CA COMBO: MFT Law & Ethics and Clinical Exam

CA COMBO: MFT Law & Ethics and Clinical Exam
Price: $620.00

The COMBO package includes access to both the Law and Ethics Exam Prep and the Clinical Exam Prep.

Our MFT Law and Ethics Exam Study System includes INSTANT on-line access to:

  • An organized, step-by-step study plan
  • 15 on-line AUDIO workshops with downloadable HANDOUTS
  • Complete review of essential content areas
  • Effective study tools
  • Clinical examples that help you learn instead of memorize
  • Clear test-taking strategies you will use on exam day
  • 4 Practice Exams with audio rationales
  • Test anxiety management
  • Coaches available for on-going questions and support

    This program is designed to maximize learning and minimize stress. The program takes approximately 35 hours to complete once and can be repeated as needed. Access is set for 4 months, but extensions are FREE. We are with you until you pass!

Our MFT Clinical Exam Study System includes IMMEDIATE access to:

  • An organized, step-by-step study plan
  • On-line audio workshops with downloadable HANDOUTS
  • Complete review of essential content areas
  • Effective study tools: Top 50 Topics Tested, Law & Ethics Quiz, DSM 5 & Theory Review
  • Clinical examples that help you learn instead of memorize
  • Essential test-taking strategies you will use on exam day
  • 700+ ON-LINE practice questions with audio rationales
  • Test anxiety management
  • Coaches available for questions and support

    This program is designed to maximize learning and minimize stress. The course takes approximately 65 hours to complete once and can be repeated as needed. Access is set for 6 months, but extensions are FREE.


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    Course Reviews

    The TDC was extremely instrumental in helping me pass both the Law & Ethics exam and the Clinical Exam. The structured and direct approach of the study guide was exactly what I needed. I greatly appreciate the value the TDC places on individual learning and support outside of the provided study guide. One week before my clinical exam, I continued to struggle with the theories and it greatly affected my confidence. However, after emailing my concerns, I received incredible feedback on my own learning style, studying tips, and reassurance. I'm absolutely grateful for the feedback provided by the coaches- I was contemplating re-scheduling my exam prior to receiving this feedback. On the day of my clinical exam, I confidently ate my piece of fruit before I walked in and made sure to "take Amanda with me."
    To everyone at the TDC, thank you!!

    I used TDC to study for my exam after hearing good things about it from a few colleagues. The best part is that everything is online and you can do it at your own pace! All the study materials are available online and the test were really helpful to getting you prepare for the exam.

    I found the TDC CA MFT clinical exam study program to be perfect for preparing me for this test. The topics of study were clearly laid out in the quick studies and the lectures were clear and well organized. While taking the exam, I thought at least twice, "I wouldn't have known the answer to this specific question without TDC". Amanda's voice went into the test room with me. Her guidance in learning how to understand what the question stem is specifically asking me to answer was invaluable. I felt that the TDC mock exams were very similar to the CCE and an excellent tool to prepare me for "showtime". Thank you TDC!

    If you want o pass your exam subscribe to TDC!!

    This program is well-organized and offers clear instruction. I felt much more confident going into the exam and during the exam. It is excellent preparation both for a challenging exam and for practicing legally and ethically in our future careers. I felt this course reinforced my graduate class in law and ethics with its practical examples and carefully explained concepts. Definitely recommend for anyone planning to take this exam!

    The rationale, final mock, and especially the private coach session re: test strategies really helped me prepared for the exam.

    I found it a huge comfort to not have to sift through books and various resources to find what to study. Instead, with TDC, it was all already compiled in one place. And, in addition, Amanda (my now best friend, hahaha) presents it in a clear way that makes it easier for the information to seep through the pores.

    The rationale explanation via the mock exams were extremely helpful. Breaking the question down to myself as a therapist to handle such a situation helped framed the question to be clearer. All TDC handouts were helpful as I am a visual learner. I appreciate Amanda's work in explaining the materials and her positive words of encouragement.

    TDC was TREMENDOUSLY helpful in my preparation for the exam. Being able to listen to the content on my commute was a game changer, and the practice tests were fundamental for me to be able to walk into the test prepared for the 4 hours mental sprint! Well worth the investment

    I felt fully prepared for the test. There wasn't any topic on the exam that I felt I had not learned about. The tips about how to take the exam & final thoughts before the exam were very helpful to keep in mind while testing. I have a couple of friends that used other material and, unfortunately, did not pass. Would definitely recommend this test prep!

    So far I can say, this as a testimonial. " As a single parent I decided to use TDC as it has been an assessible and effective system in allowing me to learn in an outside of the box way. I recommend this to all of my colleagues graduating from Notre Dame De Namur."

