AMFTRB National MFT Exam Prep
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Our AMFTRB National MFT Exam Study System includes INSTANT on-line access to:

  • An organized, step-by-step study plan for the AMFTRB National MFT exam
  • 19 on-line audio workshops with downloadable HANDOUTS
  • Complete review of essential content areas
  • Effective MFT exam study tools — Top 50 Topics Tested, Law & Ethics Quiz, Theory Review, DSM 5 Review
  • Clinical examples that help you learn instead of memorizing
  • Clear test-taking strategies you will use on exam day
  • 750+ ON-LINE practice questions with audio rationales
  • Test anxiety management
  • MFT Exam Prep Coaches available for on-going questions and support

    This AMFTRB exam prep is designed to maximize learning and minimize stress. The program takes approximately 55 hours to complete once and can be repeated as needed. Access is set for 6 months, but extensions are FREE. We are with you until you pass!

Our AMFTRB National MFT Exam Prep Program is for ALL states EXCEPT CALIFORNIA. For California please see California Law and Ethics Prep or California MFT Clinical Prep.

"I like how organized, detailed, and repetitive your program is laid out. I have used other online programs and books for the National MFT exam and they gave too much information that overwhelmed me.  Your program definitely covers the topics and your mock exams are great examples of questions on the exam. Thank you." -Jill Fishman



The AMFTRB National MFT Exam is a computer-based standardized exam. The exam includes 180 multiple-choice questions. Test takers are given 4 hours to complete the exam questions. Special accommodations can be requested by individuals who meet the criteria based on the Americans with Disabilities Act. In addition, certain states provide special arrangements for English Language Learners (see below for additional information).


The passing score for the National MFT Exam is established by a panel of expert judges and will change with each exam testing period. The passing score will shift up or down depending on the determined level of difficulty of each exam question; the easier the questions, the higher the passing score, and the more difficult the questions, the lower the passing score. The majority of states will use the passing score that is set by the AMFTRB; however, some jurisdictions set their own passing score. Test takers do not receive their results immediately; scores are sent to appropriate state licensing board and mailed to you within 20 business days of your exam date.


Eligibility to sit for the exam will differ for each state that accepts the AMFTRB National MFT Exam for licensure. You will need to contact your state licensing board for the application and to determine eligibility requirements. Once you are approved by your state licensing board to sit for the AMFTRB National MFT Exam, you will receive an approval letter that will include an approval code and a link to the PTC Online Application System. Once you receive approval, complete the PTC application and submit payment for the examination/testing fee. PTC will email you a Candidate ID and Scheduling Authorization within 6 weeks of your testing period.


The AMFTRB National MFT Exam is administered one week each month. The schedule for upcoming exam periods can be found here.


Accommodations are available for test takers with disabilities covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you would like to request special accommodations, complete the online application (at least 8 weeks prior to exam date) and attach the appropriate documentation (i.e. doctor’s letter).


The following states provide special accommodations for English Language Learners:

Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

The following states do not provide special accommodations:

Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Missouri, North Carolina, New York, Utah, Washington

(see here for updates)


The answer to this question will vary based on the state you are moving to and requirements established by the state’s MFT licensing board. The first step will be to apply to the state MFT licensing board. Once that state MFT board reviews your application and credentials, they will inform you of any deficits or if you are eligible to sit for the AMFTRB National MFT Exam. You must apply to sit for the National MFT Exam through the state’s MFT licensing board in which you plan to practice. You cannot sit for the exam without taking this step. Here is an overview of requirements by state.

The California Board of Behavioral Sciences is actively pursuing increased reciprocity for MFTs. To date, several states will accept the California MFT Clinical Exam, which means MFTs moving to these states may not have to take the AMFTRB National MFT Exam. Check with the state’s licensing board to determine if the California MFT Exam will fulfill the exam requirement.


The National MFT Exam has more questions than the California MFT Clinical Exam (200 versus 170). The content areas have some overlap, but the National MFT Exam covers more domains (aka knowledge areas). The domains that are tested on the National MFT Exam can be found here. The National MFT Exam has a larger share of recall-based questions, whereas the California Clinical MFT Exam is mostly comprised of reasoning-based questions. However, The National MFT exam does include exam questions that will test your critical thinking skills.


