LCSW Exam Prep: ASWB Clinical Level Exam

LCSW Exam Prep: ASWB Clinical Level Exam
Price: $295.00

Our 2018 LCSW Exam Study System prepares social workers to pass the CLINICAL level exam administered by the ASWB. Our 2018 LCSW Exam Study Study System has been fully updated to reflect the new 2018 ASWB exam. Our on-line study system includes access to:

  • An organized, step-by-step study plan
  • On-line audio workshops with downloadable handouts – listen when you want and how much you want
  • Review of all essential content areas on exam
  • Effective study tools — Top 50 Topics Tested, Law & Ethics Quiz, DSM Quick Study Review Sheets
  • Clinical examples that help you learn instead of memorize
  • Clear test-taking strategies you will use on exam day
  • 750+ practice questions, many with audio rationales
  • Test anxiety management
  • Coaches available for questions and support

    The program takes 57 hours of study time to complete once. We recommend studying between 2-12 weeks. Access to the program expires after 4 months, but it is FREE to extend or repeat the program. We are with you until you PASS! Once you sign up, you can access the program immediately. Nothing is shipped - it is all on-line. Get started now.

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    Course Reviews

    I used several study resources, however TDC was my primary resource. I completed the course, redid practice exams, reviewed rationals, and listened to all of the audio recordings several times. I gained a lot of information from the course which I was able to apply during my test day. I leaned in like Amanda said and kept a positive mindset throughout the test, although I thought I wasn't doing well at times. This exam is not a memorization test by any means. You have to grasp the concepts and understand how you can/ will apply them in various situations. This exam was challenging, however you can do it! TDC is a great program and I know that it was influential toward my success. Thank you so much!!

    I had previously taken the test using other study materials and failed the test by 2-4 points. After using the TDC study materials I passed the LCSW test on my 5th try. I scored a 109 and only needed 99 points to pass. This course has helped me to be successful and I am happy to be done with the testing process.

    Thank you,
    Janna Broxson, MSW

    I have bad test anxiety and was terrified of tihs exam. I heard so many horror stories of people not passing and taking it multiple times. I'm currently in school for my Ph.D. in Social Work and there is no way I could go to school, work, be a mom and study for this exam. I knew I had to take and pass the exam during my summer break. TDC thoroughly prepared me, even those times during the exam I questioned how well I was doing I remember Amanda, Bethany and Heidi in my head as well as everything I learned from the program. I 'm so very excited and happy to say that I PASSED the test on my first time!!!!! Thank you so very much TDC. I would recommend this program to anyone!

    Through studying the course material, I not only preparing for the ASWB exam, but I was able to strengthen my knowledge and skills that were applicable to my day to day duties as a social worker.

    Though I've always been a good test taker and don't suffer from test anxiety, the idea of studying for the LCSW exam at 55 years old (just got my degree 2 years ago and have my BS is Forestry; long story) was overwhelming. I'd look at the list of KSA's and think "how on earth can I study all of those enough to remember them on exam day." On the Facebook page, LMSW/ LCSW Exam Study Group, quite a few people highly recommended TDC, and checking out the website convinced me that their teaching methods would be perfect for my old brain. The combination of audio, written information, lots of quizzes/tests was perfect and I always got prompt responses to my questions. The coaches also provide a lot of spot on tips to increase confidence and reduce worry.

    After having missed by 3 questions I immediately e-mailed TDC for assistance and was contacted in less than an hour. Staff were supportive and encouraging to assist with my needs and to work with me until I pass. I am confident in their program that I will succed on my next exam.

    Thank you so much for your study guide. I am so grateful for your help.

    I knew that I studied like a mad dog this time., It was an intense 4 to 5 days that I spent in the library going over materials and Amanda's lectures in all topics which I've successfully transcribed long hard, I really put in hard effort. I also had support from my supervisor from my work who was willing to provide support to me even when I was on vacation study for this difficult exam. Responses from the clinicians in TDC has been really quick and on point with all the questions I had in regard to questions of the tests I've taken

    I'm an excellent test-taker but the clinical exam still presented me with a mountain of anxiety. TDC broke everything down and the program is structured so that if you follow it, you WILL PASS!

    My job depended on passing the LCSW exam the first time. The reason I picked TDC was due to the owner having a degree in the neuroscience of learning. It goes against my personality to select one model to totally depend upon, but the program made sense, so I decided to throw my trust in this program solely. I followed the program to the tee and tried to trust the process. The coaching staff is excellent, and the closed study group was awesome. I did the hard work and will take credit for that, but I do not believe I would have passed the first time without TDC. I would recommend this program of study to any of my colleagues or friends or strangers. It was well worth the investment of money! I passed!!!! Thank you, Amanda, and a special thanks to Heidi who is an excellent coach!

