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I started studying for my exam while in the middle of a military move. My husband was overseas, and I had a lot on my plate. I failed the first time by 4 points, feeling unprepared by the time I left. The study prep I used did not prepare me for reasoning based questions not did they cover information I needed to be successful. There was soo much material to study, and with school-aged children in the middle of a move is daunting. I turned to TDC after getting settled and taking some time to recoup from the frustrations when I began reading testimonials online and conducting research on other study prep programs. I wish I would have used the program to begin with. Heidi was soo helpful and thoroughly answered my questions. I feel like I know Amanda so well, I hope one day I can meet you! There was soo much support that I went in there and attacked the test instead of letting it own me. I can’t be any happier with how I did on the exam, and I owe it to the resources TDC provided me. Thank you!

The six years after receiving my MSW in 2013 was an exceptionally trying time for me. Almost five of those years have been spent battling stage four Melanoma, three of those years were spent working at DCFS, followed by one year of unemployment/medical leave, and coming up on two years as a school therapist for a nonprofit. The people at TDC were incredibly understanding when I was hit with another blow and needed lung surgery and a treatment change at the end of last year, and let me get the extensions I needed. When I was finally sick of pushing it back, even though timing did not allow me to get through every quiz or the 2nd final mock by my exam date, they gave me the advice I needed to pass by a comfortable margin (I needed 103 correct answers, and got 120!) Thank you for all you do and your understanding! And I look forward to coming back for those CEUs!

I am dyslexic and struggle with standardized tests. I have had extended time on all tests my entire academic career including SAT/GRE (with a reader) as well as when I took my boards for counseling with NCE. I applied for accommodations w/ ASWB with all my standardized tests. ASWB determined that my recent tests indicated I was within normal range and therefore do not qualify for extended time. FURIOUS. I advocated for myself to no avail. I was modified. I appealed with all my documents from elementary school including my 504s. Scared I knew I had persevere. I used TDC, went through two times, made visual aids and passed with a score of 118. I am grateful for TDC. I truly do not believe I could have done it without. This study approach pulls on all the various learning inputs I need to really let info sink in. I THANK YOU for offering this study method.

6 weeks ago I was reading reviews like the one I'm about to write. I'm here to tell you that if I passed this test (LMSW), anyone can. I've been totally out of the field for (ready...) more than TEN years! That's right...due to a million reasons (namely life), I left social work. I graduated with my MSW in 2007 and got hired right out of school. I foolishly delayed taking the test. When I did take it in 2009, I failed, which sealed the deal for me going a different way on the career path. During the past 10 years I always regretted that choice. I knew where my heart was and was so mad at myself for giving up. I had half heartedly researched the issue (being out of school for so long and endeavoring to take the test) and didn't get good feedback. I just didn't think it was possible to relearn my entire two year program so many years later to try to conquer this test. WELL! Enter TCD. First of all, it just felt right, like they spoke my language... so I gave it a shot. When I took the very first 50 question exam...I got 46%. That's right, I got more than half of the questions wrong. This was a mere six weeks ago. I thought i was doomed. But the minute I started the lectures (by far my favorite part of the program) and taking notes and remembering the style of the all started to (pretty easily) come back to me. This is the ONLY system that doesn't try to scare you with a RIDICULOUS amount of memorization. Instead, it is calmly covered in a very systematic, non-threatening way. I went through the course in two weeks, then did it all over again in another two weeks. That test I got a 46% on? I got a 90% the second time around. I listened to Amanda's tips (imperative) for attacking the exam again and again., 10 years after my first attempt, I passed with flying colors!! It feels like one of the greatest accomplishments of my life to date, especially because I let it intimidate me for a decade. I'm telling you...all you have to do is follow the program exactly as it is prescribed and you will see for yourself. THANK YOU AMANDA and everyone at TDC!!

I just recently passed the ASWB Clinical Exam on Monday 6/3/2019! I would recommend TDC to anyone preparing to take the exam. I studied for about two months before taking the exam at least five days per week leading up to the exam. The mock exams helped immensely and preparing to sit at the exam for almost four hours. I strongly recommend to go through the program twice to let the information soak in as TDC suggested as well. This was my first time taking the exam and kept hearing horror stories from friends and co-workers saying how many times they've had to take the exam. TDC helps you study the correct information that will be tested and gets straight to the point. It didn't "fluff" any answers and provided enough clinical rationale each section. Honestly, I learned more from this program than my entire grad school career. It helps condense an intense amount of information into comprehensive and logical quizzes, lectures, and tests. I would not have passed the exam with the assistance of TDC. Can't thank you guys enough!

