Texas Social Work License

Texas Social Work License

Earn Your Texas Social Work License

In the state of Texas, the Texas State Board of Social Work Examiners (TSBSWE) regulates the licensing process for Texas LCSWs. In addition to following our advice and tips, we do recommend contacting the TSBSWE’s website here or call (512) 719-3521 to ensure you have all the correct information in securing your Texas Social Work License.

Now that you’ve completed Step 1, let’s move on to see what’s next…

STEP 2 - Apply for the Masters Social Work Licensing Exam (LMSW)

  • In order to take this exam, you must fill out the TSBSWE application here.
    • Make sure you double check that the form is completely filled out and you enclosed your check, as this is the number one cause for delays in test taking and unnecessary frustration.
  • Students still in school can apply to the Texas social work board as early as their last semester of their MSW program.

STEP 3 - Prepare for the LMSW exam and pass with confidence!

  • Once your application has been accepted and you’ve picked an exam date, it’s time to start studying! TDC offers a complete program to help you pass the LMSW exam on the first attempt with our LMSW Exam Prep: ASWB Masters Level Exam program.

STEP 4 - Accrue Hours Working as an LMSW

  • You passed the exam? Congratulations! Now it’s time to get to work and begin earning hours towards qualifying for your social work license in Texas (LCSW).
    • When you are about to begin your supervised hours, the first thing you need to do is fill out a Supervision Plan with the Texas social work board. You must submit this BEFORE you begin your hours.
      • Please note that if you have more than one practice site, you will need more than one plan.
      • Also the Supervisor’s evaluation (included on the plan) is what part of determines your eligibility. If a Supervisor has reservations about a candidate's competence, the Board may give this consideration.
    • Candidates must work under supervision for 24 - 48 months in order to be eligible for a higher credential.
    • During this period, the social work candidate must accrue 3000 hours of appropriate experience and must have 100 hours of supervision by a TSBSWE approved professional.

STEP 5 - Apply for the ASWB LCSW Exam and Study with Confidence.

  • Once you complete your hours and submit your application, now you are ready to take the exam for your Texas Social Work License. To schedule your exam, contact the ASWB.
  • Once you have your exam date, it’s time to start studying. For the best approach to this process, check out TDC’s LCSW Exam Prep: ASWB Clinical Level Exam program. We can have your ready to go in 4-8 weeks!

CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve earned your Texas Social Work License and are a registered LCSW! We wish you the best of luck in your career.