LCSW Exam Prep: ASWB Clinical Level Exam

LCSW Exam Prep: ASWB Clinical Level Exam
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Our 2018 LCSW Exam Study System prepares social workers to pass the CLINICAL Level Exam administered by the ASWB. Our 2018 LCSW Exam Study System is fully updated to reflect the new 2018 ASWB exam. Our online study system includes access to:

  • An organized, step-by-step study plan that allows you to create a personalized, easy to follow schedule.  Many people waste valuable time trying to figure out what to study and often miss out on key topics OR end up over studying topics that are unlikely to show up on the exam.  Our plan keeps you focused and efficient - covering exactly what you need to know and nothing you don’t.
  • Online audio workshops with downloadable handouts – listen when you want and how much you want.  This means you can study on the go - in the car, on a walk, at the gym, or cleaning your house. The audio and visual study materials work for all types of learners.
  • Effective study tools — Top 50 Topics Tested, Law & Ethics Quiz, DSM 5 Audio Lectures and Outline, Quick Studies and Quizzes for key terms and content.
  • Clinical examples that help you learn instead of memorize. To pass this exam you need to understand how to approach the reasoning-based questions that make up the vast majority of the exam, including being able to identify what the key clinical concept of each question is. Our program brings content alive with real life examples like the ones you will see on the ASWB Clinical Level Exam.
  • Clear test-taking strategies you will use on exam day to figure out what they are asking and what the best answer is.  Our strategies also focus on anxiety management to keep you thinking clearly.
  • 750+ practice questions with detailed audio or written rationales, that reflect the actual kinds of questions you will see on the ASWB Clinical Level Exam.  Our questions were written by social workers who passed with scores of 90% or higher on the ASWB Clinical Exam, so the questions accurately reflect what you will see on the test (unlike many other practice tests and programs you will find out there in the test prep world).
  • Coaches available for questions and support who will always get back to you within two business days (but are often able to get back with you even sooner!).

Our LCSW Exam Prep/Clinical Exam Prep program takes 57 hours of study time to complete once. We recommend studying between 2 and 12 weeks. Access to the program expires after 4 months, but it is FREE to extend or repeat the program. We are with you until you PASS! Once you sign up, you can access the program immediately. Nothing is shipped - it is all on-line. Get started now to prepare yourself to PASS with confidence!

Still unsure if our LCSW Exam Prep is right for you?

Here at the Therapist Development Center, we understand that taking the ASWB Clinical Level Exam can be very daunting.  Many of you have jobs that are dependent on you passing the exam.  Others have been out of graduate school for a long time and feel out of touch with the broad amount of content tested on the ASWB Clinical Level Exam. Finding the right LCSW Exam Prep can be challenging with so many options - books, workshops, apps and other on-line options.

Many social workers come to us after using other LCSW study guides and failing, finding themselves feeling defeated and hopeless. They report that they were overwhelmed with a pile of books, that the day long workshop only covered a small portion of the content tested, or that the online program they went through didn’t teach them how to answer the types of questions that showed up on their exams.  We totally get it. We created a robust program that offers multiple learning methods so your brain learns both the content you need to pass and the strategy needed to break down the unique types of questions that show up on this exam. The good news is, once the social workers who previously failed started studying with us, they quickly found themselves with a renewed sense of confidence and were able to successfully PASS their ASWB Clinical Level Exams.

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Course Reviews

Excellent program!! I also used Pocket Prep app, the book that goes with that app, and watched YouTube clips, but TDC was by far the most helpful!! TDC helped me become confident in taking the exam. THANK YOU!

Thank you so much TDC for helping me pass my LCSW exam. This program was amazing and I couldn’t have passed without it! I love the combination of audio and worksheets. I am recommending this program to everyone who is taking the exam. I took the exam back in June 2018 and failed by 2 points using only the Dawn Apgar book.

I passed the ASWB clinical exam on my first attempt using TDC. I needed 103 to pass and got 119! This program covered all of the relevant material and was easy to follow. Other test prep material seemed overwhelming to me and TDC did an excellent job of narrowing topics down and preparing me for many of the different scenarios covered in the test. I found all of the lectures to be incredibly useful and the mock exams and rationales really helped me learn how to reason through the test. Thank you TDC! I have already recommended the program to colleagues!

