TDC's programs are superior! I passed the first CA LCSW exam with ease using TDC and I just passed the LCSW vignette exam using the Therapist Development Center's materials again just 4 months later. These materials are straight forward, clearly communicated and easy to work with. Highly recommended!

Your material was instrumental in my passing the exam.  I was able to finish the exam in a timely manner, because I didn't spend lots of time on wrong answer sets.  Material was easily understandable, not conveluded with additional information to study.  I appreciated the free extensions as well.  Staff got back to me in less than the 2 day time frame.  Thanks.

In preparing for the ASWB clinical exam I felt overwhelmed by the amount of information I felt as thought I "should" study. I was weighed down by trying to memorize material and strategies for answering different types of questions. I appreciated the structure of this study system, the outlines, the lectures and quizzes. It was extremely helpful to know what to study and how to effectively prepare. And despite being insanely nervous, I passed with a 89%! Thank you!

I cannot say enough about this study program! It was fantastically organized, easy to understand and captured so much of what is missing in preparing for the test! You all are angels and have an exceptional product! Thank you for helping me pass!! It is the greatest feeling and I could not have done it without The Therapist Development Center!!! All my praise to you!!!

I used Gerry Grossman for the LCSW written exam and passed, but the materials were so overwhelming and I definitely over studied. For the vignette exam, I only used TDC. The materials were much more manageable and focused. The study plan was quite relaxing. I had an easy time studying and went to the exam with great confidence. My anxiety level was much lower than the first exam. Switching to your company from Gerry's was definitely the right decision to make. I've already recommended your courses to many of my friends. Thanks for being there for us!

I am beyond thankful that I signed up for The Therapist Development Center study package. Prior to signing up for TDC I took the LCSW exam and failed by four points.  Looking back I discovered that I was overwhelmed with using DSM IV-TR, my textbooks, hand me down practice exams and advice from others in the field.  I even purchased books and flashcards from a popular study source which only mimicked my textbooks (utter confusion).  I clearly did not know where to even begin studying and what topics were important for the exam.  I decided to sign up for the TDC system and the rest is history.  I had a life because the tasks are placed into a workable schedule so I did not have to spend the entire day studying.  The important topics are highlighted so there was no question about what to study. I was able to access the system from any computer and even on my cell phone during days where I was traveling to and from work on the train. Lastly, Amanda, Bethany and Emily are the best!!!!! I emailed questions and I would receive a quick response!  I even spoke to Bethany on the telephone on a few occasions!  She and I set up time to talk about certain questions along with my fears of attacking the exam a second time.  I am telling all of my MSW friends about this system and I have no regrets about signing up!   Keep up the good work!  This system is a lifesaver and a miracle! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! A++++

In August I took the LMSW test and failed by 7 questions...I studied with the social work study guide my school sold as well as paid for a 4 part lecture class they provided and was mortified of the test. On the day of I couldn't remember anything and stressed out the entire way through. When I stumbled upon the Therapist Development Center I read through the sample information prior to signing up and found the rationale TDC gave on how to pass made so much sense, she stated the test was more reason based which I was only taught remembrance the SW topics to made sense like never before. I immediately signed up and started the online program. Everyday I was so excited to study because I not only was studying for an exam but I felt like I was learning so much. The audio was clear and to the point and the quick studies were easy to understand. This program taught me how to break down questions to understand and how to put them questions in order to choose what a SW would do first or next. Amanda and Megen were great at being available when I needed them. Finally the pep talk at the end was the cherry on top because it gave me the final confidence I needed to get through the test day especially when TDC gave me insight into exactly what to eat and when to take a break. This system helped me a great deal and I will forever be grateful to TDC and the team of experts...Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I passed my exam with 15 more questions that I needed...

I just wanted to say that your program was amazing! Honestly, I used it for about 14 hours one day and 4-5 the next day after ordering, took my test the following day (3rd day after ordering) and PASSED!!!! I failed the test the first time using Grossman and Berkeley study material. But your system simplified and everything you taught kept me focused on the exam. I also tend to have very high test anxiety and your strategies were perfect for managing that throughout the two hours. I wasn't sure if 2 days was enough to get down the system and to be able to review all the info, but it was! I wanted to mostly say thank you for this system, it was worth every penny!!! I am now an LCSW and this is a career changer for me!! Yay!!!!

