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Choose this website to study for your social work exam. I just passed my exam 2 days ago and the reasoning skills this site teaches are what you will be tested on. I had very few memory only questions. Nearly every question on my test required using reasoning skills to discriminate among various social work situations. TDC gives you quizzes and then goes over the reasoning why one answer is the best. When I was taking the test I could here the voice of Amanda and the others saying "a is something you would do but not necessarily first, C is a strong answer as a and b could be rolled into it" and so on. I used a Brand X site that only asked questions and told you if they were right or wrong. I know for a fact some of there answers were incorrect. Again, the way to pass the social work test is to bone up on your reasoning skills, that's what The Therapist Development Center teaches.

I looked at other testimonials on the TDC review's page. Many times I questioned whether the people who wrote the reviews were real? I had tried other programs who had amazing reviews too and made many promises. When I started this program I immediately emailed them asking them a million questions about their program to make sure that they were the real deal, and that it wasn't a gimmick. As soon as I started the program I realized that this program was unlike any other. Other programs teach based on acronyms. TDC helps you learn according to facts and rationals. They literally broke down every single question, every single answer, and taught you how to understand the questions according to what they are asking you. Another thing that is different, that you wont find in any other program is the breakdown of the Code of Ethics. Other programs do not go over it, or they give you just a couple of lines that you need to know. As I learned deeper about the code of ethics, I realized what a huge impact it had on how I answered my questions. This program is ABSOLUTELY amazing and worth the money. If you failed the exam a couple of times like me, or whether this is your first time, this is definitely the program you want! I failed 3 time before I decided to give TDC a try. Each time I failed, I failed by a point. Which told me that I knew the concepts, but I was doing something wrong. I should've taken this program from the very beginning. I feel that if I would've chosen TDC from the beginning it would have saved me so much time and money! I highly recommend this program to anyone taking the LMSW, or LCSW! I got my LCSW, and now I can move on to a new chapter in my life! I am so happy and thankful!!!

I would have never passed this test if it was not for the TDC program. I was dumbfounded to realize that despite having gone to one of the best social schools in the country, I was completely ill-prepared to take the ASWB LCSW exam. When I first looked at what was available, I appreciated how the program was divided in "segments/topics" which made it much easier to learn and digest. Being a kinesthetic learner, I appreciated being able to walk in nature and listen to the recorded lectures over and over again, which is truly the best way for me to learn. I also recorded myself the quick studies so I could listen to that as well. I deeply appreciated the quizzes, short and long mock exams, especially the long ones. I usually cannot sit for that amount of time and practicing these long exams gave me a point of reference when the real exam time came. A week prior to the exam, I got really scared that I was not going to pass the test and Heidi, as a great coach would do, stayed calm and told me what to do. I can truly testify of the quality of this program for two reasons. I was the director of training and development for a corporation for six years and also had a business coaching. I know both worlds and I truly can say that this program teaches to the test. Taking the test was the most challenging thing I had to do and after finishing and reading the word "pass" I was in disbelief. I emailed Heidi to let her know that I had passed and she told me that she had been thinking about me all day and that truly touched my heart. I don't know of anything else I could have done to pass this test and I am truly grateful to TDC for this program. I cannot recommend it enough if you want to pass the test.

I probably should wait a day or two before sharing my testimony to process my current emotions but here goes. I felt defeated after failing the exam not once but twice and the second time worse than the first time. I blamed myself for waiting 2 years after my degree to sit for the exam. Fast forward from 2016, I was desperate and setting goals for 2020. I told myself I'm a smart girl I won't allow this exam to conquer me, my self-esteem and my mental health. One afternoon I sought out to see if any others were failing more than once and came across TDC. I read every single review. Thank God I did! I purchased the course on January 18th. I passed today, February 15th. As you can see I studied less than a month. I don't wish the disappointment and sadness of failing on anyone. You can trust this program! I took 2 prep courses prior to making an investment in TDC. It will be worth your while. If you are someone who has test anxiety, Amanda will have you confident to take the exam. Amanda, it is true! I heard your voice in my head while selecting the best answer. I am babbling. I am overwhelmed with emotion just 3 hours post passing the exam. I can't thank you enough! I wish I had found this years ago! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Everything was organized and structured so I could jump in to studying exactly what I needed to.