Thank you, TDC! I would recommend this program to anyone who is busy, stressed, working full-time, has kids/aging parents/needy pets/fill-in-the-blank, and who feels like they have zero brain space left to prepare for the ASWB exam. Because that was me! This program makes it simple to get through some very difficult material. The way each week is broken down makes studying manageable and digestible. Make sure you review the day after you listen to a lecture, and be sure to take notes. I loved that I could speed up or slow down the lecture, and that I could revisit any of the material at any time. I also was so thankful for the quick studies, as they not only gave me important info, but also showed me the areas in which I was weak or had nearly no knowledge or expertise. I went a step further and made flashcards from highlighting select info from the quick studies and from my own notes. Without TDC's quick studies, I would not have been able to do that. Additionally, I found the blog to be very helpful in helping me understand question stems and the reasoning behind the answers. My favorite lecture/portion was the DSM differentials lecture. Very helpful to compare dxs side-by-side. Although I took a DSM V dx class in grad school, this side-by-side comparison/rule out method was not only helpful for the exam, but for my current practice as well! I did not expect to feel like a more competent clinician after completing an exam-prep program, but I do! Bottom line, do what works best for your learning style, but make sure that TDC's mapped-out program is your foundation. Thank you so much, TDC! I will definitely continue to recommend you to my MSW and MFT colleagues!

OMG!! I am so excited to finally say that I pass my LCSW exam! I really enjoyed TDC study materials and the convenience of the entire program. I loved that I was able to listen to the audio lectures on my break or while traveling in the car. The quizzes were great and they were just what I needed to enhance my studying. On October 12, 2018 my hard work paid off! Huge Thank you to TDC!!!!!

I had a great experience with this course. It was easy to access the material and I actually found it fun to study. The course prepared me very well for the exam and I passed with no problem on the first try. Thank you!!

Although I didn't pass this second time around using TDC I know that the materials work because my 1st attempt with TDC I didn't pass by 4 questions and that was a major gain from the other study materials used for prior failed attempts. So I pray that this will be my last and final attempt once I reschedule because I GOT THIS!!

I struggle with test anxiety and wanted to ensure that I passed the exam. I followed this program very closely. TDC is an excellent program. I loved the quick studies, audio recordings and the practice tests. The practice questions and rationals, were the best. I found those to be the most helpful. The coaches are available for additional questions and respond in a timely manner. The there is additional support from other people preparing for the test on the Facebook group. I will be recommending this program for people preparing for these tests. Thank you TDC for the support and tools needed to pass the LCSW.

Thank you so much for your guidance and support. Your tips on how to study and prepare for the test helped me with my test anxiety. I felt very prepared on test day and passed with flying colors!

I am so grateful to TDC for helping me pass the LCSW exam. The lectures, quizzes, quick study sheets and all the mock tests helped me tremendously. Having Amanda to talk me through the rationales and having her “there” with me during the exam made all the difference on some of the questions. The program also helped me prepare for the exam not just from a knowledge standpoint but mentally prepare as well. The support from Heidi and the online group was also great to have. Heidi was always very responsive and quick to help. Thank you, again TDC!

Thanks to this amazing program I passed the test on my first try! I just graduated from UCLA with my MSW and was worried about passing the test given that I have not logged any hours yet and am fresh to the field. I am getting licensed in two states and the other state allowed me to attempt the clinical exam. I wanted to get the test of the way, but had no idea where to start with regard to studying, so I met with a few people from my graduate program and was told to look into TDC! I am so glad I did. The mock exams and quizzes were incredibly helpful and got me used to how the test works. I am so grateful for this program and still cannot believe that I passed! Thank you TDC!!!!

I couldn't have passed without TDC. I scored 134, which is so much better than my wildest expectations. Every single question challenged my ability to reason out the answer. Many times I felt as though all of the answers were insufficient or incomplete and I would have struggled to make any choice at all if it weren't for the lessons learned thru TDC. What a nightmare. I'm so glad this is over. Thank you TDC!!!! .

I was very prepared this time. I failed my first attempt (by 5 questions), but I believe that If I had used your system prior to taking it, I would have passed.

