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I am very happy to share that I passed my California clinical licensing examination to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)!!! I think it is also important to share that the process to get to this point was not easy. This journey started way back in 2006 when I started my Masters of Social Work Program and graduated in 2008 from San Jose State University with my (MSW). After graduate school, I accumulated over 5,000 hours of clinical work experience and supervision in the mental health field. The first time I took the LCSW clinical exam was in 2018 but I did not give myself sufficient time to study and review the entire Therapist Development program but was trying to be optimistic and took it anyway and did not pass. In 2018 prior to taking the test I remember I had to pump (because at that time I was still breastfeeding/pumping) every 3 hours, therefore, prior to taking my test I pumped in my car, took the test then after the test had to pump again and wash all the pump parts. Since I did not pass the exam in 2018, I made sure that if I was going to take it again, I had to give myself more time to study, review and complete the entire Therapist Development Study Program. After experiencing postpartum depression/anxiety (ppd/ppi) I decided to take a long break from studying until I felt better. I received support from my parents, seeked my own therapy, attended therapy support groups, postpartum support groups, and once a week/every two weeks took a salsa class to rejuvenate my soul. Once I felt like myself again and felt 100% better in December 2018-March 2019 I prepared and studied for the LCSW clinical exam using the Therapist Development Center which was the best program I could use for both the Law and Ethics exam and the LCSW clinical exam. After taking additional pre-requisite online courses, trainings, and passing the Law and Ethics Exam in 2017 I can finally say I have completed the last step of this this journey. On March 2nd 2019 after having test and overall exhaustion I received the best news that I passed the exam! Set goals and trust the process! Achieving this goal is a reminder that I would not be here today if it weren’t for my parent’s unconditional support, the TRIO 3-1-3 pre-college program I was in during high school and my husband’s encouragement and 100% support. I want to give a special thank you to my husband Alfredo, my sister, and my parents who supported me during this process and took care of Zanaira so I could focus and study. Thank you to my former co-workers who I would consult with about cases or talk about ways to better our communities. Thank you to all of my clinical supervisors and program managers who I learned from and who guided me during my career! Thank you to the amazing study program, Therapist Development Center!! Lastly, a big thank you to all of my former clients and their families who gave me the opportunity to learn from them, work with them and trust me to be their therapist/counselor. I hope where ever my former clients and their families may be that they are doing well! By obtaining my LCSW I hope in the future this can help me make a bigger impact in our community and help those in most need. “The harder you work for something the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it.”

I was very anxious and nervous about passing the exam. My job is dependent on my passing this exam and I was very worried about my career being in jeopardy. I didn't leave myself with a lot of time to study, but after hearing all the positive reviews of TDC I decided to give it a try. The program was organized and thorough. The Facebook group was also a great support and resource while studying. I followed the program as prescribed and took and passed my LCSW exam today. I used no other study materials. As I began my exam I felt like it was another TDC mock exam and that helped my confidence in answering the questions and knowing that I was prepared for the exam. I now have passed the LCSW Exam and feel like a more competent Social Worker. Thank you TDC for the program and support. It means so much to have accomplished this milestone in my career.

This was the most interactive study guide and it was perfect for my learning style. I am hands on, I need to interact and have discussion. The fact that the answers get explained, BOTH right and wrong answers are explained and that helps with getting into the mindset of which answers the tests are looking for. I love the quick study guides so there isn't an overwhelming amount of information and a 300 + pages book to read. The quizzes are great! I love that there are 2 mock tests plus 2 tests that are 85 questions. I had to take an ASWB exam to get my LMSW in a previous state and it took me twice to pass. Going for my LCSW I was nervous I was about to spend over $500 just for testing attempts and I ended up passing on my first time! I would recommend this to anyone!

