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I passed the LCSW exam on my first attempt! It feels surreal but I am so happy to have accomplished this goal. I actually used another study program for the first 2 months after getting my hours approved for the exam. However, I just couldn't get focused and I was struggling majorly with my anxiety and ADHD. I had used TDC for my Law & Ethics exam (which I passed on the second attempt - missed it by 2 points the first time), so I thought why not, let's go back to what worked for me before. I tried to study daily while balancing work and family life. I had a great support system which also made a huge difference in the way I studied. I followed all the steps, took all the mock exams and reviewed the night before. I prepared by going to the test site 2 days before to find out what I could bring, wear and how far the restroom was from the test room. The entire time I was taking the exam, I would stop and take deep breaths to refocus. I used one bathroom break at question 85; corrected only the marked questions I had that "aha" moment on and used essential oils on my clothes to keep me relaxed. I only needed 102 correct answers and I got 123 right with an hour and half of time to spare!! I honestly did not know if I was going to pass because my anxiety has been my downfall on many occasions; however, it the test prep tips and having Amanda's voice in my head were instrumental in my passing!  Thank you so much! Passing this exam was great timing as I am in the midst of getting hired for a job that requires that you have your LCSW within a year of hiring! Again, thank you so much!

This course is perfectly designed for a terrible test taker like myself. I felt confident going into the test after doing well on my practice tests and reviewing the information for several weeks. I was always nervous to take this test and never wanted to, but it recently became a requirement of my job and so I had to bite the bullet and get it over with. It is something that has been hanging over my head for a while and I am so glad I chose to buy the program as there is no way I would have been even close to passing without it. The program taught me strategies for the test but also to believe in my answers and stop overthinking. It taught me how to think and prepare and use my own experience to really put myself in each situation and eliminate and number each question. I never thought this day would come, but I am so happy that I went for it and learned so much in the process that I can continue to use for my own career. I really feel as though I learned quite a bit of clinical material that can really impact my work with clients, rather than just determining strategies to pass. Thank you for the help and course. I am so glad to be done!

I took my ASWB exam on 10/15/19 and am proud to say that I passed on my first try! I chose TDC's study program because I used it to successfully prepare for the Law & Ethics exam 2 years ago. I decided to stay with TDC for the ASWB exam because I liked the format, the different types of study materials, and similarity to the actual exam (for this exam, the question stems provided far less information than the study materials, but it was enough to tackle the questions in the same manner as the prep questions). I followed the program almost to the letter, including putting study times in my calendar, and I stuck to it. It was not my usual method of studying, but after taking so many years to get to this point, I was all in. I did not want to take this exam again! I went through the entire program twice in an 8-week period, and my exam was cancelled at the last minute due to power outages. UGH! I reset my brain and spent the next 5 days listening to the lectures once more. I took Amanda's advice and took her into the exam with me. If I was unable to immediately make a choice, I selected an answer I thought could be correct, marked the question and moved on. When I went back, I was able to break the questions down and feel more confident in my answers. I had the "AHA" moment on 2 questions and realized I had misread 3 others, so I changed those answers and I resisted the urge to change any others, which is a huge challenge for me. Trust your first instinct! Walk in to the exam with confidence and try to keep calm. I completed my exam in just over 2 hours, including a 10 minute restroom and water break at the halfway point. I strongly recommend taking that break. It helped me reset my brain, and I felt much calmer and more focused when I went back in. I am pleased and proud that I followed the course so closely and was able to pass on my first try! Thank you TDC!!!

I have been in the field of Social Work or 20 years and took the LCSW exam 17 years ago and missed a passing score by two points. I was devastated. I have severe test anxiety and put off for many years due to the stress and anxiety of the thought about taking the test again. Then I decided I would finally take it again about a year ago or so. The feature that you can stay with TDC until you pass is super helpful. I had to delay taking the test due to some extenuating life circumstances more than once. In Sept 2019 I decide to face my fears and set a date for the test which was 11/1/19. I studied for 8 weeks leading up to the test. I was nervous that studying with TDC alone would not be enough. However, I did the entire study system as recommended including all of the mocks. You'll be surprised how much you can learn from your mistakes on the mocks. I went through the program twice and felt throughly prepared. I also utilized the coaching that they have available with questions I had. The response to questions was really prompt and the coach really helped me with choosing the right answer on the first/next questions. I am happy to say that I PASSED!! Every area on the real exam was covered by TDC. I was so pleased with this system. I have already recommended it to a friend who passed his test yesterday. Thank you so much to the entire TDC team. I am beyond grateful. I could not have done it without you.

