LMSW Exam Prep: ASWB Masters Level Exam

LMSW Exam Prep: ASWB Masters Level Exam
Price: $275.00
Our 2018 LMSW Exam Study System prepares social workers to pass the MASTERS level exam administered by the ASWB. This program has been fully updated to reflect the new 2018 ASWB exam. Our on-line study system includes access to:
    • An organized, step-by-step study plan
    • On-line audio workshops with printable handouts – listen when you want and how much you want
    • Review of all essential content areas on exam
    • Effective study tools — Top 50 Topics Tested, Law & Ethics Quiz, DSM Quick Study
    • Clinical examples that help you learn instead of memorize
    • Clear test-taking strategies you will use on exam day
    • 600+ practice questions with audio or written rationales
    • Test anxiety management
    • Coaches available for questions and support
      • The program takes 50 hours of study time to complete once. We recommend studying 2-12 weeks. Access to the program expires after 4 months, but extensions are FREE. We are with you until you PASS!

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    Course Reviews

    Excellent program. Very easy to follow. I enjoyed the recordings the most. I could be doing house chores and learn at the same time. I felt fully prepared for the test.

    This study system is so amazing.

    I am very happy with my score, 20+ points above the minimum score needed to pass in my state. Thank you very much TDC! I was nervous as I get exam anxiety yet I felt confident and kept a positive mental attitude based on my studying and studying materials.

    I took the MSW exam before and failed in 2017. I had so much anxiety and shame built up that I was afraid to take it again. It took me over a year to starting studying again. I’m so thankful that I found TDC. Their program was worth the investment in my education and preparing for the retake of this exam. I am proud to say that I finally passed the exam today!!!

    I just passed my LMHC exam and am so ecstatic! I don't think I could have done it without TDC!! I initially started studying with a book from my state NASW, but was overwhelmed with material and information and did not know how to organize it to retain the information. TDC takes all the hard work out of it, and makes studying easy! Thank you!! See you in two years for my clinical exam!!!

    Today I took the exam and passed!!!! This was my third time taking the exam. After the second attempt, I decided that I couldn’t do this on my own and needed the additional help and structure. After much review of several programs, I went with TDC due to the high success rate and the quick response from Heidi when inquiring about the program. I went into this exam with a completely different mindset and with TDC cheering me on. I’m so thankful for this program and will be back when it comes time to take the LCSW! Now time for some self care! Thanks again TDC.

    I passed on the first try. I needed 98 and got 107 correct. I couldn't have done it without TDC! I will be using TDC for my LCSW in a few years!! Worth every penny!! I wish there were audio or power points for the quick studies. I would have loved a matching quiz for medications too. The macro, program planning, and program evaluation quick studies were so similar it became confusing. I wonder if program evaluation and planning can be combined and added to macro to eliminate two quick studies. I am so thankful for this program!!

    I passed my LMSW exam! I would highly recommend the TDC program to others. I felt very confident going into the exam and I knew I was going to pass when I clicked submit. Thank you so much to TDC for helping me get organized and understand the material I was learning.

    After hearing about TDC I knew I had to get this program. It had such good reviews and success rates. This was the best decision I did because it really helped me understand all the material instead of trying to memorize everything. It's impossible to memorize a text book, thus really does break it down to you so that you can study only on what will be tested. And yes they were correct l, if you story this program you will pass ! I failed the first time I took the LMSW test, I was trying to study from a big text book that I purchased online, used other apps, this didn't help me pass. I passed on my secont attempt after studying the TDC program. I believe that TDC was key to passing my LMSW test.

    I passed the LMSW exam on my first try! TDC is a great program that covers a lot of information in a very straight forward way. Heidi is wonderful and responds to emails/questions almost immediately, which was a great support. I will definitely use TDC for my LCSW when the time comes.

