I took my LMSW test today and PASSED! I'm so glad I found your study materials a few weeks ago. This program helped me to not only prepare content-wise, but organize the material and my study time as well. I felt much more prepared going in than I did before using them. And thank you Emily for answering my questions so quickly.

TDC really helped me study and get the inner peace and confidence to take this exam.

I have put this test off for years!!( LMSW 2005)  Many times I just felt overwhelmed with how to study and where to start. I originally scheduled my exam for 1/4/14, but I rescheduled it for 1/25/14.  (I wasn’t feeling too confident but I knew I should only give myself a few weeks more). By the Grace of God and your program I passed!! Listening to the rationales was key! I will definitely recommend this program by saying have faith and get to studying with Therapist Development Center! 

I saw an Ad and a coupon code for Therapist Development Center in my NASW newsletter. I decided to look online and see what this site was all about. It seemed so user friendly and helpful that I decided to purchase the program and sign up for the test immediately. It was just the push I needed to just go for it. I really appreciated the idea that Amanda and the rest of the team stay with you UNTIL you pass. So I figured I had nothing to lose! The practice tests were so helpful but my favorite part about the program was the lecture component. I always thought I was a visual learner. However,it was amazing to me how much Amanda's voice stuck with me when taking the practice tests and even in the actual test! The night before the test I started getting very anxious and decided to email a last minute question. Emily responded right away! I was able to review my question before the test and felt completely supported by the team. Thank you so much for your support. I am definitely going to come back to this program in a couple years when I go for my clinical license!

I just passed the Standard Written Exam!  The TDC test taking strategies kept me calm and allowed me to move through the examination.  I am so thrilled to move on to the next portion and very glad to have had TDC with me throughout this process!

This program is the most efficient and straight-forward way to study for the LCSW clinical vignette exam. The study material is clear and concise and is exponentially better than other programs I used to try to study for this exam. I used TDC's program then took another company's practice exams for "extra" studying; this only confused me and I had to do TDC's program all over again to try to forget what the other program was teaching. USE THIS PROGRAM, FOLLOW THE GUIDES, AND YOU WILL PASS! I cannot express how wonderful this program is and how simialr it is to the real test. Additionally, I called the TDC 800 number the day of my test at 8am (becuase I was having a mini-meltdown) and Amanda called me back at 9:15am to calm me down and help me with the test. AMAZING!

I did it!!!! I am an official LCSW.. I used  The Therapist Development Center as my only study material for both the standard exam and vignette.. I was able to pass both exams in less than 2 months.. Not only did this program teach me exactly what I needed to know. I passed both tests on the first try. I would definitely recommend this program to everyone. It is far less expensive and the audio puts everything in perspective.Thanks for all the help..

I just passed the CA LCSW exam and I know that the test prep materials from The Therapist Development Center helped me get here! I am lucky to have had job experiences that gave me varied real world training so that I knew I had a good knowledge base. But TDC was the only prep company that gave me the strategies I needed to pass both tests. After purchasing AATBS materials and using them for a few weeks I knew that something was wrong and that there was no way that the test was this complicated. I also was introduced to Gerry Grossman's materials and test banks and felt the same. AATBS and Grossman contradicted themselves in their approaches to answers. I started to feel more anxious and overwhelmed about the test while I was studying than I had prior to studying. This led me to do a web search where I found TDC. Right away the strategies and approach made logical sense so I made the purchase.

I have recommended TDC to more than one friend and each as passed their tests as well (both MSWs and MFTs). I highly recommend!

You know, the material was user friendly, easy to go through and covered everything I needed for the exam but what I appreciated the most is the support I received from consultants when i had a question or concern. They were on it, very helpful and super friendly. It's nice to feel like you have a team behind you.

