LCSW Exam Prep: ASWB Clinical Level Exam
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National LCSW Exam Study Program

Our Licensed Clinical Social Worker Exam Study System prepares social workers to pass the CLINICAL Level Exam administered by the ASWB. This LCSW Exam Study System is fully updated to reflect the content on the ASWB exam. Included in the online study system is access to:

  • An organized, step-by-step study plan that allows you to create a personalized, easy to follow schedule.  Many students waste valuable time trying to figure out what to study and often miss out on key topics OR end up over studying topics that are unlikely to show up on the exam.  Our plan keeps you focused and efficient - covering exactly what you need to know for the ASWB's Licensed Clinical Social Worker exam and nothing you don’t.
  • Online audio workshops with downloadable handouts – listen when you want and how much you want.  This means you can study on the go - in the car, on a walk, at the gym, or cleaning your house. The audio and visual study materials work for all types of learners.
  • Effective study tools for the ASWB Clinical Exam — Top 50 Topics Tested, Law & Ethics Quiz, DSM 5 Audio Lectures, and Outline, Quick Studies, and Quizzes for key terms and content that will appear on the LCSW test.
  • Clinical examples that help you learn instead of memorizing. To pass this exam you need to understand how to approach the reasoning-based questions that make up the vast majority of the LCSW exam, including being able to identify what the key clinical concept of each question is. Our study program brings content alive with real-life examples similar to the ones you will see on the LCSW exam.
  • Clear test-taking strategies you will use on exam day to figure out what they are asking and what the best answer is. Our study program for the national LCSW exam also focuses on anxiety management to keep you thinking clearly.
  • ASWB practice exams with over 750+ practice questions that include detailed audio or written rationales, & reflect the actual kinds of questions you will see on the ASWB Clinical Level Exam.  Our questions were written by social workers who passed with scores of 90% or higher on the ASWB Clinical Exam, so the questions accurately reflect what you will see on the test (unlike many other practice tests and programs you will find out there in the test prep world).
  • Experienced coaches are available via email for questions and support who will always get back to you within two business days (but are often able to get back to you even sooner!).

The LCSW licensing exam training takes roughly 57 hours of study time to complete once. We recommend studying between 2 and 12 weeks. Access to the program expires after 4 months, but it is FREE to extend or repeat the program. We are with you until you PASS the Licensed Clinical Social Work Exam! Once you sign up, you can access the program & digital resources immediately. Nothing is shipped - it is all online. Get started now to prepare yourself to PASS the ASWB Clinical Exam with confidence!

Still unsure if our LCSW Exam Prep is right for you?

Here at the Therapist Development Center, we understand that taking the ASWB Clinical Level Exam can be daunting, and choosing the right social work ASWB Clinical exam guide can be confusing. Many of you have jobs that are dependent on you passing this LCSW exam. Others have been out of graduate school for a long time and feel out of touch with the broad amount of content tested on the ASWB Clinical Exam. Finding the right LCSW licensing exam training and LCSW exam prep program can be challenging with so many options - books, workshops, apps, and other online options.

Many social workers come to us after using other LCSW study guides and failing, finding themselves feeling defeated or hopeless that they won't find the help they need. They report that with other social work ASWB Clinical exam guides, they were overwhelmed with a pile of books, that the day-long workshop only covered a small portion of the content tested, or that the online program they went through didn’t teach them how to answer the types of questions that showed up on their exams.  We totally get it. We created a robust study program for the ASWB Clinical Exam that offers multiple learning methods, so your brain can learn both the content you need to pass and the strategy needed to break down the unique types of questions that show up on this exam. The good news is, once the social workers who previously failed started studying with us, they quickly found themselves with a renewed sense of confidence and were able to successfully PASS their ASWB Clinical Level Exams.


How many questions on the ASWB clinical exam?

There are 170 questions on the ASWB exam, with 150 questions used for scoring. The other 20 questions are used for possible additions to future ASWB exams. These are multiple-choice questions.

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Course Reviews


I can not recommend TDC enough! The ladies behind this helpful program made me feel more prepared for this test! I wish I had heard about it sooner.

TDC helped me prepare and get organized and I am so thrilled to have passed the LCSW exam on the first attempt. Couldn't have done it without TDC, thank you!

WIth the help of TDC, I was able to accomplish my goal of being an LCSW; however, the process to get here was a struggle. My 6 year old daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia in February and had been admitted to the hospital. I had to push my test date back and did not think I had enough time to study with everything going on. I forced myself to study at least 3-5 hours a day after work and study about 5-8 hours on the weekend. It's literally just me and her and she was so patient. Even with my daughter being admitted to the hospital on Mother's Day and giving me the same cold, I was determined to get my studying done, though tired. WIth TDC, I passed on the first try!!!!!!!