I want to take the opportunity to thank Heidi for coaching me through the study process. She is amazing, patient, and kind. Her responses were timely, but even more importantly her explanations were robust and understandable. I initially started prepping with a different company who only provided a multitude of practice tests and rationales, and I felt there needed to be more content driven studies, and found TDC. I am thrilled I found TDC and decided to invest the money and abandon the other program all together. I was pleased that TDC provided a methodical way of studying. Although I only had three weeks to get through the TDC study and would have preferred more time, I tackled it the way Amanda suggested in the first lecture and kept at it every day for three weeks. I uploaded a picture of me at my family celebration dinner the evening I passed the test! I could not be more excited and grateful for the support of Heidi, TDC and for the way in which Amanda explains everything. I learned the most from the DSM what’s the difference, and the Code of Ethics lectures as well as ensuring I knew the top 50 topics. I wish I could continue to use these lectures as a way to continue to reinforce these principles. THANK YOU!!!!

I really appreciate The Therapist Development Center !!! I heard about this program when I was preparing to take my LMSW. I used this program and passed on my first try. I purchased the program again for my LCSW and once again I passed on the first try! I studied the program for three months and reviewed the program materials twice. I was nervous walking into the exam but tried to remain confident. After starting the exam and reading the first question I immediately felt relieved. The questions were worded very similar to TDC's. Of course it is impossible to teach everything the exam expects you to know , however TDC does a great job of covering majority of the information. TDC also does a great job training you on how to think to answer the questions. I attempted to watch video's people posted in Social work study groups and quickly became discouraged. How they answered questions was completely different from TDC and I always got the answers wrong. Once I became completely focused on TDC and stopped relying on outside sources, my confidence returned. The only outside information I used was videos from Youtube on the theories from TDC. I am a visual learner so having visual aids help me process information better. I am very appreciative of TDC and know I could not have passed with out them. Their system is all you need to study for any social work exam.

Can't speak highly enough of this program!! I took the LMSW exam twice and FAILED before deciding to purchase the study course from TDC. Although I was very skeptical at first, thinking how is an online program going to get me prepared, but I am SO THANKFUL I decided to use this program. I passed my exam with four questions to spare and feel like I have to credit my success to TDC. Being someone who suffers from extreme test anxiety, I knew that my third chance was really my last shot before my employer had to step in so the pressure was on. I felt so confident in my answer choices and the way I learned to navigate the reason based questions I feel like was the most helpful! Would HIGHLY recommend this program to anyone on the fence or just needing assistance in studying. Will use the clinical prep course when preparing for my LCSW! THANK YOU TDC!!

Thank you very much. I was hesitant to take this test, and waited until the last date before my ASW expired to take the test. I needed a program that could put me on a schedule and fully prepare me to pass the test. I had only 3 weeks to prepare. I took your 7 week course in 3 weeks, and I did not skip. I had tried another program prior to be referred to your program by USC. The other program was by NASW and it was just practice tests with no actual prep. Your program was everything that I needed. I passed your exam on the first try. By the way, it's been 20 years since I had to take a course to renew my ASW license, and I can honestly say that your program was amazing. Every time I took a practice test, I thought that I wasn't doing well. But I went back over every question and kept reviewing over and over again. I would definitely recommend your course to anyone who is looking to pass this very difficult exam. I heard your voice speaking to me in the exam. I did take you with me into the exam. I did use all of your techniques that you recommended, and every bit of what you said or taught for this test helped me. Passing this test meant everything to me !!!!!!!

THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! What a perfectly put together program. The material was presented in a way that was clear and informative. I loved the online audio sessions. I felt myself getting more prepared and confident every day. I used the mock tests and the full length exams at great length. I went over and over the question many times looking at my mistakes. When I took the real exam this past weekend I felt the questions were slightly easier than the practice ones. I also utilized the email a coach on two separate occasions nd the instructor got back o me very quickly with a direct explanation for what I was asking. I wish I knew about this program the first time I took it. On my 1st exam I got 88/102 needed and did not pass. The 2nd time I got 115/102 needed and passed. If you are on the fence, just invest in the program and yourself!!!!!