I am so so glad to finally Pass my LCSW. It was a great deal of studying for me and TDC most definitely structured a very thorough program and plan to go by. Unfortunately there was not one question pertaining to theorists (Freud, Erikson, Piaget & Mahler), medications, research, defense mechanisms, fees, records, insurance & consultation with colleagues. It also took me the full 4 hours to complete and go over the marked ones. I also have not been in the field for over 25 years.
Thank you TDC because I could not have done it without you!

I could not have passed the LCSW exam on my first attempt without TDC. After completing the program and Mock exams, I felt prepared and confident going into the exam. It not only taught me valuable material, but it taught me how to think for the exam, most importantly first, next, most, best questions! I loved the audios and listened to them over and over again and learned something new each time. The coaches responded so promptly and are so knowledgeable! TDC is amazing, I cannot thank you all enough for creating such a comprehensive study prep. Thank you all so much!

"I finally passed my LCSW exam on my third attempt thanks to TDC! I had used plenty of other study guides and work books, along with going to multiple exam prep classes, but none of them seemed to work. I found out through TDC that I'm an auditory learner, and listening to the lectures while taking notes really helped the information stick with me. I love how TDC gives you a study plan to follow, because before that I felt lost and "all over the place" with what I should and shouldn't study. The lectures are straightforward, concrete, and to the point. When I emailed my questions for help, I would hear back within less than two business days which I really appreciated. The coaches and members of the Facebook group were all very encouraging and supportive. I honestly don't think I would have passed this time if it wasn't for TDC."

I have had my LMSW since 2010 and put off the process of pursuing my LCSW for years because of self doubt. Studying on my own and having studied with couple other programs left me insecure about my ability. Having used TDC for one month and a half and taking a few days off of work for devoted study time provided me the confidence I needed to tackle this task once and for all. I am overjoyed at having passed the exam on the first try and grateful to be given the opportunity to use program free of charge for being a veteran and submitting my DD 2-14. Again thank you so much.
Very Respectfully,
Marcelina Gonzalez

TDC helped me prepare adequately! I went into the exam feeling confident and amazing!

Thanks to this program I was able to focus and pass the LCSW exam on my 1st try. For years I put off the exam bc I did not feel confident.... this morning when I sat for the test I felt well prepared and ready to pass. So glad it’s over! Thanks for taking the journey w me!!!!!!!

After taking the test once and failing by 2 questions, this test was just want I needed to polish up what I already knew and build on the reasoning skills I was lacking. With so much material to cover, the organization of the course and study guides made me feel like I had direction. Heidi, the online coach, was super helpful and quickly responsive always making sure I could see every angle of the question and rational for the answer. I've already recommended this program to three people and now having taken the test I can 100% recommend this course to anyone starting to study for their LCSW. Thank you again TDC!!!

I have taken my ASWB exam today and I PASSED! Thanks so much to the Therapist Development Center. I was wondering if I would ever be able to write my testimonial after all the disappointments. My suggestion is to TRUST the TDC. I went into the exam READY to ATTACK the exam. It is very important to stay focused in the presenting have a good breakfast. My exam started at 8am and I passed well above the minimum requirement. Once you use the strategies in the exam, you will begin to analyze and interpret the questions in a new and different manner. THANK YOU to the presenters of the workshop. Keep doing the amazing work with this program!

Thank you so much for the support!

Trust the process! Trust TDC!

I graduated with honors, am solid in my job as a conditional clinician, but I failed the ASWB exam the first time around. I could not believe it and I was incredibly discouraged. Part of purchasing the TDC study program was my coming to terms with adult ADHD and the challenges that brings for studying and test taking as well as general aging. I needed a program that would lay everything out for me and hold me accountable by helping me to focus on goals. TDC does that well by having sections to complete that you check off. I also very much appreciated the audio sections, because left to my own focusing, I do not do well if I have to read a stack of papers - having the information spoken was great for my memory and I believe I got to the point where I could hear that information in my head when I took the exam. I improved my exam score by 23 points using TDC and I am now an LCSW! If only there could be a similar program for the alcohol and drug licensure exam, because that is next on my list. Thank you, TDC - you are so worth the money!

