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A Message from the Founder, Amanda Rowan

Our Social Work and MFT Exam Prep Philosophy


Amanda Rowan, LCSW

A Message from the Founder, Amanda Rowan

If you are reading this it probably means you are planning to take your social work or MFT licensing exam soon. Maybe you’ve taken the exam once and failed or maybe this will be your first attempt. Either way, here at the Therapist Development Center we understand that you only want to invest time and money into a program that is going to help you learn what you need to pass.

Selecting a social work or MFT exam preparation program is about one thing: TRUST. When you purchase a program or sign up for a workshop, you are trusting someone to guide you through the process of passing your licensing exam. Different companies and workshops claim to have the “best” way to prepare but few can articulate the philosophy that guides their approach. We can.

Our philosophy is simple: You will pass with confidence when you study smart.

Our Social Work Exam and MFT Exam Study Systems work because they 1) Organize your studying into an easy to follow plan that saves you time and keeps you focused; 2) Review only the essential content most likely to be tested; 3) Teach the clinical reasoning skills that the exams test; 4) Provide test taking strategies proven to manage anxiety and stay focused during the exam; and 5) Provide free access to an outstanding team of social work and MFT exam prep coaches to answer questions and provide support throughout the process.

People frequently want to know whether we provide a “pass guarantee”. Unfortunately, no company can (or should) guarantee that you will pass. We do, however, provide a PROMISE: we are with you until you pass. You only pay once. When you sign up, our team of social workers, MFTs, and support staff will be 100% committed to helping you pass with confidence.

Start studying smarter with us today!

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