I believe with all that I am that I would not have been prepared to pass this exam with another prep courses. Therapist Development Center is easy to follow, packed full of testing knowledge and applicable to the exam. Thank you so much!

I passed! I passed! After waiting almost 8 months to hear from the BBS, and then having to reschedule the exam, my anxiety was pretty high. I am so grateful that I took this course, because of the way TDC has it organized. How to think, Diversity, DSM, law and ethics, and theories. I felt competent about my knowledge going into the test, and her training on how to analyze the questions took care of the rest. I know the BBS says you don't have to take a class to pass the exam, but I am positive that I would never have passed without this class. Thank you, TDC!

Loved the study program. It prepared me for the exam and gave me very useful information that is needed for private practice. I actually understood the strategies better the 2nd time around. I also loved my coaching session with Robin. She helped me tremendously with anxiety and areas I felt deficient. Thank you so very much! I am pleased and relieved to be on the other side of this experience.

The materials were comprehensive yet not overwhelming. The design of the course provided the learning required to pass the test and the confidence building required to believe that I could. The scoring system and the frames kept me grounded and moving forward through the test. The pep talk was a huge help right when I needed it. The coaches were prompt to respond to my questions and went the extra mile to answer questions over the weekend at night and on the phone. Thanks to you I passed first time.

I studied for the MFT Standard Written Exam with another company for more than 2 months and yet felt completely unprepared for this exam. I was overwhelmed by the amount of information, spent tons of time memorizing completely unnecessary information and was confused by contradicting guidelines on tests banks. After so much studying, I was still feeling completely unprepared and therefore did not take the exam. Instead I started studying with TDC and things went much smoother. TDC gives you the right amount of information, not too much, not too little and focuses on helping you "think" through this exam. This exam is not about memorizing tons of information but about reasoning through vague case scenarios. TDC did a fantastic job at preparing me to think through the exam! The "top 50" topics were extremely helpful! Amanda's voice guided me throughout the exam. And I have to thank Asya, my coach, for all her support, time and patience answering all my questions! I passed the first time, but I couldn't have made it without TDC. Thanks so much!

I passed both of my MFT exams on the first take and with high confidence. TDC extended my access to the study material without any hesitation after the long delay waiting for BBS to give me my clearance to take the exams. The natural, realistic delivery of the training material made me feel very comfortable which I think helped me to absorb the material more readily. I also liked the practical explanations that were used to explain some of the concepts. I will recommend this program with enthusiasm!

TDC is changing the landscape of test prep for MFTs. It's interesting to watch the narrative around the test change in the intern community, from fear to empowerment. Y'all rock!

Thank you so much TDC for your program. I just took my test and passed. I was recommended this program by a friend after I failed my last test by a few points. I ABSOLUTELY recommend this study program over ALL other testing programs. I found the structure to be incredibly helpful and it absolutely prepared me for the exam. I studied for about 6 weeks and felt a confidence I didn't have when I used another study program. I strongly recommend anyone who wants to pass this test to buy this program. I am so grateful. The test felt easy, I felt the confidence to pass it, and my anxiety was at a minimum. I am so glad I found this testing program. The Therapist Development Center has figured this out and makes taking your MFT board exams manageable and passable! Thank you guys!

I just finished taking my MFT SWE for the 1st time and I PASSED!!!!!!! I felt confident going into the exam, TDC's material helped me enjoy the study process and become a better therapist.There were no unexpected surprises on the test. I'd like to thank Asya who would promptly answer my questions, usually over the weekend, and calm down my anxiety! The funny part of the test process was when I left the testing room, there were several ppl waiting to take the afternoon test, I went to get my banana & juice that I had not consumed at break and another candidate asked me, "You must have studied with TDC, I also have my juice and banana!" :) THANK YOU for this wonderful program, looking forward to the next step.

Just passed the written exam this morning on the first attempt!  I started with Gerry Grossman material but found it overwhelming and increased my anxiety. The audio presentations with TDC played through my mind throughout the test. The way Amanda explained test taking strategies helped immensely. It built my confidence when I started to get discouraged at about question 100 and I kept pushing through. The way she describes the necessary information is easy to understand and the mock test is comparable to the real exam compared to Grossman. I highly recommend this program and will use it for the CV. Thanks TDC!

