I am forever grateful to Amanda and the Therapist Development Center, what an amazing resource.  I had just had a baby, did not have a lot of free time for studying, and I was daunted by the prospect of consolidating and remembering content from the past six years of coursework and interning.  But TDC's user-friendly format, personable tone, and relevant and concise review of topics made it completely doable.  I actually looked forward to studying!  Everything from the theory and law and ethics reviews, to the practice questions were extremely closely tied to what was on the exams. And, perhaps more importantly, the materials don't make you dedicate a lot of time and energy to a bunch of information that's not on the test.  I also hugely appreciated how available Amanda was to answer my questions.  Not more than a four hours passed after I emailed a question in and she had called or emailed me back with an answer.  I passed both tests on the first try, and I felt clear and confident when I went into the tests.  I wholeheartedly recommend TDC, many thanks! 

Another success! On Friday morning, I took and passed my CV exam! I used only TDC study materials, and did extremely well on all the individual quizzes and on the mock exam, so I felt confident going into the exam on Friday morning.

Throughout the exam, I implemented your strategies. I knew about half-way through that I would pass the exam, even if I got all the marked ones and a few others wrong. You definitely provided strategies to help me understand the material, as well as manage my anxiety during the process.

So, anyway, THANK YOU. I used only your materials for both exams (except for one AATBS mock exam for the standard exam which completely confused me) and feel lucky to have found you. Because of your program, I got through the licensing process very quickly, as I took the first exam in the end of October and this one in mid-December. I was able to study at my own pace and not have to set aside Saturdays and be on a time schedule of the the other companies. Thanks again, and I will be sure to send (more) colleagues your way!

I wanted to send you an email to let you know that I passed the clinical vignette. I can not even begin to express how grateful I am to you and the material that you provided. I had failed the exam twice, each time receiving a score of 19. I had used AATBS both times and then CAMFT suggested your material. Your material changed my attitude about the test and about myself as a professional clinician. I had the ah hah moment that this exam/BBS needs to know that I am safe to practice on my own and that it my job to show that I am. Your material confirmed what I already knew about the basics and helped me to apply them in a relevant and useful way on the exam. Thank you so much!

Wanted to let you know I took the MFT exam on Dec. 20th and I passed!!! I found this program extremely helpful. I initially took another program and was left feeling overwhelmed and discouraged. I got a 72% on the other company's mock exam and only missed 4 on yours. I will continue to recommend your program. Thanks so much!!

Following a less than satisfactory experience studying for the MFT CV exam with another company a friend told me about TDC.  After studying for just one month I went into the exam feeling very confident and prepared knowing I would pass.  TDC teaches you very effective strategies for passing this initially confusing exam while giving you only the information you really need to pass the exam without jamming your head full of every fact related to the subject of counseling psychology.  On top of all this it is a great deal as well; for a price that is comparable to purchasing one smaller part of the larger companies prgrams you get a well rounded program of workshops, materials, exercises, a mock and excellent customer service/assistance. I would give TDC my highest recommendation.

          As you know from my phone message,  I passed the CVE exam last Friday 12/28/12.  This makes for a great way to start the new year.   I am so relieved and grateful.  Thank you for the great good fortune of coming along and creating your amazing break through course.  I had studied with another test prep service for a while and just knew I was not ready to take the first test.  Even my test coach agreed that I was not quite prepared.  When I heard from others around me that they had failed the first time and passed after the TDC training I sought you out.
           I am amazed that I passed both tests on the first try.  I am not entirely sure how I managed to do this but I am sure of what I learned that helped immensely.  First, the TDC made it very clear why this test was created and what it's objectives are.  That focused me so that I began studying the material and sample test questions in a way that prepared me for the real test.  When I took the real test it made sense to me except for the hardest questions.  Even then I had a sense of what the intent of the test really is and a method of finding the best answer that was like a compass and a seat belt to carry me, even when I could not be sure I had the right answer.
            The TDC’s clear explanation of the purpose of these tests  was combined with a respect for the logic and sensibility of the test questions  themselves and why an answer was correct or best. As a result, I was able to work with the test, not fight it.  And, since I was provided with an accurate and clear understanding of the logic of how the test "thinks" I was fairly at home with the actual test even though the questions were new to me.
           One of the best things that the TDC course has, that cracked the code for me on answering these types of multiple choice questions, is the way the audio presentations work. They demonstrated the test reasoning by reasoning out loud  through each practice question and how they arrived at the right answers.   In addition they focused the recommended study to things that were most relevant to the central purpose of this test.  As a result I began to have a sense that I was ready to attempt to pass the tests which I did not have before.
             Finally, I feel good about the test process.  I see now that it is a way to prepare therapists to keep the public as safe as possible and to protect the public welfare and wellness.  I am grateful to feel that I have a solid start as a competent therapist  that can be counted on;  and I see skills and knowledge that I am going to need to continue to update and be responsible for  all my life as a therapist.   The course has enabled me to put the finishing touches on making a good start as a licensed MFT.   I believe the TDC course turns the exam process, coming at the end of years of training and experience working with those we serve, into a final phase of fostering the best possible therapists.   I know that is what the BBS wants and I know that is what I and all the wonderful people I meet in this field want.  So, thank you, TDC!  And may your Therapist Development Center prosper.