I first started using Therapist Development Center when I initially did the Masters Level Exam. I had previously failed that exam 2 times and after the second time failing, I was extremely frustrated and felt defeated. I looked around everywhere for something that would give me the tools to pass. And thats when I found the Therapist Development Center online. I was nervous since it was a bit expensive and I had no idea what the program would offer. I completed the program, felt more confident than ever- and I passed that exam by 20 points! Fast forward a couple years, I then needed to take the Clinical Level Exam. I bought the study guide from Therapist Development Center immediately, without hesitation. I bought the study guide middle of December and just passed my test on February 13th! I would NOT have passed this exam without this study guide. If you are looking for a way to pass this exam, look no further. It is worth EVERY SINGLE penny! Thank you Therapist Development Center - I DID IT!

Jacob Cooper LCSW has arrived!!!!! I want to first and foremost give a special shout out to my coach Heidi. I came to TDC completely devistated after working my tail off and failing my first attempt by 5 Questions. I really needed to pass as I am tied into many different avenues that need my full attention including writing a book with a major publisher. Heidi never backed down and gave me her full attention and thorough responses in countless emails. It was wonderful to have a private tutoring session with her as well. I loved the break down of the program. The results are there if you follow all the steps and approach the test from a holistic approach. I am going to be honest that test was a grind to the very end and there were many here we go again moments. Heidi's voice was there to calm me down and find the inner confidence to presevere aka Mamba Mentality!! I couldn't reccomend it enough I have my life back and can finally give others and my goals my full attention. Highly recommend TDC. Bravo to this excellent program!!

I passed the LMSW exam on my first attempt by utilizing TDC’s LMSW Exam Prep. I received a score of 121, but needed only 99. I did not use anything else to help me study, as I found it difficult to determine what would be beneficial and what was not. I did not use acronyms and did not order any practice materials from the ASWB or elsewhere. I strictly used TDC’s study materials. The audio was crucial to my study style (thank you Amanda!). I printed off the quick studies, reviewed them fairly regularly, listened to the audio often and made good use of the tests that were offered in print as well as online. The program proved to be a stand alone comprehensive prep course that was easy to use. My score on the TDC LMSW pre-test was a 58 (failing). After studying the TDC materials, I scored 77 on the final mock exam (passing). Then, I passed the real exam on my first attempt! The scores speak for themselves. Thank you TDC!

I passed the ASWB Clinical exam (LCSW) yesterday!! I'm so happy I decided to use this program, as I had taken the exam previously and failed. Basically, I had lost confidence in myself and was second guessing my answers. Then I found the TDC program! After completing the whole program, scoring well on each full mock exam....I reached out to a coach for some last minute assistance and then decided to go for it! I listened to the pep talk multiple times, was sure to try all suggestions given such as; exercising the day before, eating a piece of fruit (banana), and even though I was terrified of running out of time....I took a break at the halfway mark! OH and don't forget to ask your test site if you can have the unwrapped cough drops on a kleenex/napkin! All of that led me to passing! Woo!! I feel such a huge amount of relief! TDC was just what I needed to raise my confidence and learn how to answer those first/next, most/best, primary, etc., questions! I can truly say NOT using any of the acronyms to put the answers in order was the "key" for me! Personally, using those made choosing an answer much worse and seemed to take more of my time. So a big...THANK YOU to TDC!!! I'm so excited!!