    I want to thank Robin for being flexible in scheduling coaching sessions. Robin helped me in strengthing my testing skills.

    Therapist Development Center is like having a private tutor at your beck and call. A genuine concern to pass your test on the first attempt is truly felt. Amanda walks you through, step by step, providing strategies, to mentally and physically prepare you, for the big day. Amanda has created a fun-like approach to studying, providing steps to calm your nerves, and most important, she believes in you, when your confidence is weary, letting you know, YOU GOT THIS!! She has no doubt, in your capabilities. You have made it this far. If you follow her instructions as she has laid them out; YOU WILL PASS. I actually had fun taking the test. I went from a panic, high anxiety test taker, to having fun. WOW, not much more I can say. Thank You to the entire staff at Therapsit Development. Love and blessings to All.

    This course was very beneficial in helping me create a structured timeline to prepare and study. Coaches replied quickly when I emailed them with a question.

    Thank you so much Amanda! I would not even have known where to begin in the maze of study materials 'out there'. I was so confused, until one day I was fortunate to come across your website. I passed the Clinical Exam on 9/18 after utilizing your study materials. The content, which zeroed in on the issues relatable to the test, was brilliant. Your passion, and helping all the 'newbies' begin their careers is much appreciated. You are awesome!!

    I took the test before without study materials and didn’t pass. I used TDC and passed the first time with the program.

    This program so was so well designed -I heard Amanda's voice in my head on more challenging questions during the exam. Overall, the exam was much more doable than everyone had told me and I finished in less time than the allotted 4 hours. The TDC final Mock was more difficult, which prepared me well for the real thing!! Thank you TDC!

    My only regret is that I started with another program. This was always the right choice. I am so grateful to you TDC!!

    Organized program. Used TDC for both my L&E Exam and my Clinical Exam. Passed both on the first try! Thank you!

    Even though I haven't passed the exam (I have taken it twice) every time I relisten to everything there is always something new I learn.

    I am so blessed and thankful for this program! I didn't pass my test the first time, utilizing a different study program and I walked out devastated! I was ignorant to what it would take to endure a 4 hour test! I went through this program twice and listened to every detail and suggestion provided! The most helpful aspect for me was eating my protein bar and juice during the break! I felt a boost of energy and was able to finish strong the second half of the test! Amy covered all of the material, leaving not one topic uncovered! In fact I felt the mock tests were actually more difficult then the exam! I am so thrilled to finally say I have passed! Thank you TDC!

    TDC has been integral to helping me refine and organize a study plan that ultimately led to the outcome I desired - passing the clinical exam (and, before that, the law and ethics exam)! Moving through the program topics and two extremely helpful coaching sessions with Asya were key to easing my test anxiety, uncovering places I needed to support my attention span and learning how to be an effective test taker. Through each step of the program I felt my confidence and competence grow.

    I am so happy I chose this program! It really helped lower my test taking anxiety and prepared me for my exam. I followed the curriculum exactly as it was and I walked into the test room confident that I knew my material. The mock exams were a great help!

    This is the best study program ever. Incredibly thorough and helpful.

    I had taken the Law & Ethics exam twice before and only used study materials I had acquired in the Masters Program-not a good idea. After many pleas for help, I decided to make the combo purchase of TDC-MFT Study Materials; I followed the directions to a T; and low and behold I finally passed the Law & Ethics exam, just like my coworkers and cohorts had assured me. I look forward to taking the TDC-MFT Clinical Exam using this same program and mindset. Much thanks!

    I'm highly satisfied with TDC; the entire program is very thorough, encouraged me to pace myself, and allowed me to feel as prepared as possible for the exam. I passed on the first try, and could not have done so without TDC. My sincerest thanks to the team!

    So glad I used TDC. The lectures were essential in helping me master the material. I could not have passed the test with them.

    I certainly felt prepared going into the exam. Ultimately, the difference was learning rationales, which made my clinical, ethical and legal decision making process much stronger and process oriented. I highly recommend this program!

    I passed my law and ethics last year and just passed my MFT clinical using TDC! A friend recommended TDC to me, and I am so happy I used this program to study. It was difficult at first to get into the "zone" of studying, but once I set my goals and followed the program using the study guide, it made it easier for me to study. I highly recommend this program. There was still uncertainty during the actual MFT test, but I used everything I learned during the program, I listened to myself and my experience, and I read every word in the vignettes (which I believe helped me narrow down my answers). and it worked! The lectures, the quizzes and explanations were so helpful during the studying and during the actual test.
    Thank you TDC for helping me become a LICENSED MFT!!!

    TDC made studying manageable by breaking down key topics. The combination of audio and quick study guides solidified the learning process. The schedule forced me to hold myself accountable to study every week. Thank you TDC for making the studying process simple. Your test taking tips were invaluable!

