Without TDC I never would have passed the LMFT Clinical Exam on my first attempt... or my second or third. This is a tough exam. As many can probably attest to, the BBS dragged their feet and made me jump through hoops to approve my hours, and TDC graciously extended their services three times to accommodate the bureaucracy. By the time I asked for my third extension, I jokingly wrote to Lindsay that I wish I'd discovered this program before I wasted so much money on grad school. In all seriousness, this program not only covers everything you need to know, but also provides many opportunities - practices quizzes, rationales, tests, DSM comparisons - to practice what you learn along the way. I believe that if you put the time in and follow their suggestions, you will feel as grateful as I do today.

Your program definitely prepared me in all areas tested! It gave me the information necessary to eliminate wrong answers and tips to pick out clues from the vignette that helped me in answering the question.

I believe that your program is very good. I am specifically thankful to Ms. Robin, who patiently responded to my questions. I believe that she is a good asset for your program. I was going through a lot of anxiety, and stress and she showed a remarkable amount of genuine empathy, and kindness. Her tips were good, and her resources were quite helpful. Big THANK YOU to you, and greatest HUG and thank you to Ms. Robin.

I am so excited that I passed and pleased with my experience with TDC!  I actually believed that my study with TDC not only helped me to pass the test the first time, but more importantly, helped me to become a better therapist.

I believe if it was not for TDC, I would have not passed the exam. I was extremely nervous on the day of my exam and thought there is no way I will have time to take a break or snack. Surprisingly enough, I did have time and I had some juice and a little bit of banana. Somehow I was on time! This was my second time taking this exam and the first time, I did not have time to answer approximately 30(!) questions. This time, I felt some questions were easier on the examination than on TDC program, which is great! That is how it should be! :) It takes the edge off during the actual exam once you realize you are well prepared! Thank you to Amanda, Robin and to all the TDC team.

TDC material certainly helped get me exposed to how the exam would be given and what sorts of things to know, both specifically and generally. I very much appreciated the flexibility that TDC had with me because I had to push my exam back several times and therefore also needed several extensions on the study material due to the unpredictable nature of my work schedule. Their flexibility and support is what comforted me most when studying for this very important exam! Thankfully I was well prepared and passed!

Based on my previous experience with using the TDC exam prep for the Law & Ethics exam, which I passed the first time and with time to spare, I felt confident that TDC would prepare me for the clinical exam, which would be a longer test and more complex. I just passed the clinical exam with time to spare yesterday. Now with the test behind me, I can say that Amanda is spot on with her prep format. In fact, I thought some of her mock exams questions were much more difficult then what I experienced during the actual BBS exam. Although I do not have any other programs to compare TDC to, I would not hesitate to recommend others to TDC. Metta!

I was pretty sure I wouldn't pass the LMLE today because I was consistently getting 57-64% after the first run mock exams. When I re-took the mock exams I would get in the high 90's.  I think I passed today because TDC is very comprehensive and more difficult than the actual exam. Putting the quality time into the work is definitely worth the it!! The PEP TALK was imperative! I heard you in that room and I PASSED!!! Thank YOU Amanda!!

I really cannot express my gratitude for this program! I have such high test anxiety, but this program (especially the prep talks) helped me calm my nerves. Also, knowing that the TDC staff would respond quickly helped with easing my anxiety that my question would be answered. I felt confident in having a good understanding of the material. I also did not feel overwhelmed by the amount of material. Having audios also worked with my schedule in that I could listen to it as many times as I wished. If I ever meet Amanda, I am buying her lobster and steak!

I could not have passed without your virtual presence Amanda. I loved really visualizing the CLT in front of me and then how I would move from there. That helped immensely. Thank you Amanda and Robin for all your support. What a relief to have passed!!!!

Thank you TDC for supporting me through not just one, but two testing rounds! Your program and study strategies were helpful and encouraging.

Thank you so much for TDC for helping me pass the exam on my first attempt. I highly recommend everyone to purchase this study program.

I studied for about 2 months, and found the TDC course tremendously helpful in getting my exam prep focused and organized. Thanks so much, I felt as well prepared as I could have because of the course.

The preparation I received from TDC was excellent. The fact that I could "control" the timing of taking and retaking practice exams and quizzes really helped me. I found the T/F quiz to be the most helpful, and loved the feature that allowed me to listen to the recorded rationales at a faster or slower speed set by me. Being able to access a coach and ask any related questions with a rapid response was great! In the end, the whole program worked very well for me and was worth the cost.

I had a lot of anxiety about taking the exam because I had to take the CA Law and Ethics exam twice to pass. I studied for a bit longer than I wanted to because work kept getting in the way. Without this program I would not have passed. I am so grateful to TDC for the very comprehensive study plan and teaching me how to think about the questions and making the right choice on answers. When they handed me the paper that said "PASS" on it, I blurted out very loudly "Thank Goodness!" That thanks belongs to Amanda and Therapist Development Center!!

I studied for the LMFT Law and Ethics exam using TDC, and I passed on my first try. In addition to passing the exam, I learned so much important information about laws and ethical codes. I feel very well prepared to protect the public and myself thanks to everything that I learned in the course. I thoroughly enjoyed using the course and practice tests, and my coach was very responsive! I reached out to her on the morning of my exam with an urgent question, and I heard back from her right away. I will definitely use TDC to study for my Clinical exam!

Yay, I passed, first time, and I have TDC and Amanda's voice in my head to thank for helping me to get through this ordeal! Everything Amanda said was right on. I made it a point to listen to her advice on snacks at question 100 (I took 2 "fuel" breaks - first after I found myself dissociating and floating off around Q50 from the pent-up anxiety brewing in my limbic system :-) the 2nd one at Q 100 when I realized I had plenty of time left to finish and check back on marked questions). Did I think I would pass? NO WAY! But I did by learning and practicing the reasoning skills offered by this amazing prep course. I will recommend TDC to all my friends getting ready to take both the Clinical and the L&E test!

I really feel like the program was instrumental in my passing the exam and I am glad I made the investment. I think the scenarios in the mock exams helped the most as they were closely paralleled with the actual exam orientation.

I used TDC for my Law & Ethics exam and passed, so I felt that I would be well prepared for the CCE! I am happy to report that I passed my CCE exam on the first try! It was A LOT of information to go through and I postponed my exam several times. However, I finally got to the point where I felt like my brain was oversaturated and knew I couldn't possibly put anymore information in! That was when I knew it was time to attack the exam! I'm so grateful to TDC for preparing me for success! Thank you so much!

This program was fantastic and I recommend it to everyone I know. Anxiety was a huge factor for me and this program really helped me stay calm and focused. By the time I took the test, I felt ready and told myself I would pass. I created a pump-me-up playlist that I listened to when I was feeling anxious and that really helped me to focus on attacking the test. Thanks so much for this fantastic program!!