    I failed the California L&E exam twice before passing....using a different prep course. A co-worker of mine used TDC and passed both the L&E and ASWB on her first try. So I decided to use TDC and so happy I did. It's a simply yet comprehensive system. Thank you TDC for helping me pass the ASWB Clinical exam on my first try!

    TDC help me to improve my score from the first attempt by approximately 15% and enabled me to pass.
    The study content was effective as was practicing test taking itself, including the use of the marking feature in the actual exam which allows you to go back and reassess questions. My only recommendation would be to make earlier use of test-taking practice including and emphasizing how to use the marking feature... it makes a world of difference psychologically. Getting stuck and feeling stuck is a death blow no matter how much you have prepared. The test was difficult. In my version of the test I required 99 questions answered correctly and I answered 106. But hey, I passed!

    I studied for 6 weeks. I followed the LCSW Exam Study Plan (5-Week Plan). I took the 50 Topic Pre-Test and only had a score of 50%. After following all the TDC Strategies (including audio, reading, written quizzes, online tests) I still felt nervous about the exam because I am not a very good test taker. I reviewed all of the strategies over and over again but inside I worried that I would fail. I appreciated the voice of "Amanda" and I thought about "what would Amanda say." I barely passed my test today and I give the credit to the TDC and my faith in God. I would say to give yourself plenty of time to study. If I had to do my study plan over, I would consider a 10-Week Study Plan using TDC Strategies. I feel like I was prepared to pass this test and without the TDC Study Plan I would have no chance to pass such a difficult exam. Thank you TDC.

    This study system is superior to books I bought. They really show you how to approach the reasoning questions which is the majority of the exam. Thank you very much!

    I am very grateful for you all. I was nervous going into the test as I was only getting in the 71-74% for the final mocks. I really focused on staying positive, having Amanda in my head, and the client in my office. Thank you!!

    I am happily satisfied with TDC.
    I like the audios. Friendly knowledgeable teacher explain the rationale.
    My thought at this moment is that some written explanation could be elaborated.
    Let me restate: i m happy.

    This study system enhanced my critical thinking skills and really gave me a mindset for how to conquer the test. I took the whole 4 hours minus 10 minutes to complete the exam. I didn't have a problem with that because I truly reasoned my way through the entire exam and TDC greatly assisted in that process!!!

    Over the past two years I've used TDC. Through the grace of God and studying I passed my exam on the second attempt. Thanks TDC!

    TDC was incredible at organizing the material into bite size pieces. I felt as prepared as I was ever going to be after fully completing the course and taking the exam. Can't thank you guys enough!

    I would highly recommend TDC to others! I felt the program was comprehensive, easy to follow, and helped ease my anxiety. I went into the test feeling confident.

    I am grateful that I found this program. I honestly had purchased another company but was overwhelmed by the amount of information (like literally got all the DSM on flashcards) and textbooks. I am very audio and TDC gave me all I needed to prepare for this big test. TDC helped me keep my sanity by giving me structure and the ability to email coaches for any questions. I got a phone call from Bethany the first time I didn't pass and it comforting to hear her and empowering me not to give up. Getting questions answered by Heidy so quickly helped me in not losing my hope with passing. Lastly, I want to thank Amanda Rowen for this program. I will definitely recommend this program and this program only to colleagues.

    This course is freaking awesome! I have had so much test anxiety for quite some time and have a difficult time focusing in on material when there is too much of it, so I am so thankful for the concise and easy to understand information and study materials that TDC provides. I felt extremely prepared for the test and got a 90% which was much higher then I thought I would get!!

    Thank you so much TDC for all your help- I couldn't have done it without you!! I used this program for the Law and Ethics and Clinical exams and passed on the first try for both. I highly recommend TDC to anyone studying for either exam. This program is amazing!!

    First; thank you for this course, It prepared me to pass on my second attempt. I am embraced to share how many other courses I viewed or purchased. By the time I was introduced to yours I had second thoughts but I went for it because I knew I needed to study differently in order to pass. Your curriculum was simple, direct, and user friendly. I worked through the program to the half mocks and returned to the beginning to replay the lectures. What a difference. I started listening, paying attention to factors that I hadn't previously. Replaying the Ethics was a big piece after completing a 1/2 mock. Your final mock was a kicker! I think I scored a 79 but have to look. It fully prepared me to take the exam. I scored a 102 but needed a 99. Thank you for the journey.

