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I’m excited that I’m finally done with this exam. My job was on the line and failed twice before, I wasn't sure if I would pass. I’m extremely elated to have passed and can say I am an LCSW! Thank You TDC!


Amazing program! I don't know Amanda personally, but I've spent a lot of time with her. Also, Bethany and Heidi... my new friends.


I highly recommend TDC over other training programs. I passed on my first try because TDC prepared me on how to tackle the exam by providing a solid knowledge base for the exam, including tips on how to answer the questions. TDC is different from the rest because the program incorporates new information that will appear on the exam. While I was studying, TDC introduced new study guides and added 2 additional mock exams. The materials will cater to different learning styles because of their use of audio lectures, printable study guides (saving trees!), printable quizzes, and online quizzes. What an awesome way to incorporate different learning styles while providing us with up-to-date information needed to feel more confident and pass the exam. I also appreciated the personal touch of Amanda’s final pep talk to reduce any lingering doubts. Many thanks to TDC staff for their program and for being prompt in answering the questions I had about the materials. Thank you!


TDC was incredibly helpful and I am so thankful I did it! The structure of the program was beneficial for my learning style and I am thankful to have passed the exam the first time taking it. I felt well prepared. Thank you so much for all your help!


This was an excellent program, concise, easy to use and due to the way it was organized, I almost didn't feel that I was "studying."  Prior to using TDC, I had bought 2 books and spent nearly 100 hours outlining the books and attempting to memorize the information. What I realized going into my initially scheduled exam date is that I was far from ready and not prepared so had to postpone my exam date. A friend then referred me to TDC and after following the guide step-by-step,  I was confident and really felt that I had a strong grip on what the test was expecting AND how to take the exam. I couldn't be happier and more relieved to have passed on my first attempt!


Passing this exam was probably one of the more adventurous things I have accomplished since graduating grad school in 1999. With the time lapse I really benefited by the vigorous and thoroughness of the TDC study program. There was a lot in needed to learn and relearn, and I found I had accumulated more knowledge than I needed to pass the exam from the TDC program, but it is an instance where more preparation was better.


It took me 6 years to complete everything, but this program brought the fire back to why I went into Social Work, and helped me accomplish one of my biggest professional goals! Thank you for everything!!


LOVE TDC! I could not have passed the exam without this course! I attempted to study using text books, an in person class and different apps prior to hearing about TDC. I was feeling totally overwhelmed with what to focus on. TDC helped me organize and strategize and attack the test!! Everything from the audio, to the mock tests were spot on. I have to admit I was super anxious going in today, I am not the worlds greatest test taker. I found myself closing my eyes often, imagining that I was in the room with the client thinking "what would I do FIRST?" and it worked! I have been thinking about this test for 12 years. But with life happening it kept getting pushed to the side, until today. Thank you TDC, thank you so much! I could not have done it without you!


I completed my hours in May 2017. Anxiety, self-doubt, and life kept me from submitting. I finally took the leap in September of 2017 and was approved right before Thanksgiving. Going into the test I was anxious and full of self doubt. But I kept hearing Amanda's voice and repeating her guidance throughout. Thanks to that, I passed!!!! I'm so grateful for all the study material, most especially the pretests, mock tests, and quizzes!!! Thank you, TDC!!!!


After passing my CA Law and Ethics Exam on the first try with TDC, I knew I would be using their study program for my Clinical Exam. I found the LCSW Clinical Exam study materials to be as well organized and structured as the ones for Law and Ethics, with thorough, concise, and clear coverage of important topics. Additionally, all aspects of the program (from the Top 50 Topics to the practice tests) covered useful strategies for test taking. Coaches were very easily accessible, friendly, helpful, and quick in their responses to any questions I had about the material. I'm proud to say that, on 1/13/18, I passed the CA LCSW Exam on my first try! I am so excited to finally be an LCSW, and so grateful for the help that TDC provided in that process!


 This program really helped me to understand what the stem is asking and how to break down the question to figure out what to do First, Next, etc. I'm so glad I used this system because I passed on my first try. Thank you so much.


Excellent, outstanding, amazing... these are all understatements. Words escape me when trying to describe how PHENOMENAL this system is. I enthusiastically and without reservation recommend this study system to anybody preparing to take a ASWB exam. I felt that I was more than prepared and am by FAR a better clinician after completing it. The content was presented in a way that was congruent with my learning style and it held my attention. A million thanks to the entire staff for creating such a solid system. I cannot express my gratitude enough for their commitment to service members and veterans. Use this system! You will not be disappointed!


