Therapist Development Center was exactly what I needed to prepare for and pass the MFT Standard Exam, the first time! The materials are well-organized and succinct. First, you learn exactly what the test is testing and how to read the questions to find exactly what they're looking for. You are given strategies that increase your confidence tremendously before you even begin to study the materials. With this knowledge, you then re-learn the main pieces of information that are important for the exam. There are outlines to follow the lecture to take notes and the lectures are in small, digestible pieces. You schedule out all the studying before and plan your date so that by the time your date comes, you are ready to pass. I wasn't even nervous the day of because I felt so confident from the study materials. After going to graduate school and practicing as an MFT intern for years, you already know everything you need to know. You don't need to spend hours and hours pouring over the DSM and different books like a zombie... do yourself a favor and use the trusted system of Therapist Development Center because they have everything you need to pass in an organized and cohesive fashion. You just need to remember what you know from your experience as a clinician and arm yourself with the tools to utilize your knowledge for a test. I'm very satisfied and am confident I will pass the 2nd test in the same manner! Thanks!

Thank you all for your guidance through this process! What an incredible resource you are. I do not know why anyone would use another program to study for the boards!

I have incredible anxiety when when it comes to taking exams.  The Therapist Development Center was the perfect study system for me. I felt confident and organized. I am so happy that I found this program. There is no way I could have held all the information from the other study systems. Thank you so much!

The Therapist Development Center is the best strategy for passing the Clinical Vignette. The board exam was complicated and linguistically confusing.  Using the methods and strategies outlined by this program made it possible to find the important bits of information and eliminate the fodder. I appreciate the personal support that is available and especially my coach Robin.  She answered question quickly and was so encouraging. This is a solid current strategy for passing the boards.

I passed both exam on the first attempt! Thanks so much to TDC. Could not have made it without them! The study materials are great! Just what you need to pass both exams. Not too much, not too little. Amanda's voice guided through both exams and kept me going through them. I started studying with another company and felt completely overwhelmed with the amount of information, which was all of it, unnecessary. TDC gave the necessary information and all the indispensable strategies to pass both exams! Thanks so much!! 

TDC program helped me tremendously! Gave me the knowledge and the confidence. Thank you to the coaches and Amanda. I would definitely recommend to all my friends.

I highly recommend your program.  I went through the program twice over the course of a couple of months.  I have colleagues using other test programs who are studying for 5-6 months and come out of the exam stating that they were over saturated with material.  I didn't feel that way at all.  I have recommended the program to two other interns where I work.  I loved the way it was organized, the lectures, the tips.  I'm so grateful that I found your program before using any others and I will be using it to begin studying for the CVE in a couple of weeks.  Also, I sent an email just to ask how to best study the last few days and was responded to by the next day, had a 5 min. conversation, which is all I needed.  I emailed my contact the day before the exam to ask for clarification regarding privilege and she called back within a few hours and left a message. Thanks again!!!

This program was perfectly suited to prepare for the exam and manage a busy case load and family life! The price was right and the preparation great!

TDC, thank you so much for developing this study material!  This process has taken me so long and with my first exam I bought so many study materials and they did not help nor do they compare to your system.  Your study system provides guidance, encouragement, care, and clear insight on how to approach this type of exam.  I definitely listened to your tips and strategies and gained the confidence to attack this beast and I did it!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

In thinking about prepping for the exam I started with the "usual suspects" of other programs. I reviewed their sites, pros and cons written about each program, as well as their pass rates. I was overwhelmed with information and uncertain of what specifically I needed; it felt like I was trying to buy a new/used car with all of the different "plans" that were offered and the pricing of each. I finally reached out to someone who referred me to TDC (Therapist Development Center). What a relief! Finally, a program that knew what I needed! I was not overwhelmed; the program was simple to order, concise in its delivery, and precise with what information I would need to know. The format was easy to understand and I appreciated the way concepts and theories were explained. It did not inundate me with extra information or make concepts so complex that it was difficult to understand. I went into the testing center prepared and confident -- I passed the exam the first time I took it! Thank you TDC for making the testing process less daunting, taking the fear and anxiety out of knowing what to study, and providing such user-friendly and informative study prep materials. I am referring EVERYONE I know to you!!

Absolutely fantastic program. I used grossman for the first exam and passed but never felt nearly as confident as I did going into the CVE. I passed on my attempt and I am so excited to be licensed! TDC does a great job at only giving you information you need... And doesn't flood you with learning topics that won't be tested. I was VERY pleased with the program. Thank you TDC!

Thank you Amanda and company! Your materials cover the perfect amount of content, are well-organized, confidence-building, and motivating. I passed both MFT exams on my first attempt, thanks to your material. The money I spent on Grossman's confusing "kitchen sink" approach wasn't a waste - it allowed me to appreciate the true value of your material. For my friends at this licensing stage of their journey, I INSIST that they use your program over the other big ones. Thank you!

I passed the CV exam yesterday!!!! I am so grateful to TDC for giving me everything I needed to pass.  I think one of the strategies that helped the most was knowing my X's and super answers, especially when it was really difficult to sift through the answers on the harder questions.  And of course, the question frames kept me present throughout the test. Thanks to Robin Gluck for a very helpful coaching session. Thank you, Amanda for such wonderful program!

I used TDC for both MFT exams and found the material to be clear and concise.  The study outline was very clear and flexible with the study schedule that worked for me. The test strategies were very useful and were instrumental in times of anxiety and discouraging thoughts during the exam. I also appreciated the personal feedback to the questions I had emailed. Thank you to Amanda and everyone at TDC!!

I passed the Standard Written Exam on my first attempt today!  TDC's system helped my stay organized while I was studying, provided me with the most relevant information for the exam, helped sharpen my reasoning skills, and provided me with concrete tools to use during the exam.  The coaches responded to my questions within hours and were helpful with their feedback.  Thanks, TDC!

The test prep was just like the real exam. I felt confident in framing the questions and X'ing out the ones that were wrong. I even finished with 20 minutes to spare! Thanks SO much for this test prep! : )

The online workshops were very valuable. The material was broken down into manageable pieces and presented in a way that was easy to understand and retain. It is very easy to become overwhelmed with some of the other exam prep programs, so thank you TDC for your clear instruction! I also appreciate the extension!  The whole exam and prep is spendy so I greatly appreciated you being with me until the end.  Also Megen Karlinsey, thanks for the encouragement given with your email response :-)   I will be using this program to help me prepare for the Clinical Vignette Exam.  Thanks again.

I am very grateful for the TDC, Amanda and her team. I was introduced to the TDC through a chance meeting with a previous colleague who had mentioned it in passing. I believe it was nothing short of providence. I have been out of graduate school for over a dozen years and the test prep (and taking the exam) was by far the only easy and effortless part of this entire journey. In fact, as a reading comprehension test, I found that at least half of the time I could see the answer in the stem before I got to the actual question. This was due to TDC's ability to streamline the information in a relevant and concise manner, in addition to providing the necessary strategies to pass (without anxiety!). This was the only test prep I used and I passed on the first try. Thank you so much.

This program has been really helpful in preparation of information that truly is most necessary for exam. I also found it helped relieve my anxiety about test-taking, by how clear, straight forward lecture  material was presented and the build-up of confidence that occurs with the lessons. Thank you!! Thank you!!

I am filed with gratitude for your program and for the individual coaching session that I had (with Asya).  I passed on my first attempt and I believe that I wouldn't have been able to do so without this program.  The material is well organized and sufficiently prepared me for the exam. It also helped with managing my anxiety and ultimately helped me to feel more confident. THANK YOU!