    I would definately refer to your program. Everything you stated in the lectures was true. Stick to the plan and you will PASS!!!

    Overall, a wonderful course!! I had tried every other program offered and TDC was the only one that really taught me HOW to answer the questions. I am so grateful for this program and the support from my coach, Heidi. I have even recommended this program to my other supervisee friends who are striving to pass the exam as well. Thank you again for your dedication and passion to help social workers.

    I am so pleased with TDC! I took studying seriously and really engaged in learning the material but also applying the principals Amanda teaches in regards to eliminating choices. I passed the first time around. Not only did I pass but I passed by a good margin! Thank you so much TDC!!

    Great Program tells you exactly what you need to know in a clear way

    I’m so thankful I passed on the first try..

    I knew I wanted to do the coursework, pass the test, end of story. TDC provided clear, concise information that helped me achieve my goal. Thank-you!

    Thank you so much to Therapist Development Center! I passed on my first try. The way that the lectures, study materials, handouts, etc. were designed and presented made all the difference. I learned more from this program than I did in graduate school. This program made learning this material and studying for the exam fun and exciting. The tips and strategies is really what made this program stand out to me the most - it teaches you HOW to take the exam, not just the content. I would definitely recommend reviewing the material at least 2x and taking all of the mock exams provided to make sure you are fully prepared. A special thank you shout out to Heidi for being patient with the many questions I asked her!

    Studying for the LCSW was great because of how TDC set up there program. Although I probably made a new study calendar ever two weeks lol. I went through the program 4 times before I tested. I did not study the day before the test but I woke up early the day of and went over one of the final mocks rationales, most of the quick studies( did not go over the ones I was confident about), DSM recording and the theory recording at fast speed. I felt this helped me a lot. Driving to the test was very emotional but I told myself to get my head in the game and I got this. I can truly say I had no idea I passed until it showed on the screen and I was still in denial lol : ). Thanks TDC. Amanda your voice was in my head through out the test and Heidi thanks for clarifying questions when I asked and the other Facebooker's asked (It was very helpful).

    TDC came highly recommended from my colleagues and I now know why! The study system organizes the large amount of information into manageable parts and even gives you a schedule to follow. It wasn't just information to memorize, it teaches you a way to think and attack the different types of questions that are the exam. This is your one stop shop for ASWB exam prep! I wasn't just ready for the test, I was confident walking into the test center and excited show off what I had learned. Thank you TDC, I couldn't have done it without you!

    Thank you!

    I love TDC program! Going into my exam, I felt very confident in the material. Prior to using TDC, I would pull random study material together and pray that I pass the exam. After failing 3x's I felt discouraged and frustrated feeling like I would never pass. Heidi and the members on the facebook group were so helpful and encouraging which kept me encouraged. Thank you so much for this program and Yes, I did "take" Amanda into the exam with me.

    The Therapist Development Program's top 50 topics were spot on! I feel that listening to the audio portions of the program over and over again were vital to my passing the exam on my first try. Most of the questions on the exam require critical thinking. The program captured all of the topics in the exam and through repetition, taught me how to break the stem down in order to realize exactly what answer applied. I am so grateful to Amanda and her team. You guys rock!!

    I passed the first time using the therapist development center. I appreciate the help in understanding the test and study materials. I passed with flying colors!!! I was supposed to earn a 103 score and I scored a 116. Rate this course as a 5!

    With the help of TDC I passed my LCSW exam on my first attempt! TDC came highly recommended by a couple coworkers who used TDC program and also passed on their first attempts. Thank you to TDC for having such a detailed and organized program to tackle all the key materials/subjects covered by this exam that I think is otherwise overwhelming to study with this guidance. Recommending TDC to all my social work friends who are working on their LCSW.

    The study guide accurately prepared me for the test!

    TDC did a wonderful job with preparing me for reasoning based questions. Also, the helpful tips during the audios were great! I felt prepared and ready!

    The program is structured and the audios make the material understandable for the first, next, best questions which is prevalent in this version of the exam. very little recall questions. I can not thank this program enough.