I was born and raised in Japan which means English is not my first language. I am a single mother of a 7 year-old boy whose father has minimal involvement in his life which means I have him almost all the time, probably like 98%. My biggest challenge was to find the time to study. I work full time. My son is still needy so it was impossible to study at home when he is with me at home. (I tried a few times, but he would come to get my attention every five minutes saying “I’m hungry” or something.) I took every opportunity to study no matter where it was and what time it was. I studied at the PlayPlace at McDonald’s many times while he was playing there. I studied sitting on a bench at the playground while he was playing. I woke up 4 in the morning while my son was still sleeping until he wakes up at 6:30 am. I asked my friends to watch my son so that I can study. I took some days off to just take the full mock exams because it was the only way for me to secure the whole four hours with no distractions. It took me five months to finish the whole program. I know it is probably longer than what the most people would take, but that’s what I needed. I needed to reschedule my exam date one time because I was not ready a month ago. I’m glad I rescheduled it. I know I wouldn’t have passed if it was a month ago. I utilized the TDC coach whenever I was not clear about anything. Some questions were really hard for me to understand due to my limited English knowledge and my cultural background differences, but Heidi always helped me out. Thank you Heidi for answering all my questions with clear explanations and rationales. It really helped me to attack the exam correctly. I went over the half mock exams and the full ones about three times each. I came to the point where I was able to pick up some key words in the question stem and guess the right answer without reading the answer options. I listened to the final pep talk four times within the last 48 hours prior to my exam. I followed what Amanda said; had a walk with my son the day before the exam, had a hot steamy bath to relax, had a good sleep (although I woke up 3AM and studied for a few hours), had a good breakfast (carbs and protein) and had some fruits right before the exam. Because I didn’t want to be in rush I arrived at the test center an hour prior to my test time. I was able to review for the last time in my car while waiting. During the exam, I was allowed to have some cough drops. It really helped me to get through the whole exam. Although I did not step out of the testing room, I closed my eyes for a minute to reset my mind after question 86. On the white board, I wrote 2 columns of numbers; one indicating question numbers, and the other is for the time remaining. They were 43, 86, 129, and 170 (question numbers) and 184, 128, 72, and 15 (minutes remaining). I checked these numbers frequently to pace myself. I tried to have 15 minutes left after I answered all the questions and I did pretty well. I had about 12 minutes left when I finished the last question. I did not have enough time to check all the answers that I marked. I probably checked 10 or so and changed 2 or 3 answers. Throughout the exam I told myself to “stay focused and present”. It helped me a lot to keep moving. There are some questions that I had no idea what the right answer was but I stayed calm. I didn’t panic. This program works. I truly believe that if I can pass it you guys can pass too! I wish the best for all of you.

5 STARS FOR THIS PROGRAM!!! I would like to say that I could not have passed the LCSW Clinical Exam without TDC. I felt as fully prepared as I could ever be, despite my nerves and anxiety about the exam (my score was 126/150). TDC provided a concise study process and program, touching on all the pertinent areas. I truly feel every section of the material was carefully developed and designed to support me in this process. A few key things that were helpful for me was reviewing the material twice, transcribing/typing the information while listening to the audios and reviewing the rationals of each test so I would understand why I missed a question. During the test, I took Amanda's wise words with me, visualizing myself in the moment, and asking myself what I would do next if I the client was actually sitting in my office. I would recommend this program to anyone and am eternally grateful for the support I received!!! THANK YOU!!!!

My name is Addison Jackson Jr. and I passed my LCSW because of the awesome exam prep program from Therapist Development Center. When I began my study regimen, I started with an app that simply asked questions and gave rationale for the answers. From the moment I started with TDC I knew that I was on my way to success. The first test I did not do as well as I thought I should. From there on, I gained knowledge and confidence!! Not only are you given explanations for answers, you are taught HOW TO TEST!! The best part about taking the test and passing is because I felt confident in my answers. Even though I was nervous at the start of the exam, I quickly got into my zone and knocked the test out!! Thank you so much TDC for offering this to veterans for free! I want to give veterans and those who would have to pay the confidence that this system WORKS!! All you have to do is the program in its entirety.

Yesterday, I PASSED the LMSW exam on my first try! It is a surreal experience! Thank you Therapist Development Center for this program. I can honestly say if it were not for this program, I would not have passed the exam. I was using a very popular study book to prepare for the exam before I purchased the study system. Compared to the program, the book alone was simply not enough. This test is challenging! It definitely required a lot of mental energy. I have never been, the strongest test taker, so I was a bit anxious about the type of questions I would see. Amanda will prepare you though. Before I purchased the program I had heard about it from a classmate of mine. I remember reading the reviews and contemplating whether I should purchase it or not. If that's you now, please do not hesitate any more! It is more than just a "study" system. It is preparation for working in the field. You will not regret purchasing it! Thank you again!!!!

I had zero direction on this test. I had a class mate that said he went in and passed by luck. The first time I felt like I could do the same. The other two online programs helped with definitions or hours spend. One was to take the test 15 times and read the volumes of books. Every time I would get closer but not feel like I had a grip on the endless material or logic. Amanda's outline for the reasoning for her creation made sense and I took a leap of faith to try something different. From the second I registered I felt like someone actually taught me why I'm taking the test, what I should know and know it, and I saw through each question this time. Too bad it took me this long to find it. Not even my college could guide me in steps for the LCSW. I am spreading the word to all my colleagues. One was there on test day and I gave her your info just in case she didn't pass. Another LCSW has to move and retake the test and wanted this program. The third graduates from MSW in May and praised me for the insight to this program!!! THANKS AMANDA FOR BEING SMART AND TEACHING ME WHAT I NEEDED TO KNOW! I am still in shock and never worked harder to find your course but I"m glad I ended understanding the test. I feel more prepared to be a LCSW and know why!