I am a Peruvian single mother that immigrated to USA when I was 28 yo. English is really my second language. Academic success is a very important part of my life and passing this clinical test was very crucial for me and my professional goals!!
TDC taught me how do I think to think to pass this test. I can say for personal experience that other programs do not prepare you for that.
Therefore, I will definitively recommend to use this program if you want to be prepared to pass this test with confidence!!!
Thank you TDC team for your very appropriate amazing work !!!

TDC was great! There was not a topic on the exam that I feel TDC did not cover. I felt confident and ready going into the exam which helped ease my anxiety. I want to say thank you to the coaches who answered my endless questions. Your answers were always very helpful with quick response times. Thank you TDC! Now I am an LCSW!!!!!! Five stars

At first i was sceptical about this program since i was going to sit for my LICSW and yet most testimonials i saw were from people that had done the LCSW. I later learned that LCSW in California is the equivalent to LICSW here in Massachusetts. I found this program to be much more convenient, precise and suitable for my learning style. The audios were great and the quick studies and quizzes were right on point. I went into the exam feeling confident and well prepared, i passed on my first attempt. I am forever grateful to Jesus and to you TDC for your preparation. Susan Tibeijuka LICSW

Thanks so much. I felt like you were in the exam with me. It was very reassuring to say what would Amanda do when I got stuck. Many of the questions on the exam were similar to what I was being shown on the TDC website and it gave me a lot of confidence. Your final audio file was also very helpful. So very excited and looking forward to what I do next with my new license!

I absolutely loved the TDC study system! As a working mom of two young kids, one of my favorite things about this program is that I did not have to spend any time making a schedule. I was able to follow the plan as directed which helped to alleviate some of my anxiety right from the start! I am so grateful for the support I received through my coaches. As my test date came closer, my anxiety spiraled! TDC gave me the tools to help manage that anxiety and make it through the test on my first attempt! The practice tests were so helpful in getting my body and mind prepped to take the real exam. When I came across one of those random questions on the exam I was able to immediately utilize the tools that TDC had taught me: take a deep breath, immediately eliminate the answers that don't address the question in the stem, etc. Thank so much again and I will be telling everyone I know about TDC!

Thank you TDC for preparing me to take and pass my LCSW exam! I used the materials as directed for the most part. I had to wait a while to test as I had submitted my request to my state board right after the deadline for the next meeting and had to wait several months. During that time I listened to the lectures several times on my drives to work. As my test day got closer I went back over everything and took my final mock and passed with an 84. But started to get really nervous and felt I was getting test anxiety, which has never been an issue. I decided to do the 1 hour phone session with a coach. AND I AM SO GLAD I DID. Heidi went over several things from my tests w me and provided some great insight. She also just really encouraged me and helped me get my mind back in check! I am so glad I found TDC!

I’m an audio learner so I found the audios very helpful. Thank you TDC for your help is passing the LCSW exam!

It is such a joy to finally pass The LCSW. I have been a Medical Social Worker for 22 years. Failed the test 2 times in the early 2000's . Did not feel I needed license since I was a Medical Social Worker and had no plans to go into private practice. However, the practice of Medical Social Work has changed . I needed to change with it. I am not ready to retire.
In 2015 I made a commitment to become licensed. I reapplied for ACSW status. Passed the Law and Ethics after the second try in 2017. Went through 2 supervisor's to get a fit that worked for me. In 2017 purchased TDC LCSW test prep course. I have gone to bed listening to Amanda Rowen or Bethnay Vanderbelt most every night since 2017. I have carried a book bag full of study materials with me to Las Vegas, Beaumont Texas , 2 of my favorite San Francisco Public Libraries and Star Bucks on Divisadreo St for the past year and some months.
I went from November-January with no study . But by my birthday in January I was back on the grind. Study Study Study. I learned soooooo much. I wanted to pass so badly. I believed Amanda when she said lean in, take me with you and don't play around with a difficult questions . I picked one and I moved on.
I passed the LCSW 10/2/2018( one of my granddaughter's birthday) . I took the test at 8AM. I was finished at 10:40 AM. I was so shell shocked I sat in the lobby of the testing center for 45 minutes when it was over. Had to text and call people cause I couldn't drive right away. I am 64 and 3/4's years old. I am a Medical Social Worker in an Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. I have 4 grown children and 4 grand children and I DID IT-finally .
Amanda I miss your voice every night . I trust one day I'll meet you in person. In the mean time know TDC WORKS IF YOU WORK IT.
Thank you -Gloria Young -Thomas LCSW ( this in the first time I am adding LCSW behind my name)

I found the TDC program to be very comprehensive and thorough. I feel more competent overall in my profession as a social worker. I was confident going into the exam and felt prepared with all the information TDC offered. The mock exams were very similar to the exam and definitely helped me prepare for what to expect as well as strengthening my reasoning skills. I will definitely be recommending TDC to my colleagues!

