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I am just amazed at passing on the first try. I used other materials before TDC and once I purchased TDC I passed both exams first try!


When I first started searching for study materials for the exam, I was overwhelmed with options. I thought about doing it on my own but had no clue where to start. I looked at some other programs, but they did not seem comprehensive enough to me. I just needed a program that broke down what to study and made it simple. This program does just that. It takes the guesswork out of what you need to study and prepares you for the actual test with the timed mock exams. It is a perfect blend of lectures and handouts, which are great for all learners. Don't get me wrong, the exam is still difficult and I walked out not really knowing whether I passed or failed. TDC even mentions that for a moment it will feel like you don't know anything. However, your study skills kick in and remind you to break down the questions, eliminate answers and trust in the process. If you want a program that takes the guesswork out of what and how to study, this is the program for you.

TDC has helped me study for both exams: L&E and CCE. The topics discussed in all areas were talked in a way that is easy to understand. TDC breaks down each answer and gives great rationales. Amanda says that she (her voice) will be with you in the test room, and she really does. You can hear her voice when you read the exam questions and can imagine what she would say about each answer, and which would be best fitting for the vignette. TDC was very helpful in my success with both exams. So thankful for TDC! Side note: Before taking the CCE I had to extend my study center a few times because I’d change my exam date because “life happens”. TDC was accommodating to my extension. They are awesome!

I am so excited to be a LMFT and I can’t believe that I passed both of the exams the first time I took them. I have been out of school for a long time because getting my hours took awhile. The Clinical Exam was so hard and I could not go back over any questions because I only had two minutes left (with no breaks) when I finished. TDC helped me so much. When I was struggling with questions, I just kept thinking about what I would do with my own clients like Amanda suggested and that’s how I was able to answer the questions. Everything that Amanda taught me about how to think about the questions and approach the test was what helped me the most. I was so glad that I did not have to memorize a lot of information. I also appreciated the prompt assistance, support and encouragement  the I received from Robin who is one of the coaches. It was so nice to have someone to connect with and get advice from. I have and will continue to share my positive experience with your program with my colleagues who need to take the exams. I am so glad that I can now use your program for my continuing education requirements. Thank you so much for making what seemed so impossible, possible.

I passed! I can not tell you how hard it was to wait for my exam results due to the LMFT Clinical Examination Analysis (began 12/1/17)! My mailbox became a looming PASS/FAIL coming soon. I got my results on 1/22/18, exactly 7 weeks to the day of my exam. Happy beyond words... surprised (my gut said I didn't pass)... relief at having finished... and tears of joy! It has been a very good week!! I went into this study period with a lot of resistance, but had to just get started. I can not tell you how much this program helped me! I would highly recommend your program!! Thank you so very much!!

This is an excellent program that fully prepared me for the Law & Ethics exam. It proved a thorough review of all the topics, and most importantly, a useful approach to test taking. I followed the program's suggestions for preparing for the test, and their tips for taking the test and analyzing the questions. This program was recommended to me, and I will definitely pass on the advice to others looking for a study program. There is no doubt that I will be back when I'm ready for the clinical exam.

I am so glad that I enrolled in the TDC program, because it prepared me really well for the California Law & Ethics exam. I couldn't have passed it without the many mock exams and final exams that TDC provided. I will be back for my licensing exam. Thanks again.

I really had myself worked up about the fact that I graduated from grad school ten years ago. I just knew that there were pieces of info I was missing. I was my own worse enemy! I listened to the lectures while cleaning, doing projects and driving, but I wish I had sat down and written notes about each lecture before listening to them while distracted. I think listening while doing dishes would be great for reviewing the second time around. Despite a decade passing between graduation and the exam, TDC filled in the blanks, refreshed me, and I honestly think Amanda taught me things that I don't remember learning. I genuinely think this program made me a better therapist in general, not just a better examinee. Thank you so much for your vision, Amanda, and everyone who has supported you in creating TDC.

I believe TDC is the program of choice. It focuses you only on what you need, doesn't waste your time with extraneous content, and it offers supportive, responsive coaching. TDC was the program that really, truly prepared me. Thank you, TDC!

This is by far the best testing prep course ever! I would much rather that both the Law & Ethics and Clinical exams were either essay driven or presented verbally (I am not a test fan) BY FAR, but this training program allowed me to enter the test calm, confident, and successful on the first try for both! There is no doubt I will be telling others about this program for years to come!! Thank you for helping me reach a lifetime dream!!!

I have always been afraid of taking exams to the point that one of my professors asked me to come with him to his office and did an oral exam without me realizing it. After "the meeting" he told me " there you go, you pass the exam with an A, I know you know the material, you are one of my most dedicated students." Thanks to this program I feel completely different about taking an exam. I was able to focus and stay in my zone. The first time I took this exam I paniced and was not able to focus. This time I practiced and did visualization exercises while studying. At one point, and only one time during the test, I begin to feel anxious and I immediately told myself you are at home in your space doing one more test with the material you know. YOU GOT THIS and I did. THANK YOU! My advice is practice, practice, practice and learn to stay in your zone. :)


I passed this test on a first try! Thank you Amanda for you great tips! With TDC, I was prepared and "attacked" the test with a full confidence. I will recommend this program to anyone who is considering the MFT examination.

I am so relieved and happy to have passed my MFT Clinical Exam on the first try. I could not have made it through this testing process without TDC. I will definitely recommend it to all my colleagues!

I really appreciated how clearly the course was presented and the quick responses to any submitted questions. Thank you for helping make this such a positive experience.

I want to thank Robin for the last-minute call! I was two days away from my exam date and thinking about postponing, but her expert advise helped me go through with it and I'm so happy I did!!

I loved the way Amanda explained everything. Very calm, and realistic. I think what helped me was really imaging that I was in the office with an actual client. I loved all of the little tips like that you were given; extremely helpful. I thought the material was narrowed down to perfection, making my life way easier. I went crazy taking notes from the audios.

I love TDC! It's the only program I used for both exams (Law & Ethics and Clinical MFT exam). I have never felt so much anxiety during tests. Everyone kept asking me how I felt about it, and honestly my response was "lost, confused, and numb." I was unsure on how I did and remembered that Amanda said it was expected to feel like you are failing or just unsure. Thanks so much for creating this study program and for continuing to update it from feedback received.

I don't believe I would have passed the LMFT Clinical Exam without TDC. The questions on the exam were very difficult, but I remembered to take time to make sure I knew what they were specifically asking. For me, that was the biggest reason I passed. The practice tests and explanations helped me to grow in knowledge and learn skills on how to take the test. The final mock exam was the hardest one and I think it helped me experience and cope with test anxiety. I can't thank you enough! Many people told me that TDC's study program is the best way to pass the first time. They were right.

The study materials lined up perfectly with the National MFT exam and the practice tests felt like they were an exact match!

I would strongly recommend the TDC study program to prepare for this exam. Even though I found the test answers on the actual exam very convoluted, TDC provided me with the foundation to read through all the nonsense.  TDC also taught a technique which allowed me to eliminate wrong answers quickly.