Just letting you know I took the exam last week. Passed (did very well) 130 correct. The on-line training was very effective. It completely helped me get organized for studying. Well worth the money just for the anxiety reduction.

I wanted to say thank you very much for helping me pass the LMSW exam. I took it today and PASSED all because of your coaching, audio on the exam prep and materials. It was a really good information for me on how to look at the test. This was my third time taking it. I was doing the wrong thing all along and I know I wouldn’t have passed without your help. I will definitely recommend the therapist development center to anyone I know. Once again thank you and have a good day!  

Greetings Fellow Licensed Therapist/Clinicians:
I am a very proud LCSW. I want to share my journey towards actualizing our shared dreams of becoming a licensed clinician-rather a clinical social worker or a marriage and family therapist. I began my journey in December of 2011. When I started I was lost on the best route to take to prepare for my exams. I attempted to use Gerry Grossman, AATBS and even a IPhone app for Berkeley institute. I will shared that I was more confused once beginning these programs than I was when I started. I STILL decided to throw caution to the wind and take the exam. I failed-I missed 10 points :(......One day I was having a conversation with a fellow colleague and Amanda Rowan and the Therapist Development Center popped up into the conversation. I decided to check into this lady who was referred to as a "Exam prep queen". So I liked what I read and was able gather from The Therapist Development Center's website. I purchased the Written Standard exam study system. I jumped in head first with this new study system and discovered a new found appreciation of having knowledge that I needed to refresh and develop further. I took the first exam within my own time-I passed. With tons of knowledge and excitement, I didn't consider any other system, I immediately went to the Therapist Development Center website and purchased the second study system for the CV exam. Within two and a half weeks, I felt beyond prepared for the second exam-On November 19th, 2012, I am proud to announce that I am a California Licensed Clinical Social Worker. TDC, I am forever indebted to your support, encouragement and experience. Many many thanks. If you have any questions about this study system and or Amanda and Associates, DON'T!!!!! Buy this system not now but right now!

I passed my LCSW clinical vignette exam today! THANK YOU!!!! I have to say that your study material and using the frames were the BEST information that I have received. I failed the first time and now I absolutely know why! Simply by learning the frames and USING them to frame  the questions on the exam served me 100 % better than going over and over the AATBS questions and becoming frustrated over the answers. No more inferring-no more guessing what they wanted from me! I listened to what you said- memorized the frames-applied them and leaned in. No second guessing! Best money I have spent! Thank you! Blessings!

I spoke with you back in July, but I finally purchased your material on 10/19/2012.  I am happy to report that I passed the LCSW clinical vignette exam on 11/14/12 (my second try after purchasing and using GG), Yay!!! All I can say is I wish I knew about your material sooner as it would have saved me a lot of money and time.  But I am a true believer that everything happens when it is supposed to happen.  I really appreciate the fact that your material gave me the exact strategies I needed to pass w/o the fillers.  Thank you so much! You are awesome!

I just wanted to tell you that I finally cleared my 1st exam using your study methods, and would like to sincerely thank you. I tried AATBS the first time, Berkeley the second time, and the Therapist Development Center the third time, and all you said was true. For the first time when I read the questions they made sense, and I realized I did not need all those thick books to study, the thick materials were just overwhelming and slowing my progress. I look forward to studying the second exam with you, and God bless.

By the way, thank you so much for this program. You make me excited to study. Was always jealous of people who'd say that, but this time I am one of THEM! I took the exam and failed by one point. After several months of cursing this exam, I got on the ball and started the TDC handouts. I wanted to use the TDC program from the beginning, but my husband persuaded me not to since other programs cost more and come with books. (So in his mind they MUST be better). So wrong! But, he's an attorney, a convincing man, and always with my best interest so I went with BTA not knowing and hoping it would work. AWFUL! I've never been more upset with a test prep company in my life. Now that I am following your program, I am happy again. Feel like I have an edge since I've already taken the test and recognize many of the test questions you have on your program. So glad you are out there, helping those that are smart social workers, but misled and misguided. I just needed to stop memorizing and forcing recall on an exam that doesn't require that. Who knew? :)
Mahalo nui loa! May God bless you!!!


Working with the TDC was great. Prior to taking her course I had taken a packaged LCSW seminar over a year ago and yet never registered for my first test, (not to mention spent a significant amount of money doing it)!! I think my hesitation in taking the test was largely because the previous seminar gave so much information it almost seemed impossible to absorb. It took an incredible amount of time just to strategize on how to tackle the material…A year and a few months later I felt I was finally ready and passed the first exam. In preparation for the second exam however, I knew I could not wait another year, I needed someone who knew how to teach, motivate and present the most concise material to get me through. My co-worker referred me to the TDC. I contacted them on the phone and by the end of our conversation I felt totally confident that I could tackle the second exam in 6 weeks. I quickly signed up for her courses and just 2 weeks beyond my initial timeline I had passed my second exam. The TDC is all about the “test”. In referring them to my co-workers I explain their approach as “trimming all the fat and getting straight to the meat”. They gave very practical and concise approaches to taking the test. They provided the motivation and support I needed to get it done and get it done quickly. Thanks TDC.

I cannot believe how prepared I felt for the LMSW exam compared to the first time I took it.  It was a completely different experience.  As you know, I used AATBS the first time and just got blown away on test day.  You helped me develop the test taking skills I needed to actually pass the test.  What a difference!  I am telling all my friends about you!

Preparing for the LCSW exam is daunting.  I found that having the guidance and support of The Therapist Development Center gave me the individualized direction I needed to know what and how to study for the exam.   The workshops allowed me to break down a large amount of information into a more “doable” amount of information. I found the individual tutoring session particularly helpful.  My tutor was able to assess my practice exam results allowing for a tailored session that focused on areas of the exam that was most challenging for my individual case.  I believe I was less anxious during the actual testing experience because I had that individual time with a tutor to talk about my individual challenge areas.  I obtained a better understanding of how to read a question stem and determine what the question was asking.  Overall, the support received from the Therapist Development Center was what I needed when preparing for the LCSW exam… and it worked!  I PASSED!

