National AMFTRB MFT Exam Prep

National AMFTRB MFT Exam Prep
Price: $350.00

Our National MFT Exam Study System includes INSTANT on-line access to:

  • An organized, step-by-step study plan
  • 19 on-line audio workshops with downloadable HANDOUTS
  • Complete review of essential content areas
  • Effective study tools — Top 50 Topics Tested, Law & Ethics Quiz, Theory Review, DSM 5 Review
  • Clinical examples that help you learn instead of memorize
  • Clear test-taking strategies you will use on exam day
  • 750+ ON-LINE practice questions with audio rationales
  • Test anxiety management
  • MFT Coaches available for on-going questions and support

    This program is designed to maximize learning and minimize stress. The program takes approximately 55 hours to complete once and can be repeated as needed. Access is set for 6 months, but extensions are FREE. We are with you until you pass!

Our National MFT Exam Study System is for ALL states EXCEPT CALIFORNIA. For California please see California Law and Ethics Prep or California MFT Clinical Prep.

"I like how organized, detailed and repetitive your program is laid out. I have used other online programs and books for the National MFT exam and they gave too much information that overwhelmed me.  Your program definitely covers the topics and your mock exams are great examples of questions on the exam. Thank you." -Jill Fishman


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Course Reviews

After having taken the test two times prior and barely missing a passing score by a few points, I felt defeated. Taking this course provided me with helpful test taking strategies and helped to build my confidence in my own abilities.

I've passed both California MFT exams (clinical and legal/ethics) using the Therapist Development Center study system, and I just passed the AAMFT National Exam using the same. I highly, highly recommend this study prep program if you have test anxiety and tend to overthink answers. I felt well prepared, confident, and had a great strategy for thinking about the test on test day. Thank you!

I tried another exam prep, but found that I was inundated with material. TDC taught me how to study and that was more important than knowing what to study.

I was so anxious about taking the MFT National exam because I often get test anxiety and can easily feel overwhelmed when there is no clear direction or expectation of how to prepare. The TDC program made a seemingly insurmountable task very doable! The clear guidelines, the study timeline, the efficiency of the practice exams, and most importantly, Amanda's help in talking through answers allowed me to get unstuck and begin to think proactively when it came to how to approach the test. I work full-time and was still able to study on a regular basis and feel proud of how well prepared I was. I'm proud to share that I passed on the first time and don't have to take that test again in the foreseeable future! Thank you so much!!

I passed!!! Thank you TDC for creating such a great MFT study program! Asya, your encouragement was just what I needed and Amanda... I totally heard you in my thoughts talking me through the answers.

With gratitude,

Lina Coleman, LMFT (Yay!!!!)

I have taken this test several times and studied several different methods. My father in law purchased this study program for me. I was hesitant at first because I have taken this test several times. I love this program and it was very helpful for me. I passed this test 9 points above the test score. Thank you so much for creating this program and helping me pass my Licensure test. I will be spreading the word to all my friends needing to taking the test! Thank you.

When i got approved to sit for my MFT exam back in December i was very excited because the process had taken me a while. Soon after I became overwhelmed by the idea of a Standardized test, how much content i had to cover and the fact that i had been out of Grad school for about 8 years! So, i kept putting off the exam, but in the process stumbled (divine intervention in my view) on TDC website back in May.

The program's material and overall structure helped organize me because organization is not a strength i naturally possess. I followed Amanda's advise of not letting preparing for the exam consume you to the extent you do not enjoy your life (best advice!). The rationales provided in the mock exams and the advice of generally how to think when taking the exam was also very helpful. Lastly, I was not really inclined to consistent exercise, but I followed Amanda's advice and did that too.

I finally sat for my MFT exam last month and just heard from the board yesterday, I PASSED! on my first attempt!

Thank you so much Amanda and coaching team, i know i could not have done it without you!

I found TDC to be concise, well organized, easy to navigate, and incredibly helpful in my studying process. I very much appreciated the tips and strategies along the way. I studied around the same time each day and ate the same snacks throughout my studying, as well as while taking the practice exams. One thing I would like to note (in case you are not already aware), is that I was not allowed to bring food or drinks into the exam center at all. I was not allowed to have them in the lobby of the building either. I took the exam in North Carolina and am unsure if this is a statewide rule or was more specific to the exam site I was at. I read through all of their rules ahead of time and was not clear on that, prior to going in for the exam. I have to say it threw me a little bit as I was not used to focusing that long without the break and the sugars! I was able to complete the exam and thankfully I passed, but I just wanted you to be aware, possibly for future recordings, so that others will know that the snacks are not always going to be an option during the exam. I was also less prepared for that due to previously having taken the California MFT exams and being allowed snack breaks during both of those. You may already know something I don’t about this but again, just wanted to let you know my experience with it. Thank you for creating such a wonderful study system!!

Even with a death in my family which meant I had to fly to Taipei in week 4 and then getting sick in week 5 (5 days before the exam) I managed to pass on my first try. TDC made it possible for me make it through some major challenges since it provided me with a clear plan of study. The tips for how to study and how to take the exam were really helpful. Having access to a coach was also super helpful! when I started to panic 48 hours before the exam... It is true that while I was writing the exam I had no idea whether I was passing and I wasn't feeling particularly optimistic after the exam. But I passed by 23 points! Thanks so much TDC!

Worth every penny and every hour I invested! This exceptional course gave me the tools and the courage to succeed on my first attempt with the dreaded MFT exam. The materials and the study approach are excellent. Amanda's lectures were accessible, easy to listen to and absorb. In fact, I actually heard her voice in my head as I took the actual exam. She guided my way. I also appreciated the opportunity to ask a few questions via email when I needed some additional clarification on a topic or with a mock test question. you. I'm grateful I found you TDC.