My process of earning my LCSW has been challenging. After four years of advocating for clinical supervision at different employers. After 3200 hours in January 2019 and much frustration, I submitted my hours. The added frustration started a year ago when my wife and I made plans to move closer to her parents and buy a house in Oregon, so I started studying a year ago. back to January 2019, I bought the TDC program and started moving my studying into overdrive. It took 8-weeks to hear back from the board and then another 2 weeks for approval to test. I quickly scheduled my test with the was able to pass! This process created lots of anxiety, so I took TDC advise to drink a lot of water and exercising. On test day, I ate a big breakfast and listen to lots of audio lectures from TDC (especially the code of ethics) up until I went into the test. Once I started the test, I felt okay (probably because of the the mock test and Pocket prep test). Then pushed the button for my test results feeling super nervous and the results came back "Passed" I was so excited and happy. Thanks TDC.

I would first like to thank you for putting this program together and utilizing audio lectures to make the process of studying (for hours) bearable. I personally have a difficult time studying for hours but not with this program and the audio lectures. It brought back the memories of being in class lectures which I personally loved. Going over the exam questions and having an explanation provided for each answer was extremely helpful during the actual exam because I was able to think about each questions and ask myself, "How would they like me to answer this?" There was several times that I even asked myself, "How would Amanda answer this?" which reassured me that I can do this! And I did it! Practicing actual exam questions is crucial to passing this exam which is exactly what this program offered. In addition to having all of the study content organized, the practice exams and each explanation provided was very helpful. In addition to utilizing this program, I did purchase the ASWB practice exam 3 days before my actual exam, just to prepare myself using the actual modality used during the LCSW exam which was also helpful. If it wasn't for TDC there was no way I would have spend as many hours as I did studying. I will continue to praise your program and again from the bottom of my heart, I thank all of the individuals who made this program possible and available to us. I was looking forward to writing this knowing that I would pass my exam. Thank you for the confidence that you instilled throughout the program which is also very important. 

It took me a long time to get around to studying for and taking my LCSW exam, related to various professional (not technically needed in my job as an Assertive Community Treatment Team Clinician) and personal issues (life, parenting). I had put off studying for it for years because I have been out of school for 25 years and the idea of doing seemed daunting given a full time, very demanding job in the field and life in general. My friend, who was in a similar situation, used TDC and passed the exam. She recommended the program to my husband, another friend and I. All three of us ended up using TDC, two of us have passed and one is just starting her studying process. The TDC system structured the information I needed to learn in a way that I could not have done as well on my own. The program was rigorous, challenging, comprehensive and more than adequately prepared me for a difficult exam. The LCSW exam did not seem intuitive at all to me. You really do have to learn how to answer the questions. Having a good understanding of the Knowledge Areas was helpful in picking correct answers or ruling out wrong answers on nearly all the questions. It also gives you a stronger sense of confidence going into the test than you would have had otherwise. Thank you TDC. SO glad that is over. Good luck everyone.

I really enjoyed studying with TDC! The materials/topics covered were pretty much spot on with what's on the exam. I felt adequately prepared and the mock exams were extremely helpful in terms of identifying what areas I need to focus more on. I started using Apgar's study book but immediately felt overwhelmed with amount of content I needed to read/study. TDC had just enough study materials that didn't seem too overwhelming. I particularly enjoyed listening to the audios and listened to them multiple times on my commute to work. The quick studies were great for on the go and I always carried them around just in case I got an extra 10-15 minutes to study during the day or in between clients. The final pep talk was also helpful and put my mind at ease with some anxiety I was experiencing. I recommend completing the program at least twice and take advantage of the coaches that are available for any questions/clarifications. The ASWB practice exam is very helpful too. I was a little burned out after taking three 4 hour long practice exams (different days of course) but kept in mind that it was only to help prepare me for the actual exam. Also, please remember your self-care throughout this studying journey. Take some time to relax a bit in between study sessions, during days off, as well as the day before your exam. Good luck to all of you and remember, you got this!! :)

