Although I received my supervision right after obtaining my LMSW over 25 years ago, life circumstances had forced me to put off the LCSW, but it has always been my long term goal to become an LCSW. Given that I had not taken any type of test in over 25 years, I was very anxious about the entire process. I signed up back in Dec to test on 2/5. I did some light studying in Dec, but had always planned on “diving in” in Jan. Well, I got a lingering “flu-like” virus in Jan (1st 3 weeks) and almost postponed the test, but am so glad I didn't. I’m married, have 2 teenage daughters, run my own company, had a national speaking engagement in Jan and a trip to NY pre-planned for Jan. Signed up with TDC on 1/11 and made a firm goal in my head that I would commit to study and follow their system. The beauty of the TDC system is you fit studying into your life, with pre-planning (and commitment to execute), you can really fit it around existing commitments. For example, I planned out exactly what audio I would listen to on my flights to NY, down time at the airport and this type of thing. The “chunking” of study topics makes it so “do-able”! Also, Amanda makes it almost enjoyable to study. I felt like not only was I studying,  but I was becoming a better social worker for my training company as well! The TDC advice from start to finish of the entire process was "spot-on". I truly took Amanda/Heidi and TDC into the test with me. They helped me stay calm (when questions were difficult), keep my focus, not panic and to remember that I had it within me to do this. I truly attacked this test thanks to TDC. My lifelong dream of becoming an LCSW has come true. Thank you so much to TDC, I highly, highly recommend their system!

I have been putting off studying for my LCSW for several years as I didn't know where to start with studying. An acquaintance told me about TDC and highly recommended it to use to help me with breaking down the steps to successfully pass my exam. I paid for the program several months ago, but as a result of work and job changes I just couldn’t seem to be able to make studying a priority. Finally January 22, 2019, I registered for my test, which was this morning, 2/13/19. Over the past few weeks I followed the program to a “T”, listened to the audio recordings a few times, and focused on the quizes. I felt confident going into the exam and am so relieved it it over. Follow the program, you too can pass! Good Luck!

I highly recommend TDC for their critical thinking approach to the exam. The coaches were unbelievably speedy in their responses, that helped clarify rationales, and how to break down certain topics. The extension was fantastic, because life's schedule does not alway coordinate with the reality of exam taking. I didn't schedule the exam right away, and found out, too late, that my next opportunity to take the exam was 3 months down the road. I had already completed the program, but needed the extension so I go refresh and review before the test. Thank you for creating such a great study system!

I passed! I felt so confident going in to the exam thanks to this program. Something I found really useful that did not hit me until I was listening to the final prep was that when you are given a question with the words "What would you do first/next?" to realize that all the answers may be right and you need to put them in order. I'd heard it said to put them in order throughout the study material but did not connect it with those words for some reason. Many times I would choose an answer in a practice exam or quiz that seemed really good only to get it wrong because I was going too quickly and not thinking through that there may be something I need to do before that really good answer. I heard Amanda's voice in my head as well which meant, for me, that I really had retained a lot of the material. I did have to use quizlet to help me memorize those research terms a little better because I was struggling with them, but I don't remember a single research question. I really got a lot out of the ethics portion of the materials and did see several ethics questions on the exam that I felt strong in answering. However, I feel more confident in understanding ethical issues in social work in general and I appreciate that even more. I am grateful to have found this program and will recommend it to anyone I know who is going to be taking the exam. Thank you so much!

I have over 25 years in the field of social work covering a vast array of positions. I have primarily been in Administrative and Program Development roles across many settings. I took the test a few times over an 8 year period and did not pass by a point or two. In 2012, I went through the process of having my supervision reapproved so that I would not have to repeat it. This course was essential to teaching me the strategies to not only pass the exam, but also a great review and learning experience to solidify my clinical knowledge and truly understand the DSM-V. I have found the style of learning has helped me to retain the information post exam. Thank you!

I think TDC is absolutely the best prep course I have ever taken (and I have taken quite a few over the years for the GRE, the LSAT and others). I am still shocked that I passed because I have always been a fairly crappy test taker with multiple choice tests. Thank you so much for ALL the work that went into the comprehensive and user friendly instructional design.

