Your system is very thorough and well planned out.  I have been out of school since 2001 and recently was hired at Hospice.  Obtaining my LCSW was one component of my employment contract and your system assisted me in being one step closer. Thanks!

This was an excellent study guide. I was able to listen while driving, cleaning or any mundane activity. Furthermore, TDC taught me how to think.

I first took the LCSW exam on 10/25/13. I failed the exam. I will be the first to admit I did not study. This showed because I only answered 88 questions correctly. I got online to find a study program to help me pass. In all my research I kept running into the Therapist Development Center. I searched all of the reviews and did not find one single negative review. I sent an email with some questions and Amanda called me in less than an hour. After speaking to her I felt I was in the right place. I bought the program and followed it exactly as designed. I took my test on 12/2/13 and passed. I answered 110 questions correctly and only needed 101. I improved 22 points with the program in just 8 weeks! I highly recommend this program. Thank You TDC!

I passed my SWE this afternoon and am incredibly thankful for all of the support I have received from TDC over the past few months.  There is no doubt that this licensure process is nerve-wracking; after researching multiple study programs, I wanted to bang my head on my desk repeatedly (but very gently! and without intent or plan to self-harm...). In the end, TDC resulted in my feeling well-prepared and ultimately passing the first portion.  Happy Thanksgiving, and thanks again for helping me avoid any brief holiday psychosis. In case you haven't noticed, I referred my entire therapeutic wrap team to you.

I started studying for the LCSW standard written exam using another testing program, but I found it frustrating and exhausting to go through all the material and didn't feel like I was actually learning. Once I found TDC I was able to not only comprehend the material, but I was actually able to learn what I needed to know to pass! It really helps to have a more interactive study program-I felt like with the other program I was bored and exhausted after studying. I am so excited and relieved to pass the LCSW written exam. I now feel motivated to start studying for the next test. I am going tell all my friends and colleagues about this program!

I'm a social worker at the Department of Veterans Affairs so I can hold an out of state license even though I reside in California.  I took the National SW exam twice and failed using other programs.  I had too much information, didn't know where to start and could not grasp any of the material.  With TDC I actually felt like i learned the material, was able to make sense and apply it after having listened to the TDC lectures and writing the informaiton on the handouts.  I listened the lectures over a couple of months but 2 weeks prior to the test I honed in and relistened and relistened, took more notes, practice tests and memorized concepts I couldn't grasp. This worked for me becuase I know I have always been a crammer and that is my best learning style when it comes to test taking. I literally could hear Amanda's voice in the test.  I didn't do very well on the final mock exam but I realize that I didn't treat it like a real exam, I was distracted at home, not reading questions word for word and finished with over an hour left.   I took my time with the real exam, read word for word and went into the exam like I owned it!  I felt confident going in versus other times when I had such high anxiety.  Now onto the Clinical Vignette portion!  Thank you TDC!

This was more than about passing an exam to me; it was about learning what it genuinely means to be an ethically dedicated therapist.  After all the time in college and graduate school, how to administer therapy with the overall Code of Ethics to transport your skills to the client was disappointingly never packaged quite like this.  When I sat for exam I actually felt confident that I had the knowledge to build upon to answer any scenario they threw out.  I passed and even had 15 minutes to review marked questions.  I do not want to give up this website and wish Amanda and Bethany would create a website for those who did pass and how to maintain and evolve even more into a better therapist for our clients which is so important.  I thank them from the bottom of my heart and am grateful that God blessed them with such ability to relay information that is so vital in our field of work. I do not ever want to venture away from what I learned and only use it to pass "the Test" but I want to use it everyday of my life.  Thanks once again and I can't say enough about this website and the ultimate professional instruction it offers to those who truly want to become better social workers and therapists!!!!!!!!! 

I have a minor learning disability and this is the only course that allowed me to hear and read the information at the same time.  This is how I learn best.  I was done with over an hour to spare.

I am soooooo excited that I passed my LMSW exam today. The Therapist Development Center study program is awesome! Amanda is fantastic and my coach Emily was awesome and always available when I needed her assistance. Thank you guys so so much.

I took the test on Friday and passed! I was ecstatic. Thank you Amanda for everything. The first time I took the test I failed. I am definitely recommending your test prep workshops to friends. It is reasonably priced, convenient, and easy to understand. Thanks again!

I took the exam six times four with another company and failed.  The study coach is excellent and the program has a good understanding of what it takes to pass the exam.  I almost gave up being an older person and out of school for more than ten years.  The information on this particular study guide was what I needed to pass the exam.

Thank you very much!  I took the exam 6 times, and finally I passed it.  You guys provided me all the tools I need to exceed it.  I am so grateful that I took the time to listen to Amanda's phone call.  While I was taking the exam, I was remembering Amanda's suggestions.  I did it!! So Happy...YAYYYYYY!! You guys are the best resources! Thank you!

