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I cannot believe I passed this test. I usually have so much test anxiety, and I'm really glad I paid for this, because I passed and I wouldn't have without it!

Can't thank the team at TDC enough for the amazing support! I was so very grateful that TDC was there for me until I passed. I took the exam in 2016 and didn't pass, and my workload did not allow me to study up until recently. TDC came through and reactivated my account so that I could go through the program again. I took the test today (5/18/18) and PASSED. Thanks again for the great coaching. I would suggest to anyone taking the course to read the blogs, and contact a coach if needed. The blogs addressing test anxiety management were very helpful for me.

No way I would have passed this without your program; only a portion of this test is learning the facts. A great deal of it is learning what answers the questions are looking for and how to think through the questions, which is covered thoroughly in your program.

I just want to commend Robin Gluck for being such an incredibly helpful presence for me throughout the process.  As she knows so well, I made ample use of her, asking many questions, and she was always patient, kind and very informative. If I didn't understand something and needed further clarification she gave further clarification. Most importantly, she never made me feel like I was asking too many questions or the wrong questions -- I felt "held and contained".  So kudos to Robin!  And also a shout-out to Asya, who handled a few of my questions at the end during their transition -- Asya, you were terrific, too!

When you hear Amanda say I'm going to be with you in the room, she's not kidding. I definitely had a few moments where I could hear her processing the vignettes with me in my head. TDC was very helpful and stuck with me through the 2nd go round. My first failure had little to do with TDC and more to do with me not following the program and attempting to rush. When I followed the encouraged route, I felt much more confident in my testing process and ended up with a passing score. 

After failing twice using nothing and another study format, I used TDC. It was the most I’ve learned since college! Every therapist should have to do this course. The test isn’t really relevant if they’d incorporate this into ALL accredited MFT college programs.

Personally I should have never doubted TDC. They have everything you really need and the coaches are available to you. They helped when I was just stressed out and let me know I was doing everything I could. They know how to keep you focus and in a positive mind set. I really enjoyed having this program and all it has to offer by my side the whole way through. Thank you!!!!

I would like to thank TDC for providing the essential tools needed to pass the CCE exam. Most of all, thank you for providing hope to me when I needed it the most. My mom and sister both died during this process and I found myself building a strong bridge of hope with Amanda. I took the exam once and passed it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

TDC was amazing! Don't get discouraged if you don't pass the first time, keep pushing it. The materials are there, you just have to spend the time to know it all. I would say practice the timing when they say time yourself. I rushed at the end, but luckily I remembered the test taking strategies and ruled out and moved on. But I am so happy I took the program. I passed and I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist... I did it and you can too!!  

Though I am more of a visual learner than an audio learner, I really found TDC helpful to study for my MFT Law & Ethics exam. It was very thorough and helped me develop a thinking strategy for this tricky tricky test! It was also great to have coaches to talk to briefly for free. I would definitely recommend TDC and will be using it for my Clinical Exam coming up!

This was so important to me. I am a baseline anxious person, and as silly as this sounds, that pep talk/snack advice really gave me an edge. I needed a friendly voice and after spending so much time "with Amanda," I had a great coach to remind me why all of this makes a good clinician. This program does not just help you study, it reminds you why you wanted this in the first place.

TDC is legit. I was ready to throw in the towel after failing twice using other study materials. I began to question my career and doubted my abilities to continue. Lot's of demons to deal with, but then I heard of TDC and immediately began to notice the rationales and the logic behind taking the Law and Ethics. Everything made so much sense. I walked into the test site focused and attacked the test. I did not allow the test any wiggle room. Now I'm coming for the clinical test! Thank you all at TDC.

Thank you TDC for sticking with me until the end! Amanda's coaching was invaluable. The material was right on the money. There were even questions in the study material on the licensing exam. Going through the material two times and listening to the lectures, rationals and reviewing helped me get my test taking speed up to where I needed it to be. I had 3 minutes left and felt confident I did well because I took all of the suggestions from the study guide! I cried tears of joy!!!!! It's over and now my journey continues as an LMFT! Woooohoooo! I highly recommend TDC and did not use additional test banks from other sources.