Currently tearing up because I remember reading other people's testimonies on here wondering if I should sign up and if it's worth it. Let me tell you, it is. I PASSED MY TEST specifically because of this program. No doubt, I studied hard every time I took the LMSW exam, but this program really helped me understand how to approach each question with a different mindset of expecting every answer choice to be correct and how to choose the BEST, NEXT, or FIRST answer they are looking for in test takers. My personal favorite perk of this program was the Facebook group specific to those currently studying for the LMSW or LCSW exam through TDC. Whenever I was unmotivated to study or would get overwhelmed with stress, I would see inspiring posts from others saying they just passed and specific things they did to approach the exam. The TDC community really helped me to keep going and to do my absolute best. Just something I shared in my victory post: "Remember you only need 1 pass, attempts don’t matter in the end. Proud of everyone in this group for wanting to move up whether it’s for your LMSW or LCSW, keep at it! Your patience and dedication will be rewarded." 

Thank you TDC for helping me PASS the LMSW exam! I really appreciated how your system broke down the information for each section tested into just what is needed and not give an overwhelming amount of info that is unnecessary. I loved the audios the most because I was able to listen to them on-the-go, and I found listening to them over and over really help sink in the info. My favorite audios were "Let's Talk Ethics" and "How Change Happens." I remember picking up a copy of the COE I previously found on the internet and reading it and said to myself "I'm never going to get this stuff," but listening to the "Let's Talk Ethics" audio on TDC and hearing the commentary was a life saver for me. Understanding the COE was very important in passing the exam. I appreciated all the tips - how to study, what to eat/drink, self-care, etc. they were all very helpful. Also, being able to communicate with Emily P. via email for clarification and inquiries was awesome! Thank you, Emily! In addition, I love being in the study group on Facebook. I posted/commented several times when I was struggling and my anxiety was getting the best of me and I have to say, the support that I got from my fellow study partners was AWESOME! I love how everyone was supportive of each other, empowering each other - what a great motivation! In closing, thank you again, TDC! I have already recommended your study system to my fellow colleagues who are planning on taking their LMSW/LCSW exams. I will definitely use TDC when studying for my LCSW exam.

Congratulations to Lee Fields for passing the ASWB Clinical exam! Lee wrote us a wonderful and inspiring message which reminds us why we do what we do. He wrote, "I want to thank The Therapist Development Center for providing to me free LCSW study materials as a result of my veteran status. I had earlier purchased the Law and Ethics materials from TDC in the past, followed the provided study structure and suggestions in the syllabus, and passed the exam on my first attempt. I did the same for the ASWB Clinical exam with the same result; passing the first time. I am confident to tell others (which I have been at every appropriate opportunity since passing my exam) that if others follow the TDC study model, they too will have equal success. I came back from my last combat tour in 2009 after being medically evacuated from the battlefield. As a result of a helicopter crash landing, I suffered career ending injuries and was suffering from un-diagnosed PTSD symptoms. After discharge from the army, I was handed over to an overburdened and understaffed VA quagmire of bureaucracy. I fell through a lot of cracks at first, but finally fell under the purview of a passionate and brilliant young former air force LMFT turned psychologist. She and another skilled psychologist educated and assisted me about PTSD, gave me hope and the desire to pick up the pieces of my broken body and mind (one psychologist literally kept me from committing suicide). Fast forward a few years, I was able to go back to grad school receiving an MSW. And, with TDC assistance, pass both Law and Ethics and the ASWB Clinical exam. The Therapist Development Center assisted in my ability to serve myself and others (veterans and civilians) in an effort to combat mental illness in my community. I became a social worker to help others navigate the inherit system of barriers to mental health treatment. Thank you TDC!"

TDC was a Godsend for me! I really struggled with setting up my own study plan using an exam prep book. The prep book had a lot of good information, but reading through a textbook was not a good option for me! TDC really gave me the structured study program I needed to be successful on this exam. I am a firm believer in finding what works for you and things not always being one size fits all. This program was definitely what worked for me! I still struggled with pretty intense anxiety leading up to the exam and on test day, but that's pretty common for me. Despite that, I was able to pass with flying colors! 136/150! My biggest struggle was the timing of the exam - I consistently struggled with my timing on every full length exam I took, both through TDC and elsewhere, and on the official exam. Finally accepting that timing was not going to be a strength for me really helped to alleviate some of the extra anxiety there. I finished the official exam with 27 seconds left to spare, and still managed to pass with a high score! I cannot thank TDC enough for helping me along my road to licensure!