This program is the most comprehensive learning and preparation program I have ever experienced. Throughout my professional and educational development, I have purchased many prep programs and have attended a couple of seminars. However, the TDC is the most robust program thus far. As an audio/visual learning, it was suitable to my learning needs by providing audio recordings and printable study guides on all major topics covered in the exam. The quizzes and mock exams were extremely helpful in preparing for the actual test, as well as providing me with immediate feedback on content areas to study more. I also appreciated the opportunity to extend my program time, because at one point I felt I needed more time to prepare. The staff quickly responded to my request and extended it for free!!!  Because of this program, the time I dedicated to studying, and many prayers, I PASSED my exam on the first attempt!!! One and done!! Thank you TDC for everything!!!

First I thank my God, Jesus Christ for blessing me to pass the exam. TDC was a blessing sent by God to me and I am so glad to have had it. Amanda is an amazing teacher, I felt comfortable with her from the first audio tape. Amanda's test taking strategies were very helpful. I believe the reasoning skills were most helpful to me in building my confidence. I not only then knew what I got wrong but why I got it wrong. The practice tests allowed me to gain insight into what areas I needed help. I prayed and called on God throughout the exam to help me and He did. Amanda at times I imagined you there with me reasoning through what comes first or next as I answered. I had confidence this time, that I didn't have the past times I took the exam. Thank you Amanda Rowan for your willingness to work hard putting this system together in an effort to help us become effective clinicians. Thank God for using you to be a blessing to so many. I have already recommended this system and will continue to do so.

I passed my LCSW examination earlier this week on my first attempt and I am thrilled! I have put it off for so long because just the thought of preparing was so daunting. I purchased the TDC program because I liked the way it was laid out. The organization made sense, it seemed manageable and I appreciated the various ways that the information was taught so that I had a chance to actually absorb the material. While I really liked the lectures, the various tests were the most helpful part of the program. Specifically, the two full length mocks that helped me to realize that a four hour test really isn't all that bad. On the final full mocks I got an 85 and an 87. On the actual exam I needed 102 correct answers to pass and got 125 right, so my final exam score was only a few percentage points off from my TDC scores. If you are feeling hesitant to purchase this program, don't! The price is completely worth it, not only in regards to passing the test, but also just in learning so much information pertinent to our profession -I'm looking at you Code of Ethics! I definitely feel like I was over-prepared. I am so happy that I chose this route.

I graduated from Bryn Mawr College in 2004. I had not seen a lot of this material in 15 years. In PA license is not required, and in VA where I lived there is a license prior to the clinical. When I moved to California in 2011, the BBS was not administering the National Exam, so I spent a lot of time study an entirely different process. Once the ASWB was incorporated, I shifted my studies and purchases AATBS and was given 5 large books to surf through with mock test that only show you how your doing, but not how to engage the material, or answer questions. My husband said you need a study plan, a strategy, so you can relearn the material, and OH My God, I found Therapist Development. I repeated the material twice in its entirety and then one more time S1 thru S5. I felt very prepared. I was confident. The what to do First really did the job, going over the 50 topics Quick studies are amazing, and all the material is just phenomenal. The use of the coach Heidi was awesome even answering questions during the Holiday. Thank you Heidi. Amanda I could go on and on, just know that I took you in the exam a few different times.. and your two year old to get through some of the "normal development". I was not allowed to eat although i called and asked in advance. At question 90, I got up and drank water. I was truly feeling the difference. At question 120, I felt like given up. I actually said just quit, your not doing well. I felt like a panic attack, and I remember Amanda said people think they are having a panic attack, but it is sugar level being low. The next thing I heard was Amanda saying stay with it~push through and get through this EXAM!! and My God I did it~~ thank you and your staff. A glass of Red Wine & Chocolate well deserved!