This program is the reason I succeeded. I listened to the audio lectures to work and coming home from work in heavy rotation. My background is more medical and hospital-based.
Amanda recommended printing the DSM- What’s the Difference sheets to quiz ourselves. That was HUGE
for me.

I am so HAPPY I passed!!! Thank God first and upmost and I thank the TDC for having AWESOME study material. You guys rock!!!!

Im grateful for this program as it definitely helped to prepare me for the exam. I previously used a different study guide. However, I enjoyed using this program because of the audio recordings and the mock exams. I was able to listen in the car and during down time. I learned a lot from this program and I felt prepared to pass the exam. Thank you again. This program was indeed a blessing!

TDC really got me through the exam. If I didn't have this resource, I don't think I would've passed.

Lucky number 7!!! I have been on this journey since 2019 and finally passed today!!! I purchased TDC in 2021, and each Time I failed, they let me continue to use their program until I pass!!! Each time I got closer as well. I established a coaching connection with Yirley Corea, and she also tutored me two weeks ago. During this time I contracted covid in January 2O21, had major oral surgery in dec. 2021, and my mother was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer Jan.2022. I took the test on April first and missed it by one point. Yirley was so patient and understanding of my issues, and she helped me to break down questions easier, and help me with my test anxiety. I am 50 years old and have been a therapist since 2012. I’m also 16 years sober and started my career journey when I was six months sober. God, Recovery, my Family, and TDC helped me pass this test!!! Don’t give up!!!

I absolutely loved your study program. It was actually fun to study. I loved the audio lectures and would listen to them while hiking and walking. It was overall really helpful by providing structure for my studying and i loved the study plan and it was just awesome. Thanks for your help!

TDC is supportive to Veterans and their families. I have received so much assistance from their programs. I have used them 3 times and passed them all first try by using the techniques and material from TDC. They are very responsive to emails about questions. The lectures are great. I took Amanda into the exam with me and heard her voice as I went through the questions. The lectures throughout the program prepare you and set you up for success. Can't recommend them enough. I heard about this program from a fellow Veteran. They are so supportive and I appreciate all they have done for me and other Veterans. 10 out of 10!

Therapist development center has been great in helping me pass my exam! I have taken the exam twice and after completing the full program of therapist development center I went into the exam feeling confident. When I clicked "finish" I had no doubt that I was going to pass the exam, which was not the case I had previously. The online course coach was helpful when I had a question or if I needed an extension due to rescheduling my test date. They were willing to accommodate and provided support when needed. The great thing about this study system is that you can access it through the web browser on your phone and you can listen to lectures in the car or anywhere!

I got my MSW 9 years ago and finally decided to take the test. TDC was the only studying source I used and I am so grateful that my coworker told me about you all! I passed my first time - answering 120 questions correctly. I appreciate that TDC narrows down what you need to know and also prepares you for how to answer questions on the test. After listening the first time through and taking notes, I was listening repeatedly why I was driving about, like it was a podcast. Recommend that to others as well! Thank you Amanda and TDC team!

Because of your program I passed on my first time. Thank you.

I studied for the exam the first time using AATBS, and I did not feel prepared the first time. I retook the exam for the second time after studying with TDC and felt confident. And I passed!

I liked the digestible sized pieces of information and the realistic study plan. The mock questions were challenging and I liked how the debriefing went down. The quick studies were excellent.

Though I was still nervous, I felt super prepared on exam day. I followed the strategies provided and dedicated two months of studying. What really helped me were the quizzes and mock exams as it gave me an idea on what to expect. I passed the LCSW on my first exam. Thank God!!!!!

Outstanding study system, worth every dollar! I graduated with my MSW 6 years ago, so I was a bit rusty on the academic/test-taking strategies. I didn't know where to start studying for the exam. TDC had a very well-developed plan in place and guided me through the entire study process. This program is spot-on with content and preparation materials. Going into the exam, I felt thoroughly prepared, and passed my first try (yay!). I will highly recommend TDC to anyone who is prepping for this exam!

The TDC program boosted my confidence in being able to take the exam. The materials in this program provided clarity on what I needed to focus on and the mock exams were extremely helpful in learning how to think critically and look at what the question is asking. I recommend this program to anyone who is looking to take the LCSW exam. It was really helpful.

I am so happy that a co-worker told me about TDC. Although I requested like five extensions, they were patient, and even offered advice via email. I passed the first time around! I know that it was because of this program that I am now a LCSW!! I appreciate and respect the program and have already recommended it to several people. Once again Thank you!
Melita, LCSW!!