I am so grateful to TDC for helping achieve this huge milestone in my professional path. TDC really does stick with you until you pass. The coaches are always available to answer questions and help with test anxiety. The audios are great to listen to in the car. TDC taught me how to look for what the best answer was, what the test was looking for. So grateful for this program.

Your study material and lectures were very helpful and guided me in a logical and sensible way. It took me a while, but I finally developed a good strategy to approach the test with understanding and strategy. I have recommended your program to many people and while I was waiting in line to take the test I heard others talking about the "Therapist Development Center". So, Big Kudos to you!!!

Great program! Because of this program, I passed the L&E and LMFT Clinical Exam on the first try. Words cannot express how grateful I am. THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH!

Thank you!! You helped me prepare for an exam that I don't think I would have passed without you. You helped me really learn and understand the material and I feel more confident as a therapist for having taken your course. 

Love this program because it's very easy to follow. I felt supported through out my studying process. If I can pass this test anyone can!

Program was great! I appreciate the talks about calming your anxiety and keeping focus through the test. I feel that pep talk was the most important. Thank you again. 

All my intern friends who use the TDC course pass. I hate to say it, but those who don't, don't! This is the only way to go, in my book. It's impossible to prepare us for the exact questions that will be on the exam, but this course really taught me how to think like the exam; how to use the logic of the exam. Using what I'd learned, I was able to figure it out in the moment. It was a hard test but I felt confident! And I never have to take it again! HOORAY! Thanks TDC!

This program was great! I passed both the Law and Ethics and the Clinical MFT exams on the first try. Very thorough explanations and I appreciated how they focused less on the content that you could memorized and more on the strategies which are skills you definitely don't develop in school. Highly recommended to everyone. 

I was confident from the start that TDC was the right choice for my study materials. My school program was specialized, so I really appreciated having some of the theoretical review. As a more auditory learner, I appreciated the presentation of the study materials and enjoyed the rationales as though I were in the room with a patient and kind teacher. Thank you!

Thank you TDC! These materials have been essential for both the Law & Ethics and Clinical Exam. The most helpful element is the support on how to read the questions. Once I recognized whether the question was asking about assessment, goals, or interventions, I noticed my scores increased. The material is thorough and really does increase clinical thinking and decision making. The pep talk at the end was really helpful. I found that taking that break for food at question 100 is essential for this marathon exam. Thank you also for the generous extension after I suffered an injury right before my original test date. I can tell you truly care about your consumers and I will recommend this program to anyone following this pathway! 

Thank you so much for helping me to pass this beast that is the Clinical. I used TDC almost exclusively and passed the first time. I tried another prep company for their test bank, but only took one before I realized they were no comparison! I felt totally prepared with TDC only. The audios were so convenient to listen to at home, work, the car, even when I was getting ready in the mornings. The worksheets were easy to read, well-organized and left plenty of room to write in my own notes. The "How to Think" section was super helpful, and I would suggest listening to it again before taking the Final Mock. I listened to the pep talk 48 hrs before my test and again that morning. I kept hearing Amanda's voice in my head while I was reading the questions on the test and it helped to calm my nerves. Thank you again so much for all of the help and good luck to everyone starting this studying journey. YOU GOT THIS!!!

I cannot believe I passed this test. I usually have so much test anxiety, and I'm really glad I paid for this, because I passed and I wouldn't have without it!

Can't thank the team at TDC enough for the amazing support! I was so very grateful that TDC was there for me until I passed. I took the exam in 2016 and didn't pass, and my workload did not allow me to study up until recently. TDC came through and reactivated my account so that I could go through the program again. I took the test today (5/18/18) and PASSED. Thanks again for the great coaching. I would suggest to anyone taking the course to read the blogs, and contact a coach if needed. The blogs addressing test anxiety management were very helpful for me.

No way I would have passed this without your program; only a portion of this test is learning the facts. A great deal of it is learning what answers the questions are looking for and how to think through the questions, which is covered thoroughly in your program.

I just want to commend Robin Gluck for being such an incredibly helpful presence for me throughout the process.  As she knows so well, I made ample use of her, asking many questions, and she was always patient, kind and very informative. If I didn't understand something and needed further clarification she gave further clarification. Most importantly, she never made me feel like I was asking too many questions or the wrong questions -- I felt "held and contained".  So kudos to Robin!  And also a shout-out to Asya, who handled a few of my questions at the end during their transition -- Asya, you were terrific, too!

When you hear Amanda say I'm going to be with you in the room, she's not kidding. I definitely had a few moments where I could hear her processing the vignettes with me in my head. TDC was very helpful and stuck with me through the 2nd go round. My first failure had little to do with TDC and more to do with me not following the program and attempting to rush. When I followed the encouraged route, I felt much more confident in my testing process and ended up with a passing score. 

After failing twice using nothing and another study format, I used TDC. It was the most I’ve learned since college! Every therapist should have to do this course. The test isn’t really relevant if they’d incorporate this into ALL accredited MFT college programs.

Personally I should have never doubted TDC. They have everything you really need and the coaches are available to you. They helped when I was just stressed out and let me know I was doing everything I could. They know how to keep you focus and in a positive mind set. I really enjoyed having this program and all it has to offer by my side the whole way through. Thank you!!!!

I would like to thank TDC for providing the essential tools needed to pass the CCE exam. Most of all, thank you for providing hope to me when I needed it the most. My mom and sister both died during this process and I found myself building a strong bridge of hope with Amanda. I took the exam once and passed it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

TDC was amazing! Don't get discouraged if you don't pass the first time, keep pushing it. The materials are there, you just have to spend the time to know it all. I would say practice the timing when they say time yourself. I rushed at the end, but luckily I remembered the test taking strategies and ruled out and moved on. But I am so happy I took the program. I passed and I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist... I did it and you can too!!