After failing the exam the first time I was devastated. I thought that the info I received from different companies got me where I needed to be. I was wrong. Once I studied the information on the Therapist Development Center I thought, "Where is all the pages and pages of information; this seems too easy." I trusted in the process and followed the directions and I was surprised how simple the exam ended up being the second time. Additionally, I was able to speak to my coach on the phone which let me know how much they cared for my success.  I knew for an assurity that the answers I was picking on the exam were correct. Trust me when I say, if you want to pass the exam this is the ONLY program you need. 

That was the worst test I've ever taken.  Learning the rationales, imagining WWAD (what would Amanda do?) and following the test day strategies helped me through the 200 gut-wrenching questions and PASS! I will be signing up for the clinical vignette course right after I finish writing this sentence.

Thank you for a great study guide! I was very nervous to take the exam but after using this study guide I felt very confident. It was wonderful to have an answer to a question less than 24 hours after it was emailed. Thanks for a great study guide.

I'm happy to share that I passed the test yesterday!! I started my studies with another organization's materials which I found to be extremely bulky and not well organized (not to mention, a tough graphic layout that made it feel as though I was reading an encyclopedia). I switched over to TDC when I found some practice questions online, read some of the blogs and found the style to be very clear and very well organized. The accessibility of staff (including Amanda's call to address some of my anxieties) was helpful as were the study and test-taking strategies. The materials allowed me to hear, do, and see everything which was great as my learning style is eclectic. I found the lectures and mock exams really helpful in reasoning through everything. And I found the last minute lecture to be really great in reminding me of the most important strategies. Thank you! I have no doubt that I'll ace the Vignette exam too.

I passed the LCSW this morning!!! Thank you for the excellent program. I will tell any one who needs to pass this type of exam to TDC

This was the perfect program, the tips and items reviewed were exactly what was on the exam! I have to admit when I first bought the program I freaked out over the cost and thought I had what I needed from taking the ASWB exam, wouldn't gain anything from recorded lectures and tried to return it... Amanda called me personally from her cell phone in the evening no less, talked me through my concerns and anxiety and allowed me to try it free for a week. I tried it out and knew from the first lecture it was spot on. Another time I called to check in to extend my material and ask a question.. when my email didn't work in a reply they called! The personal attention, expertise and accessible material day helped me tremendously. This center is run by folks who truly care and are dedicated to the profession! I look forward to using the vignette material the "go pass my exam"!

First, thank you. I had failed on my first attempt on the Clinical exam, which was very disappointing since I had purchased materials from another company and was very diligent in my preparation. Your system to prepare for the clinical exam was very thorough and relevant, unlike my previous preparation. I only wish I would have known about the Therapist Development Center prior to taking the Clinical exam the first time. I followed your study system exactly as it was laid out and I had no problem passing the exam with flying colors. Thanks again.

Your programs was spot on. I realized the value in your program when I heard your explanation of the study guide and test mentality. Thank you for creating this program.

Your services are excellent!  Your staff were supportive (Emily Pellegrino and Bethany Vanderbilt) and were always available to assist when needed (extensions, questions, etc.)  Thank you again for your help.

I passed the exam today. I'm super happy because I had failed once last year. TDC's material is great. I couldn't believe that I studied with two babies crawling around and still had time for the kids to hang out at the park. Compared to last year, I studied with another company and didn't have time to do anything. I just studied and studied books and handouts and I had just one baby. Thanks so much Amanda and your team for awesome service.

TDC is a great program! I entered my LCSW written exam with confidence, excitement, and the core knowledge needed to pass this exam. Thank you TDC.

I want to thank you for developing this great system! I passed my LCSW written exam today! I usually have increased anxiety when it comes to test taking. I want everyone, who is contemplating your system to know that I went into the test with confidence! You not only provided me with the knowledge of the content; you provided great test taking tips and strategies that contributed greatly to me being able to pass the exam.Thank you again and I will use your system for the written clinical vignette exam.

I passed my test today at 2 p.m. I have never taken the clinical before and passed it my first time! This program's study materials and audio are amazing! I can't even explain how helpful this was in regards to passing my test. Thank you.

Thanks to the Therapist Development Center I am now a LCSW!!!  I am extremely happy that a colleague of mine recommended the Therapist Development Center.  As a working mother of two, I did not have time, or money to waste.  The Therapist Development Center’s price is very reasonable compared to AATBS and Gerry Grossman.  I was pleased that I did not have to spend valuable time reading and studying material that was not on the exam.  Amanda reviews only the topics that will be tested.  Her lectures and written materials are not overwhelming.  I was amazed at how well organized her materials were.  I was ready to take the written exam in eight weeks and the vignette portion in one month  Amanda Rowan is GENIUS.  Thank you Therapist Development Center for guiding me and helping me prepare for the licensing exam.  I highly recommend the Therapist Development’s Center’s LCSW study material.  God Bless the Therapist Development Center!!!!!!

What I liked about Therapist Development Center, they provide you the Clinical Information you needed to feel confident in the exam.  I felt like other programs gave a lot information and left you feeling lost.  I listened to the lecture whenever I was driving, I reviewed the quick study sheets on breaks and reviewed my notes the day after the lectures.  This structure of this system allowed me to work fulltime and still chase after a toddler.   I was not sure how it could be done, but TDC made it possible.  Thank you for helping me consolidate my clinical skills and prove that I deserved to PASS!!! I cant wait to share your program with all of my social work colleagues.

The Therapist system provided an organized way to study all the areas needed to pass the exam. The information is concise, not to wordy, and much easier to process. The combination of written & audio lectures reinforces the information and I found it motivated me to remain focused & maintain a study schedule. In the past with other study programs, the information was overwhelming.  The Therapist Development Center also came through with quick responses to my questions. The coaching helped with clarification & encouragement.  Awesome program. Now I will be preparing for the Vignette exam with the Therapist Development Center.

Your study materials were very helpful.  I used them for the CA written LCSW exam. I had also purchased a Gerry Grossman test bank to use along with your materials. However, I got so frustrated with his test bank and all the contradictions in it I quit using it as I felt like it was only confusing me more and some of the information presented on his test banks seemed flat out wrong. Overall I really enjoyed using your testing materials and plan to use them for the second test. I do not think I would have passed using the Gerry Grossman materials and wish I had saved the $$$ I spent on his test bank as your materials were all that I needed.

I can relate to Suzie stating that she spent around $1,000.00 on other study material that did NOT help. I failed the exam 3 times and while I did better each time, failure is failure. The other material I paid for had a MOUNTAIN of material and I knew there was NO WAY I could ever review it all let alone absorb it. Having the Audio rationales REALLY put your material over the top for me. I learn best by writing and hearing an explanation. Just hearing how you read it helped me to do the same on the exam. I had NO anxiety whatsoever this final attempt and passed with a high score and not just by the skin of my teeth. I cannot thank you enough for this material, the affordable price, the online guidance and for actually CALLING me when I emailed a question! This was nothing short of a blessing to me! Thank you for helping me finally fulfill my educational goals - now I have truly "Graduated" 

Just passed my LCSW Clinical Vignette exam. TDC materials are excellent. As a busy mom of a 5 year old and 4 month old baby, I did not have the time and energy to read through test material that was not relevant on the exam. TDC gives you the tools and content needed to pass the exam. They focus only on what is needed to pass and leave out everything else!

Your program provided excellent preparation. I don't think I could have passed the test without it. Plus, it reinforced the importance of the ethical principals of being a social worker in everyday practice.