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TDC is an approved CE provider through the ASWB's ACE (Approved Continuing Education) program. The California Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) also accepts continuing education credits given through ACE-approved courses.

12 Hour Law & Ethics Course

Did you fail the CA Law & Ethics Exam? This combo package includes 12 hours of law and ethics and fulfills the California BBS coursework required for those who do not pass the Law and Ethics exam.  We have confirmed with an Assistant Executive Officer at the BBS that any combination of 12 Law & Ethics units offered through an approved provider (see above) meets the requirement and can provide email confirmation of this if needed.

Included in this package are two courses: Law & Ethics: Minimizing Legal-Ethical Risk in Psychotherapy (9 hours) and Law & Ethics: Managing Your Practice Under California Law (3 hours).

You must include both certificates of completion when submitting your application to the BBS.

Together, CE No. 1, CE No. 2, and CE No. 3 form a

comprehensive law and ethics guide for therapists and social workers.

Law & Ethics CE NO. 1: Minimizing Legal-Ethical Risk in Psychotherapy

by Ivan Perkins, JD

This CE Course provides foundational background material on the standard of care in various areas of psychotherapy. This is a national course appropriate for therapists practicing in all 50 states. This course includes things like a FREE model informed consent form, guides to clinical documentation and minimizing risk in the context of potential suicide or violence, a professional will, a discussion of what to do and not do if you get into legal trouble, and a lesson on buying the right malpractice insurance. This course provides 9 hours of CE.

Law & Ethics CE NO. 2: Confidentiality and Client Access to Records

by Ivan Perkins, JD

For this course, you will select just one of the following two courses on maintaining confidentiality and providing access to records under California law. Before selecting, you will need to determine whether you are covered by HIPAA or are otherwise deciding to comply with HIPAA. You do not need to take both versions of this course.

Are you covered by HIPAA? Read this to determine which version of this course to take.



If you are not a "covered entity" under HIPAA, this CE Course provides a comprehensive approach to understanding and complying with CALIFORNIA's precise rules on confidentiality and client access to records. The course includes FREE model forms, such as confidentiality agreements for couples, families, and groups. This course provides 3 hours of CE.





This CE Course provides a complete HIPAA compliance guide for the CALIFORNIA THERAPIST (because state laws apply alongside HIPAA). It comes with ten FREE crucial model HIPAA forms and walks you, step by step, through the process of tailoring them to your practice. This course provides 9 hours of CE.

Law & Ethics CE NO. 3: Managing Your Practice Under California Law

by Ivan Perkins, JD

This CE Course brings your practice into compliance with all remaining CALIFORNIA laws and regulations not covered in either version of "Confidentiality and Client Access to Records" above. It addresses topics such as advertising, consent for treatment of a minor, fees, supervision, technology, and telehealth. This course provides 3 hours of CE.

CE No. 1 applies nationwide. For CE No. 2 and CE No. 3,

please note that we are working to expand the number of states we cover. 

If you practice in a state other than California, check back in a year or two. 

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