After failing the LCSW the first time taking it, I felt disheartened, disappointed, and feared retaking the exam. When TDC was recommended to me, I had my doubts that an online study program would be any different than the materials I used the first time attempting the exam. I couldn’t have been more wrong. TDC prepares you not only for content, but how to approach the questions, which made all the difference. I’m thrilled with my results, and would recommend to anyone as a first time or repeat taker of the LCSW exam!


I took and passed the California State LCSW exams in 2015 using this program. I recently moved to Georgia and was required to take the National ASWB Exam to qualify for licensure in this state. I was relieved to find that all of the materials in this program were updated to accommodate this exam. It was just as helpful the second time around!


I highly recommend this program to anyone who is preparing for the LCSW exam. This program has everything you need to pass. In two months, I prepared for the exam using TDC and passed my LCSW exam!! I could not have passed without TDC. Heidi is a great coach and replied to my emails in less than 24 hours. She was a great support during this time. Thank you, TDC!


I found out about TDC from the LCSW Study Group. I found that group from searching on FB. I have an LCSW for Louisiana, but want to move to Massachusettes. MA would not accept my LCSW, because in '99 I took the Advanced Generalist Exam for my LCSW.  LA didn't have licensure laws at the time; LCSW was optional. It was around the end of April this year that I found out I would have to re-test. I found my old ASWB study guide (DSM IV material), and hoped that would be enough. Then I found the study group, kept answering the questions, and realized how much I didn't know, but pushed on. Then someone in the group passed their exam, and mentioned TDC. I said "what is TDC?," then I found it was free for Veterans! YAY! Someone must have been looking out for me. Got my DD 214 and emailed to Bethany or Heidi (I don't remember who), and set my exam date. I thought I could do it in 3 to 4 weeks, but stuff and living interrupted, and I failed the first time, but only by 2 points. I actually didn't feel relaxed the day of the exam. It was a 2:30 slot, and in '99 I had an 8:00 am slot. I also had people from work calling me that day. The first time I took the exam, I didn't even remember that I could mark questions till I was halfway through. This time I took charge, and had thoughts like "oh no exam, you will not win, I will."  And I kept telling myself I was in control, because Amanda and Bethany were in my head all of the time. I was so afraid to click the finish button, that I actually sat there for one to two minutes. When I finally clicked and PASS came up, I almost wanted to shout to the computer "I won, you lost!" But I was a good girl and held my composure. The beauty of TDC is the audio; it can be listened to at anytime of the day. The more I listened to it, the most I heard new things, and that is how I studied for my exam in '99 (I made my own cassette tapes and listed to them on the way to/from work). This program was made for me. I did listen to Amanda and read over my ethics last night, along with med review, and defense mechanisms. I scored in the 70's on my full mocks and much higher on the other quizzes/tests than I did the first time around. I would recommend going over the whole program twice. All of you are doing such a great job with this program.


TDC is by far one of the best program curriculums out there. The coaching, lectures, study guides and mock exams prepared me for the ASWB and I'm so grateful. I am not a good test taker and my anxiety kicks into overdrive before big exams. TDC totally helped my anxiety before the exam, and the tips provided before the exam really helped me with these issues. This is the program for people like me. Thank you, thank you, thank you TDC! I passed on my 1st attempt!


Thank you Therapist Development Center (TDC)! This week, I passed the Clinical Exam on my first attempt! As the test date approached, I was increasingly concerned with my practice test scores using another system. I set a goal to not only pass, but to raise my score by twenty to thirty points. I completed the TDC system within one week and two days. Not only did I pass, I raised my score with an increase by twenty-four points!  TDC system equipped me with a breadth of content reflected throughout the Clinical Exam. I found the TDC system advanced problem-solving strategies that simplified the process to answer questions with confidence, accuracy, and most importantly-understanding [rationale]. I was confronted with a personal injury just eight days before taking the Clinical Exam this week, but thanks to TDC, I incorporated all strategies including eating a snack during my break, and hearing Amanda's voice, "Don't get stuck on this question, mark, move-on...You will pass!" Thank you TDC!


TDC is a great study system for preparing for the LCSW. I would recommend this system to anyone. I felt prepared for the exam!


I was feeling overwhelmed and anxious that I was not preparing for the exam in the right way, and I was down to the wire with only a few weeks left to study. Following your program helped me to relax because I didn't have to worry anymore about what to study. I just had to follow the the steps you had outlined. Your study system helped me to feel confident, and I passed the exam on my first try. Thank you!


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