I passed my LCSW standard written exam today.  Last July I failed.  Immediately after a friend told me about the Therapist Development Center.  I signed on immediately. The Therapist Development Center made everything much more simple to understand!  I feel as though studying with TDC was highly instrumental in helping me to pass.  I thank all of you for being one of the pest Test Preps systems out there!  I'm definitely going to use the Therapy Development Center to study for my 2nd exam!


I passed my 1st LCSW exam. TDCs materials were easy to follow and allowed me to learn the information I needed without the extra info I didn't.

I have high test anxiety and was not sure where to start when it came to studying for this exam. This program was very thorough. Initially, I felt overwhelmed by the material, but once I began to listen to the lectures and print the study guide and take the quizzes my anxiety decreased. The best part were the rationales for the right answers. THANK YOU!

I spent 1 year studying with materials from a different company and learned nothing and had no confidence with the exam.  My friend who used Therapist Development Center and passed both LCSW exams told me about Therapist Development Center 3 weeks before my 1st LCSW exam, I spent my 3 weeks solely using the material from Therapist Development Center.  And I passed the exam!  What a amazing tool!  The strategies TDC taught me are so helpful.  I followed everything recommended from TDC on the exam day and it really helped me and ceased my anxiety.  I greatly appreciate TDC and I am sure that I will pass the second LCSW exam with confidence!

This program is phenomenal! It is truly a gift. The wealth of knowledge I received while studying will carry me throughout my career.  After studying using other program materials and experiencing disappointment in not passing the exam, I researched and found TDC. I was amazed at how all the information began to make so much sense and made studying such a good experience. Every lecture and handout was beneficial in passing the exam. And the coaches are really amazing! God, prayer and TDC were all I needed to pass. Thank you, TDC!

Thank you so much for helping me pass the LCSW exam! I had taken it 2 times previously using a different exam study program and failed. I found your study program extremely helpful and definitely is the reason I passed.

Thank you, it was my first attempt and I passed. Many of my colleagues had not passed on their first try, but with your help, I did! I also was very busy and I am a single mom, working full time and I had just moved. I studied only 3 months with many interrerruputions, and I didnt feel overwhelmed.

This prep course felt thorough and I walked into the test with confidence.  Having the practice tests was crucial for a number of reasons.  One, it familiarized me with the language of the questions. Two, I had to manage my time and stress level. Three, you provided rationale for the correct answer.  I really appreciated you explaining strategies on how to approach the test and how to take care of ourselves leading up to the day of the exam and during.  Having the opportunity to take written quizzes was helpful as well because it provided a different avenue to absorb the information.  I would absolutely recommend this to a friend.  Four of us have used this course and 4 of us have passed on the first try!!  You can quote me on that last sentence. :)  Thank you for all of your hard work creating this.

This program is truly AMAZING!! I have a very hectic professional and home life and this program helped me to structure my studying time for my Licensed Clinical Social Work exam.  The best aspect for me was my one on one Coach Bethany.  Bethany was excellent in explaining the rationals of the case scenarios, she was extremely supportive and encouraging.  I gained the confidence in taking the exam from my sessions with my coach from the TDC, and following the set plan that TDC has devised.   I am truly grateful for all of the time that was taken to get me prepared for this exam.  Hard work, dedication and following the course of this program will bring you to a sure SUCCESS!

I passed the LCSW exams on the first try with your help...thank you, thank you! I used your strategies and it was GREAT!

I passed my NY LMSW!  Thank you TDC for your comprehensive and well organized program.  I've been out of school for 14 years and I was so glad I came across your program.  Its exactly what I needed.  I learned so much!  I was able to apply a lot of what I learned while I took the exam.  The test was tough, however I did feel very prepared and its all thanks to your fantastic program. Thank you, again!

Awesome material an preparation of the course! Thank you TDC, I couldn't have done it without your help an the support you all provided.