I PASSED!!!! That felt amazing to walk in and out with complete confidence. I was feeling unsure and not confident due to the unknowns. However, through the audios and rationalizations provided I could hear myself talking through the process. With that came the confidence. I had the knowledge, however, why did I know that answer was unclear to me at times. After studying with this program I understood why I did. I would review the questions I answered incorrect as well as the ones I got correct to develop a deeper understanding. I highly encourage same practice. Yes, it took more time but was worth it. In addition, the suggestion of drinking of apple juice really was solidified as I practiced. There was a difference in my answers being correct after a break with some juice. I discovered this through the mocks. Highly recommend, DRINK THE JUICE!  Also, one of the key aspects that was significant was anytime I had a question I could email. The response was always very quick which allowed me to move forward and gather more clarity. When studying solo with a book I didn't have that kind of support. This program gave me confidence. Actually it helped me find my confidence within the unknown areas. I went in with full confidence and did not experience the levels of anxiety as I usually do. It felt amazing to move along the exam without worry. I took four breaks and had 15 minutes remaining. I am thankful for this program and recommend anyone to invest. The peace that resided in me as I arrived on exam day was priceless.

While I have always been a strong test taker, it is hard to not be intimidated by this exam. With people whispering in your ear, "you know 75% of people fail on the first try," and "I'm on my 3rd (4th,5th) try," it is hard not to let that get to you. When I first started studying, I ordered a 2019 book and SLAM, it hit my table and my spirit like a brick. I remember by the end of my first day using it, I had filled out a pack of note cards and felt ten times more anxious than when I first sat down to study. Then, several of my co-workers told me about the Therapist Developmental Center. They did not say things like, "It's good," or "it was helpful." In fact they said, "this program changed the way I study and look at this test," and "I passed on the first try using JUST this program." They were so pumped up about the TDC that I could not help but try it out. YES, it costs money, but my co-workers passed on the FIRST TRY. In the long hall, how much money are you actually saving by not having to take it over and over again? So, I bought it, put my ear phones in and started. -From the first module I started feeling my stress ease away. I know that sounds corny, but for someone who takes tests as serious as I do, I have never felt that feeling before. The study materials are thorough but also given in a way that is understandable. Amanda walks you through step by step every question, every rationale, every technique in such a rational way that, after a while, all of the material seemed easy. So easy, in fact, that by the third month I was concerned that there was no way I knew everything I needed to know. But I did. I took Amanda into the test with me, like she suggested and, right before I went in, I asked for both my Higher Power and, of course, Amanda, to be by my side. In the four hour time allowed, I finished in TWO hours and with an 80% passing score. Now I am so close to full licensure I can taste it and I, truly, have TDC to thank for it. You have helped more people reach their dreams than you can ever imagine and I will forever be grateful for this program.

I took the exam actually three times and wanted to give up. I purchased other study materials, and failed the exam. I purchased an in-person weekend course in Atlanta, then failed the exam. I committed to FaceBook study groups and was given tons of materials from colleagues, and still did not pass the exam. But when I purchased TDC after a recommendation from another colleague, it changed my life. From the moment Amanda and Bethany began to speak, I felt this would be different. I realized quickly so many ways I'd gone wrong in the past. I studied for eight weeks and followed everything Amanda and Bethany told me to do. I PASSED! Thank you for making the course so easy to follow and for all of your guidance and support. I literally felt like you two were there with me while I was testing. I completely recommend TDC 100%!!

Before learning about TDC, I used another well known program to study for the law and ethics portion of the lcsw exam. It was so monotone! I somehow managed to pass that exam anyhow. But I was nervous about even attempting to study for the lcsw clinical exam since I graduated 9.5 years ago and never did therapy! I’m a children’s social worker so all of the material felt overwhelming at first! I felt like without TDC I would have felt much more overwhelmed and less focused on what was really important! TDC helped me to review all the topics I needed to study and focus on only on certain sections at a time. As we know, breaking goals into smaller tasks helps reduce anxiety. I found myself listening to the audios again and again! It was so easy to drive and listen that it didn’t even feel like studying! And the community support and tips for studying in Facebook really helped too! Thank you TDC! I feel very fortunate to have found out about this program before failing while using another program!