    TDC helped me get me get in the right frame of mind to study for the exam in every way possible: physically, mentally, and to understand how the exam is testing us. The positive talk, the rationales, and the way they approach how to take the test made the difference because this test is not only knowledge based, it's based on reasoning. Their program definitely prepared me to tackle this test and not the other way around! And it worked because I passed with confidence! Thank you TDC!

    This program was so helpful and I feel it really prepared me to ATTACK my clinical exam! I loved that I could listen to the lectures in the morning while I got ready for work, and in the car. The best part is the ask a coach option, if I had any questions I always received a speedy response. I really think this program helps with understand the concepts and reasoning behind clinical information, and not just memorizing facts.

    I want to thank TCD for supporting me thru my entire journey while studying to pass my test. Staff is very supportive and encouraging. It took my 3 tries to pass my Clinical Exam, but I did it. TDC helped me work thru my test anxiety and was always there for me with a quick turnaround whenever I needed anything administratively. They also understood that I needed more time and provided me with multiple extensions to be able to continue having access to my Study Center. Thanks TCD!!! We made it!!!

    I wanted to provide with the great news that I passed my LMFT Clinical Exam!!! Thank you so much for everything. It sure has been one of the longest marathons that I have done but so worth it. I could have not done with without you both... I greatly appreciate it. Thank you once again!

    I want to give my thanks to TDC for helping me through it. I went through the entire course, repeating lectures over and over to prepare, and I'm thrilled to say I passed on the first try!

    I heard Amanda in my head and I really felt like I had it the whole time. Thank you!!!

    I got my Master's Degree 20 years ago, so I needed a big refresher before taking the LMFT exam. This course prepared me extremely well. Having the audio lectures helped me learn, and having the print-outs helped for review as well. I passed the exam on my first try and I know without a doubt that there are questions that I would not have known the answer to if I had not prepared with this course. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement!

    TDC definitely helped me pass the LMFT exam on the first try. The test was very difficult, and I know I would NOT have passed it without doing the TDC program.

    This program was tremendously helpful in preparing for the exam! The materials were exactly what was on the exam and the questions were nearly identical! I would definitely recommend. I did the 7 week pass through one time and utilized a coach at the end to tailor the materials to my needs after the final mock exam. The coach was extremely helpful and I am very grateful for this course as it is the most thorough one I researched on the market and the only one with a 95% pass rate! I would definitely recommend.

    A truly one stop shop for studying for the LMFT Law and Ethics. This program offers great study advice, routines, material, pre-tests, and will have you ready for the exam. Should have used this program the first time around but very happy to have used this and passed my exam.

    You're great!

    So helpful with content but also building self esteem :)

    This course really helps structure your studying. It is also very empowering. The multiple forms of studying and practice tests and quizzes really help prepare you for the test, especially how to approach the different types of questions on the test.

    I learned last minute that I needed to take the L&E exam in order to renew my associates license, at a very intense and hectic time in my life. So I was not please at having to study in the first place, but right from the beginning, seeing the template of study layout, it felt doable. Listening to the recordings was helpful, but I think it all hit home even more after taking the mock exams and listening to the rationales. This brought it all together for me. A week prior to the exam I felt nervous, but took the last two mocks the days before and reviewed the rationales, which helped me feel so much more confident. I'm not sure if they changed the exam to be more streamlined, but the questions on the test felt easier than the mocks, and most definitely the strategies about how to THINK were really helpful. Although it was expensive, I'm glad I didn't try going at this exam without the TDC. It was also so nice to have a coach to cheer me on in the days leading up to the test.

    TDC helped to reinforce my knowledge base and clarified the sometimes murky waters of ethics so I was well prepared to the exam and as a therapist.

    TDC was very helpful...showing HOW to do the test and not just remembering info. Thank you all for the help and the extension : ) . For all you overly anxious test takers out there...TDC is the place!

    TDC was the best investment of my time and resources I could have made! I came out of the exam in disbelief of how challenging it was, but also how well-prepared I felt as a result of using the TDC program. Beyond the extensive content, my experience of the exam was that it was an emotional marathon. Keeping in mind the TDC tips for success helped me stay focused, not doubt myself, and stay moving throughout the exam. I recommend TDC to anyone preparing for this exam! Thank you to my coach, Asya, for all of the extra tips and moral support along the way. MANY THANKS to everyone at TDC!

    I will, and already do, recommend TDC for study prep. I am coming back for more!

    Thank you TDC! The material and exams were so helpful! I had major testing anxiety and your last prep talk was very helpful! I would recommend this study course to any one preparing for the exam! Worth my money!

    This program was excellent and helped me pass! I heard Amanda's voice telling to "eliminate" and "No you would not do that". Thank-you so much!!!!

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