TDC not only provided essential strategies to pass the exam, but also focused on building my test-taking confidence.  Not many other programs out there also focus on that piece and I found it so helpful! Thanks, TDC!

I don't even know how to put into words how helpful this program was for me! I started off with a different company's study system and felt overwhelmed and lost. I constantly failed their practice exams without any real explanation and started to doubt myself. When I found Therapist Development Center, I felt confident again and really started to understand exactly what the test was looking for. The information TDC provides is concise, straightforward and is all you need to guide you through the CV Exam. I was able to complete the study system in just under 2 weeks and was completely prepared for the CV Exam. Even while I was taking it, I knew I was passing because of the information I had learned through TDC. I will recommend this program to everyone I know and I can't say enough good things about it!

Since I have not taken the other study courses, I have no way of knowing how good TDC's program really is.  But after passing the first exam, I trusted her with the second one.  Someone gave me the Grossman book for the vignette exam.  It's an inch thick.  I didn't even look at it.  It was helpful to hear Amanda talk about why her program is different front the others.  Learning how to develop the frame to know what the question is asking was very helpful.  The study sheets and quizzes were also great.  Once again, not too much information.  The test got a little overwhelming in the beginning but sticking to TDC's system helped me settle down and by the time a reviewed my answers I felt pretty good and would have been very surprised if I didn't pass.

I prepared for the CVE this time last year using AATBS. I had used their system to study for the written exam and passed it the first try. When using AATBS for CVE prep, honestly, I was confused the whole time. The answers seemed contradictory. I wanted to pass it this time, so about six months ago, I got the Grossman materials, and they were less helpful than AATBS. While doing the time-honored Google search, I found the Therapist Development Center. Helpful staff, materials clear and concise, well-organized and worked for the way my brain learns/re-learns info. I did not have much time to study, but focused intensely on these materials during the time I did have. Passed yesterday! Big gratitude to TDC!

Thank you for the excellent training and prep for both the written and the MFT CVE. I passed the written exam the first time I took it.  The strategies were excellent and I believe the personal coaching is what really propelled my success.  When I took the CVE approximately 6 weeks later, I failed the exam.  However, I was slightly ill on exam day, did not use the frames (much) and forgot my anxiety management strategy of closing my eyes or looking away from the screen every 10 questions.   I just passed the CVE exam on 4/22/14.  I was far more prepared, used the frames and grid, and felt confident and mindful of leaning into the test.  The other thing that helped tremendously was reminding myself that this is a reading comprehension test.  This helped me stay focused on being present with the vignettes, and the questions being asked.  I am also grateful to Robin's excellent coaching session 2 days before the exam. Thank you TDC and your excellent team!

Thank you, TDC!  Your common sense approach helped me with the CVE exam....I only wished I found you sooner as it would have made the SWE a lot less stressful for me. Amanda's calm, sensible voice guided me throughout the exam - making it easier to see things clearly and with more confidence.  I also liked your program's feature offering access to coaches who quickly addressed any questions I had along the way....I would definitely recommend TDC!

I have used two other study programs and found Therapist Development Center the best one to help me pass the Clinical Vignette Exam.  It helped me simplify my thought process and helped clear up some ambiguities that I was struggling with.  It is very straight forward and covers the basic strategies necessary to passing the exam.

I passed my MFT Vignette exam! For me the key was "bringing Amanda into the room" with me and the frames.  Thank you so very much!!!  The mock exams and their review were also KEY!

It only took me less than one week to review the material and passed the test. The written material, the framing technique and the rationale on the practice vignettes are so helpful. The material was not overwhelming. It was excellent. The technique you teach helped me tremendously.  The more I read and practiced, the more it made sense. I did other trainings before and I failed twice. I spent months reading the material and memorizing all the acronyms and I failed miserably.  I gave up until I heard about the Therapist Development Center and I gave it a try.  I am so grateful I did. I passed with only one week of review. Thank you, thank you.  I will tell all my friends about the Therapist Development Center. Thanks again.

I loved your program.  I found it easy to follow, self explanatory and logical.  I tried AATBS first and just found it overwhelming and excessive.  I like your simple approach with clear and concise direction and methodology.  I passed both exams using your method and highly recommend it to all my intern friends.  Plus your staff is so kind, supportive and accessible even on weekends and I really appreciate that (since it always seems something happened on a sunday evening)!!  Thanks again!