I honestly do not believe I would have passed if not for this program. I purchased the ASWB exam guide book and was immediately overwhelmed by the amount and scope of topics. This course broke the test down into easy to remember steps and the "common sense" approach to the question stem helped me succeed. I listened to the DSM What's the Difference at least three times and it really assisted in those questions where it could be one or the other (ODD VS Anti-social is a great example that I saw on the exam). The quizzes really helped with my confidence level. Lastly, I wasn't going to listen to the final pep talk, but I am glad I did! It really put me in the mindset to test and I walked in with confidence, took it one question at a time, and did not allow myself to panic if I did not know the answer to one of the questions. This course truly prepared me for success on the exam and I will be recommending it.

I am very happy to share that I passed my California clinical licensing examination to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)!!! I think it is also important to share that the process to get to this point was not easy. This journey started way back in 2006 when I started my Masters of Social Work Program and graduated in 2008 from San Jose State University with my (MSW). After graduate school, I accumulated over 5,000 hours of clinical work experience and supervision in the mental health field. The first time I took the LCSW clinical exam was in 2018 but I did not give myself sufficient time to study and review the entire Therapist Development program but was trying to be optimistic and took it anyway and did not pass. In 2018 prior to taking the test I remember I had to pump (because at that time I was still breastfeeding/pumping) every 3 hours, therefore, prior to taking my test I pumped in my car, took the test then after the test had to pump again and wash all the pump parts. Since I did not pass the exam in 2018, I made sure that if I was going to take it again, I had to give myself more time to study, review and complete the entire Therapist Development Study Program. After experiencing postpartum depression/anxiety (ppd/ppi) I decided to take a long break from studying until I felt better. I received support from my parents, seeked my own therapy, attended therapy support groups, postpartum support groups, and once a week/every two weeks took a salsa class to rejuvenate my soul. Once I felt like myself again and felt 100% better in December 2018-March 2019 I prepared and studied for the LCSW clinical exam using the Therapist Development Center which was the best program I could use for both the Law and Ethics exam and the LCSW clinical exam. After taking additional pre-requisite online courses, trainings, and passing the Law and Ethics Exam in 2017 I can finally say I have completed the last step of this this journey. On March 2nd 2019 after having test and overall exhaustion I received the best news that I passed the exam! Set goals and trust the process! Achieving this goal is a reminder that I would not be here today if it weren’t for my parent’s unconditional support, the TRIO 3-1-3 pre-college program I was in during high school and my husband’s encouragement and 100% support. I want to give a special thank you to my husband Alfredo, my sister, and my parents who supported me during this process and took care of Zanaira so I could focus and study. Thank you to my former co-workers who I would consult with about cases or talk about ways to better our communities. Thank you to all of my clinical supervisors and program managers who I learned from and who guided me during my career! Thank you to the amazing study program, Therapist Development Center!! Lastly, a big thank you to all of my former clients and their families who gave me the opportunity to learn from them, work with them and trust me to be their therapist/counselor. I hope where ever my former clients and their families may be that they are doing well! By obtaining my LCSW I hope in the future this can help me make a bigger impact in our community and help those in most need. “The harder you work for something the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it.”

I was very anxious and nervous about passing the exam. My job is dependent on my passing this exam and I was very worried about my career being in jeopardy. I didn't leave myself with a lot of time to study, but after hearing all the positive reviews of TDC I decided to give it a try. The program was organized and thorough. The Facebook group was also a great support and resource while studying. I followed the program as prescribed and took and passed my LCSW exam today. I used no other study materials. As I began my exam I felt like it was another TDC mock exam and that helped my confidence in answering the questions and knowing that I was prepared for the exam. I now have passed the LCSW Exam and feel like a more competent Social Worker. Thank you TDC for the program and support. It means so much to have accomplished this milestone in my career.

This was the most interactive study guide and it was perfect for my learning style. I am hands on, I need to interact and have discussion. The fact that the answers get explained, BOTH right and wrong answers are explained and that helps with getting into the mindset of which answers the tests are looking for. I love the quick study guides so there isn't an overwhelming amount of information and a 300 + pages book to read. The quizzes are great! I love that there are 2 mock tests plus 2 tests that are 85 questions. I had to take an ASWB exam to get my LMSW in a previous state and it took me twice to pass. Going for my LCSW I was nervous I was about to spend over $500 just for testing attempts and I ended up passing on my first time! I would recommend this to anyone!