The course was very instrumental in my ability to pass. I have been out of school for decades, and missed being grandfathered in as an LMSW. I'm glad I did, because I learned so much with the course. It was easier learning the DSM V by going through this course then it would have been trying to go through it on my own. Thank you.

TDC is the only study system I used. The information was very comprehensive and the program was easy to follow. I felt well prepared for the exam. I had test anxiety, so once I understood how to manage it using self talk and relaxation techniques I was able to pass the test. Thanks TDC.

TDC made passing my exam possible. I needed 99 to pass and scored 110. I had failed the exam 2 times using other study materials. I passed on my third attempt but it was my first time taking the exam with TDC. The curriculum is very straight forward and easy to manage. You can also formulate your own study schedule easily with having work schedules or kids ect., which is what I did. I started studying mid July 2018 and studied through till my test on 10/2018. I went through the curriculum two times just to ensure my self confidence. I believe other individuals will do well just going through it one time though. Just make sure you do as the course instructs you to. Not only are the materials helpful, but the coaches are awesome!! I really do not think I would have had the confidence to pass this time with out TDC and I thank my coach for sticking with me and helping me through these last few months to prepare for the test. I am over the moon about passing this test and I plan to use TDC when it comes time to prepare for the clinical exam. Thank you TDC!!!

I finally passed my LCSW exam on my third attempt thanks to TDC! I had used plenty of other study guides and work books, along with going to multiple exam prep classes, but none of them seemed to work. I found out through TDC that I'm an auditory learner, and listening to the lectures while taking notes really helped the information stick with me. I love how TDC gives you a study plan to follow, because before that I felt lost and "all over the place" with what I should and shouldn't study. The lectures are straightforward, concrete, and to the point. When I emailed my questions for help, I would hear back within less than two business days which I really appreciated. The coaches and members of the Facebook group were all very encouraging and supportive. I honestly don't think I would have passed this time if it wasn't for TDC!

I took this year after graduation from my MSW program and seriously needed review. Everything that I needed to know was covered. The lectures were interesting and super helpful, the study materials were concise and the practice exams proved to be a great simulation that helped me troubleshoot my weak spots and helped me have a better understanding of what the actual exam would be looking for.

Thank you TDC for preparing me to take and pass my LCSW exam! I used the materials as directed for the most part. I had to wait a while to test as I had submitted my request to my state board right after the deadline for the next meeting and had to wait several months. During that time I listened to the lectures several times on my drives to work. As my test day got closer I went back over everything and took my final mock and passed with an 84. But started to get really nervous and felt I was getting test anxiety, which has never been an issue. I decided to do the 1 hour phone session with a coach. AND I AM SO GLAD I DID. Heidi went over several things from my tests with me and provided some great insight. She also just really encouraged me and helped me get my mind back in check! I am so glad I found TDC!

I AM A BELIEVER! Therapist Development Center was a life saver for this independent and busy girl. I had taken the test once before, using a different study program and I did not pass. I following Amanda’s recommendations and utilizing all of the program mock tests were very helpful to prepare me for the LCLE. I was extremely nervous on test day, but listening to the Final Review and Pep talk normalized my thoughts and feelings the day of. I personally found extra comfort in listening to the Top 30 Topics a second time leading up to the examination; there were so many little things I did not pick up on before, Ahha moment. I used up the entirety of my test time and though there was a point where I had less time then questions to answer I PASSED!

This program is why I feel I passed. This is my first time testing and I was nervous and that test was difficult. I did not feel that I had passed it, yet I did, I scored a 112 and needed a 98. I believe the program changed the way that I think about the question and was able to give me the knowledge to think about the question not only for the test but real life too. I would recommend the ASWB test to reinforce the knowledge gained from this program. I plan to use this for my Clinical test too. Being a veteran has really helped in getting this program and I feel very blessed. Thank you TDC!


I just passed the LCSW earlier this afternoon. Prior to using your program I purchased two other programs. Really no comparison, the audio you offer is what made a real difference. The structure of the program kept me organized and less prone to anxiety. I will absolutely recommend your program to others. Heidi is awesome and very motivating. Thanks again!

TDC was super helpful. I listened to the program twice (highly recommend it to make the information stick!) and especially appreciated the amount of practice tests/quizzes. Would recommend to anyone taking the clinical test. Thanks again!