I used TDC for my Law and Ethics Exam and for the LCSW Clinical Exam. I passed each exam on the first try. This was remarkable because I prepared myself for the possibility of having to take the exams again if I did not pass. However, I kept telling myself and telling others that I planned on passing. That was another thing, I did not keep my exam date a secret. I told everyone the dates I would be taking the exam. This helped me deal with anxiety over and over and slowly the pain in my stomach reduced. TDC prepared me in ALL areas. My highest recommendation is to work on test anxiety and anxiety in general when preparing for this exam. The practice exams helped me to always work on my thoughts and my ability to remain present even when things felt extremely difficult. I also highly recommend a study partner because accountability with another person working toward the same goal is key. My study partner lived in the same state but too far away to meet in person and we meet weekly on the phone for 8 weeks. Thank you TDC. This was exactly the study material I needed. I did view briefly another study program and it was overwhelming. The only other material I used was occasionally google to understand a concept further and I took the ASWB practice exam. Totally worth the money. Thank you again. I highly recommend your program.

I used other study material for my prior test and did not pass. There was just too much information. With Therapist Developmental Center I found it to make a huge difference in my learning. The biggest asset was learning about test strategy and how to understand the question stems in order to understand the right answer. The program was very easy to use and it was structured in a way that helped me maintain focus and know what I needed to do. The audio lectures were awesome detailing not only study content but test strategy. The quizzes, Top 50 Topics, and study guides were immensely helpful. The mock exams solidified understanding what the test is about and how to tackle it. I went through the program about three times before I tested, I made flashcards out of the quizzes and study guides, and I made posters to really help me understand the material. This program really focused my studies and I passed after using TDC. Only supplement I really used was the ASWB practice exam. I also feel that I have increased my clinical understanding significantly after completing the program. Thank you so much TDC! So grateful to have completed this final step in my licensing journey!

The Therapist Development Center is an outstanding comprehensive study solution for students and professionals who are preparing for the ASWB Clinical exam. They provided a thorough, consolidated review of topics associated with the four content areas of the exam. The mini-quizzes, two-half and two-full mock tests provided invaluable opportunity to practice and learn both rationales and critical thinking. They offered high standard methods of teaching in a supportive environment with stand-by coaches and peer support. I would recommend this program to anyone, new graduates as well as seasoned professionals who are now pursuing licensure. The program builds confidence as you master the material one step at a time.

This prep-course was amazing. I failed the exam 2x prior to this prep-course. I am a 44 year old full time working mom of 12 year twins. I work at a school and would like to be a school social worker. I took a boot camp class before my first exam and did not feel as prepared as I was for this exam by the Therapist Development Center. I will take this course again before my clinical exam when I am ready. This pre-course was structured, detailed and so informative. I actually looked forward to studying :) Thank you so much Amanda! I feel so relieved and good about my accomplishments.

Although I received my supervision right after obtaining my LMSW over 25 years ago, life circumstances had forced me to put off the LCSW, but it has always been my long term goal to become an LCSW. Given that I had not taken any type of test in over 25 years, I was very anxious about the entire process. I signed up back in Dec to test on 2/5. I did some light studying in Dec, but had always planned on “diving in” in Jan. Well, I got a lingering “flu-like” virus in Jan (1st 3 weeks) and almost postponed the test, but am so glad I didn't. I’m married, have 2 teenage daughters, run my own company, had a national speaking engagement in Jan and a trip to NY pre-planned for Jan. Signed up with TDC on 1/11 and made a firm goal in my head that I would commit to study and follow their system. The beauty of the TDC system is you fit studying into your life, with pre-planning (and commitment to execute), you can really fit it around existing commitments. For example, I planned out exactly what audio I would listen to on my flights to NY, down time at the airport and this type of thing. The “chunking” of study topics makes it so “do-able”! Also, Amanda makes it almost enjoyable to study. I felt like not only was I studying,  but I was becoming a better social worker for my training company as well! The TDC advice from start to finish of the entire process was "spot-on". I truly took Amanda/Heidi and TDC into the test with me. They helped me stay calm (when questions were difficult), keep my focus, not panic and to remember that I had it within me to do this. I truly attacked this test thanks to TDC. My lifelong dream of becoming an LCSW has come true. Thank you so much to TDC, I highly, highly recommend their system!