I was born and raised in Japan which means English is not my first language. I am a single mother of a 7 year-old boy whose father has minimal involvement in his life which means I have him almost all the time, probably like 98%. My biggest challenge was to find the time to study. I work full time. My son is still needy so it was impossible to study at home when he is with me at home. (I tried a few times, but he would come to get my attention every five minutes saying “I’m hungry” or something.) I took every opportunity to study no matter where it was and what time it was. I studied at the PlayPlace at McDonald’s many times while he was playing there. I studied sitting on a bench at the playground while he was playing. I woke up 4 in the morning while my son was still sleeping until he wakes up at 6:30 am. I asked my friends to watch my son so that I can study. I took some days off to just take the full mock exams because it was the only way for me to secure the whole four hours with no distractions. It took me five months to finish the whole program. I know it is probably longer than what the most people would take, but that’s what I needed. I needed to reschedule my exam date one time because I was not ready a month ago. I’m glad I rescheduled it. I know I wouldn’t have passed if it was a month ago. I utilized the TDC coach whenever I was not clear about anything. Some questions were really hard for me to understand due to my limited English knowledge and my cultural background differences, but Heidi always helped me out. Thank you Heidi for answering all my questions with clear explanations and rationales. It really helped me to attack the exam correctly. I went over the half mock exams and the full ones about three times each. I came to the point where I was able to pick up some key words in the question stem and guess the right answer without reading the answer options. I listened to the final pep talk four times within the last 48 hours prior to my exam. I followed what Amanda said; had a walk with my son the day before the exam, had a hot steamy bath to relax, had a good sleep (although I woke up 3AM and studied for a few hours), had a good breakfast (carbs and protein) and had some fruits right before the exam. Because I didn’t want to be in rush I arrived at the test center an hour prior to my test time. I was able to review for the last time in my car while waiting. During the exam, I was allowed to have some cough drops. It really helped me to get through the whole exam. Although I did not step out of the testing room, I closed my eyes for a minute to reset my mind after question 86. On the white board, I wrote 2 columns of numbers; one indicating question numbers, and the other is for the time remaining. They were 43, 86, 129, and 170 (question numbers) and 184, 128, 72, and 15 (minutes remaining). I checked these numbers frequently to pace myself. I tried to have 15 minutes left after I answered all the questions and I did pretty well. I had about 12 minutes left when I finished the last question. I did not have enough time to check all the answers that I marked. I probably checked 10 or so and changed 2 or 3 answers. Throughout the exam I told myself to “stay focused and present”. It helped me a lot to keep moving. There are some questions that I had no idea what the right answer was but I stayed calm. I didn’t panic. This program works. I truly believe that if I can pass it you guys can pass too! I wish the best for all of you.

5 STARS FOR THIS PROGRAM!!! I would like to say that I could not have passed the LCSW Clinical Exam without TDC. I felt as fully prepared as I could ever be, despite my nerves and anxiety about the exam (my score was 126/150). TDC provided a concise study process and program, touching on all the pertinent areas. I truly feel every section of the material was carefully developed and designed to support me in this process. A few key things that were helpful for me was reviewing the material twice, transcribing/typing the information while listening to the audios and reviewing the rationals of each test so I would understand why I missed a question. During the test, I took Amanda's wise words with me, visualizing myself in the moment, and asking myself what I would do next if I the client was actually sitting in my office. I would recommend this program to anyone and am eternally grateful for the support I received!!! THANK YOU!!!!

My name is Addison Jackson Jr. and I passed my LCSW because of the awesome exam prep program from Therapist Development Center. When I began my study regimen, I started with an app that simply asked questions and gave rationale for the answers. From the moment I started with TDC I knew that I was on my way to success. The first test I did not do as well as I thought I should. From there on, I gained knowledge and confidence!! Not only are you given explanations for answers, you are taught HOW TO TEST!! The best part about taking the test and passing is because I felt confident in my answers. Even though I was nervous at the start of the exam, I quickly got into my zone and knocked the test out!! Thank you so much TDC for offering this to veterans for free! I want to give veterans and those who would have to pay the confidence that this system WORKS!! All you have to do is the program in its entirety.