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MFT Exam Prep Overview

Thousands of therapists take the MFT Exam every year to become Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists. Many of these therapists have successfully used our MFT (Marriage and Family Therapy) exam prep programs to pass. California is the only state with its own MFT exams administered by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS), which include the Law and Ethics MFT Exam and the Clinical MFT Exam. All other states use the MFT National Exam administered by the Association of Marriage and Family Therapy Regulatory Boards (AMFTRB). We are confident we offer the best MFT prep program available - we consistently have the highest MFT Exam pass rate and we have the greatest number of positive reviews in the industry.

National MFT Exam

AMFTRB National MFT Exam Prep

Do you want to pass the AMFTRB National MFT Exam? Developed BY MFTs, this study program is for ALL states EXCEPT CALIFORNIA.

The Therapist Development Center offers the most efficient and effective National MFT Exam study system on the market to prepare you for the AMFTRB exam. We organize your studying into an easy to follow plan for success. 

  • We are the only program that provides test-taking strategies that will help you figure out the reasoning-based questions that make up 60% of the questions on the AMFTRB Exam.
  • Exam Prep Coaches who have taken the exam are available to answer any questions you have while studying -- you are not alone!  
  • The program can be completed in 55 hours and repeated as needed. 
  • Our mock exams reflect the actual exam.
  • Once you purchase the program we are “with you until you pass” – you never have to pay to extend or repeat the program. 
  • 95% of our customers rate our program “far superior” to other programs.
  • Our pass rate is 94% for the National Marriage and Family Therapist Exam. You're next!

Here's a recent review from John Tsilimparis, LMFT: "The Therapist Development Center was a great help. They provided excellent mock tests and easy to absorb materials. The AMFTRB MFT Exam is super hard to pass because it covers a wide range of topics with often complicated questions that get confusing. But the TDC study guides prepared me well for it. Most thankful to Amanda and especially Asya for their help. I highly recommend the service!"

MFT Law and Ethics

California MFT Law & Ethics Exam

Do you want to pass the California MFT Law and Ethics Exam?

The Therapist Development Center offers the most successful and best reviewed study system on the market. The MFT Law and Ethics Exam tests more than memorization of content.  You need to be prepared to apply legal and ethical concepts in complicated clinical situations. Our program prepares you to do just that. Additionally:

  • We organize your studying into an easy to follow plan. 
  • We are the only program that provides the test taking strategies that are essential for success.
  • We are the only program with access to coaches you can reach out to with questions while studying.
  • The program can be completed in 35 hours and repeated as needed. 
  • Once you purchase the program we are “with you until you pass” – you never pay to extend or repeat the program. 

Want to SAVE $50 on your California exam prep materials? Buy the CA COMBO!

Here's a recent review from Flavania Robinson: "TDC's study materials and Amanda's lectures prepared me for the MFT exam. The lecture series were very succinct and to the point. The questions in the TDC mock exams were similarly worded and mirrored the format in the real exam. The study rules and guidelines that Amanda provided were helpful when I got stuck in the exam. I was able to think through the scenarios, focus on what the question was asking for, and discern the right answer from options that were very similar. I would and did recommend TDC to another person preparing for the MFT exams."

MFT Clinical Exam

California MFT Clinical Exam

Do you want to pass the California MFT Clinical Exam? Developed BY A TEAM of MFT's, our program has helped 11,000+ MFTs pass with confidence!

The California Clinical MFT Exam / Written Exam is a rigorous and challenging test. Therapist Development Center offers a comprehensive and concise study system that will help you pass with confidence. 

  • Unlike other programs, we organize studying for the Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist Exam into a 10 step study plan. 
  • 90% of the exam questions are reasoning-based. We are the only program that provides test-taking strategies to help you figure out these questions.
  • The Clinical Marriage and Family Therapy study program can be completed in 75 hours and repeated as needed. 
  • TDC is committed to your success - “We are with you until you pass” - so unlike other programs that charge you to extend or repeat the program, we never will charge you extra.

Here's a recent review from Dana White, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist: "Words cannot express how relieved I was after using your MFT exam program for a few study sessions. I had previously studied for MONTHS with another company's study materials and felt lost, even worse, I started to doubt my intellectual ability to pass the MFT exam. I found TDC through a Facebook group called MFT Guide. Initially, I was skeptical of everyone's praise for your program, but once I began using your reasoning strategies, my scores on the test bank I was using began to improve.  Best of all, I regained a sense of hope that I could pass this test and I did!"


MFT Law and Ethics MFT Clinical Exam Combo

CA COMBO: MFT Law & Ethics and Clinical Exam

Do you want to save $50 on your CALIFORNIA MFT exam preparation materials?

Every person who uses TDC for the Law and Ethics Exam stays with us for the Clinical Exam program.  The California Marriage and Family Therapist combo package provides a $50 savings.  You will have access to the study programs as long as you need them to pass. (Please note - you must buy the COMBO at the time of first purchase, we will not issue the COMBO discount after that).

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Both the CA MFT Exam and the National MFT Exam are four hours long. That means you must complete the Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) Exam within that time limit. The exception to this rule is if you apply for accommodations in accordance with the American Disabilities Act (ADA).


The CA MFT Exam has 170 questions (whereas the National MFT Exam has 180). All of these questions are multiple choice with a weighted focus on reasoning. By using Therapist Development Center’s CA MFT Exam Prep program, or our National MFT Exam Prep program, we give you the best chance at passing on your first try!


The best way to study for the MFT Exam is by looking at the stem of each question, determine what they are asking, and coming up with the correct answer. In other words, you want to develop the skills on how to think about the exam, rather than memorize an abundance of information. The worst thing you can do is purchase an MFT Exam Prep course that overwhelms you with books of information to memorize. TDC’s MFT Exam Prep program prepares you the right way in a clear, succinct and organized way.


The MFT Exam, or Marriage and Family Therapist Exam, is the licensing examination that all aspiring MFTs much take before they can practice independently. The purpose of this exam is to ensure that each MFT meets a certain level of competence and expertise, in an effort to protect the public from unqualified therapists. In all states (except California), the AMFTRB administers the National MFT Exam. In California, it is the Bureau of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) that administers the CA MFT Clinical Exam, or LMFT Exam.