THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU  TDC for creating such an AMAZING study program.  I failed the exam three times before buying this program.  I was at a complete loss and had no idea where to begin studying for my 4th time.  I found your program and was skeptical, like anyone is seeing something online.  I filled out a question on the contact sheet and Amanda called me back within a couple hours of me sending a plea for help! I ended up talking to Amanda for 45 minutes on the phone and she didn't try to convince me to the buy the program, she just told how an organized program like this would be helpful for my study habits.  I even looked at the reviews on Yelp and on the actual site, and everything was all positive! And wow, she was right! This program was my savior!!! I learned more in 35 hours than I could have ever imagined! And everything I learned was on the exam!!! Honestly, buy this program, it is the #1 study guide and you even have access to a coach anytime you need it.  I am a product of this amazing program and I would recommend it to anyone who is unsure or doesn't think the money is worth it- BECAUSE IT IS! I passed it and it feels AMAZING! :-)

This program by far was the most helpful I have found, and yes I have already recommended it to several collogues who will be soon taking this test. I am very grateful that I found this program, thank you very much.

I took my test today and passed!  I am so glad I found TDC.  I pretended TDC was there and it really helped.  I also took the break and got the snack suggested.  Thanks so much for your program!

I started working with AATBS a month before discovering TDC. I was feeling overwhelmed, confused and under prepared. But when I read about TDC and all of the positive reviews, it sounded like it fit my style of learning. Everything is organized for you, which is a huge help in itself. I like how she breaks things down. The practice tests were helpful, but the most helpful thing was feeling like TDC was with me every step of the way. I can't wait to pass the next exam. Thank you for creating such an easy and comprehensive study guide.

Hands down, the most practical way to study. TDC has made this test manageable and takes away the stress of studying. I actually looked forward to studying the material! I took each test with confidence, knowing I had the tools that I needed because these study guides included EVERYTHING I needed to know and nothing I didn't.  As a new mom to an infant, I valued the efficiency and straight forward strategies that were provided so that I could still live my daily life and enjoy myself while studying.  I am so grateful for this study system! Thank You!!!

This program is so doable for a normal, working person! I felt like I could really grasp the concepts and no feel overwhelmed by the content. Thanks for such a great study program!!

The program provides ALL OF THE INFO needed without the overwhelming amount of materials! I looked at some other prep companies materials and was OVERWHELMED just looking at them. Thanks for the focused and manageable test-prep materials.

The study material was amazing and really helped me to understand how to think like the exam. I finally passed with the help of this material.

Today I passed my NY LCSW exam, on the first try! Your testing philosophy and approach was spot on with the actual test. I must admit, that I also bought some supplemental study materials, primarily due to my own fears of potential holes in the study materials (as your program is so different from the others out there), but after experiencing the test, I admit I was wrong. I didn't need them. the Therapist Development Center material was all I needed. Thank you for you timely and explanatory responses to my email questions and support through the studying process; I have already recommended this program to a friend.

I felt much more confident and relaxed after using your study prep course. I found the outlining of the major topics, a great way to avoid becoming overwhelmed with so much information to learn.

I passed my exam! Thanks to the TDC study materials and support, I felt confident and well prepared for the exam. I will recommend your program to every new MSW that I know! This is a great program. Thank you again.

I used AATBS when studying for the LCSW exams in California and while I passed, I also felt truly overwhelmed and at times confused by some conflicting advice. Having recently moved to a new state and needing to pass the ASWB exam, I trusted Amanda's program because of the rave reviews of friends and the jealously I experienced when I learned how focused their studying for the CA exam had been when they signed up with TDC. 

After a few weeks of prepping, I felt confident going in and my passing score was quite similar to my practice exam scores. The program is a great representation of the test and not at all overwhelming. The concepts were well explained and they have a great idea of what to focus on to really narrow down the core concepts and ease the fear of the unknown. Thanks to each of you for your help.

Yes! This program is excellent. I was scheduled to sit for the examination in April, but felt confident enough to change the date, sat for it, and passed.

This was a great program, and helped me to pass my exam confidently on the first try.  Leading up to the exam, I was anxious about my ability to stay organized and focused while helping care for my newborn son and managing an increasing workload at my full-time job as a mental health therapist.  This program did all the organizing for me, and presented the information in a way that helped me retain it.  I was able to stay on top of my exam prep without sacrificing much time with my family or sessions with clients.  I would recommend this program to anybody seeking study materials for the ASWB clinical exam.

I am so grateful to have had these test materials. It helped me to use this experience to become a better clinician. Thanks TDC for creating this study system! It s a real public service! You saw a need and you created it. You are an inspiration.

I used another study system (GGS) the first time I took the CV exam. I felt really lost and panicked and failed the test. This time was completely different. The frames and study tips got me through the exam with confidence and I PASSED!!! Thank you so much.

The TDC program is so effective and stress free. I've seen coworkers struggle for months trying to prepare using complicated systems and an overwhelming amount of information provided from other test prep programs. But after just a few short weeks studying with TDC's focused quick study guides and audio clips I felt prepared enough to test. And I was- I passed the first time with no difficulty. Thank you TDC!

I passed the 1st time trying... I used The Therapist Development Center as my only study system and was able to pass in less than 3-weeks. This system taught me everything I needed to know for test day..  I have never been a strong test taker and felt very confident after using this system.. I plan to buy the study system for my vignette as well

Last year I failed the Standard Written miserably. I had been buried under hundreds of pages of materials that made me feel as though "I didn't know what I know". Then, a colleague told me about Therapist Development, and how well it has worked. It worked well for me, today. It pulled many disparate facts and ways of looking at the human condition into a cogent clinical treatment package. The DSM differentials helped keep diagnostic criteria straight, without being able refer to the manual. The theoretical piece was a very helpful review. The "Top 50" gave a sense of order to everything. The Law and Ethics and mandate sections shed light on the complexity of justice system that clinicians must be aware of. I reached question "200" with 8 minutes left, which is to say that I learned to pace myself with the mock tests. Oddly, I never was able to pass the mock exams, and entered the real exam with doubt. The doubt disappeared when I realized that The TDC program had given me the skill to think through ambiguous questions regarding human problems and arrive at a best answer by processes of ordering, prioritizing the direction of treatment. This was especially useful when all choices were essentially correct, but needed order. The self care was also useful. My hat is off to Therapist Development Staff. When I needed extensions, due to my work schedule interfering with test prep, the staff was very accommodating. I will be purchasing the vignette program after resting my brain for a few weeks.

Many thanks to Amanda and the TDC team! Not only did your materials help me pass on the first try, they also prepared me to be a better clinician in my daily social work practice. Thank you thank you for the engaging materials and the effective strategies. I am so glad that I followed my instincts to stop using materials that were not working for me and start using your materials. My clinical confidence is at an all time high! I will continue to recommend TDC to everyone!!