I really could not have passed the ACSW test without TDC. The course is so organized and structured, making it so much easier to keep on track and study in a very intentional format. An applicant can really get overwhelmed by all the material there is to learn but TDC really prepares you for what your really need to know to be a competent clinical social worker. Amanda really understands the human learning process and prepares you to study in the most efficient way AND maintain your regular life. I had to balance studying with a lot of other responsibilities, and honestly, if I had concentrated only on studying all the time, I probably would not have passed. Heidi was very patient in answering all my questions and reassuring me that non of my questions were dumb questions. I am amazed that I passed on my first try!! Thank you, TDC!!

After receiving my Masters degree from an esteemed college, with a 3.9 grade point average AND paying $300+ to take the recommended licensing study course; I was shocked and angry when I did not pass my licensing exam the first time I took it. The study course combined material for both the Masters level and Clinical, making it overwhelming and difficult to discern what material was most important for me to study. I felt very unprepared as I sat for my test the first time and even had to double check that I had signed up for the correct test. I found this program by googling " I failed my licensing exam" . The first story I read mirrored my experience. I was skeptical and nervous to purchase another study program, but after reading the testimonies and reviewing the website, I was hopeful. This program is amazing and I plan to use it again as a study guide for my Clinical. After completing the program I had so much more confidence, a better grasp on the material AND direction on how to actually take the exam. I have never written a review or testimony for any product, however I had to voice my appreciate and gratitude for this one, as this program is the reason I passed my exam the second time, by 20 questions! Thank you sooo much!!

I passed the LCSW exam on my first attempt! It feels surreal but I am so happy to have accomplished this goal. I actually used another study program for the first 2 months after getting my hours approved for the exam. However, I just couldn't get focused and I was struggling majorly with my anxiety and ADHD. I had used TDC for my Law & Ethics exam (which I passed on the second attempt - missed it by 2 points the first time), so I thought why not, let's go back to what worked for me before. I tried to study daily while balancing work and family life. I had a great support system which also made a huge difference in the way I studied. I followed all the steps, took all the mock exams and reviewed the night before. I prepared by going to the test site 2 days before to find out what I could bring, wear and how far the restroom was from the test room. The entire time I was taking the exam, I would stop and take deep breaths to refocus. I used one bathroom break at question 85; corrected only the marked questions I had that "aha" moment on and used essential oils on my clothes to keep me relaxed. I only needed 102 correct answers and I got 123 right with an hour and half of time to spare!! I honestly did not know if I was going to pass because my anxiety has been my downfall on many occasions; however, it the test prep tips and having Amanda's voice in my head were instrumental in my passing!  Thank you so much! Passing this exam was great timing as I am in the midst of getting hired for a job that requires that you have your LCSW within a year of hiring! Again, thank you so much!

This course is perfectly designed for a terrible test taker like myself. I felt confident going into the test after doing well on my practice tests and reviewing the information for several weeks. I was always nervous to take this test and never wanted to, but it recently became a requirement of my job and so I had to bite the bullet and get it over with. It is something that has been hanging over my head for a while and I am so glad I chose to buy the program as there is no way I would have been even close to passing without it. The program taught me strategies for the test but also to believe in my answers and stop overthinking. It taught me how to think and prepare and use my own experience to really put myself in each situation and eliminate and number each question. I never thought this day would come, but I am so happy that I went for it and learned so much in the process that I can continue to use for my own career. I really feel as though I learned quite a bit of clinical material that can really impact my work with clients, rather than just determining strategies to pass. Thank you for the help and course. I am so glad to be done!