    I used TDC to prep for the CA Law & Ethics Exam and my LCSW Clinical Exam. My experience has been nothing less than amazing. I love how structured the program is, as well as how much support is given during the program. An underrated asset of this program is the Facebook group. Hearing other people's experiences -- both of their struggles + their successes -- helped me to normalize my anxiety, and provide me with a lot of motivation and inspiration to PASS WITH CONFIDENCE. The TDC staff did an amazing job of really getting me to understand how to think about the exam, and I think that helped me ultimately pass on my first try. THANK YOU so much Amanda and the TDC staff. This program has allowed me to achieve my biggest professional goal and I am so blessed to have been recommended this program.

    I will continue to use TDC as I find the material easy to process and TDC provides in simple terms rationale to the topics discussed. Hopefully 3 times is a charm!!!!!

    I have talken this test 5 times using other programs but TDC made it much easier for me to study and learn the information to go and slay that beast !

    This program provided me with a great structure to prepare for the ASWB at a time in my life when I was very busy and extremely nervous about being ill prepared for the exam. I had been out of graduate school for several years and was feeling overwhelmed by the idea of digging into the content and frankly not knowing where to begin. I really appreciated both the content and design of this program because I am the type of learner that likes there to be a combination of learning formats to keep me engaged. The quizzes and tests were really key for me as well! Thank you for putting your energies into creating a thoughtful preparation program. I am quite sure I would not have passed if it was not for my preparing with this program!

    I am a mother of four and during my last pregnancy it was nearly impossible to study. I had planned to take the exam before my fourth daughter was born, but I just didn't have the energy or time. To make a long story short I wrote in three times to TDC to get my access extended. I listened to the lectures dozens of times and reviewed the material at my own pace (which was super slow). I had so many questions which the coaches answered right away (sometimes within hours of my messaging them) I took the exam and past it on my first try. All throughout the exam I felt confident I would pass. I'm so grateful for TDC and their team. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

    Passed the first time taking the exam. I bought a book previously but wasn't motivated to use it and just felt it was a textbook not a study material. During the exam, I heard one of the lecturers voice from 'The Development Center'. I would recommend this to everyone.

    Thank you TDC for the thorough review materials that prepared me for my LCSW exam. I had so much hesitation taking the test having been out of school for many years, but all I can hear is Heidi's voice answering the questions. Thank you !

    I passed on my first try. I needed 107 to pass and I received a score of 119. I scored a 81% and an *2% on the full mock exams. I new as soon as I sat down to the test that I was prepared. Thank you TDC for this thorough and effective training program.

    I took the ASWB exam and passed first time, scoring somewhere in the 84-87% range depending if they calculate the throw away 20 questions. I have diabetes, am in my 50's, and have "focusing" issues. Here's what I learned and applied from this course:
    I scored 49% on the first test coming in I progressively got better throughout the course. My Mock exams were in the high 80% and the 2 full mocks came in at 74% and 76% respectively. I took the final full mocks in 2 hours 10 minutes and felt like I was going slow.
    Here's some pointers: .
    1. go through the course more than once.
    2. Take both full mocks.
    3. Ask questions.
    4. Learn from your mistakes.
    5. Create a "rule sheet" if you can and study it. Eg : you FIRST refer to a physician if there are physical issues (not do a biopsychsocial).
    6. REALLY LISTEN to the pep talk and strategies. The strategies work.
    7. Get accommodations EARLY- I did not and had to whip through the exam so my blood sugar was OK, I brought in glucose tabs though. AND my test center (Pearson Vue) would NOT let anyone inside with coffee or anything to drink in the waiting room FYI. Get there early enough since there may be a lot of people.
    8. Be friendly to the workers at the center, They are there to help you and it alleviates the tension.
    9. Before the test time started: I divided my writing board into 7 sections of 10 each, and 1 section of 5, equaling 85. I underlined each section. After Q85 I wrote in big letters "TAKE A BREAK." I continued to section off the next half the same way. In each of the sections I wrote down numbers to the questions that I thought I MIGHT have incorrect and totaled them throughout. This made it far more doable. Instead of thinking of 170 questions, I thought, "OK, I just have 10 questions, then I'll stretch, or breathe deeply for a sec before going on. ) I did this 7 more times, took a break and then again for questions 86-170, and then finished in 2 hours. I calculated that by the most possible incorrect questions, I would have 26, which is totally passing. And that was close to what I got wrong. By the way, I was NOT allowed any food on my break, and I advocated loudly but it still didn't work. Just something to note.

    This is an excellent course and I would highly recommend it. I have tiny critiques on it that I would personally like improved, but it's more my opinion than the content and structure of which it is formulated. Worth every penny!

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