Thank you for all your help! I especially want to thank Robin who took the time and talked to me on Monday. She was very positive and that helped calm me down. Thank you again for sticking with me until I passed.

I imagine Amanda will live in my brain for many years to come! It's true I took her with me into the examination room. The most beneficial aspect of this program is training the mind to reason rather than memorize. It is wonderfully organized to build the knowledge base incrementally and through "doing", rather than memorizing. I also found that studying the mock exams may have been the most beneficial.

TDC was great. I have six years of experience working at a psychiatrist hospital with SMI patients and primarily using the medical model. This course brought me up to speed on multiple treatment modalities and more than adequately prepared me for the exam. Two days before my scheduled test, I had a mini meltdown. I was filled with insecurity as I was not getting the targeted test results AND I was going 17 minutes over the allotted time. I reached out to Robin who was helpful and grounding. I had a massage the day before the test, hiked, and generally tried to contain the anxiety. On the day of the exam, I arrived early, went for a walk, and engaged in positive self-talk. TDC prep-course prepared me for the state of uncertainty that arose during the test. I had 24 questions marked to go back to and when the time ran out, I still had 6 unanswered questions remaining. Despite these variables, I passed and I can say with confidence that TDC contributed to my success. Amanda was with me. Thank you!

Thank you TDC for helping me pass the LMFT California Clinical Examination at the first attempt! The study material thoroughly prepared me for the exam. I am grateful for the program, and appreciate the excellent communication from coach Robin who encouraged me along the way!

All you need to pass this test is to follow this program. NOTHING ELSE.

Some of the questions felt foreign. I began to feel anxious and annoyed. I began to doubt myself and then remembered what you said. So I took a deep, read through the questions, paying attention to every word and pressed forward. My gut was saying you're not getting these right, but I just trusted my best judgement. Then I was running out of time and panic set in. I amazingly got to the last question with about 10-15 seconds left. I read the middle and took an educated guess. To my awesome surprise, and disbelief, the proctor said, "Congratulations!" and tears just poured. Thanks, bless you and see you for the LMFT Study Exam! I did feel better prepared from studying with this course and AMAZINGLY your advice really did work, especially when test anxiety hits in the midst of taking your test!

I generally have a difficult time taking tests but this study system made it easy to learn the material and how to think through the answers. I developed confidence in my knowledge and test taking abilities. I am definitely looking forward to preparing for the clinical exam with TDC.

When I was taking the test it felt just like the Mock tests! It kept me from panicking and helped with time management!

After taking the exam I knew that the program had given me the tools to pass. The program adequately prepared me for the exam because of how detailed the lectures were. As explained in the program, I did not know if I had passed or not upon completing the test on exam day. My results were mailed to me from PSI after the 6 weeks waiting period. I passed!

I studied with TDC from December 1, 2017 to February 9, 2018 and I felt prepared. The mocks exams were challenging, but when I was taking the exam I felt very prepared. I was able to pass on my first try, which I thought would be impossible.

I passed my LMFT exam the second time around. The first time I did not pass it because I did not commit to the recommended study techniques that TDC had set up. I tried to take shortcuts and there was a lot of information that I could have used the first time, but did not because I took a shortcuts. When I followed the study plan I felt so confident as I took the exam that I knew all I had to do was finish the test and I was going to pass and I did. Great program! Strongly recommended it and I am not big on making recommendations.

Upon starting the studying process, my mind felt all over the place. The TDC materials helped me to organize the information I needed to pass the MFT California Clinical exam!  It felt streamlined and gave me a good idea of what to expect.

I was prepared to tackle the vignettes because TDC's vignettes were hard, so by the time you read the test you're like "I got this!"

So easy to follow! Quick responses to questions! And I was completely prepared!

TDC was very helpful in helping me pass the CCE. I really loved being able to listen to the lectures on my own time and how it was organized helped me with studying efficiently. I felt prepared the day of the exam and would recommend TDC to my other collegues studying for the CCE.

This was a fantastic program!!!! Thank you for helping me pass the MFT Clinical Exam. I am so happy that I am now a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist!!!!

I really can't imagine passing without this study course. Invaluable.

I used TDC for my MFT and PCC Law and Ethics exams, so I already knew that this was a wonderful program. I felt very prepared for this exam and I was grateful for the many mock exams provided as well as the rationales. I feel like everything was adequately covered. TDC gives you everything you need to ace this exam, but you have to do your part as well. I am very grateful to this program!

I felt completely prepared for the CA Law and Ethics exam after completing the Therapist Development Center training. It made the testing experience much less stressful, allowing my prefrontal cortex to be fully online when I answered the questions. Walking out, I was confident that I had passed... And, I did!

I am so grateful for the TDC program, and to Amanda for creating it. I can honestly say that I never would have passed without this program. This test is a monster, but TDC allowed me to take it down in digestible bites. I would recommend anyone to use TDC for their upcoming tests. I passed on the first try (even when I completely thought I was failing)!