California MFT Law & Ethics Exam

California MFT Law & Ethics Exam
Price: $295.00

The Therapist Development Center supports California’s Marriage and Family Therapists in preparing for their CA MFT Law & Ethics exams, and is proud to say that 95% of our users PASS! Passing this exam on the first attempt is very important, as the Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) will require you to wait 90 days after failing the exam before you can retest, and you will need to take a 12-hour Continuing Education course on Law and Ethics and pay a $100 processing fee. That is time and money wasted; TDC can help give you the tools and skills you need to get that passing score on the first try.

Our MFT Law and Ethics Exam Prep Study System includes INSTANT online access to:

  • An organized, step-by-step study plan
  • 15 on-line audio workshops with downloadable handouts
  • A complete review of essential MFT Law and Ethics Exam content areas
  • Effective study tools
  • Clinical examples that help you learn rather than memorize
  • Clear test-taking strategies you will use on exam day
  • 5 Full-length MFT Law & Ethics Practice Exams
  • Test anxiety management
  • Coaches available for ongoing questions and support

The CA MFT Law and Ethics exam is comprised of 40% Law and 60% Ethics. Within the Law portion, 14% is dedicated to Confidentiality, Privilege and Consent, 16% to Limits of Confidentiality / Mandated Reporting, and 10% to Legal Standards for Professional Practice. Within Ethics, 18% is dedicated to Professional Competence and Preventing Harm, 27% to Therapeutic Relationships, and 15% to Business Practices and Policies.

Our program not only addresses each of these content areas, but mimics how the BBS weighs the content to ensure you’re focusing on the right content for the right amount of time. TDC’s California MFT L&E Exam Prep is designed to maximize learning and minimize stress. It can be completed in approximately 35 hours and can be repeated as needed. Access is set for 4 months, but extensions are FREE. We are with you until you pass! Please note: this program is for SINGLE users only. Want to SAVE $50 on your California exam prep materials? Buy the CA COMBO!

And before you purchase, scroll down to read real, amazing testimonials from our users about how TDC worked for them to PASS their exams.

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Course Reviews

This course thoroughly prepared me for the exam. It covered things it needed to, and the rationales were extremely helpful.

TDC.... gave me the confidence I needed in order to Pass the LMFT California Law &Ethics Exam. CAN'T BE ANY HAPPIER... so the next journey will be the LMFT Clinical Exam. As long as I do exactly what Amanda suggested to do... then I have no doubts and I truky believe I will be just fine. THANK YOU TDC Family.

I was grateful to have a study program to prepare me for my law and ethics exam. I had more confidence and was not as nervous on my test date. I will be using the TDC program for my clinical and anticipate it to prepare me just as well as it did for my law and ethics exam.

I appreciated the thoroughness of this course. I also appreciated the fact that it was not simply rote memorization. The course taught me a lot while concurrently preparing me for the exam. Although I could have organized my study time better, the course still got me through and I passed first time, so thank you TDC!

I found myself getting asked what type of learner I am and I really couldn’t say one or the other of visual or auditory. However, with this program being both I was able to go back and forth as needed. Really enjoyed the lectures and I passed on the first try! Thank you TDC!

I really enjoyed doing the program. I love the fact it was fairly unedited and raw. I was able to study while taking the kids to the park, listening at home during my RARE free time, and on my phone at work which was especially convenient. I really appreciate the thought re-framing that was coached up, specifically on using practice test failures as building blocks to being successful on the actual exam as opposed to seeing it as lack of program progress. I did get the sense I wasn't passing during the actual test (as stated throughout the audio rationales) which inevitably turned out well for me. I was able to pass on my first try, no re-take whatsoever. I am so thankful I made the purchase as I didn't want to spend the money initially. Trust me when I say IT'S WORTH IT. Nothing is more important than investing in yourself. It's a smarter and more strategic plan than risking just books alone. You will avoid having to potentially re-test multiple times, as that would probably end up being more expensive anyway. Obviously I put in the work to pass so do the same, purchase, work the program to the tee to your best ability, and its going to provide you the best opportunity to pass first try!!!

My test coach was wonderful! She was very responsive in a timely and helpful manner. Also, I loved that it was possible to play the answer portion of the materials at variable play back speed. It saved me a ton of time!

This study plan actually works! I can't wait to purchase the clinical study packet, pass and become part of the license Marriage & Family Therapist family with TDC's help... I recommend purchasing Law & Ethics/Clinical study programs if you wanna pass! Thanks again...

All my colleagues have had successfull results with TDC as Social Workers and Therapists. Many have passed their clinical exams through TDC.

Thank you for your excellent program.

I studied ALL day yesterday by listening to the audio for the 30 topics, reviewing the handouts, and taking notes! I like that the entire course only takes about 6 hours total listening to the audio (not including the time you take for the exams). I took all 3 mock exams and 1 of the final exams and it worked!! :) Love the system! I'll definitely be using it for the clinical portion of the exam!

I am very satisfied with this program, in my particular case the suggestions and tips to how to manage my time and how to attack the questions was one of the keys to my success.

I really appreciated the depth of details the recordings went into, explaining the nuances for each answer. I especially appreciated how available Robin was, and how caring, thoughtful and helpful she was with me over email. I bought Ben Caldwell's books but the online, interactive quality of TDC suited me far better. I plan to be back for the Clinical Exam. Thank you again so much for creating such a wonderful and helpful website. I am elated to have passed, and look forward to learning more from you in the future. Thank you.

I am happy that this program is available to help me pass my Law and Ethics Exam I will be using this program for my Clinical Exam.

Your program is amazing, far superior than any other program I have ever utilized. I absolutely loved your audios because it made studying/reviewing so convenient with my busy schedule. I will be coming to you when I begin to prepare for the clinical examination. Thank you for all your help.

I would like to thank God, TDC, and Caroline, my coach, for helping me pass the L&E exam. Without the help of either I don't think I would have passed the exam.

The TDC program is excellent! I took the Law and Ethics Exam today for the first time, and PASSED! Amanda is thorough and she was easy to follow and understand! When I was feeling discouraged due to test scores, I contacted TDC coaches and Robin's words were encouraging and helped me push through! Thank you for is program, TDC!

TDC was an excellent program. I feel it greatly prepared me to the L & E, and walked into the test feeling confident in my ability to pass.

I am an "out-of-state" candidate so I needed to make a 6 hour drive to take the CA MFT Law & Ethics Exam. I have serious A.D.D. and my "special accommodations" had not been approved by the BBS in time, so I felt a lack of support there. I really struggle with exams due to my crazy A.D.D. but I felt like I had studied sufficiently and had a super helpful coaching session with Coach Robin to finalize the journey. The reassurance I got from Coach Robin and how she helped me understand how to read the stem of the question, is what allowed me to feel confident, even with my struggle to focus. Coach also shared that some of the questions would feel nonsensical and they were most likely the "throw away questions" and to make a selection and keep going. I felt I had the attitude I needed to understand the stem, have the knowledge base, the ability to deduce wrong answers and select the answer that my gut believed was the best answer. All at a great pace, so I wasn't ruminating over my selections. That was drilled into my brain by the amazing Amanda, throughout the audio segments and in the final Pep Talk. I am now starting to study for the big boy, the MFT Clinical exam and with such a great study program, I am now looking forward to that. Love you guys for creating an excellent program so we can just get back to the work of healing, empowering and inspire people and transforming lives. #therapistsrock

Would not be able to pass without this! I heard everyone who has used TDC passed their L&E exams the first time.

TDC did an excellent job of explaining legal and ethics dilemmas in a comprehensive and applicable manner!