The test was really hard.  There is no way I would have passed without the TDC strategies.  People shouldn’t waste their time with the AATBS test bank, it will just confuse them.  I am telling everyone I know to come to you.  You’ve got it figured out.  Thank you!

I took Grossman before. I am not Grossman bashing at all. It was all good info – but it was not what we were tested on. Without the TDC workshop, I don’t think I would have passed. The theory quiz was very similar to how theories were presented on exam – no actual words – just snippits of the actual content and dynamic of the theory. For those of you taking it the first time – I am confident that if you use the TDC strategies, you WILL PASS IT THE FIRST TIME!!!! For those like me who took it multiple times – WHY DIDN”T WE KNOW ABOUT THE TDC IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!???? LOL!!!!

I took the MFT standard exam for the first time in March of 2012. I failed by 4 points. I was utterly disappointed and very upset with myself and just drained from the whole process. I studied by using Grossman’s materials which was incredibly overwhelming and I mostly used the testbanks. The questions were nothing like the testbank and I didn’t feel prepared and anxiety got the best of me.

I came across TDC and Amanda’s materials in May or June of this year and kept reading all these great things and that people were passing the exam and feeling so confident about the process. I went through all of the workshops and took the standard exam again on Oct 19, 2012 and passed. I felt very confident and sure of my self while I was moving through the test just like Amanda said I would if I studied her strategies and went through all of the workshops a couple of times.

I wanted to keep the momentum so I signed up for the vignette exam just a month later. It took me a couple of weeks to get through the 7 or 8 workshops for the MFT vignette and I felt ready. The second exam was actually a bit more challenging than I thought but I still utilized the strategies and I passed.

 So thank you, thank you, thank you to the TDC for making this process somewhat enjoyable and giving us the tools we need, not to little, and not to much-just enough. Your way really does work!


I was extremely impressed with the professionalism and the thoroughness of the workshops, materials and my consultations with Amanda Rowan and The Therapist Development Center. The TDC is very knowledgeable about the important aspects of what it takes to pass either the California LCSW or MFT exams, but more importantly, what it takes for therapists to provide standard of care for our clients. I used her program to study (and pass) for my MFT Vignette exam, but I am confident that her program also made me a better therapist as well. I would highly recommend The Therapist Development Center and any workshops, materials or future classes they offer.



I can't recommend this program more highly! The TDC presents all the information you will need for the test in a simple common sense way. It is easy to see what you should study to pass. When I had questions, the TDC was available to answer them and really bolstered my confidence. This was so different from the impersonal treatment from other programs! I felt prepared and confident with this program


I have tremendous appreciation for Amanda Rowan and The Therapist Development Center (TDC) for providing me with the tools and confidence I needed to pass the BBS' CV exam! TDC's proven methodology steers the student toward staying focused on what is in the vignette and what is being asked in the question. TDC differs from other test prep companies in that the information taught is distilled down to what is necessary to pass the exam. Also, Amanda's personal approach helps her students reduce their anxiety and gain the confidence needed to face the exam from an empowered position. 

Due to my personal experience with Amanda, I continue to refer candidates to TDC with the assurance that their experience will be as rewarding as mine. Thank you again TDC!!!

Your programs are right on target for both exams, very helpful and free of all the clutter that other test prep companies throw at you. Amanda is a great exam coach. Even just listening to her recorded training sessions is motivating and energizing. She responded quickly each time I emailed a question to her. I recommend her services without hesitation to anyone preparing for these exams. 

OMG! I passed! The first time! I have to say this program for sure was the reason I passed! I am not a strong standardized, timed test taker and my anxiety was pretty high at the thought of even knowing how to prepare to study for this test. The Therapist Developer approach really worked for me. It uncluttered my mind, helped me to know what to focus my attention on, and the tips  and timeline were invaluable. I did exactly what the program said to do and it worked! I just received my results in the mail today and I wanted to leave my testimonial first, even before telling my family! I truly appreciate  the thoughtful way this program was put together. As a non-traditional learner this is exactly what I needed! THANK YOU!

I'm so glad that I signed up for The Therapist Development Center exam prep program. She took what could have been a very time intensive process and made it manageable. 

Her program helped me to focus on the essentials. She provided effective test preparation strategies, and the 10 Strategies for Exam Day were especially helpful. 

She offers a very unique and excellent program. Her use of strength and brain based approaches makes her program a stand out, and helps her clients increase their effectiveness. 

I greatly appreciate Amanda’s warmth, professionalism, and collaborative approach as well as her direct and practical advice. And as for the results? I took the MFT Clinical Vignette Exam and passed on my first attempt. Thank you TDC! It was a pleasure working with you, and I look forward to working with you again