I was very discouraged registering for the LCSW exam... again. I had taken it 3 times before and I wanted to give it one last shot before I completely gave up. I searched out study guides, and found out about TDC. Some people recommended reading a book, but I know myself, and reading dos not help me absorb the material. I need to have someone tell me as I read. This course was excellent for that. This is a hard test. While you need to know all the recall info, you do need to know that info to apply it to clinical situations, not to regurgitate it. That was the hold up for me from before. I tried to memorize so much stuff, and it didn't really help. I really liked the way the study courses were lined out. I loved the planning guide.I started TDC with about 8 weeks before my exam. I studied 4-5 nights a week and when I took my practice exams, I didn't use any materials. I loved that your score came right up and I didn't have to guess how many points I had or needed. The tips about not getting hung up (because it may be one of the 20 that don't count) and about not second guessing were great. When I did my last mock, I thought about it that way. I didn't go back on more than about 3 questions and I didn't change any answer. In summary, it is a great program. It made sense. The study guides were so helpful and made me realize what I knew and what I didn't. I would recommend it to anyone, however DO IT BEFORE THE FIRST TIME! Don't wait to fail 3 times like I did! Get it first. It is worth every penny! And, don't bother with asking the testing center about juice, fruit or food. The answer is unequivocally no. And that's something to take up with ASWB. Thank you for everything. And to Heidi, thank you for always answering so promptly.

I graduated from my MSW program 21 years ago and have spent much of my time in management in hospice. I finally returned to direct Care a few years and pursued licensing. Needless to say it had been years since I have taken any significant tests. TDC helped me get through the CA Law And Ethics Exam last year passing the first time and I knew this program would be my best option for the ASWB. I followed the program and trusted the process. I did not need to reach out to the coaches, but appreciated the ability to “channel” Amanda during the Exam and felt really confident this morning before the test this morning. The questions were comfortably familiar on the test and I was able to finish in under 3 hours. So relieved to be through this and thankful for the folks at TDC. I did join the Facebook page but committed to not viewing/reading it the week prior to testing as hearing from those who had tested multiple times and failed made my confidence drop. Keep up the good work TDC!

THANK YOU TDC!! I took the test today and PASSED! I started studying about a month and a half before my test, and followed the recommended study course for 8 weeks. Every chance I got, I listened to the study guides and really concentrated on rationales for answers. When I got to my test center, I was so nervous, but remembered what Amanda said in the final pep talk and had her voice in my head the whole time. I only needed 102 to pass, and got a 120! Thank you so much TDC for all your support, and especially to Heidi who ALWAYS answered my emails. This is an amazing course and I will encourage anyone who is getting ready to take their LMSW or LCSW to enroll. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

My friend had given me the social work ASWB Masters Exam Guide after she passed her exam on the second try. The book was thick and very intimidating. The material was very dry and hard to maintain. I starting asking friends who had recently passed the exam how they studied and they suggested TDC. I looked up the program and hesitated due to the cost. I decided to go ahead and make the purchase because it came so highly recommended. I am so glad I took the plunge. The material is engaging in easy to retain language. The writers of this course to not try do sound "scholarly", instead they relay the information that is relevant to the ASWB exam. I very highly recommend this course and I will be ordering the LCSW exam prep when I complete my internship!

All i can say is that when i failed the first time by two points, I was shocked as I thought I had memorized all of the info required to pass the test. Within two days of not passing, I happened to have reached out to a social worker who was referred to me to speak about becoming a traveling social worker. I told him I had not passed the test, he immediately told me about this website, I went on that night, signed up, and spent 45 minutes just to see what it was about. I learned so much in that first 45 minutes, specifically that I could have memorized every fact, but that would only help me with 20% of the exam. As the other part is really learning the ins and outs and everything else. I am an auditory learner, and I would recommend this website to every single person taking the exam. I am amazed how thorough this education is that the two LCSW's put together, and I cannot express enough gratitude for this awesome tool. Thank you, thank you thank you. And don't get me wrong, the exam was still very very difficult. But going into it, I knew I had the tools to get through the exam. I got a 107. I am a very happy LCSW and if anyone wants me to talk about it again, it would be my pleasure. 