Having used not one but two of the main prep companies promising pass guarantees did not help me and left me frustrated. I found TDC’s techniques for teaching strategies to pass the LCSW CV exam absolutely helpful to be successful in passing the exam!!!.  Learning how to apply such strategies and not just take the same tests several times helped me to accomplish my goal.   Thank you TDC!!!

A year ago I took the LCSW Standard Written Exam and ran out of time–resulting in a fail on the exam. I realized that I needed to learn some test-taking strategies specifically geared towards the LCSW exam. Upon doing some research and consulting with colleagues, they referred me to the Therapist Development Center. After speaking with the TDC over the telephone, I knew that they were the one to go to for test taking strategies. Less than a month after taking their two workshops; I sat for the LCSW Standard Written Exam for the second time and PASSED! I even had twenty-two minutes remaining after I finished the exam. There is no doubt in my mind that the TDC strategies were the key factor aiding my confidence to pass the exam. The TDC definitely the one to work with as you prepare for your exam. Best of luck to everyone!

Thank you for sharing your exam strategies with me, it absolutely helped me pass my LCSW CV exam. The TDC framework provided clear and practical techniques to navigate the exam confidently. The on-demand conference web-based experience was perfect for my busy schedule and learning style. I found the material concise and methodical. I first saw you present at Gerry Grossman when I was studying for my written exam. It was clear to me early on that you possessed the clinical knowledge and competency to teach the content, but you did in a way that is relevant to social workers. What the other test prep companies lack is the clarity and concise framework that you so clearly present, packaged in a way that is easily digestible user friendly. Thank you for your encorougement and support toward my licensure.

I wanted to first inform you that I am finally an LCSW!!!  I had used AATBS and Gerry Grossman for the second part of the vignette and studied really hard, but failed in 2011.  I only missed it by 1 point, but I finished barely on time and half the time I felt like I was guessing.  When I heard about your program I decided to try it out especially since I knew 2 other people who reported you had helped them tremendously.  After I listened to your first workshop the test made sense.  I was shocked.  I practiced all your techniques, I realized that AATBS makes you assume things and therefore I failed my exam the first time.  But I took the exam on 2/24/11 and not only did I pass, I finished in 90 minutes!!  I am not joking.  I was wondering if it was that simple, and I was going to review my answers at the end for fear that I had answered prematurely, but as I read a few questions I realized it made sense and that I had followed your instructions.  And I passed!!!  I am so thankful to you.  I am telling all my friends about you.  Truly, this is huge for me and I am so happy.  Thank you and keep up the great job!!

I am telling everyone I know in Palm Springs to do your teleconferences.  After the first workshop I realized what I had been doing wrong the first 3 times I took the exam.  I finally passed today and even though the test was hard, I actually felt like I was passing it because I knew what to look for this time. Keep up the good work!

I got more benefit out of 5 hours with the TDC than I did from any 5 days or 5 weeks of other materials.  Others pile on reams of materials that aren’t on the test, and provide online tests that we are guaranteed to fail, intimidating us into paying for weeks or months of their services to prepare for a test that we’re never going to see.  Your materials and seminar were so succinct and so to the point for the type of questions we were actually going to face! Sincerely, Amanda, your company’s approach to this exam was such a breath of fresh air for me!  As you & I (& others) agree, other offerings are encyclopedic with information that overwhelms and intimidates and yet isn’t needed for the exam.  There are probably more points lost due to that distraction than there are gained from studying the available information. The TDC’s concise review of the 50 top areas, thinking strategies and mock exam, on the other hand, reassured me, calmed my mind and brought me back into focus on the things that really mattered.

I highly recommend working with the TDC if you are taking your BBS Licensure exam. I didn't pass my exam the first time and was feeling dejected. By chance, I found the TDC and worked with them to find new study techniques and figure out where my personal deficits were. With the TDC’s help, I passed my exam and have been working as an LCSW for the past two years.

I gained my Master of Social Work degree in 2001. Since that time I have wanted to return to San Diego, CA. I put it off due to California's policy of having their own exam process versus accepting the results of the national exam I passed in 2001. I had heard how difficult the California exams were and avoided taking them to the point of moving to Arizona instead of San Diego, in 2010. 

I found the Therapist Development Center workshops via the TDC website (google search) and voila! Success! The workshops were focused on teaching strategy versus memorization (I KNEW I could not and did not WANT to use memorization!). The workshops were not overly long and they were NOT overly expensive! The TDC is a great teacher, getting to the heart of teaching concepts and strategies that instill confidence and bring out one's personal competence. 

Before I even ordered or paid for a workshop they quickly returned a phone call and in the first conversation shared a point that was instrumental in helping me pass both California exams, on the first try. 

I highly recommend the TDC workshops! Don't hesitate!

The Therapist Development Center is a knowledgeable source in the area of LCSW preparation. The TDC is thorough, professional and extremely caring - wanting you to pass your exam while holding your hand step-by-step. Thanks to the TDC, I'm now licensed!

The TDC provides excellent, clear guidance and advice regarding preparation for all exam testing. Course materials are precise, consistent and completely reliable. Their language and direction are concise, economic and reflect their extensive research and teaching history. The TDC’s knowledge of source content results in tremendous confidence for the client. They address all manners of experience, history and other elements pertaining to a individuals challenges or concerns. Additionally, the TDC is the perfect blend of teacher and encouraging colleague. They are a great model for leadership and information provider in a well boundaried setting