The TDC was a fabulous study system. I took the 8 week route  and it worked out wonderfully for me. Emily provided some emergency aid to me after I had gone through the whole program and bombed Mock 1 and Mock 2. She helped me better understand the missed questions and refueled my confidence that I needed to pass my mock exam and the real exam the following week. I just passed my Clinical Exam today! I am currently enjoying my victory over this stepping stone, first attempt, thanks to Emily and TDC. I highly recommend TDC to all future Social Workers. You'll not only learn how to pass the test, you'll learn things I guarantee you'll continue to use throughout your career. Thank you!!!!!!

This morning I passed my LCSW exam and I couldn't be happier! When I first started researching test-prep programs I became overwhelmed with all the choices, but after reading reviews about the TDC I felt that it was the most comprehensive and efficient system and I was right! This program was amazing at helping me to focus my studying on the necessary information and topics. I was still nervous going into the exam, but once I began the test I realized just how prepared I was, and I passed by over 20 questions. Thank you so much for the amazing study system!!

Your study materials and conceptualization of the test were very helpful and allowed me to finish on time with time to review questions.  The test seemed doable after completing this study course!

Before hearing about your study program from a colleague I was beside myself with how to even get started studying and I had a short amount of time to prepare.  I found your program to be excellent from the first day I started I felt more and more confident. And thanks to you and your program I passed on the first try. 

I passed the written exam the first time using AATBS and felt there was just too much unnecessary info in their training course which raises your anxiety level. Then I started studying for the CVE using AATBS and found I was just not getting anywhere. I got more and more frustrated and confused as it seemed their teaching was conflictual and possibly incorrect at times. Then I was told about TDC's program through another friend currently preparing for the CVE; I purchased it, and the clouds began to clear! I began to understand what was really necessary for the exam and how to mentally prepare w/ good strategies and concise info. I passed!!! Thank you so much TDC for the right tools and the confidence to pass!!

I just passed the LCSW exam with a 92%. It was my first try. I used your system and another to study and after taking the exam, I can testify that yours is far superior to the other one I used. Yours was targeted to the actual exam. The other system just threw lots of facts at me. I am so pleased with my results!

Thanks to Therapist Development Center I Passed my LCSW Written Exam today on my first attempt! This program is amazing and lives up to everything advertised. I highly recommend it.

I just passed the NYS LCSW exam.  I won't lie, the test was tough, but I felt prepared and confident with the material I studied with this program.  I would suggest the Therapist Development Center to anyone preparing for the exam. The study material is organized in a very manageable way.   The audio portions as well as the test rationales were extremely helpful, and I listened to them repeatedly.  Thank you.

I am 100% grateful to my fellow colleagues (5 of them) for informing me of this program. All 5 successfully passed both exams on the first try with TDC's materials as did I. I continue to spread the word about this program which has not only reinforced my knowledge and skills to pass the exam but also to be a more confident and competent clinician in the field. Not only were the materials spot on with what to expect on exam day but the staff that supported any and all needs for ensuring extensions and answering questions were amazing! Their responses were prompt and thorough. All and all an EXCEPTIONAL licensure study program :)

Absolutely wonderful program that was designed to help me understand key concepts that were on the exam. I felt confident going into the test because I had all the needed material underneath my belt. I passed with well above what was needed to pass the state licensure. Thanks TDC!!!!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU  TDC for creating such an AMAZING study program.  I failed the exam three times before buying this program.  I was at a complete loss and had no idea where to begin studying for my 4th time.  I found your program and was skeptical, like anyone is seeing something online.  I filled out a question on the contact sheet and Amanda called me back within a couple hours of me sending a plea for help! I ended up talking to Amanda for 45 minutes on the phone and she didn't try to convince me to the buy the program, she just told how an organized program like this would be helpful for my study habits.  I even looked at the reviews on Yelp and on the actual site, and everything was all positive! And wow, she was right! This program was my savior!!! I learned more in 35 hours than I could have ever imagined! And everything I learned was on the exam!!! Honestly, buy this program, it is the #1 study guide and you even have access to a coach anytime you need it.  I am a product of this amazing program and I would recommend it to anyone who is unsure or doesn't think the money is worth it- BECAUSE IT IS! I passed it and it feels AMAZING! :-)