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Upon starting the studying process, my mind felt all over the place. The TDC materials helped me to organize the information I needed to pass the MFT California Clinical exam!  It felt streamlined and gave me a good idea of what to expect.

I was prepared to tackle the vignettes because TDC's vignettes were hard, so by the time you read the test you're like "I got this!"

So easy to follow! Quick responses to questions! And I was completely prepared!

TDC was very helpful in helping me pass the CCE. I really loved being able to listen to the lectures on my own time and how it was organized helped me with studying efficiently. I felt prepared the day of the exam and would recommend TDC to my other collegues studying for the CCE.

This was a fantastic program!!!! Thank you for helping me pass the MFT Clinical Exam. I am so happy that I am now a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist!!!!

I really can't imagine passing without this study course. Invaluable.

I used TDC for my MFT and PCC Law and Ethics exams, so I already knew that this was a wonderful program. I felt very prepared for this exam and I was grateful for the many mock exams provided as well as the rationales. I feel like everything was adequately covered. TDC gives you everything you need to ace this exam, but you have to do your part as well. I am very grateful to this program!

I felt completely prepared for the CA Law and Ethics exam after completing the Therapist Development Center training. It made the testing experience much less stressful, allowing my prefrontal cortex to be fully online when I answered the questions. Walking out, I was confident that I had passed... And, I did!

I am so grateful for the TDC program, and to Amanda for creating it. I can honestly say that I never would have passed without this program. This test is a monster, but TDC allowed me to take it down in digestible bites. I would recommend anyone to use TDC for their upcoming tests. I passed on the first try (even when I completely thought I was failing)!

I have been studying lightly for a year due to waiting for the BBS to approve my hours. TDC was wonderful in extending my purchase. The past 5 weeks I studied 4-5 days a week, exercising 5 days a week, and listening to the audio consistently. When I completed all tests, I did a review as suggested by Amanda. I will say, I did poorly on each of the first rounds of tests and then reviewed and did well. I got sick two weeks before and changed my date. I still was not well the day of the test, however, I did not give up. The final mock test, I did bad because of being sick. However, I immersed myself in reviewing the diagnoses and theories for the last 48 hours prior to taking the test. All I can say, is I passed. I have no idea the score. At no time during the test, did I feel as though I were failing or winning. At one point (about half way through) I thought it was too easy and I started freaking out thinking something was wrong. I took a break, fueled up, and decided nothing was wrong! I did not use any other program or outside help. TDC rocks! Amanda, you were in there with me. I also bookmarked 18 questions. Had 20 minutes left. And only changed 5 that I felt I had the 'a-ha' moment, just as you suggested! Thank you so much.

The anxiety and worry were difficult to control. However, trusting the process is key. Part of that process being (like Amanda said) that you do not feel like you are passing during the test and to accept that discomfort. A combination of time management skills as well as a solid grasp of theoretical interventions were key for passing the test. Also the state dependent learning, which were rituals that were not only helpful, but relaxing as well (lavender oil on the temples and chest; peppermint oil on the lower back). Thank you TDC, thank you Amanda and thank you to all the "behind the scenes" individuals who make this study program possible.

A big shoutout and thank you to Amanda at TDC! I passed the LMFT clinical exam on my first attempt and felt extremely prepared to “attack” the exam after completing the program one time.

I passed exam after failing it 4x's! Originally, I worried that TDC didn't provide enough practice test but I was wrong. I'd encourage anyone who is struggling to pass the LMFT exam, to trust the philosophy and strategies of TDC. I also invested in a TDC coach a few weeks before the exam because I struggle with test anxiety and moments of shear panic of failure. The coach changed my life. I was able to stop over thinking, which reduced anxiety during the entire exam! I believe this was instrumental in why I passes the exam. Lastly, I followed the TDC curriculum 3x's before I took the LMFT exam. Thank you TDC, this is the only study program I recommend. I spent over 2000k on other study programs, lured by the offer of lots of practice test but don't do it! Trust TDC, and if you can, private coaching. You only want to take this exam once! Trust me. 

After many false starts, I finally dealt with my anxiety and scheduled a firm date for the clinical exam. I took Amanda's voice with me in the exam room and "talked" through each and every question, as if Amanda was right next to me. I engaged with the question as well as the answer stem, and I was able to eliminate wrong answers. This has been a long journey and I am so grateful for the ENTIRE TDC team! Thank you so much and I will see you in the land of "Licensed" Marriage and Family Therapists!!!

I passed my LMFT Clinical exam today!! I went through the program in 9 weeks, and reviewed the material before my final mock exam and before the exam. I followed Amanda’s instructions, fueled up during the morning, took a break during the test and ate a snack then continued. I finished the test right on time! It feels surreal. I used TDC for the Law and Ethics as well. I passed both my Law and Ethics and Clinical exam my first try with the help of TDC.

If it wasn't for TDC I don't think I would have passed my Law & Ethics or Clinical Exam on the first try. TDC helped me to understand what the exam was testing me for. It prepared me to manage my time and become familiar with the exam format which helped me to decrease my test anxiety so it would not hinder me from passing both exams. I highly recommend TDC prep exam program.

I highly recommend TDC. I passed the MFT exam on the first try. I loved that I could put on the audio anywhere I went which made it easy and convenient. During the exam, all I kept hearing was Amanda's voice guiding me through each question. I loved how structured and organized your program was. Your preparation and the mock exam are like taking the real exam. Thank you so much for your wonderful program.

One-million thanks! I really appreciated Amanda's style throughout the whole program. She helped me stay calm, taught me how to pace myself, and was very clear and matter-of-fact about the material. This program helped take a massive amount of information and condense it to it's essentials, in such a user-friendly way. I also appreciated the focus on self-care, managing anxiety, and understanding the testing process when the big day came. Despite my nerves, I felt pretty confident walking into the testing center, and was able to "lean-in and attack" the exam just as she told me to. When I felt overwhelmed, I let her internalized voice guide me, and it helped me feel like I wasn't alone. Now that it's over, I actually feel kinda sad saying goodbye to her guidance. It not only prepared me for this test, but made me a better clinician overall. I'm very grateful for Amanda and TDC!

I knew that I was going to need some additional support and mentoring in order to pass the MFT L&E exam. It had been at least since I graduated in the summer of 2013 when I really reviewed any MFT material. I was confident in my abilities as I graduated with a 4.0 and was in the top 10% of my graduating class on our final mock exam (a long hard road with having a daughter and being a family man). I reached out to one of my previous fellow co-workers who recommended TDC and their study system to me. It took me a good 2-3 months to go through the material thoroughly as my work was/is extremely demanding and we were about to welcome our third daughter to the family come January 2018. I had my deadline, and TDC made it possible after all those years to refresh me and make me feel as prepared as I could be to pass the MFT L&E exam on the first take (even after being unable to finish the exam with around 3-5 questions left). I was so beside myself and overjoyed when I saw the PASS on my results that I had to hug the test center rep. Thank you TDC! Now on to the clinical exam!

I tried to pass the Legal and Ethics by only using part of the Therapist Development MFT Legal and Ethics study packet, but learned the hard way that I missed so much and I failed my exam. I missed the positive and powerful suggests throughout the study packet and very important information. When I finally went through the entire study packet and used the tools I PASSED. I would recommend the Therapist Development Center to anyone and I know. Thank you!