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This prep system was really helpful to me. I think what was most valuable was the practice. Learning to think the way the test authors did about all those "first", "most" and "next" questions. The practice also helped me learn to attack the test, as Amanda advised. It would be so easy to get lost in the weeds debating between two answers. It must have worked, I finished in 2 hours. I scored 125 correct on a version which used 99 as a passing score. The rest of the materials were good for keeping me focused on the core of what I needed to know, instead of jumping from one topic to the next while studying. Since I have low level ADD, that could have happened easily. The Facebook group helped me feel like part of a community and on days when study seemed torturous, that helped. If you signed up with TDC you landed in the right place!

Excellent experience with TDC! I don't think I could have done it without TDC and their amazing coaches. I feel that TDC thoroughly covers all main topics on the exam. I failed my first try by a few points and gave myself a solid month of studying for round 2. I felt much more confident my second time around. Thank you TDC! I will recommend to future aspiring social workers! 

I found TDC to be well laid out, providing me with the structure to study the material. It was so nice to listen to the audio portions at all times during the day, to read the quick studies and take the quizzes, and the half mocks and full mocks were instrumental in preparing for exam day. I found the top 50 topics to be an excellent way to break down points for studying and the DSM What's The Difference helped me solidify my knowledge and feel confident on test day. I had Amanda's voice in my head cheering me on and really thought about her recommendation to "lean into the test on test day." I did just that! The blogs were also fun to practice questions and to read about managing test anxiety before the exam. Thanks TDC for giving us this excellent tool not only to help us prepare for test day but to make us even better clinicians in our practice. 

Absolutely incredible. I was able to pass the exam on my first try, 2.5 weeks after beginning this program! I am busy with three young children at home, so I needed a structured program to help me strategize my studying without pulling me away from my family. This program is well organized, clear, and gave me confidence in my ability to pass the exam! Thank you! 

I took the exam in January 2018 and failed by one point. My confidence was greatly lowered and my test anxiety was through the roof. I spoke with a friend who introduced me to the TDC program. With much prayer and going through the TDC program, I went into the next exam with complete confidence and expecting to pass. I am thrilled to say that I passed the exam in May 2018. Thank you for the program!

I had enormous anxiety regarding scheduling and taking the LCSW exam. I spent a great deal of time looking at all available test prep programs, books and cross-compared user reviews.  Nothing I found even comes close to the materials and support provided by TDC. I know that some may find the cost a bit daunting, but when compared with the cost you would incur IF you had to pay for the exam a second time, purchasing this program is an easy decision. The practice tests and mock exams were invaluable. Unlike other programs, which I feel intentionally ensure that you get a low score on some of their practice exams in order to convince you to buy their study materials, TDC's practice and mocks are the exact format you will face on your exam, and the scoring results are consistent with the actual exam. My final TDC mocks and my score on the actual LCSW exam were only two percentage points apart. I passed easily on the first try. Thank you, thank you, thank you!  

I am so grateful I used TDC to prepare for the LMSW exam. The audio reviews were extremely helpful; I would take notes as I listened, making it feel like I was in a classroom with an instructor. The quick studies helped a large amount of material feel manageable. I know I would have felt less prepared and more anxious about the exam had I not used TDC to prepare. Thanks to TDC I passed with flying colors! 

I am a firm believer that I failed the LCSW the first time to due to extreme test anxiety and demanding competing priorities. I knew from the time I listened to "How to Study for LCSW Success" that I was going to do great on my next attempt. From the very beginning, Amanda and the team helped to reduce my anxiety by providing useful tools and techniques that I implemented throughout the studying and preparation journey. I stuck to their plan and put in the work. Thank you so much for creating this program for our profession. Well done!

TDC stuck by me until I passed. They emailed me back quickly with great insight, called me even, and most important they are very supportive. Second time's a charm for me. Thanks TDC! We passed!!

Thank you TDC!! I have been out of grad school for almost 20 years and finally focused on obtaining my LCSW. Your program was exactly what I needed to refresh educational components, build confidence and reduce anxiety so I could attack and conquer this exam. Being able to listen to the audio lectures repeatedly was a tremendous help for learning and recall. The day of my exam, I felt like I carried the TDC team into the testing center with me, fully prepared and relaxed! I highly recommend your program and am happy to spread the word of how incredible it is!  THANK YOU!!!

Following this program I not only was prepared with content, I was prepared on how to read each question and determine what they were asking.   

TDC's program really worked for me from beginning to end. It simplified content and concepts that, for me, had otherwise been vague or complex. TDC kept me organized and on track. I felt so confident and well prepared on exam day. I can't thank TDC enough for their well designed program. It's the best program there is to offer. Thank you TDC!!! 

Thank you Heidi & Amanda! The testing material, especially the two final mock exams, definitely replicate what the actual test looks like and feels like. I found the lectures, quizzes, practice tests and mocks to be most helpful.  I am so happy that I found you guys and will definitely refer my colleagues to use your material to pass the exam. 

This program is just what I needed to prepare for this beast of an EXAM! It kept me focused and on task. You all do a tremendous job and I will definitely be recommending you to my colleagues that are having trouble passing this exam. You all are amazing and I can't thank you enough!  

So happy I passed my LCSW the first time and I truly believe TDC was a big part of that. TDC prepared me by going over all the topics in a structured way that incorporated different types of learning styles. The practice exams with rationals helped me transition over to the actual exam tremendously and I would definitely recommend TDC to a friend or coworker; in fact I already have! 

The Therapist Development Center helped me build self awareness for the time you have during the tests and to read the question for the words 'first,' 'but' and 'except.'  Thank you TDC for this program and I will recommend it to my interns.

I found the TDC program invaluable when used correctly and thoroughly. It helped me pass the required exam and gave me a structure for continuing to improve as a Social Worker. Its strengths are not only in the "recall" material either. It provides valuable direction on how to learn the material and how to interpret the test questions. The support by a "coach" was invaluable; the responses to my questions were always quick and to-the-point. In a way, I wish I had been able to start the TDC program as soon as I began working as an LMSW. It would be a terrific "curriculum" for supervision of those who are working towards their LCSW, but are not yet close to taking the exam. I'm going to suggest that my agency reimburse LMSW's for the course fee, when the time comes for them to begin preparing for the exam. I give the program my full endorsement.

I am so thankful I learned about TDC. Not only did the program help me but the Facebook group provided peer to peer support which was immensely helpful as well. I cannot say enough good things about this wonderful study system! I went into the exam feeling well prepared and scored well above what I needed to pass. 

I didn't do well on the exams prior to entering the TDC program. I felt very supported. I think practicing with the full mock exams helped a lot. The full mocks definitely resembled the LCSW exam. I would definitely recommend this program to others.

I PASSED! First attempt I got a 121 and needed a 103 to pass. THANK YOU TDC for all your incredible materials and support! I LOVE the dual written AND audio training. It worked!