There is some overlap between the content that is tested on the National MFT exam and the California Clinical MFT exam. However, there are also significant differences in the content and types of questions that appear on each exam. Each program teaches the content and strategies designed to meet the unique needs of each exam. For this reason, it is not appropriate to use one program for both exams. If you are using TDC to prepare for both exams we would be happy to give you a discount code as a thank you for your loyalty.

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Course Reviews

This study system is absolutely phenomenal!!! I had been out of school for 4 years when I finally decided to take the national MFT exam. I was beyond rusty on everything from theory, to ethics, to how to even take standardized a test. The TDC system prepared me for all of it. It walked me through each domain step by step and gave me plenty of room to practice and test myself. I felt like God, Amanda and the TDC team were with me all the way into the room. And the best part? I scored 14 points higher than necessary and passed on the first try! It's well worth the money. I would recommend it to anyone!!!!!

Only used TDC and passed well over the passing score the first time.

My case was too complicated. I was an international student. I flew to the US to take the test. I studied hard, but a week prior to the test, I was scoring mid-60s. I was (sick) of anxiety, especially that it cost me thousands of dollars to take time off from my practice, fly to the US for a couple of weeks to take the test. I was astonished when I passed with an 80% score. If anyone is anxious, please persevere. You can do it! Did I mention that Asya was INCREDIBLY supportive through the entire process. I reached out to her in distress, and she pointed out different things that I could be doing wrong, her email was a turning point. Please reach out, if needed. I have ADHD + English is my second language. If I can pass, you can.

I have never had a good relationship with exams so the idea of needing to take one after graduating from my degree was daunting [and, to be honest, a little frustrating...but that's a different story]. Anyway, the content, the way it was presented, and the support offered in terms of coaching and advice along the way from TDC ensured I was thoroughly prepared and ready to take the exam. Entering the exam I was nervous, but I was able to answer the questions calmly. I think I may have to reassess what I tell myself about my ability to take exams and do well, thanks to TDC.

I became aware of TDC on an online forum that I am apart of for the MFT exam and everyone that passed the exam mentioned TDC as the BEST studying tool that they used. Even though it is pricey, it is worth the investment as the material is in depth, you have access to additional support if you need it, and the practice mock exams are great resources that prepare you for what the exam will be like. I highly recommend TDC for anyone that is wanting a study resource that gives you everything you need and is with you until you pass!

I felt confident going into the MFT exam, thanks in large part to the thorough preparation of this program and the tips and tricks for the exam itself. Passed on the first try! Worth every penny, thank you!!

I passed my exam the first time in May 2022 the TDC. I started studying by myself with flash cards and other materials. I quickly felt overwhelmed with my tendency to memorize. I found TDC through researching and I liked their philosophy and their passing rate. I purchased the course in February and gave myself three and half months to study. I studied and went through the course twice . They do a great job in teaching the techniques and philosophy of the test. Once you understand that, it'll give you the confidence. Even though I did not try other programs, I believe this is the best program out there. They explain every tricks behind the questions. Thank you TDC for making this process easier.

The TDC course was comprehensive enough to cover the entire test material yet concise enough to be manageably studied twice within an eight-week period. The program was extremely accurate in the choice of material it focused on - out of 180 test questions, I found only one that was not covered in the prep course. I also loved the personal tone and the support beyond the actual exam material. The TDC prep course taught me not only the material for the exam but also how to prepare myself emotionally in order to reduce my testing anxiety and maximize my chances by maintaining appropriate blood sugar levels, hydration, physical activity, and Cetera.

the TDC was all it promised to be and I am thankful that my intuition led me to choose it amongst all the other options available online.

Thank you, Amanda, for developing this course, and thank you Asya for patiently responding to my questions. I recommend this course wholeheartedly, you guys did a fabulous job preparing me for the national MFT exam!

