I used framing the whole time, it helped me keep on track and pass. I used all the strategies! These materials work!!! So grateful!

I loved this study program and am thankful someone recommended it to me. TDC's style really worked for the way I learned. They broke it down very simply and efficiently. The practice questions are like the ones on the exam. If you take the time to truly understand the rationales after every practice test and the mock you WILL pass. I can't wait to take the second exam.

I have a lot of good things to say. What helped me the most at the actual exam was the super answer. I often was able to narrow it down to two answers and but one of them didn't have a super answer or only one not two super answers. I was still shocked how difficult the exam was. Even though I knew the topics in question, the answer options were so strange that about 80% of the time I wasn't sure. I marked about 11 questions and in the end only changed 1. What really made the difference were Amanda's strategies, not the content knowledge. The coaches Asya and Robin were awesome. 

I think your system is really great. I had a lot of anxiety about the exam and studying with my 18 month old daughter around. The reason it was so great for me was because it was broken down into manageable chunks. When my daughter went down for a nap, I was able to hop onto my computer and pump out an hour or two of really productive studying while she slept. One thing I would say is that I made flashcards to augment my studying with this program. While I was listening to the lectures, if something was new to me or seemed particularly important, I would make a flashcard. Then, after my daughter went to bed, I could review the flashcards. I also did a lot of reviewing the flashcards in the days before the exam. This really helped drill the information into me and curb my anxiety. Since I have a learning disability, this was an essential piece for me. The section with keywords of theories really benefited from making flashcards. AND YES, I totally DID NOT KNOW whether I was passing or failing the whole way through the exam. What a relief when I finally hit the button and it said I passed! Thank you! I hope it goes that well the second time. Oh! One other thing! During the exam, I was so nervous at the beginning that I could not manage reading through the tutorial system the test center provided. I would encourage you to tell other students about the "marking system" I wrote down the numbers of questions I had trouble with instead and that was OK, but I should have used the computer system. I also did really well on my mock exams on timing but when I took the real thing, I only had a few minutes to go over the questions I had marked. Maybe that was partially because the bathroom was so far away :), but still that was a surprise for me and I was very stressed to finish towards the end!

The TDC method is well organized, and broken down into steps that are very easy to follow. Compared to other programs, from first glance, I was sold on Amanda's youtube explanation, as well as the website interface. Clicking "Complete" was one of the highlights of my study! I don't know why I procastinated on studying for  so long given how "fun" it was to prepare for the exam. WIth TDC, I felt that preparing for 2 weeks was sufficient, as everything is clear, and once you get the ball rolling, you're at full speed. I put a lot of time to memorizing, but realized that the most important part was to learn how to think and take the test. Thanks, TDC!

As a therapist with a full-time job, and also a life, this program was so well-suited to my needs! Going into the exam, I felt I had the knowledge base I needed.  While taking the exam, having Amanda's voice in my head reminding me that almost no one has a felt sense that they're passing as they answer the questions helped motivate me to keep "attacking the test."  Thanks TDC, now on to that pesky CV exam...

Both exams were very difficult.  But, I felt ready and confident going in with knowledge and test taking strategies from TDC.  I did everything Amanda suggested from eating good meals and snacks, exercising regularly to warming up my brain with frames right before the exam.  I am so grateful to the program and my friend who recommended TDC!

This was the only program that madesense to me as a *therapist.* All those phrases we hear in graduate school and supervision: "Don't ignore process for content," "Empathy is the cornerstone," I didn't sense any of that when I faced the testing process. I realized I needed to feel I had someone (or something) in a relationship with me because my own relationship to this test was so disconnected, resentful, and anxious.  From the research I did, it became evident to me that Amanda's company came from a place of empathy, respect, and understanding of the intern experience. As I worked my way through the program (and my anxiety), I realized I was gaining confidence in my own process. The coaches are responsive and timely with questions. The philosophy and structure of the program keeps the study content and process contained, focused, and positive. Amanda's background in learning theory and psychology come through in the way she organizes the program. The last time I took a standardized test was the SAT many years ago, and I work in education, so I especially appreciate this. The program is realistic, teaches critical thinking, and allows for individual exploration. Not only did I pass the test, I learned something about myself. I know that isn't everyone's goal, but in my case, it was a therapeutic bonus.

