I would recommend this testing site to everyone; as a matter of fact I already have!  I would especially like to thank two coaches who responded to my frantic inquiries, Asya Pogodina and Robin Gluck. These coaches were priceless and made me feel the programs full support. A big thank you goes to Robin Gluck for helping be out the night before he exam. Way to be supportive!

Whew!  Finally passed the CVE with the help of the Therapist Development Center's approach. I believe it was the reasoning and scoring system that got me through this time.  Thank you!

What I liked about this program was that it's straight forward and totally anxiety reducing. I loved how TDC made me feel contained and and absolutely prepared for the exam. I have already been telling all my friends and colleagues about The Therapist Development Center.

I passed!!  TDC's MFT exam prep course takes the entire landscape of the exam and breaks it down into comprehensive blocks of knowledge. I did a lot of shopping comparison before I decided to go with The Therapist Development Center’s program, and, boy, am I glad I did!  I cannot recommend this course enough. Historically, I have always been a VERY nervous test taker. Obviously, with this particular test, I had good reason to be. But, with each review test, and Amanda's intelligent and personable style, I felt more and more confident that I was going to be able to pass. And, I did! Thank you very much to Asya who consistently supported me with all my questions and concerns. You made the process as painless as possible.  Believe it or not I’m looking forward to the Clinical Vignette Exam!

 This program was great and I would recommend it to my friends! Thanks!!

Someone gave me study materials for the MFT exams years ago -- from another test company --and I could never bring myself to start studying. There were so many materials (books, flashcards, DVD's, etc...) and they completely overwhelmed me. Then a friend told me about TDC and I am SOOO glad she did. TDC not only made this whole experience feel do-able......but actually made the experience fun! (I know...crazy, right?!) :)  I loved how TDC organized all the lessons and made it easy to create a study schedule. That helped me SO much! I found it easy to follow along with their lessons and I wasn't overwhelmed at all. Also....I so appreciated all the support that the coaches gave me when I would email them with questions. They were always super quick to respond and right there with a helping hand. While the exams were super hard for me, I passed both on the first try....and I know that it was TDC's reasoning skills and frames that really helped me! Also....TDC cut out all the fat (material we don't need to know) so that we could just focus on the important stuff. I am so grateful I found TDC and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a study program. TDC is definitely the way to go!!!

Of course it helps to have taken the test 2 times before, but the audio prep workshops helped me tremendously because I am an audio learner. The lectures were less formal, down to earth and gave great tips of what to look for on the actual exam.

I loved this program! It gave me the confidence I needed. Previously on my first exam I used AATBS & also Berkeley training associates and both programs are honestly useless compared to the format & content of your program. With AATBS I really feel like the material confused me regarding law & ethics & was more memorization than anything. I'm elated to have found a program that helped give me the confidence I needed & ability to finally add more letters behind my name. Thanks a million! I'm a happy camper in Chico Ca!!!

After purchasing another study program (at twice the cost of TDC) and trying to wade through an overwhelming amount of study materials over the course of 10 months and STILL not feeling at all prepared for the licensing exam, I came across several glowing reports from candidates who had used the TDC program and decided to try it myself. Within 9 weeks (right up to the deadline of my exam date), I had it covered and for the first time, really felt ready for whatever was thrown at me.  The critical aspect of TDC is teaching you HOW to study for the exam, and this is what made all the difference for me.  I can't wait to see what they've got for their clinical vignette study program!

The Therapist Development Center provides a wonderfully pared down study system that gives you just enough strategy and content to succeed on the exam.  TDC's practice exams were more like the real exam than the other test preparation company I used.  I also appreciated receiving prompt replies to my questions during the study process.  Thanks TDC!

The TDC program helped me tremendously in focusing in exactly what I needed to learn to pass the exam. It provided me to the point information and did not overwhelm me with unnecessary material! The strategies were so clear and easy to use!!

I am amazed at how well the strategies this program provides work! I passed both SWE and CVE the first time with just TDC! Coaches Asya & Robin were accessible with all questions I had via email and my coaching session with Robin 3 days before my test helped boost my confidence. The CVE was just like the practice exams on the CVE study materials--I felt confident moving through the test with both my knowledge and my strategy. I have already recommended TDC to at least 20 people and will continue to do so. This is THE BEST program out there and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to pass each test with confidence. THANK YOU TDC!!!

I used AATABS for my first test and I took it 4 times and finally passed.  I still did not feels like they prepared me for the test.  I started studying using AATABS for the second test and felt lost.  My co-worker was on the same boat, but decided to abandon AATABS and decided to go with the Therapist Development Center.  She passed on the first try.  She promised me that the study materials and lectures will really prepare me.  I waited it out and finally gave up on AATABS and ordered TDC's materials.  The first time around I scored 70%! Then 90%. On the test day I felt 95-98% confident the other part was just the nerves.  But TDC helped with that too. Thank you TDC you are awesome!!!!!!

I was dreading taking this exam, because the thought of waiting another 6 months to get licensed if I failed was hanging over me like a dark cloud. I took it this morning and passed on the first try! I was able to weed through all the extra material in each question and figure out just what was being asked. I'm not going to say it was easy, but I finished with plenty of time and felt fairly confident in my answers. Thank you!

I appreciated the extra help; when I had a question it was answered quickly. The coach even called me when I was panicky a week before the test. I was grateful I had extra juice and fruit for the second half of the test. I used TDC's strategies and I passed. THANK YOU. Now on to test two.

I used only TDC to pass both MFT exams and would make the same decision if I had to do it all over again! I loved how easy and concise the study process was. The test taking strategies were as valuable as the content part of studying! Coaches were also very helpful with any questions I had about logistics or test material, and they were always very quick to respond! Thanks TDC!!

The process of studying with TDC was most valuable in giving me the confidence I sorely needed on test day. I walked in with a clear head and straight-ahead strategies and that made a world of difference. Also, along the way, I believe I developed as a therapist as I learned what the BBS wants me to know. In that regard, it's sharpened my skills as a clinician.

Besides brushing up on the content of the exam, the preparation materials assisted me in HOW (a strategy) to answer the questions on the exam.  The exam would have been mind melting without it!  Thank you!

I loved how the material is not overwhelming, and I was WELL equipped for the exam!  Thank you!

I just want to show my gratitude in all the positive words and the great materials you have provided through my journey; without you, your staff, and the program this was not possible for me. I had studied GG but your program was far superior. Thank you again for all your support.