With great appreciation,
Maor Cohen, LMFTA, ATR-P

I've been out of grad school for 8 years. My journey to licensure has been full of twists and turns and that's a long time between being an active student taking exams and having to take the exam that determines whether or not you get licensed. Having finally arrived at the stage in which taking the exam was now necessary, I knew I needed help. I love to study but without this program I would have felt lost and overwhelmed by the amount of information available out there. This program helped me feel grounded and sure of myself as I went through the steps. I certainly had some moments in which I was terrified I wouldn't pass. I reached out to one of the coaches and was given some incredible wisdom. As I went in to take the test, I went in grounded and confident knowing it would be hard but that I could pass. Turns out I DID!!! Thank you so much everyone who had a hand in creating this course!

The TDC program was thorough and provided great insight as to how the questions would be asked on the exam. When taking the exam, I felt as if I was taking the exam on TDC which created a familiar feeling and made me feel more in control of taking the test. I do recommend following the program guide as outlined on the site.

As someone who has consistently struggled with test anxiety, the TDC study system gave me the information and confidence to create a plan of attack for my licensing exam. I passed with flying colors on my first attempt. Thanks, TPC!
Kate H. (LMFTA)

I have been out of grad school since 2018. In January of this year, I decided to begin studying and take the exam. TDC was the only study material I used. I studied from January to the end of March. I tested in April and passed the exam on the FIRST attempt! The practice exams are so similar to the real exam. This program trains you to think as a test maker. It works! I highly recommend.

My learning experience with TDC was amazing! I learned so much and I think that what worked, at least for me, was the mixed of different ways of studying (audio. reading, quizzes, practice tests). Also, the information is well prepared, straight to the point, and impeccable explained!!

We did it again! I passed the National MFT exam on my first try with a score of 153 (passing was 124). You all helped me pass both of my CA licensing exams 8 years ago on the first try, also scored in the mid to upper 80's percentage wise. Now they helped me pass my National MFT exam on the first attempt. When I reached out for a discount code I was only expecting a small discount and was blown away at the discount you all provided as a returning customer. I can't say enough about TDC and all your help. I am also super excited you all have CEU courses now... you've helped me in many ways and I can't thank you all enough!

This program was so well organized and comprehensive! I appreciated the audio lectures in addition to the quick studies and the many mock exams and quizzes! The program helped me think about HOW to take the test and how eliminate answers which was so needed! I appreciated the context on the top 50 topics as other study programs seemed to just focus on theories and ethics. The research quick studies were also helpful! Thank you all so much! I am so happy I passed!

Thank you, TDC for your support in my studying! I exclusively used the TDC materials and program to study. On test day I even came across an identical question from the TDC practice exam on the real exam! I passed my first time with an 81% May 2022. The passing score was 124 and I received a 147/180. I was consistently scoring a 70% on all of my TDC practice exams so was feeling worried going into exam day. But, TDC set me up for success. Thanks!

TDC was an answer to prayer. I needed a comprehensive study package that would review everything as it had been many years since I was in school due to taking time off to raise my kids. The program is well organized, informative, and easy to follow. It uses various modes of learning to reinforce the concepts. TDC not only enabled me to pass the test with flying colors, but made me a better clinician in the process.

If you want guaranteed results and a passing score the 1st time TDC is the way to go. I was prepared for my exam and they have exactly what you need. They are knowledgable and they have the best step-by-step format you could ever ask for.

Thank you, TDC! I PASSED the National MFT exam!!!! I moved from CA with an AMFT only to find out that NC was much different in their licensure process. I had to take this exam first in order to even apply for an LMFTA here. YIKES!!! I was not prepared for this news but TDC you did it! In a short, two or so months, you got me through the exam!!! I studied only with your materials. I followed all of Amanda's recommendations and guidance and also went through the materials twice! I heeded her wisdom of letting go of perfection and just PASS, this exam. I am forever grateful and I thank you, thank you, thank you.

TDC helped me focus and organize material I had not looked at in 20 years. I had so much going on in my life during my study times and the recordings and handouts were done in such a way that I was able to spend the time I could going through the program and reviewing. I did not even take the full mock exam and still was able to pass on my first try using this program. I’m beyond thankful I purchased this.