Another success for TDC! After 9 weeks of regular study and review, I passed the LMSW exam the first time, correctly answering 30 additional questions above the required minimum (98 required, 128 answered correctly) in 2 hours. I have always done well with organizing information and taking tests, *but* there were still challenges to overcome and TDC's study system helped me to do that.

For example, I was an older MSW student changing careers, and received my MSW in December 2011 at age 54. I have not been working in social work, or my areas of concentration, gerontology or social policy/program evaluation. After attempting to study on my own for a few months I found it difficult to measure progress toward readiness to take the exam.

What the TDC study system for me was to provide a strong focus, relevant information, and a highly effective "package" of materials that helped me identify and close gaps in my knowledge base, build confidence, and measure my progress. By the way, my financial situation has been difficult, but I am pleased with the decision to invest in my new career, and look forward to employment that uses this license. Thank you!

This program was exactly what I was looking for. I did not feel overwhelmed when studying.  It helped me to remain focus and it lessened my anxiety.  What I liked the most about the program was that I could listen to the lectures as many times as I wanted.  It also felt comforting knowing I could access a coach if I needed help.

This program was great. It really helped me manage my time, and provided me with an organized way to study. It broke down information and provided explanations that helped guide my thinking process throughout the exam! Thank you!

I just passed the written exam today! I have to say that the Therapist Development Center (TDC) was an integral part of today's success. I followed the tips and strategies and had Amanda's voice in my head trough out today's test. My friend offered to share her AATBS test bank and let me just say that TDC is spot on about them being, for the most part, unhelpful, confusing and will make you feel like you are going to fail. I felt like TDC was straightforward and so helpful in my understanding of each concept of the exam. The DSM differentials were amazing!! And Amanda is totally spot on about the percentages of each category tested.  Definitely consider this program for your written exam and I'm actually excited to start studying for the second with TDC in my corner. Thank you again. This was such a rewarding experience for me today!!!!!

I passed the LCSW Clinical Vignette exam on 11/08/2013! Using only the materials from the Therapist Development Center, I passed the exam on my first try with confidence.  I also passed the Written exam on my first try using these phenomenal materials.  Prior to hearing about the Therapist Development Center, I purchased materials from another company and was completely overwhelmed by them - every time I pulled them out to study, I was lost and had no clue where to start or how to use them effectively. The exam materials from the Therapist Development Center provided the breakdown and direction I needed for both exams.  For the Clinical Vignette exam, I easily learned the strategies needed to manage the complexity & amount of information for each question. I felt well prepared with the content and understood what the test was testing.  Happily, I felt very comfortable with my understanding of the law and ethics areas. The study materials are very easily incorporated into a busy life.  In fact, part of the study plan is to continue to have a life, stay healthy and not have the exam prep take over your life. I have highly recommended these materials for both exams to my co-workers and will continue to do so. Thank you so much Amanda and the entire team at the Therapist Development Center!

I am not the best test taker and I suffer from anxiety. I had previously taken the test back in May and had used other study materials. I failed by three points. Afterwards, I was so discouraged and did not know where to go from there. I contacted your program, and received a call almost immediately from Amanda and she put me at ease right away about this study course. I felt that the way the course was set up really helped me to cover a certain about of content everyday that I studied. The quick studies, the in depth way that ethics and Axis I and Axis II were covered was wonderful. I also really enjoyed the way the quizzes helped me really understand what types of questions were going to be on the test and the rationales that you gave to explain the answer were spot on.  I went into the test today with more confidence and right off the bat from the first question, I implemented strategies I learned from this program. I raised my score by 19 points this time and I am proud to say that I have my LCSW because of the therapist developmental center. Thank you again so much, I will be forever grateful.

WOW!!!! All I have to say is THANK YOU to TDC and all who assisted in the making of this program!! I just passed my second exam and am so happy! I had previously tried other programs and this is by far the best study program out there!! Took the first exam in May 2012 having used Gerry Grossman and being overwhelmed with the amount of study material as well as costs for program, took it and did not pass! Then heard about the Therapist Development Center and purchased it, studied and took it again in May 2013 (while being 3 months pregnant), still PASSED! Just took second exam for first time and passed after using program and 9 months pregnant as well as moving to a new home! Even with all life factors and pressure, I was able to pass and I credit this amazing program for it!! Prepares you well, totally gives you confidence, and gives it to you exactly how it is! Purchase it and you will be extremely happy you did! You will pass no doubt!!! ;-) Thank You TDC!!!!

In preparing for the LICSW exam I was very nervous and didn't know where to start. I began to do research and found the Therapist Development Center. I am so grateful for finding the program. I believe this program significantly improved my understanding of the exam and helped me to pass. Everything that was covered in the program was on the exam. I was able to walk into the exam with confidence; though I did have some anxiety, it was far less than usual. I would highly recommed this program to my collegues and friends. I am so glad I passed; most importantly, I am grateful for all I have learned. The program not only improved my test score, it also improved my clinical skills.