I cannot recommend the Therapist Development Center enough! If it had not been for them, I would not have passed both LCSW exams. The TDC techniques and coaching skills are excellent.

I HIGHLY recommend The Therapist Development Center. It is a well thought out program that teaches efficient no nonsense study strategies to help you pass your state licensing exams. I have utilized all 3 of the major test prep companies and found the TDC to be the most adept at teaching what the BBS expects of you on test day. I can say this since I unsuccessfully took the vignette exam twice using the other companies. I was not able to pass until I used The Therapist Development Center. I found that the TDC is most skilled at CORRECTLY teaching law & ethics. The TDC has effectively “hacked” the minds of the test writers so as I took the exam, I had a lot more confidence that I UNDERSTOOD what was being asked of me. Sure, people can and do pass using the materials from the major test prep companies, but I am convinced that those who pass this way are practicing social work based on faulty and incorrectly taught information. By far, the best benefit is the personal approach the TDC takes. I appreciate the ease with which I could contact her and receive speedy responses to questions. I often received call backs from them the same day and they always took the time to discuss and explain the answers to my questions. This is a service you will NEVER get through a large test prep company, making their service a good financial value as well. I STRONGLY encourage anyone in the testing process to use The Therapist Development Center

The TDC provides straightforward, focused guidance, support and instructions on how to pass the California Clinical Vignette Exam, for clinical licensure. Unlike other test preparation agencies, the TDC coaches have actually taken the computer generated exam and understand some of the obstacles that can prevent success. I am so impressed with their knowledge and support, the TDC strategies are inspirational and most of all - they work

I had the fortunate luck of meeting Amanda at a course designed to assist therapists in passing the LCSW licensing exam in CA in June of 2010. I was so impressed by Amanda's teaching style and ability to explain complex concepts into simple and practical steps that I hired her as my private tutor in order to help me further prepare for the 2nd LCSW licensing exam for the state of CA. I found Amanda to be extremely knowledgeable about the testing process. She has a keen ability to take what can feel overwhelming and cumbersome and make it succinct and manageable. I felt fully prepared on test day and was calm and collected as I took the exam, which I passed. I fully credit Amanda Rowan to my success of passing this very extensive and difficult exam. Since that time Amanda has gone on to establish The Therapist Development Center. I am pleased to know she has expanded her services to help so many therapists reach their professional goals. Amanda is kind, genuine, helpful, and open. I highly recommend Amanda as both a therapist and a resource to other therapists alike.

I found the TDC to be very helpful in passing my LCSW exam. They were very prepared, knew the subject matter well and was very easy to work with. The TDC helped me set up a study schedule,and taught me techniques to reduce my stress level. I would recommend them to any social worker wanting assistance in passing their LCSW exam.

The TDC was a great tutor for the social work licensing exams. They were very knowledgeable, thorough and patient and really helped me understand how to approach the exam. I don't think I would have passed without their guidance!

I took the TDC workshops for the LCSW Licensing Exams. Their workshops were super helpful, focused on useful strategies, and affordable. The TDC helped me pass both exams and I couldn't have done it without their workshops. I've recommended many people to their workshops because I believe in them and I will continue to refer people to the TDC.

Amanda is a great coach at helping others pass their licensing exam for social workers. Not only is she a great people person, she is extremely patient and takes into consideration the way you learn best. She has great test taking strategies and helps you think along the lines the exam writers were thinking when they constructed these exams. I worked with Amanda in the past and she is a great colleague. I recommended many friends I had that attended my graduate program as well and they were very satisfied with her services!

I just wanted to let you know that I studied with your program and passed my test today for the CA standard exam. It took me two long years I studied with other companies and failed numerous times. I felt more confident with your material and I'm eager to start studying for the CV exam. Thank you for your guidance and material preparation I am so happy I finally passed.

I took the ASWB exam on January 4, 2018 and passed on my first attempt of taking the exam! I chose TDC because of the success rate and also because of the success of those I knew who previously used the program. TDC helped ease my test anxieties and taught me how to attack the test questions. I honestly do not believe I would have passed if not for the thoroughness of the LCSW exam prep and how the topics discussed were relevant to the questions that were on the actual exam. I owe the passing of the exam to God, family/friends, and to TDC! Thank you all so much!!

One of a kind service. Different than all other exam preps in style and approach. Working with The Therapist Development Center was necessary, and worth the cost, which is reasonable, to pass the first time. She seems to have a preternatural understanding of the MFT and MSW exams and will help you decode the questions to get enough correct answers to pass.