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Social Work Exam Prep

I took this year after graduation from my MSW program and seriously needed review. Everything that I needed to know was covered. The lectures were interesting and super helpful, the study materials were concise and the practice exams proved to be a great simulation that helped me troubleshoot my weak spots and helped me have a better understanding of what the actual exam would be looking for.

Thank you TDC for preparing me to take and pass my LCSW exam! I used the materials as directed for the most part. I had to wait a while to test as I had submitted my request to my state board right after the deadline for the next meeting and had to wait several months. During that time I listened to the lectures several times on my drives to work. As my test day got closer I went back over everything and took my final mock and passed with an 84. But started to get really nervous and felt I was getting test anxiety, which has never been an issue. I decided to do the 1 hour phone session with a coach. AND I AM SO GLAD I DID. Heidi went over several things from my tests with me and provided some great insight. She also just really encouraged me and helped me get my mind back in check! I am so glad I found TDC!

I AM A BELIEVER! Therapist Development Center was a life saver for this independent and busy girl. I had taken the test once before, using a different study program and I did not pass. I following Amanda’s recommendations and utilizing all of the program mock tests were very helpful to prepare me for the LCLE. I was extremely nervous on test day, but listening to the Final Review and Pep talk normalized my thoughts and feelings the day of. I personally found extra comfort in listening to the Top 30 Topics a second time leading up to the examination; there were so many little things I did not pick up on before, Ahha moment. I used up the entirety of my test time and though there was a point where I had less time then questions to answer I PASSED!

This program is why I feel I passed. This is my first time testing and I was nervous and that test was difficult. I did not feel that I had passed it, yet I did, I scored a 112 and needed a 98. I believe the program changed the way that I think about the question and was able to give me the knowledge to think about the question not only for the test but real life too. I would recommend the ASWB test to reinforce the knowledge gained from this program. I plan to use this for my Clinical test too. Being a veteran has really helped in getting this program and I feel very blessed. Thank you TDC!


I just passed the LCSW earlier this afternoon. Prior to using your program I purchased two other programs. Really no comparison, the audio you offer is what made a real difference. The structure of the program kept me organized and less prone to anxiety. I will absolutely recommend your program to others. Heidi is awesome and very motivating. Thanks again!

TDC was super helpful. I listened to the program twice (highly recommend it to make the information stick!) and especially appreciated the amount of practice tests/quizzes. Would recommend to anyone taking the clinical test. Thanks again!

TDC gave me the tools I needed to finally PASS!!  I have learning challenges and this program simplified things for me into bite size pieces which I was able to digest. I have never been so happy to have accomplished anything in MY LIFE!!! Thank you TDC!!!

This was an amazing program. I not only felt confident on test day, but I also learned a lot throughout the studying process. TDC was spot on with the study materials, the wording they used is similar to the actual test, and it was organized in an easy to follow format. I would not have passed my LCSW exam without this program.  

I am so happy I chose Therapist Development Center for my LCSW Law and Ethics study course materials. Without their study program, I doubt I would have passed on my first attempt! Thank you, TDC.

17 years post MSW - macro I never thought I needed my licensure. However, after supervising multiple students who went on the get their licensure I thought it was time! Since my employer did not require a license I took my time studying and passed on my first attempt! If it was not for TDC I don't think I would have succeeded. The materials are well worth it and I have also definitely increased my social work knowledge. Thank you!!

I am so happy I used TDC for my exam study present. Material was presented clearly and with the test in mind. The audio lessons really helped me talk through the different concepts and being an active and busy person I needed to have audio so I could multi-task at home. All the handouts, quizzes and quick studies were so helpful too for when I was traveling or had a study break at work. They covered all the topics and gave so many helpful hints and tips to get through the material and manage the 4 hours for the test. I found myself using Amanda's tips during the test and passed with a score well over the required number.  Thank you!

I thought this test preperation was spot on. I used the strategy of Amanda discussing the question in my head. I used the two mocks to develop my own strategies including getting up and walking around every 40 questions and reading answer choices from bottom to top. I firmly believe that your program was what enabled me to pass. I went through it twice and learned a lot both times. Thank you!!!

Thank you to TDC!! I'm pleased to say that between the material, audio lectures, mock tests/quizzes and the expeditious response with coaching I PASSED!! It's a beautiful sigh of relief for me in the journey. Keep doing what you do! All my best! 

I would highly recommend TDC with no hesitation. I was well prepared and I feel I am ready to serve my community. Thank you to the entire TDC team. You rock!!!!

Thank you TDC for providing an excellent program. I struggle with test anxiety and test taking techniques, however the entire lay out of the materials and audios were a vital part for me to pass the clinical exam. This was my second attempt and thank you for resetting the program so that during the second go around I could finally become an LCSW!! It was tough failing the first time, however this second time I looked at each question differently and took all the steps recommended. I am also a part of the TDC Social Work Exam Study group and thankful that others like myself can support and cheer on one another because no one other then those who have gone or are going through this journey will ever understand the emotions and struggle we all go through. 

I did not anticipate that I would genuinely enjoy and learn from the studying process for the Clinical exam. I was pleasantly surprised to find that TDC not only prepared me for the exam, but also served as an efficient learning tool that enhanced my knowledge and clinical skills. Though Amanda cautioned applicants that it was likely for you to feel as though you were failing throughout the exam, I actually found myself to be quite confident throughout the exam, thanks to the amazing prep. I used different study materials for the Law and Ethics exam, and though I passed, I felt that I was not nearly as prepared for that exam as I was for the Clinical. Finally, my questions were quickly attended to by the coaches, which was much appreciated. Thank you so much to the TDC team!!!

I was very nervous about taking my licensure exam. It didn't matter that I did well in school, and that I knew what I was doing as a social worker. I was completely unsure of what to expect from the testing process. This program made me feel extremely comfortable and confident going into the test. I'm not sure what I was expecting when I paid for this program, I just knew everyone was saying it was great. There is SO MUCH content provided. It covered everything that could possibly come up in the exam. I went through most things twice, but I will admit some things I didn't even have time to get to. When going through the exam many of the answers came quickly to me because I knew how to critically think through the issue based on what I learned through the Therapist Development Center. I passed (by a lot). I know I am going to be a more powerful agent of change in my community because this program helped prepare me for the final few steps in the foundation of my career.

I decided to purchase TDC after scheduling an exam that was 2 weeks out. I went through the all material within a week, leaving plenty of time to dedicate towards areas I wanted to strengthen. I did no prior studying prior to making the TDC choice and passed with scoring 122 (my test only required 103 to pass). 

The way in which TDC's study materials are covered allows you to retain the information with more ease. Other programs that I have encountered had several thick books along with lengthy CD's that contained an extensive amount of information, which left me feeling overwhelmed. Fortunately, this is not an issue with TDC. Great program!!!!!

This prep course helped me feel better going into the exam. I felt like I knew what to expect. Looking at the volume of topics I needed to study per the ASWB material was overwhelming. This test prep helped me break it down into manageable steps and timeframes that fit into my busy life so that I would not get overwhelmed. The information covered here is helpful, however, the test taking strategies is what helped me pass. The exams in this course helped me prepare for the live test. Thank you TDC! I do not think I would have passed had I chosen to study alone.