I didn't do well on the exams prior to entering the TDC program. I felt very supported. I think practicing with the full mock exams helped a lot. The full mocks definitely resembled the LCSW exam. I would definitely recommend this program to others.

I PASSED! First attempt I got a 121 and needed a 103 to pass. THANK YOU TDC for all your incredible materials and support! I LOVE the dual written AND audio training. It worked!

I followed the program exactly as instructed, went through everything twice. In my last 3 days before the exam I didn't have much to do except the last minute quick studies because I felt completely prepared. I did better on the exam than I did on the full mock practice exams. The way the program is outlined keeps you engaged, motivated and on task. I highly recommend the TDC study system.

Ya'll (because I am from Texas)! Several of my co-worker recommended this program. They all passed using this program. This was just what I needed. I learn by seeing information, hearing information then writing that information. I was able to take notes from the lectures as if I were in class. This program was perfect for me. What I loved most was the information/organization. All of the information provided was spot on! Thank you to TDC for a great program. I have recommended this program to every social worker I know pursuing either their LMSW or LCSW.

I passed on the first try thanks to TDC. I went through the entire program twice and felt confident going into the exam. I think it was helpful to do the practice and mock exams and THEN go back again and listen to the Top 30 topics. This tactic cemented the information into my brain. 

I PASSED. Praise God. I found TDC super helpful along with the coaches Bethany and Heidi. It laid a great foundation and I appreciated the support after I failed 2 times. I never gave up and I knew I would PASS. I talk highly of this program and what it provides and recommend it to all studying. 

I am a mother of two, working full time in a housing and mental health program. I gave myself a little over a month to study and fit lectures into my schedule any chance I could (i.e. on the way to and from work, while doing chores around the house, and after the kids went to bed). I listened to the top 50 topics two times, the second time right before my exam, and reviewed the quizzes and quick studies the weekend before. I kept telling myself to think like Amanda and the phrase "what would Amanda do?" ran through my head often. While taking the exam, feelings of self doubt and nausea kept creeping up and I pushed them away by telling myself, "I know this stuff, I will pass." I could never have passed if I didn't use TDC and learn the proper way to study and think through each question confidently. Thank you TDC for giving me the best tools to pass this exam and become the best social worker that I can be!! 

The Therapist Development Center gave me a foundational knowledge on the topics that are covered on the exam. I found this helpful due to receiving my BSW back in 2010 and my masters in 2017. While graduate school reviewed many of the social work concepts that I learned many years ago, there were some topics that I need refreshers on due to mostly practicing social work in community mental health settings. The most helpful lectures out of all of TDC was the Code of Ethics lectures which breaks down our ethical codes in a helpful manner. If I didn't have the opportunity to study with TDC, I would not have passed the licensure exam. Thank you, Amanda, and thank you to the rest of the social work team at TDC! Because of you all, I can now serve a plethora of clients in Northern Arizona. I appreciate all of the patience you all have had with me over the last seven months. :-)

Extremely grateful for TDC, as I felt prepared while taking the ASWB Clinical exam and passed on my first attempt. The suggestions in the beginning of the program associated with a study plan and self-care helped me the most.  

I just took my LCSW exam today and passed on my first attempt!!! Thank you TDC for providing a structured and organized study program to prepare me for this big day. It was helpful knowing what to study to help reduce my stress. I would definitely recommend this program to colleagues who are preparing for this test.

What a relief! I passed on my first try! I was a nervous wreck, but felt cautiously optimistic thanks to the four TDC mock exams (which were grueling, but such a great preparation for the actual exam). I did the 5 week study plan once. I can't think of anything I would change about this study program. I felt well prepared. Most importantly, in regards to the actual exam questions, it teaches you how to think clinically. It was also meaningful to get reacquainted with the Social Work Code of Ethics, which will continue to inform my practice going forward. Very much appreciated the coaching aspect of the program. It was a big morale booster. Thanks Heidi! 

TDC was fantastic! I am a busy working mom with three young children. It’s also been 12 years since I finished my MSW. TDC was just what I needed to pass both LCSW exams. This system works!

TDC was absolutely amazing. The quizzes were probably the biggest help to me. I appreciated that they were with me until I passed. Such a relief to see the pass on the computer screen and I can certainly credit TDC for helping immensely with the pass!

I'm glad I used the Therapist Development Center to help me study and pass the LCSW California Law and Ethics exam! It is a wonderful program with great study tips and all of the information I needed to know to help me pass the exam!!

I passed my first time! I would recommend TDC, and I will use to take my Clinical licensing exam as well. Thank you for your help and for extending the program an extra month.

So thankful for the ways TDC prepared and coached me to pass the LCSW exam. I went in prepared and ready to go. I especially appreciate the 48 pep talk! It was empowering and very helpful. I finished the exam with almost an hour left to review my questions. I couldn’t believe it!  I honestly feel like the TDC mock exam questions are more difficult that the actual exam questions, which is a great thing because I went into the test mentally prepared for a difficult challenge. Also, I had such high anxiety going into the test, I hardly sleep the night before. The only way I could have passed was because TDC fully prepared me. Thank you!!! 

I appreciated this study system because it allowed me to plan and structure my study time. It gave me direction and a sense of accomplishment, and I knew when I would be ready to take the exam. I also really appreciated the audio lectures in addition to the written materials, which accommodated my learning styles.  

I was very skeptical regarding this program because I had paid for other programs and they had failed me. I spent approximately $1000 paying for other tools to help me study. Nothing out there is close to what this programs offers. It is structured, it teaches how to take this exam, and it covers all material given in the exam. Looking back, if I would have known how reliable and excellent tool this is, I would have paid the money right away. Amanda and Heidi are amazing coaches. I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking to pass the LCSW. 

Thank you TDC for helping me pass the LCSW clinical exam on my first try! Your program is so well organized with just the right amount of information to cover everything needed. The questions on the mocks were so similar to the actual exam that it immediately put me at ease to know that I knew what to expect when I was in the exam. I only used TDC to study based off of my colleagues and friends recommendations that this was all that I would need to be successful, and they were absolutely right. And a special thank you to Heidi and your technical team who so graciously responded to my questions almost immediately and thoughtfully :) Thank you all so much for a great learning experience. I feel like I am an even more informed clinician because of the program!

I could not have passed my LCSW test without the help of the TDC program. I did not need any other study material besides TDC. I felt confident going into my test and very grateful that I passed on my first try. Thank you again TDC, Amanda and Heidi!