I am so pleased with this study course.  Clear, concise info.  I intuitively knew I was doing well throughout the test.  Thank you so much!

Thank you so much TDC!!  I know I couldn't have done it without you and your program.  Thank you a million times over...I'm so glad it's over and now I can celebrate being an LCSW!!

Your strategy in passing the exam made all the difference.  When I got stuck, I brought Amanda into the exam with me.  Bethany's advice really helped and I took two breaks- whenever I felt I was rushing or hungry.  We were allowed to have a snack and that was really helpful.  I'm so excited. Thank you for your help.

I was very anxious about the LCSW exam being that it has been a number of years since being out of graduate school. Most of that anxiety dissipated after speaking with Bethany just one time. She told me 7 weeks was more than enough time to study for the exam. She was so comforting and that was all it took. The program was so well laid out. I found myself actually absorbing and understanding material, rather than just memorizing. Well, earlier today I passed the exam on my first try. I am proud to say that I am now an LCSW! Thank you to the staff of the Therapist Development Center who designed this program.

Using only the TDC materials, I am happy to report that I have passed both the LCSW written and vignette exams on the first try. It is a truly amazing and wonderful feeling! The other test study programs really overload you with material (I know because I purchased the AATBS program initially), and make the process feel much more overwhelming than it needs to be. I took what felt like a risk and decided to trust Amanda; it turned out to be a very wise choice. TDC has streamlined the study process and I am ever so grateful. Thank you TDC for all the support you have given me, and for making this study program so user-friendly!!!

I found your program to be the most comprehensive and clear. You really cover all areas and the questions on the exam are very similar to your questions. Thank you for making such a wonderful program. I have already recommended it to many friends.

I had tried several other programs and after taking the exam for the first time, I felt so discouraged and inadequate. The Therapist Development Center gave me the tools and confidence I needed to push through my defeated attitude. I not only learned how to tackle the LCSW exam but also feel the program helped enhance my knowledge and capabilities as a Social Worker. I would highly recommend this program!

I want to first say that this is the BEST program out here. I know because I have tried them all. I completed the MSW program in 2006 and have attempted to pass this exam since 2009. I have lost jobs due to my inability to pass the LCSW. I wish I would have found out about this program before I wasted my time and money on the other programs. I would like to thank TDC for stepping out on faith and proving to the other programs that they actually knew what we needed and a special thank you to Bethany for being there for me through this journey. Being able to hear the rationales made all the difference for me. It allowed me to change my thinking about how to answer the questions. I must admit that at age 45, I needed more than your usual reading materials for the information to stick. I will share your program with any and everyone willing to listen. Again, thank you so very much.

Thank you! Thank you! I PASSed! I was so upset that this was my 4th time taking the test and my limited license was going to expire this year.  I have never been a great test taker and the nerves really get to me.  I have taken past courses to help take the test, I have studied with study partners, and reviewed a multitude of study materials and I was still not passing this test by a few points.  Then, someone mentioned this program and I knew I had to try it!  This program kept me focused, helped me study the proper material, and provided me confidence in reading the questions. Thank you to my coach, Bethany!  She helped me so much to understand the content effectively and gave individualized care.  I can confidently state that Therapist Development Center helped me successfully PASS this test!

Thank you TDC for helping me prepare and pass both LCSW exams on the first try.  Your concise information, strategies, and timelines gave me the tools and confidence to study successfully.  The online practice tests were convenient and essential to help me prepare for the real exams.  It shows that you care to help people attain licensure and not solely to make a profit.

I want to thank the Therapist Development Center for preparing me with confidence to go out and successfully pass the Florida Clinical Exam. I had spent so much money on other programs that were of no use and left me doubting myself and my abilities. Your program restored confidence in me that I could pass after feeling discouraged for some time. The Therapist Development Center thoroughly prepared me with the necessary skills and strategies that I needed to successfully pass the LCSW exam. I not only learned how to logically problem solve through the questions but I truly feel that the information I received through the program enhanced my knowledge and way I approach my role as a Social Worker. Thank you so much for taking the time to create a program that really helps social workers better understand the social work profession as a whole and how to conquer what seemed to be an impossibility! I strongly recommend your program and hope that my testimony encourages others to press on and keep on keeping on like the Therapist Development Center made me think and feel. Thank you so much for ALL that you do!

I am not one to write a public review, however, the Therapist Development Center (TDC) provided me an outstanding prep course—I passed the LCSW exam today on my first try!! I only wish I had found this course prior to investing in a 2 day powerpoint course. The TDC provided an informational AUDIO with approach strategies to taking the LCSW test – and a process to systematically think through questions. I loved the DSM audio that offered information in ways our “brain likes to hear.” The clarity of the quick studies, quizzes, mock quizzes and tests with audio rationales really helped me prepare for this exam. I was so appreciative oLif being able to schedule a phone call a few days before the exam for last minute questions. The last strategy audio included great suggestions for test day. Thank you!

I'm so glad I found TDC! This program was so helpful and so easy to follow. I'm so excited to share that I passed my test!! I would highly recommend TDC.

The first time I took the exam I did use Therapist Development Center study materials, but I only studied for about 8 days.  I missed the exam by 8 questions. I recently took the exam again and again I used these study materials. This time I studied for a month and pass the exam. I know the study materials work great because when I was reviewing the second time around I remembered everything I had studied before. I know the first time I did not study enough. I loved this program if I would have studied more the first time around I would have definitely passed it. I am planning to buy the program for the second exam.

After using three other testing systems and failing the first time around, I began using TDC. TDC made so much more sense and was very applicable to the real test. Thank you so much! I passed today and best of all I felt confident! Officially an LCSW thanks to TDC!

Your program is excellent!! It was very clear to understand and organize with my prior knowledges. I passed LCSW Stardard exam on 12/30/13.

I am so impressed by this program and highly recommend it. I used another test prior and felt lost and overwhelmed.  With this program I came to actually enjoy learning and even found a new respect for the NASW code of ethics to really understand how it guides our practice. I thank you for creating this program.  I am so happy and now can focus on the next step in my career :)

Thank You TDC. It was a great experience studying with TDC material. I felt confident and secure about taking the 1st and 2nd part of the LCSW examination. I start off the 2014 year as an LCSW. Thanks so much.

At age 56, it was most intimidating to be required to take the National Board Exam after being out of graduate school for over 20 yrs. My first exam was taken (1995) in a state that administered an equivalent exam but upon moving to NC, I was required to take the ASWB National Exam.   Your study system was excellent in preparing me for the exam.  The lectures as well as the practice tests were clear and informative.  It would be great if this study material could be incorporated into a class for graduate students. I got 134 questions correct out of 150.  Thanks for your assistance! 

Today I passed the California LCSW Clinical Vignette Exam! It is honestly because of TDC that I passed my exam. I prepared for about 2 to 3 weeks and repeated the information on this study bank for about 3x's. I did not use any other study bank but the Therapist Development Center . At first it felt short but I had so much faith in it that I continued reviewing the material. I went into the exam feeling a sort of anxious but also feeling confident in my ability to pass this exam . I won't deny this is a hard exam -but totally duable! I emailed TDC with several questions and had Amanda Rowan and Yirley Corea respond to my questions.  For those who are planning on taking this exam- do not bother with other study banks .... use TDC ... this is definitely a true testament that TDC is the #1 study bank for the LCSW exams. Thank you TDC for creating such an outstanding study bank! You are amazing in what you do...you defintiely deserve recognition for this!