I have been putting off studying for my LCSW for several years as I didn't know where to start with studying. An acquaintance told me about TDC and highly recommended it to use to help me with breaking down the steps to successfully pass my exam. I paid for the program several months ago, but as a result of work and job changes I just couldn’t seem to be able to make studying a priority. Finally January 22, 2019, I registered for my test, which was this morning, 2/13/19. Over the past few weeks I followed the program to a “T”, listened to the audio recordings a few times, and focused on the quizes. I felt confident going into the exam and am so relieved it it over. Follow the program, you too can pass! Good Luck!

I highly recommend TDC for their critical thinking approach to the exam. The coaches were unbelievably speedy in their responses, that helped clarify rationales, and how to break down certain topics. The extension was fantastic, because life's schedule does not alway coordinate with the reality of exam taking. I didn't schedule the exam right away, and found out, too late, that my next opportunity to take the exam was 3 months down the road. I had already completed the program, but needed the extension so I go refresh and review before the test. Thank you for creating such a great study system!

I passed! I felt so confident going in to the exam thanks to this program. Something I found really useful that did not hit me until I was listening to the final prep was that when you are given a question with the words "What would you do first/next?" to realize that all the answers may be right and you need to put them in order. I'd heard it said to put them in order throughout the study material but did not connect it with those words for some reason. Many times I would choose an answer in a practice exam or quiz that seemed really good only to get it wrong because I was going too quickly and not thinking through that there may be something I need to do before that really good answer. I heard Amanda's voice in my head as well which meant, for me, that I really had retained a lot of the material. I did have to use quizlet to help me memorize those research terms a little better because I was struggling with them, but I don't remember a single research question. I really got a lot out of the ethics portion of the materials and did see several ethics questions on the exam that I felt strong in answering. However, I feel more confident in understanding ethical issues in social work in general and I appreciate that even more. I am grateful to have found this program and will recommend it to anyone I know who is going to be taking the exam. Thank you so much!

I have over 25 years in the field of social work covering a vast array of positions. I have primarily been in Administrative and Program Development roles across many settings. I took the test a few times over an 8 year period and did not pass by a point or two. In 2012, I went through the process of having my supervision reapproved so that I would not have to repeat it. This course was essential to teaching me the strategies to not only pass the exam, but also a great review and learning experience to solidify my clinical knowledge and truly understand the DSM-V. I have found the style of learning has helped me to retain the information post exam. Thank you!

I think TDC is absolutely the best prep course I have ever taken (and I have taken quite a few over the years for the GRE, the LSAT and others). I am still shocked that I passed because I have always been a fairly crappy test taker with multiple choice tests. Thank you so much for ALL the work that went into the comprehensive and user friendly instructional design.

Currently tearing up because I remember reading other people's testimonies on here wondering if I should sign up and if it's worth it. Let me tell you, it is. I PASSED MY TEST specifically because of this program. No doubt, I studied hard every time I took the LMSW exam, but this program really helped me understand how to approach each question with a different mindset of expecting every answer choice to be correct and how to choose the BEST, NEXT, or FIRST answer they are looking for in test takers. My personal favorite perk of this program was the Facebook group specific to those currently studying for the LMSW or LCSW exam through TDC. Whenever I was unmotivated to study or would get overwhelmed with stress, I would see inspiring posts from others saying they just passed and specific things they did to approach the exam. The TDC community really helped me to keep going and to do my absolute best. Just something I shared in my victory post: "Remember you only need 1 pass, attempts don’t matter in the end. Proud of everyone in this group for wanting to move up whether it’s for your LMSW or LCSW, keep at it! Your patience and dedication will be rewarded." 

Thank you TDC for helping me PASS the LMSW exam! I really appreciated how your system broke down the information for each section tested into just what is needed and not give an overwhelming amount of info that is unnecessary. I loved the audios the most because I was able to listen to them on-the-go, and I found listening to them over and over really help sink in the info. My favorite audios were "Let's Talk Ethics" and "How Change Happens." I remember picking up a copy of the COE I previously found on the internet and reading it and said to myself "I'm never going to get this stuff," but listening to the "Let's Talk Ethics" audio on TDC and hearing the commentary was a life saver for me. Understanding the COE was very important in passing the exam. I appreciated all the tips - how to study, what to eat/drink, self-care, etc. they were all very helpful. Also, being able to communicate with Emily P. via email for clarification and inquiries was awesome! Thank you, Emily! In addition, I love being in the study group on Facebook. I posted/commented several times when I was struggling and my anxiety was getting the best of me and I have to say, the support that I got from my fellow study partners was AWESOME! I love how everyone was supportive of each other, empowering each other - what a great motivation! In closing, thank you again, TDC! I have already recommended your study system to my fellow colleagues who are planning on taking their LMSW/LCSW exams. I will definitely use TDC when studying for my LCSW exam.