I appreciated this study system because it allowed me to plan and structure my study time. It gave me direction and a sense of accomplishment, and I knew when I would be ready to take the exam. I also really appreciated the audio lectures in addition to the written materials, which accommodated my learning styles.  

I was very skeptical regarding this program because I had paid for other programs and they had failed me. I spent approximately $1000 paying for other tools to help me study. Nothing out there is close to what this programs offers. It is structured, it teaches how to take this exam, and it covers all material given in the exam. Looking back, if I would have known how reliable and excellent tool this is, I would have paid the money right away. Amanda and Heidi are amazing coaches. I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking to pass the LCSW. 

Thank you TDC for helping me pass the LCSW clinical exam on my first try! Your program is so well organized with just the right amount of information to cover everything needed. The questions on the mocks were so similar to the actual exam that it immediately put me at ease to know that I knew what to expect when I was in the exam. I only used TDC to study based off of my colleagues and friends recommendations that this was all that I would need to be successful, and they were absolutely right. And a special thank you to Heidi and your technical team who so graciously responded to my questions almost immediately and thoughtfully :) Thank you all so much for a great learning experience. I feel like I am an even more informed clinician because of the program!

I could not have passed my LCSW test without the help of the TDC program. I did not need any other study material besides TDC. I felt confident going into my test and very grateful that I passed on my first try. Thank you again TDC, Amanda and Heidi! 

I failed the exam twice prior to this program. I was so discouraged. A friend recommended the program and it was the best decision and investment that I could make. The covered material was everything I needed on test day. 

I used the AATBS program last year, spent more, and failed by 7. I used your system this year and passed by 14. Yours is so easy to use, has varied ways of studying so you don't get bored and are able to learn in different ways, and it's really emotionally supportive in a social-work-y way!!! It's a study system, which was clearly created using an understanding of good social work practices and effective ways of teaching!

I have been a social worker for 35 years. I can't tell you how many different exams for license/certification I have taken as the laws kept changing and me changing states. I have used many exam prep programs and this is the absolute best. Worth every dime. I really liked that there was not a time limit as the BBS drew my application out 9 months later than expected, but I had to no problem extending my enrollment in the course. 

I felt that TDC prepared me well for the exam. The actual test seemed easier than the practice tests I was taking! I felt TDC helped me to understand the strategy needed to address the questions being asked. So glad this was recommended to me!

I felt fully prepared to take the test. I was nervous at the beginning, but I learned how to think and leaned in/attacked the test as recommended. I didn't mull on questions I was unsure about, and when I went back to them I had a number of "aha" moments. And... I passed! 

I used TDC study programs for both the Law and Ethics exam and the ASWB exam. The organization of the study materials supported an overall understanding of how to think through the decision making process while taking the test. I needed the support with strategies and understanding how to prioritize steps in order to pass the test. After 20 years in the field, I would not have been prepared without the program from TDC. 

I felt confident going in to take the test. TDC did a great job of preparing me with the right study material, study tips and guidelines. The test taking strategies provided by TDC were what helped me the most. 

English is not my first language. This program helps my brain to practice through reading and listening together. The practice exams also help me to better control my speed to answer each question, so I can complete all the questions on time. 

I was a bit hesitant at first about TDC. I’m not going to lie about that. In my head, I was thinking, how can a simple program like this help me pass the national exam? Well, I was mistaken. The program really broke things down in a way that was helpful for me and allowed me to review over and over again. I passed my national exam the 1st time I took it! Without TDC and the coaches helping me along each step and each question, the results would most likely have been different! 

I'm so glad I used the TDC program. It helped me narrow in on what I need to learn. I took the test and felt at ease. I highly recommend it! 

I passed with flying colors! TDC prepared me perfectly. I downloaded the program three months before my exam and went through the program three times at various paces until I felt ready! The beauty of the program is that it allows you to study at a pace that fits into your life and covers all of the materials needed to pass the exam. 

Thank you to TDC! I can proudly say I passed my LCSW examination. I am grateful to this program for the support and knowledge provided to me. Thank you!!!

Thank you TDC! I have always struggled with extreme test anxiety and my overall confidence in test taking. This program helped ease that anxiety and make me feel confident throughout the test. I was able to utilize all the skills I learned with TDC, and I know without a doubt I would not have down as well as I did without the program. Highly recommend it to anyone taking their LCSW exam!

TDC is the only study material I used and I passed the ASWB exam my first time! I gave myself about 2 months to study, and went through the material twice. The actual information covered by TDC was helpful, but what was most helpful was learning HOW to take the exam. I definitely heard Amanda saying "put these in order" when I was stuck on a question during the exam, which helped tremendously. I need 103 correct to pass, and I got 125! Thanks TDC!

I cannot recommend the Therapist Development Center enough! It was almost unbelievable how well prepared I was! I felt like we were saturated with material (in a good way) and that the way that it was organized was so helpful. The audio made it so easy to listen to while sitting at my desk at work, while cleaning up or in the car. I also appreciated that Amanda encouraged self-care with studying instead of doing all-day/all-night sessions to cram the information in. I have a learning disability and I normally have a problem with taking too long to complete exams; I finished the test in 3 hours and didn't have to use my ADA accommodation of extended time! Thank you TDC, Amanda and all other staff!

I was referred to TDC by several colleagues all of whom passed on their first try. After months of studying, I took the test yesterday and passed on my first try! I was very happy I was able to extend my membership with TDC free of charge which was helpful as I'm currently 35 weeks pregnant and didn't feel completely ready after my first membership ended. The test was intense but with the help of my coach Heidi and reviewing the audios to and from work, I felt comfortable with the material covered. Thank you TDC!