This program was very comprehensive and the audios helped put everything together. Even though it was hard for me as a full time working mother to follow the prescribed way of studying, I was able to extend time as needed to finally take the exam. Really setting the date and scheduling the test is a key item because this really does give you a goal. Some of the questions on the final mock were so close to the study materials it was very helpful. Thank you for helping me reach this goal!!!

Just past my CLINICAL EXAM! The TDC  program was exactly what worked for me! The structured and well organized material 10-step study program helped me be organized, focus and able to understand the concepts, not just memorizing. In the test, concepts are what matter, not memorizing, but really understanding what the test is asking. TDC was supportive all the way through. TDC included a coach if needed at no extra charge! Amanda's encouragement to think like a clinician helped me during the test, keeping me focussed. In addition, Amanda encourages to think about the theories in a question form: is this a theory I would practice? That really helped me learn the concepts and ability to differentiate between them. In addition, in case you need to re-take it again, they are the only ones who will allow you to have free access to the program when others charge. Good luck on your test, you've got this! 

I couldn't have done it without TDC! I studied for 5 months, listened to the recordings multiple times, took the mocks multiple times, and just rehearsed the information. I also brought the information into my current practice with clients. I also took advantage of Robin, a TDC coach. She helped me with my time management and anxiety; she was very helpful. I would definitely recommend TDC.

TDC was perfect!! So thorough and really helped me construct a doable way to study with my busy full time work schedule and busy life. I couldn't have passed without this! 

TDC made it so much easier for me to be concise and focused with my studying, rather than feeling overwhelmed by endless information. The schedule and structure was really grounding and made it possible to not let studying completely take over my life, but rather become a part of my routine. I felt really prepared and was able to use the tools offered to quell any anxiety that arose during the actual exam. I am so grateful for this program and feel like it was essential to my success during this process! Thank you so much! 

TDC really prepared me to tackle the test and also prepared me to be a better clinician. I now am so much more confident as a therapist because I am much more aware of vital law and ethics information.  The strategies Amanda provided allows me to utilize shortcuts to remembering information, not only for the test, but also as a clinician. I appreciate the growth I experienced using TDC. While the information was focused on the test, the concepts were broad and covered extensive details that helped to solidify the core concepts for me. My anxiety decreased as a result. I felt prepared for the test and what it might ask of me, and knowing that regardless of whether or not I was tested on the information, I had internalized it for my own learning and conceptualization. I now can say with confidence that I have a solid understanding of law and ethics in general. The foundation of this knowledge was solidified with the help of TDC.

I was pleased to be able to start studying many months before the test and extend the access to the materials without any questions being asked of why I needed to extend. The access is not only extended if you have taken the test, but even if you haven't and would like more time to study the material.

I appreciated being able to email the coaches and ask questions. This was vital to my growth in understanding and internalizing the test structure. The coaches informed me of certain strategies they found helpful and I incorporated those into my studying. It was vital to have this personalized support, as the TDC coaches were aware of what was on the test and why it was on there, and thus were familiar with it.  I then was able to easily ask for more help with certain questions. The strategies were helpful, including but not limited to, knowing to eliminate answers and being aware that there might be questions where the test might present me with not so great answers was essential to boosting my confidence for the test. If I hadn't used this test prep program, I wouldn't have been aware of the design of the test and what I might encounter.

I also would like to emphasize that the rationales given by Amanda are the best rationales out there. I used mocks from multiple companies, and TDC rationales are the best because they explain the reasoning behind the answer and the detail Amanda included in her rationales was so helpful.

Thank you for the support and giving me time to process the strategies and information. I appreciated being able to easily review information I had already gone over but still wanted to review. It was so easy to use this program. The TDC staff was so supportive throughout this process, and I look forward to using TDC to help pass the Clinical exam.

I’m so grateful that I was able to study with the Therapist Development Center materials. I practiced going through all of the steps and I passed the MFT Clinical exam the first time! While you are taking the test it may seem easy at first, but it gets hard toward the end. I feel TDC helped with every topic that was on the test, in fact I was overly prepared. Even though I was scoring low the first time taking the mock exams, once hearing the rationales, I scored better the second time. One thing that was helpful was being able to hear the rationales of the answers I got wrong on the mock exams. Stay confident while taking the test and remember everything that was said. I would definitely recommend TDC for the MFT Clinical Exam!