all the staff at Therapist Development Center.


I recommend this program! I was confident when I took the law and ethics exam. I passed!! I am going to use this program to study for the MFT clinical exam. Thank you so much!


Thank you TDC for putting this program together!  The information provided was excellent and I know it helped me pass the exam.  I really didn't think I was passing during the test and was over joyed when I got my score.


I had previously attempted the National MFT Exam three times, each time failing by just a few points. I was very discouraged, and down on myself, until a friend of mine recommended the Therapist Development Center. What a blessing this has been. I followed the program and the advice of my coach, Asya, who was available and patient, and on the day of the exam, it was as though Amanda was right there talking me through those questions. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


The material and questions on TDC were EXACTLY what was needed to help me pass the exam. I appreciated the thoroughness of the explanations and rationale as to how to think about and answer the questions. I went into my exam confident and completed ALL questions. When I took the exam previously, not only did I not finish the exam, I was not confident in how I processed the questions. In addition, TDC extended my access to the material without any problem! THANK YOU SO MUCH, TDC, as I will be using the material to study when it is time to test for my license!


Comprehensive. The practice tests are perhaps better written than the actual exam. If you can pass one of these practice exams, you're a shoe-in to pass the real thing!


Thanks to TDC for all the helping material and good studying plan that helped me to pass the Law and Ethics exam. I felt confident to take the test after study the TDC program and passed.


Prior to discovering TDC through a friend, I used another program and it left me feeling overwhelmed and unorganized. I'm so thankful to this program for helping me become organized and teaching me valuable test strategies for lowering the anxieties around the test, which aided with passing the exam!


I just received my exam results five minutes ago and I passed! It’s incredible because I found that I breezed through the exam, or so it felt, and it is mainly because of this program. I took the requisite break as recommended and remembered to pause before answering. Amanda is incredible and I enjoyed the 'classes.' I could not have done it without this program and the guidance/coaching by Asya the day before my exam when I was concerned about a low score in the final mock. In fact, some of the questions we reviewed were on the exam. I urge all MFTs to sign up for this program as it is awesome! I will spread the word. :-) Humbly, I thank you!


I am not the best test taker, but using the TDC study material really helped me prepare for the test and successfully pass. I felt confident answering the questions during the exam due to TDC covering most of topics that was on the exam.


I'm grateful for the guidance and information provided by TDC which helped me pass my Law and Ethics exam! I appreciated getting to study at my own pace, which was so necessary balancing work, family, and other responsibilities.


I cannot tell you with words how much I am grateful for your program! I could not have passed my Law and Ethics Exam without TDC!!!! I had taken the test once and that was the first time I had ever failed something, so I was very disappointed. English is my second language and part of me and my supervisors attributed some of my not passing to that, and I had little faith after that experience. After today I have faith in myself to take my Clinical MFT exam in the early Summer!!!!  Muchas Gracias TDC!!!!


 This is a great program which did a good job preparing me for the test. I felt like I was able to learn Law & Ethics almost all over again so it gave me the foundation I needed.


Thank you for the great support and the amazing training! I really appreciated being able to send you a message and getting fast answers to better guide me! Thanks to you, I passed the exam!


I highly recommend using TDC's study program for the MFT Law and Ethics exam. I felt prepared and ready to sit for the exam.


TDC is awesome! Thank you for preparing me for this exam! I walked in and killed it!


I really had a great experience using Therapist Development Center. TDC doesn't just offer practice tests, mock exams, and quizzes. The program is audio and so you can literally take it on the road. Visual aids are also available to supplement the audio. TDC offers test taking skills and gives you explanations for answers throughout the practice exams. I did not pass the exam last year by 1 point, but I think I would've done so much worse without TDC. I stuck with the program and went through it again step by step. I recommend TDC to anyone that wants something easy to follow and will stick with you throughout the process. I particularly recommend it to those who feel that test taking is not their strength.


I am so grateful to TDC to help bridge the missing link of testing taking strategies and knowledge! I had taken this exam twice before and was missing the key to understanding the exam. This program was skillfully designed to help me feel confident and strong in my abilities, have the MFT knowledge, and my game plan. I laugh now, but one my biggest take aways was "eat a snack half way through the exam!" Oh my goodness, how simple is that trick but absolutely necessary for a passing score! I had not done that the other 2 times I had taken this exam! THANK YOU, TDC for being part of the reason for my success! I am so grateful for your heart to help prepare us for this exam!


Thanks to TDC I passed my licensure. TDC was awesome! I felt prepared and the test anxiety preparation was key! I will definitely recommend this program to all of my colleagues.


Thank you TDC, for your support. I passed the Law and Ethics exam and could not of been able to do it without this study course. Thanks for allowing me to continue with the program after not passing the first attempt because now I was "successful" and passed.


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