    This prep course is excellent. I felt more confident about the exam as soon as I listened to the first module! I listened to all the modules three times each. I took all of the quizzes one time each, as well as the mock exams. I took the first mock exam after listening to everything one time, and I got 66%. That scared me, so I went back and listened to everything two more times. I also felt a little nervous about whether or not the mock exams truly matched the ASWB test, so I purchased the ASWB practice exam as well. I took that exam after I had listened to everything three times. I also reviewed the quick studies and the Code of Ethics many times. I felt great when I took the practice exam. I felt prepared, and I could hear Amanda's voice playing in my head responding to the questions as I marked my answers. I passed the practice exam, and then I felt confident about the real exam. On exam day, I had a few hurdles that occurred. The worst one was that I lost power in my house that morning, so I was unable to shower and unable to eat breakfast at home that morning before I left for the exam. I found the exam to be incredibly difficult! I felt insecure about 90% of my answers. I took a break at the midway point, not to eat anything since I did not dare even ask permission for that, but to stretch, grab some water, and just clear my head. The break helped me a lot even though it was only for a minute. I had marked approximately 7 questions for review. When I reviewed them, I changed my answers to two of them. I finished the test in three hours, and then I got the message that I passed! I needed to get 98 correct to pass, and I got 122 correct. I will definitely use this program to prepare for the clinical exam when the time comes. I have also been recommending this to co-workers. Thank you!

    I want to thank everybodies involvement in being a part of my successful "one shot and done" completion of the masters level ASWB examination in the state of Texas. Your study program made this accomplishment possible. Thank you for the extensions that supported my success. I am a resident of Texas City in Galveston County and we have had our fair share of community crisis over the last year. As a mental health crisis worker and liaison at Galveston County Jail, I have been instrumental in the follow up of Hurricane Harvey and the Santa Fe shooting at the high school. Outside of my job requirements, I am a coach and head of delegation for a Special Olympics program, a volunteer for Big Brothers and Big Sisters and a volunteer for the Military Veterans Peer Network. It seemed like I would never find time to study for the exam and that weighed on my mind everyday. My unorthodox approach to studying entailed taking a week of personal leave from my employer and studying everyday for 5 to 7 hours. I cannot explain the amount of frustration and sense of urgency that supported my decision to complete the exam. Y'all, "yes," in Texas we use y'all, know what that feels like. I completed the exam on the last day approved by the Texas State Board of Social Work Examiners. Talk about putting all of your Easter eggs in one basket. When I sat down at the computer to take the test, the amount of retained knowledge collected and methods of understanding test questions flowed through me like a Jedi using the Force. I completed the test in 2 hours and 22 minutes. Once again, I cannot express enough on how instrumental your study program was in my success. I have two coworkers that are current in school getting their masters in social work. They are aware of my success with your study program and will be in touch.

    I would like to thank Heidi so much. The TDC stands true to their word, they’re with you every step of the way! I’ve been out of school for 7 years took the exam 2x, the first time I missed it by 1 point. The second time I passed it by over 8 points. I highly recommend this program.

    I can not thank TDC enough for giving me the confidence and skill set needed to take the LMSW exam and pass! Continue your fantastic work!!

    I am so incredibly grateful for TDC! I have never felt more prepared to take an exam in my life. Not only prepared, but confident as well. TDC prepared me to pass the exam on my first attempt. I am grateful for Heidi responding to emails quickly and always making sense of things I was confused on. I am also grateful for Amanda! Anytime I got stuck on a question, I could hear Amanda breaking the question down. Thank you TDC!!!!

    TDC was by the far the best program I have invested in. I followed the study plan and did exactly what Amanda recommended. I was not anxious or overconfident. I knew the material, but the way to read and answer the questions were key because I'm a terrible test taker. The strategies and techniques worked. This is a huge relief lifted off of my shoulders and I have to thank TDC and God of course. Thank you TDC, your program ROCKS!

    TDC is certainly a great program and I would recommend it to anyone! The audio workshops, numerous quizzes/exams and quick studies were all helpful to me. I had the audio workshops on repeat! I tried other study methods/materials but they didn't work for me. I realized that I retain information better when it's given in increments rather than cramming in one lengthy study session. TDC allowed me to go at my own pace. The material was well organized and easy to understand! I'm happy to say that TDC worked for me!

    I had already taken the LCSW exam & passed, but due to state statutes, had to take the LMSW exam as well. Both times, I used TDC which offered the type of structure I needed to study effectively. There is so much information related to social work that it can be difficult to determine how much time you need to spend where. TDC offers great information on what is needed to know, but also (and I feel most importantly) on how to break down the questions so you know what is being asked & how to consider the answers. I would highly recommend this program to anyone needing to take these exams. The coaches were also very nice & prompt with responses. :)

    I used this program for the Clinical and Master's level exams and passed both on my first tries. It is an excellent program for people who don't consider themselves good at test-taking. It is well organized and makes the test easier to understand.

