This is by far the best testing prep course ever! I would much rather that both the Law & Ethics and Clinical exams were either essay driven or presented verbally (I am not a test fan) BY FAR, but this training program allowed me to enter the test calm, confident, and successful on the first try for both! There is no doubt I will be telling others about this program for years to come!! Thank you for helping me reach a lifetime dream!!!

I have always been afraid of taking exams to the point that one of my professors asked me to come with him to his office and did an oral exam without me realizing it. After "the meeting" he told me " there you go, you pass the exam with an A, I know you know the material, you are one of my most dedicated students." Thanks to this program I feel completely different about taking an exam. I was able to focus and stay in my zone. The first time I took this exam I paniced and was not able to focus. This time I practiced and did visualization exercises while studying. At one point, and only one time during the test, I begin to feel anxious and I immediately told myself you are at home in your space doing one more test with the material you know. YOU GOT THIS and I did. THANK YOU! My advice is practice, practice, practice and learn to stay in your zone. :)


I passed this test on a first try! Thank you Amanda for you great tips! With TDC, I was prepared and "attacked" the test with a full confidence. I will recommend this program to anyone who is considering the MFT examination.

I am so relieved and happy to have passed my MFT Clinical Exam on the first try. I could not have made it through this testing process without TDC. I will definitely recommend it to all my colleagues!

I really appreciated how clearly the course was presented and the quick responses to any submitted questions. Thank you for helping make this such a positive experience.

I want to thank Robin for the last-minute call! I was two days away from my exam date and thinking about postponing, but her expert advise helped me go through with it and I'm so happy I did!!

I loved the way Amanda explained everything. Very calm, and realistic. I think what helped me was really imaging that I was in the office with an actual client. I loved all of the little tips like that you were given; extremely helpful. I thought the material was narrowed down to perfection, making my life way easier. I went crazy taking notes from the audios.

I love TDC! It's the only program I used for both exams (Law & Ethics and Clinical MFT exam). I have never felt so much anxiety during tests. Everyone kept asking me how I felt about it, and honestly my response was "lost, confused, and numb." I was unsure on how I did and remembered that Amanda said it was expected to feel like you are failing or just unsure. Thanks so much for creating this study program and for continuing to update it from feedback received.

I don't believe I would have passed the LMFT Clinical Exam without TDC. The questions on the exam were very difficult, but I remembered to take time to make sure I knew what they were specifically asking. For me, that was the biggest reason I passed. The practice tests and explanations helped me to grow in knowledge and learn skills on how to take the test. The final mock exam was the hardest one and I think it helped me experience and cope with test anxiety. I can't thank you enough! Many people told me that TDC's study program is the best way to pass the first time. They were right.

The study materials lined up perfectly with the National MFT exam and the practice tests felt like they were an exact match!

I would strongly recommend the TDC study program to prepare for this exam. Even though I found the test answers on the actual exam very convoluted, TDC provided me with the foundation to read through all the nonsense.  TDC also taught a technique which allowed me to eliminate wrong answers quickly.

I used TDC last year for my Law and Ethics exam and passed on the first try so it was an obvious choice to me. I loved that I could put on the audio anywhere I went which made it easy and convenient. The mock exams were on point and the rationales really helped cement the information. I was able to email a coach and get a quick response on my question which helped relieve any anxiety I was having. I would recommend this program to anyone preparing to take their exam. Thanks TDC, you rock!!!!!

I loved how structured and organized this program was! Amanda, thank you! This is the real deal. This program was developed by a true professional to manage anxiety and exam jitters for working professionals.

Passed the clinical on my first try! When taking the practice tests I was scoring 75-89%. Very organized and clear study system. Thank you!

I highly recommend TDC. I struggle with reading and comprehension and the audio is amazing. I felt like I was having a personal session. I passed both the law and ethics and the clinical exam the first time.  Tests have always been something I dreaded, but the rationales to the answers, study tips, and real life examples helped me immensely. Thank you Amanda and thank you Robin.

Thank you TDC for helping me to pass my clinical exam! I started with AATBS, but without a course it was very hard to track progress or know how to really break it down. TDC made me feel confident and competent.

Your preparation and the mock exams are like taking the real exam.  Thanks to G.J. and a female colleague for letting me know about this wonderful program.

This program tells you exactly what to know and gives you very practical ways to remember information. Extremely helpful and worth every penny.

TDC is very helpful. Thank you very much! Studying the program is number 1 and number 2 is to manage the anxiety because ultimately that really makes a big difference. Amanda, I brought you with me on the day of the exam! Blessings to you, your family and all the staff at Therapist Development Center.

I recommend this program! I was confident when I took the law and ethics exam. I passed!! I am going to use this program to study for the MFT clinical exam. Thank you so much!