I took my ASWB exam on 10/15/19 and am proud to say that I passed on my first try! I chose TDC's study program because I used it to successfully prepare for the Law & Ethics exam 2 years ago. I decided to stay with TDC for the ASWB exam because I liked the format, the different types of study materials, and similarity to the actual exam (for this exam, the question stems provided far less information than the study materials, but it was enough to tackle the questions in the same manner as the prep questions). I followed the program almost to the letter, including putting study times in my calendar, and I stuck to it. It was not my usual method of studying, but after taking so many years to get to this point, I was all in. I did not want to take this exam again! I went through the entire program twice in an 8-week period, and my exam was cancelled at the last minute due to power outages. UGH! I reset my brain and spent the next 5 days listening to the lectures once more. I took Amanda's advice and took her into the exam with me. If I was unable to immediately make a choice, I selected an answer I thought could be correct, marked the question and moved on. When I went back, I was able to break the questions down and feel more confident in my answers. I had the "AHA" moment on 2 questions and realized I had misread 3 others, so I changed those answers and I resisted the urge to change any others, which is a huge challenge for me. Trust your first instinct! Walk in to the exam with confidence and try to keep calm. I completed my exam in just over 2 hours, including a 10 minute restroom and water break at the halfway point. I strongly recommend taking that break. It helped me reset my brain, and I felt much calmer and more focused when I went back in. I am pleased and proud that I followed the course so closely and was able to pass on my first try! Thank you TDC!!!

I have been in the field of Social Work or 20 years and took the LCSW exam 17 years ago and missed a passing score by two points. I was devastated. I have severe test anxiety and put off for many years due to the stress and anxiety of the thought about taking the test again. Then I decided I would finally take it again about a year ago or so. The feature that you can stay with TDC until you pass is super helpful. I had to delay taking the test due to some extenuating life circumstances more than once. In Sept 2019 I decide to face my fears and set a date for the test which was 11/1/19. I studied for 8 weeks leading up to the test. I was nervous that studying with TDC alone would not be enough. However, I did the entire study system as recommended including all of the mocks. You'll be surprised how much you can learn from your mistakes on the mocks. I went through the program twice and felt throughly prepared. I also utilized the coaching that they have available with questions I had. The response to questions was really prompt and the coach really helped me with choosing the right answer on the first/next questions. I am happy to say that I PASSED!! Every area on the real exam was covered by TDC. I was so pleased with this system. I have already recommended it to a friend who passed his test yesterday. Thank you so much to the entire TDC team. I am beyond grateful. I could not have done it without you.

I want to take the opportunity to thank Heidi for coaching me through the study process. She is amazing, patient, and kind. Her responses were timely, but even more importantly her explanations were robust and understandable. I initially started prepping with a different company who only provided a multitude of practice tests and rationales, and I felt there needed to be more content driven studies, and found TDC. I am thrilled I found TDC and decided to invest the money and abandon the other program all together. I was pleased that TDC provided a methodical way of studying. Although I only had three weeks to get through the TDC study and would have preferred more time, I tackled it the way Amanda suggested in the first lecture and kept at it every day for three weeks. I uploaded a picture of me at my family celebration dinner the evening I passed the test! I could not be more excited and grateful for the support of Heidi, TDC and for the way in which Amanda explains everything. I learned the most from the DSM what’s the difference, and the Code of Ethics lectures as well as ensuring I knew the top 50 topics. I wish I could continue to use these lectures as a way to continue to reinforce these principles. THANK YOU!!!!

I really appreciate The Therapist Development Center !!! I heard about this program when I was preparing to take my LMSW. I used this program and passed on my first try. I purchased the program again for my LCSW and once again I passed on the first try! I studied the program for three months and reviewed the program materials twice. I was nervous walking into the exam but tried to remain confident. After starting the exam and reading the first question I immediately felt relieved. The questions were worded very similar to TDC's. Of course it is impossible to teach everything the exam expects you to know , however TDC does a great job of covering majority of the information. TDC also does a great job training you on how to think to answer the questions. I attempted to watch video's people posted in Social work study groups and quickly became discouraged. How they answered questions was completely different from TDC and I always got the answers wrong. Once I became completely focused on TDC and stopped relying on outside sources, my confidence returned. The only outside information I used was videos from Youtube on the theories from TDC. I am a visual learner so having visual aids help me process information better. I am very appreciative of TDC and know I could not have passed with out them. Their system is all you need to study for any social work exam.