    I wholly recommend the TDC system for the LMSW exam! The course content and delivery of information in an organized manner is incredibly helpful, especially that you are able to track your progress through a series of pre/post knowledge examinations. I am also very appreciative of the services offer by TDC for social workers who are Veterans.

    I’ve already shared on the TDC fb group. All I could add here is that I’m thankful for TDC preparing me to pass the LMSW exam. Your system made studying easy as every step was laid out, including how much time should be spent for each step. Love the user friendly website. By the time I readhed the final mock, my confidence was firm. I used every technique taught by Amanda. Again, thank you TDC.

    This study system is perfect! A friend who passed her LCSW exam recommended the program to me. I worked full time while studying and was able to complete the course in about 5-6 weeks. The audio lectures and quizzes were the most helpful for my learning style. I liked being able to go back and look through quizzes at the answers I got wrong with the rationales for why they were wrong. If I had more time I would have liked to go back through it again, just for added confidence. I most appreciate how nicely organized this program was and that you can go at whatever pace you need. So great; thanks for helping me pass!

    I choose TDC first because it presented a "low key" or "not hyped up/ high energy" sales approach or study approach. When I got into the introduction of the study material and program introduction I was delighted that the approach integrated healthy eating, exercise, and rest creating a holistic perspective on the exam and balancing all aspects of the process. So glad I chose TDC!! the solid approach and confidence of the program helped ground me and strengthened my confidence as I studied. Thank you so much for all aspects of the study program.

    4th time was the charm, I suppose. I’d used the TDC program the last two attempts and truly learned more than I bargained for. I feel like it’s helped make me a better social worker and am truly thankful that Amanda felt the need to put something so needed out there to help us get through this. Thanks TDC and thank you God!!!

    TDC is a great program! Passed my exam on the first try using only TDC, no other program! I got 105/103! Thank you TDC!

    Without TDC, I'm not 100% sure I would have passed the exam. When I initially started the program, I fell off as I did not keep up with a study schedule causing me to push my exam date back. I jumped right back into gear and followed TDC to the wire and passed on my first attempt. Thanks again TDC for proving me with everything needed to get over that hurdle.

    This program is why I feel I passed. This is my first time testing and I was nervous and that test was difficult. I did not feel that I had passed it, yet I did, I scored a 112 and needed a 98. I believe the program changed the way that I think about the question and was able to give me the knowledge to think about the question not only for the test but real life too. I would recommend the ASWB test to reinforce the knowledge gained from this program. I plan to use this for my Clinical test too. Being a veteran has really helped in getting this program and I feel very blessed. Thank you TDC!

    I would not have passed without TDC. This program covers it all, I felt lost when I first decided to take the exam, the book was just too overwhelming and I didn't know where to start. I saw the testimonial from someone and gave it a shot. First try and I passed LMSW!!!!!! I am not one for writing reviews, please trust me on this one, it is well worth the money.

    I PASSED my LMSW!!! I passed on my first try, I’m super excited. I used TDC to study and I’m a audio listener and TDC have audios that go into details on various topics that helped me tremendously. The coaches were a huge help as well as the were there to answer the questions that you may have. Good luck to everyone on their journey.

    Dear TDC,

    I so appreciated talking with you on the telephone twice before deciding to register for your materials. I had prayed to God about how on earth I was supposed to approach this test.  I was a former teacher and I could see that other materials offered were not compatible with this type of test. There was no way to memorized the NASW Test Prep book as they were suggesting at a training day. Then I stumbled on your website. It was an answer to prayer!

    Well, I passed the LMSW Exam about 2 weeks ago with an 86%! I could go on and on about how much your prep got me ready, gave me confidence and has already helped me in practice. Everything you say is absolutely right on! And I can not thank you enough. I think differently now as a new therapist. It pulled together all of my MSW work. We never had tests and wrote loads of papers. I will share this with as many others as I am able. Anybody who is serious about being a better therapist would benefit. When I took the test I still was not sure how I was doing. There were two really good answers for many. But I had studied your basics for about 8 weeks. So on the test I was familiar with most parts of every answer. I never panicked. BTW, there were more questions geared for children and youth issues than I expected. But EVERYTHING I studied was worthwhile even if it was not on the test. And during my weeks of study, I didn't feel that anxiety because I knew that this would be right on. Again thank you for your support! And I truly learned just so much from all your LMSW exam materials both audio and written!

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