I have tried other testbanks and also attended the workshops and by far this program was the best in alleviating my anxiety and helping me with getting the critical info needed in order to pass for both tests! Thank you for providing such an invaluable service and helping me to accomplish my goal of being licensed MFT:)

I'm so incredibly grateful that this program exists. TDC's system is neuroscience informed, it streamlines information, and delivers practical, applicable skills for test day. Her appraoch is truly strength based and leaves you feeling empowered and confident as opposed to  much of the other test prep companies out there which pray on your anxiety and flood you with unneccesary rules and dogma. TDC's system is clear, compassionate, and emphasizes self care. I passed both exams on the first try using them. I cant sing their praises enough.

I would like to thank TDC for this testing material! I failed the MFT standard 2 times using other testing material before using TDC and passing. I only used TDC to study for the CV and passed 1st time. I have always had a difficult time with exams. Before, I came across the TDC program I was overwhelmed, anxious, and exhausted. I started using TDC and felt a sense of confidence, structure, and understanding. I am forever grateful!!

I am beyond thrilled and relieved to have passed the vignette test taking it for the second time.  First time I missed it by 1, needless to say I was disappointed.  Both times I felt very prepared and clear about the test taking strategy, the TDC structure helped me stayed focused and on track.  I did everything as suggested and although I found the test to be more difficult the second time the frames and strategies kept me focused and able to pass. What I found most helpful was keeping the answers vignette specific because the questions and wording can be very confusing. Also, not getting discouraged and to keep moving during the difficult questions because it's really easy to lose a lot of time and get flustered.  I am beyond happy and relieved, thank you so much for creating a program that was manageable for me.

I have test anxiety and I usually over think test questions. TDC helped me focus on what was important, gave me great strategies to help me stay confident.

This study program was wonderful! I felt it was very straightforward and helped me to focus on what I needed to study for the exam. It gave me the structure I needed and the confidence in passing the exam and becoming a better therapist. I recommend it to everyone who tells me that they are getting ready to study for the exam and I will continue to do so!

I passed!!!  This program was great and very straight forward.  On test day, I felt that I was in control of the test, not like the first time I took the MFT CV using Grossman.  I used the strategies and stay focused on the questions being asked. The frames were very helpful.  I am so thankful for this wonderful study system and have already recommended it to colleagues.

I cannot express how grateful I am to TDC for helping me prepare for this exam. I felt totally confident throughout the whole process, and, (nerd alert) I actually ENJOYED studying and feel like this course made me a better therapist! The exam felt really difficult and I had no idea whether or not I was passing, but having been prepared for that feeling, I was much better able to manage my anxiety during the test and keep moving. I will recommend this program to everyone I know and look forward to using it for the second exam. Thank you!!

I just passed the MFT Clinical Vignette Exam! This study system ROCKS! It totally boosted my confidence. I have some serious test anxiety and the tangible strategies gave me something to hang on to and focus on instead of spiraling into a hot mess of anxiety. I passed both tests the 1st time using this system and I think it is genius. Worth every penny. Trust the system, it works, stay focused and confident and you will pass too! Thank you Amanda and your team. I am so glad I followed the advice of colleagues and purchased your system. Now I can join the ranks of the licensed professionals in my community after years of hard, underpaid work, at last. Moving on up.

I just passed my CV this morning, first time! I could not have done it without TDC.  The test taking strategies were vital! Framing the questions really kept me focused and looking for those "X's" saved me a lot of time. I started out with Gerry Grossman for the first exam and felt anxious and overwhelmed. I switched to TDC and everything made sense. I attribute passing the SWE to TDC as well. For the CV I only used TDC and it was all I needed. I will recommend this to anyone studying for their license!  Thank you Amanda!

I highly recommend  this program! I love the fact Amanda breaks everything down to be small steps and it's very understandable. The other study programs give you big books to study from and it's intimidating to have to read a thick bound book. Instead TDC has
small handouts that were so helpful and you are able to listen to audios how ever much you want. TDC gives you the material you need to know for the test not bombard you with material that isn't going to show up on the test. Thanks so much! On to the next!

TDC was a great support for me. I learned all of the material necessary for the exam, and how to approach studying and taking the test. I felt well-prepared mentally, physically, and emotionally from Amanda's audio lectures, and from the coaching session I had before exam day.