I absolutely LOVE TDC!! I could NOT have done it without you!!!!! I also used your program to pass the law and ethics exam and I passed that the first time too! :) You really are amazing and even tho I was stressed and anxious, I knew I was well prepared. I did ALL the steps and just kept listening to the audios when I worked out, when I was in the car, when I was doing house cleaning....ALL The Time!!! I took you with me Amanda into the exam and I got so much encouragement from all of you. You were great at responding back to me so quickly and I just CANNOT say enough on how much I appreciate this study! Wow, I did it and I passed and even thru the doubts and fear, I kept going with the help of this study!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

I passed on my first attempt using TDC!! TDC is all you need! Originally, I signed up with a separate company for an in-person review. All they gave me was a large book and barely scratched the surface and said good luck. I was so anxious and overwhelmed about that book that I put off opening it. That’s when I found TDC. TDC breaks down everything into sections so you don’t feel overwhelmed, and does not overkill you with information like other programs do. Their practice questions were spot on to the exam and their test taking strategies work! I needed 103 questions correct to pass and got 119! Thank you so SO much to Amanda and Bethany for this amazing course! I could hear them in my head as I was taking the exams down knew I was going to pass when I hit the halfway mark. I could not recommend this program enough and will be recommending it to every Supervisee I meet. Thank you again TDC!!

Amanda put me at ease and simplified everything to teach me how to get out of "maybe land" (you'll learn about it. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING you need to know is designed in a layout that is user friendly even for the most esoteric thinkers who live in the linear and want to challenge everything. She creates absolutes and and teaches you material and teaches you HOW TO TAKE A TEST. I recommend this far above Grossman and ALL the others. Also, don't go to the dark recesses of your mind and layer TDC with others. I found myself on last night and had a meltdown. Stick to Amanda. On a very special note, my coach was LCSW Robin G (not sure if she wants her last name out there). I consulted with her professionally fee for service and as part of the course. She connected and tapped into me responding to 20 of emails if not more in three months. She is a brilliant clinician, empathetic and encouraging professional and wonderful human being. Whomever is reading this, give that amazing individual a raise and commendation, she saved me :)


This review is an absolute must for me, because I found so much encouragement and gained confidence in myself reading through every testimonial on this site. Yes, I read everything. I am so excited to say that I PASSED this exam on my first try. This truly means a lot, because I have so much fear taking exams like this one. I really started studying for about 6 weeks before the exam. I did not quite follow the guide provided through the program, but loosely made my own, due to my personal schedule. Let me tell you, I have absolutely no regrets paying the amount of money I did to help me study and prepare myself for the exam. Although, Amanda mentioned to "live my life," I was a nervous wreck up until I took the exam. I made no plans with friends and devoted my extra time to studying, because passing in one sitting was my priority. I listened to the last exam day tips on my way to the testing center to help me stay calm. I did not do well on the last practice exam and that almost discouraged me from taking the exam on my scheduled date. I felt so defeated, but I was also confident I knew the material really well. So, I summoned up courage and proceeded to taking the exam. I have no regrets and was so elated and relieved when I passed. Thank you TDC! Like everyone else mentioned, I will be back when I am ready for the LCSW exam.

I passed my exam yesterday. It was my 5th time taking the exam and my 1st time taking it using TDC! I am forever grateful to TDC. They were supportive every step of the way. I studied 4 times a week with my friend who also used TDC. We held each other accountable! I listened to the lectures so many times, (driving to and from work, and whenever I was in the car, and when walking). We made our own study sheets from the TDC lectures. I probably went through the entire program 4-5 times! Going over the rationals helped me the most! I also went over the ethics lecture several times and the night before the exam! I had anxiety but I studied until I felt comfortable, and to the point I couldn’t take studying anymore! Please do not give up! I wrote LMSW on the white board before my test. Even during the exam I felt discouraged but I heard Amanda in my head, saying take a deep breath and push through it! I felt like I had failed mid way through but pushed on anyway. You really have to mentally tell yourself, I got this! When taking the exam I did imagine myself in the office with the client and if that didn’t work I imagined myself being the supervisor. We all know this test does not define us. You can do it and never be discouraged no matter what!!!! Constantly tell yourself I can pass this exam!!! I imagined what life would be like after I passed the exam and how much free time I would have. I also thought about how many more job opportunities I would have! Two weeks prior to the exam I listened to spiritual music every morning to keep my spirits lifted! Thank you TDC!!! Thank you for empowering social workers to believe in themselves and pass the exam! You ROCK!

WOW. Thank you so much for this amazing program. I attempted the exam about a year ago in SC and used a book to study, but failed. At that time, I did not feel good going into it, I rushed it, and felt devastated after failing. A friend told me about this program back in May 2019. I have been studying and following the schedule provided since then. I felt more confident going into the exam and really used the tools and test day advice recommended by the instructors and it really made a difference. While I had initial test anxiety, the entire time, I never felt overwhelmed when I was unsure on a questions and I just kept moving forward. I had the mindset of "I am prepared. I feel ready." This has been the biggest sense of relief. I recommend this to EVERYONE. I'm so happy and SO GLAD it is over.