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A great big thank you to TDC for constructing a concise, comprehensive and user friendly program. In using the program I felt less overwhelmed and grew confidence in my level of preparation for the clinical exam. A big thank you!!


I had previously taken the exam and failed. I was very nervous about taking the exam again but the break down of TDC, the audio, and online coaches had me very prepared to take the exam. I would recommend this to anyone. Money well spent and I will be coming back to complete the next exam for my licensing.


Thanks so much, TDC! I really would not have been able to pass without the support of this program. The lectures, quick studies, practice exam and Heidi's quick response time to questions I had really made this process so much less painful than it could have been. Thanks to TDC, I am an LCSW!!!!!!!!!


TDC is great! I knew I was prepared and I felt confident prior to completing the final mock exams. The final pep talk was great. I listened to it 5 minutes before walking into the test center and it gave me a confidence boost! Thank you so much TDC!


I just passed my clinical exam on my 1st try! This program was a great tool in my study toolbox. Actually, it was pretty much the only tool in my toolbox. It really did cover everything I was confronted with on the test, and even beyond that. I absolutely crushed every DSM question thanks to this program. Additionally, this program really prepared me for the types of questions I could expect from the exam. I knew going into it that each question would have multiple "right" answers, and I felt like I knew how to select the ultimate "right" answer. Having the detailed audios were great to listen to 3 or 4 times in my preparation, especially the ethics portion. Definitely a lot of ethics questions and I am confident I got most of them right. 


I passed!! I could not have done it with out this course. It set me in the right direction and provided me with exactly what I need to study. Without the detailed outline of this course, I did not know where to start. Thank you! I am an older MSW, 52yo and just now took the exam. So glad I found TDC. Also, thank you for the personal coaching. Highly recommend your course!  


I want to thank the TDC staff for their help! I took the LMSW exam seven times. I wanted to give up but I want to thank the TDC staff for giving me courage to try again! I will be back for the LCSW material soon! God bless!


I passed on my third attempt and TDC was there for me through this journey. I can't thank them enough! The study material and coaches were available to me until I passed. They also helped me overcome my test anxiety, which was the main factor in failing the first two times.


I strongly believe I would have never passed this test without this program. Thank you so much!!!


Thank you so much for the confidence boost I needed to take the clinical exam for a third time. I really had a lot of self-doubt and Heidi and the TDC team were great with responding immediately to questions I had and creating the confidence I was missing. Thank you so much!


I am an Amanda and company groupie from the Boston area and here to tell you I passed the LICSW. TDC was so helpful! I felt prepared and confident going into the exam. I listened to Amanda and her team three times using the audio recordings and studied all of the materials for two months. Awesome program. I'm so thankful!!!


With all of the college texts, collections of other books, articles, classes, supervisions, group supervisions, face-to-face experiences, a myriad of trainings, and on-going conversations with other practitioners; if I could type it all out, word-for-word, I would be able to physically illustrate the rather substantial and colorful path that brought me to this one simple idea that I want to share with you. I freaking passed!!! Proud to remain a part of this helping field, as a licensed provider. Thank you TDC for providing the means for me to do so. For those who I've had the pleasure of meeting along the pathway to our licensure completion, please consider the TDC program if you've already tried others. I've met those of you who have taken the test repeatedly. Wholeheartedly, I wish for you to not give up. With absolute sincerity, Victoria Catlin-Walton, soon to be LMFT.


Great program that actually kept me prepared for the exam! The most helpful part of the study program was the justifications for every question you got wrong during the prep exams. I honestly felt as if the actual exam was easier than the practice exams because this program really makes you use your critical thinking for each question. Can't wait to use it again for the next exam!


If you use this program as recommended, your chances of passing are great. I felt relaxed and prepared, and I passed on my first try. Thank you!


Thank you so much Amanda. I had little confidence at first and your advice and prep work really helped me get over my test anxiety. Historically I’m bad at tests, so to pass it the first try is absolutely amazing. So if I can pass on the first try, anyone can. Thank you!!!!!!


Thank you so much for your program. It was quite helpful with passing my clinical exam. I attempted to try other programs, but they had too much information. TDC provided information that was enough for an understanding and what was needed to know for the exam.


I used a Social Work Exam online program before I failed my first test. I feel they did not prepare me as nearly as much as your program. Your program made me feel very confident.


I completed the study program in 3 weeks. I felt very prepared for the clinical exam. I was able to complete the exam in 3 hours and take a bathroom break. Due to the test-taking strategies and online study material, I did not second guess any of my answers. I leaned in and attacked the test.


Never give up even if you fail once, twice, etc. Stay motivated and focused! I failed two times and I was discouraged for a little while but I reminded and told myself, "if you want it, fight for it, and you will see the results you want." I did just that and it happened; I passed! Thank you TDC for all of your support and for approving all the extensions I needed to pass this test. I will forever be grateful and thankful.


I just wanted to inform the group of some good news! I passed my clinical exam today. I am now a LCSW! I owe all the thanks to my higher power, my supportive friends and family, and of course the Therapist Development Center! They TRUELY prepared me! I also took the ASWB practice test last week and passed, which helped ease my anxiety! I am so happy! It took me exactly 3 hours to complete the entire exam today! I passed on my first try! Thank you so much TDC! I am forever grateful and thankful for you guys!


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