Please feel free to use my name, face, anything to help support and promote your study program. I took the exam for my LCSW once before using a different study guide and failed. I decided at this point, that it was not the program for me and went searching. This is when I came upon the Therapist Development Center. "Wow, this could not be any better!" was my response. I went through the program twice and answered 122 questions out of 150 correctly on my exam. This was huge progress from my first score. The test taking strategies were just as an important for me as knowing the material because I had enough anxiety for several people. I did exactly what TDC told me to do, word for word and step for step. THIS is why I passed! Thank you for offering this service and helping me achieve my goal and dream to be a LCSW. I tell every aspiring LCSW about the Therapist Development Center. Also, I would like thank Bethany, my coach. She was wonderful through this process. She was available to me by email, text, or phone through the entire process. She was my guide and I needed one. I appreciate her, Amanda, and all of those involved at the Therapist Development Center. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

After years of attempts trying to pass and after memorizing AATBS and Grossman studying material and failing, a friend recommended the Therapist Development Center.  I was surprised how easy the whole process was.  It almost seemed to good to be true.  I am happy to let you know that as of today I passed the written first exam.  I am going to sign up immediately for the second exam.  I feel fired up and ready to go.  I am looking forward to using your study material to help me pass the second exam.  Thank you so much. 

I have passed my LCSW Exam in Texas yesterday and I am sure that TDC study program was a major factor in my success. I used other programs too in the past, however for me, this was more similar to the actual exam. Bethany, my assigned coach, clarified my questions in a social workers view and Amanda's workshop were excellent! Thank you team TDC!!!

I had used another companies material for both LCSW written and vignette.  It came in a box with no instruction on how to use and multiple exam prep books, no organization.  I passed the written the second attempt, should of at that time found different study material but I didn't.  So onto the Vignette test, failed 2 times with same companies material because I bought the whole package, then I found your website.  The second I finished the first workshop, I shut down the computer and announced to my family that "I was going to pass this test!".  Your style, organization and study material was clear and easy to understand. Your tips on how to take the test were invaluable, especially the Framing, Law and Ethics, and DSM review.  I went into the test feeling more confident and came out successful! Thank you for providing a product that is useful, user friendly, and motivating.

Thank you!  Thank you for a superior and excellent training!  I passed each of the two LCSW exams on the first try.  Each time, as a result of the training, I felt calm, confident, and well prepared.  I found the training to be therapeutic!  Lord knows, I needed this training to pass!  :-)  (Having been test averse!)  I feel deeply grateful for all the Therapist Development Center, support, and staff!  I highly recommend this training!!!  No one should bother with any other training.  THIS IS THE BEST LCSW EXAM TRAINING -- in every way!!!

I felt well prepared walking into the exam! The study materials were excellent, well researched and easy to understand. In addition, I felt the testing strategies that were taught made a HUGE difference in my mindset for test taking. I really appreciate this program and have already recommended it to several people. Thank you!

I am beyond thankful to the Therapist Development Center. This program is truly unique & effective. I recently had a baby and was unable to take anymore time off of work.  I was extremely worried about the clinical exam due to the limited amount of study time I had. However, the program only focused on information that was needed to strategically attack the test questions. I was most surprised by how supportive and available Bethany was throughout the process. I literally just passed my exam a couple hours ago and I am so excited! Thank you TDC!

I used Therapist Development Center for both the Standard Written Exam and for the Clinical Vignette Exam and I passed both on my first try! I started my study adventure with another company and I found myself being frustrated and confused with the overwhelming nature of that system.  I am SO HAPPY that I found Therapist Development Center because it uses a straightforward and no-nonsense approach to teaching the material that I needed to pass the exams...nothing more, nothing less. Also, if I ever had a question, Amanda and her team were extremely responsive.  I recommend Therapist Development Center to everyone that is looking for the best way to pass your tests!  Good luck and happy studying!

I have used AATBS books but not the test bank, and I also used Gerry Grossman's text bank but not the material. I found the TDC more "fun" to study because of the audio. Thank you for creating such a great program. I am definately going to recommend this program to others :)

This program is amazing. I truly felt confident throughout the entire exam this time around. Thank all of you for your support and most importantly for making me believe in myself. Again, without this program I wouldn't have succeeded.

Words can't expression how grateful I am for TDC! I had originally bought AATBS/BTA and boy I felt so overwhelmed with the enormous amount of material that was given. On top of that it was so expensive. I reviewed the content in TDC about 3x times and felt so much confident in ability to pass this exam. It is because of TDC I PASSED MY EXAM! Thank you TDC!

I recently passed my LCSW exam on October 24, 2013. I thank God and the Therapist Development Center. I had an excellent coach, Mrs. Bethany Vanderbilt, who made everything seem easy. Bethany was patient and encouraged me to continue pursuing my goal of passing the LCSW. I am going to tell everyone I know about the Therapist Development Center. I AM SOOO SOOO HAPPY!

I want to thank TDC so much for this program.  I was skeptical that I really could be ready to take my exam in 2 months, but I really was.  I had bought other testing materials prior and felt so confused and lost.  I didn't know what I needed to focus on.  I was super nervous the day of the exam and kept remembering the pep talk and reminding myself that I was taking the test and it was not taking me and reframed it for myself to have power over the test rather than the other way around.  I actually feel like I learned what I needed to learn as part of the process for testing and being a clinician in the next phase of my career.  Thanks so very much and now onto test #2 :) -Viviana soon to be LCSW

Thanks to TDC I passed the LCSW Clinical Vignette exam on 10/23/13. I am so thankful to TDC for the great study materials and style of teaching. I am so happy that I am now an LCSW. I couldn't have done it without your support, TDC!!

After seven failed attempts, sometimes just points away, I passed today.  I am indebted to Amanda and her team.  I was about to get fired over this.  The key benefits your preparation offers is keeping the material manageable, learning to focus on what is important and most of all, the tips.  I followed every tip from beginning to end on sleeping well, eating before exam and taking at least two breaks.  I also liked the pep talk at the end.  It was very helpful. Thank you all.  This meant a great deal to me.

The test was very difficult in the sense that often i did not know what they were looking for in the questions and used what I learned in this program and made my best guess.  Thank god I passed!   I did not like the vibe of the other study systems....What I liked about this study system was that it helped me to focus my time and prioritize the information, all encouraging me to be a better therapist....not JUST pass the test. Thanks TDC for creating this system!! I will totally tell my friends!

I would highly recommend this program over any other program out there. I personally had originally purchased another program but I didn't even use it to study for this exam as I found it confusing and really anxiety provoking. This program was awesome and I went in to take the exam feeling very confident after I studied with this program.

I was very unsure of myself, but came through great!  I felt I knew most of the questions' answers, I was happy I had a snack for half way, and just well prepared.  I scored 122 and was finished in just over 2 hours.

The Therapist Development Center workshops on-line taught me well:  they helped clarify my thinking and gave me tools, to narrow my answers. Both the written and the CVE questions can be very subtle.

Amanda was always very positive, encouraging, approachable and human. She is to be commended for her unselfish and ethical approach to helping people become licensed.

Thank you so much Amanda for TDC its a great program. I reviewed once and I felt ready. I am so ready to listen to the written clinical vignette study material. I know that I will past the 2nd part by using TDC. Thanks again for the wonderful program.