I highly recommend the TDC program. The TDC program helps to break down the subjects to help you study, review, and test. I cannot study just by reading books or material and the TDC is designed for different learners by allowing you read, listen (take notes while listening), review materials, and many tests to help you understand how you will be tested with rationals on questions you get wrong. I am so glad I went with TDC for a study material and will be recommending to all my coworkers/peers that will be taking the LCSW test. THANK YOU!!!

At first I was hesitant but I stuck with it and was able to pass on the second round.

I found the study system invaluable. Not only are the materials comprehensive, but it really helps you organize your time well. Having the full mock exams really helps you understand the staying power you need on exam day. It's also a great review of everything I learned in social work school which informs and reinforces the work I do on a daily basis. Thank you!!

I would like to let you know that your mocks exams were better and harder than the practice board exam. To my surprise the clinical exam was much harder than their practice exam. That should be the other way around. I felt more prepared with your mocks than their practice exam.I used only TDC to prepare for this exam.

TDC came highly recommended by friends and colleagues who passed. I liked that they condensed the review to necessary pieces and coaches were available for follow up to answer questions. I looked at information from another review course that a colleague passed along as a supplement and it was too much to process; it would get into the weeds of the topics. I chose to stick with TDC because the test taking strategies are invaluable. I learned to understand this test and apply the knowledge strategically. The study plan was also helpful to keep some balance in my life while studying- I chose to review this course twice. I passed my LCSW exam the first time going in and I was also confident before going in that I was well prepared. Taking lots of quizzes and 2 full mocks helped me go in knowing I could push right through and even which score range to expect. Thank you to the TDC team for this helpful review and support.

I almost gave up on obtaining my LCSW. I was overwhelmed with who, what, when, where, how and didn't even know where to begin. A friend told me about this program and I figured what do I have to lose? I've already invested hundreds of dollars on worthless study material and 3 failed tests. This was by far the best and easiest study system. Listening to the material and utilizing all the practice tests prepared me and helped manage my anxiety. I was beyond prepared and passed my LCSW exam with ease. Thank you for creating this program, I couldnt have done it without your help. Grateful in Colorado.

This is an amazing system! I studied for 2 weeks and passed the LCSW on my First try! Thank you TDC

Best study material out there assisting one not only to pass on the first try but also helps one in becoming an overall better LCSW. The approach makes sense and totally works. Helps one being organized and staying on track. I was able to pass the exam by studying only for 2 weeks. That alone says everything about the program. The additional support is also great especially if one has any questions. Usually, they will respond to you within couple of hours. I spoke with Heidi directly and she is not only very knowledgeable but will also make sure one understands everything resulting in passing. Very thankful I found this program and would recommend it to everyone. If you want to pass then your first choice should be TDC! You do not need any other program; this is the "one"!

I am so exceptionally happy that I chose Therapist Development Center as my preparation course for both my Law and Ethics exam as well as my LCSW clinical exam - both of which I passed on my FIRST try with flying colors. I could not have felt more prepared, with the subject matters, the style of the questions, the tips and tricks provided throughout the course, and my incredibly helpful coach that I emailed throughout the course of my studies. I am so relieved that I passed, and am so so grateful that I chose TDC to help me get here. Now I'm an LCSW!

The study material assisted me in passing the exam, so I am grateful and satisfied. I feel this material was more suited for the LCSW exam and did not address the increased necessity to synthesize questions, beyond recall. I was surprised, w my exam, to find so many questions related to medical social work, which I did not feel prepared for. Very few questions required knowledge of theories and therapies and only 4 pertained to personality disorders. I was allowed to keep a snack near the lockers and the advice about breaks and snacks was spot on. Thank you for the guidance and help in succeeding.

This is truly an extraordinary program and the staff are the best. There is no other program that provides help in a timely manner and in addition, will help with resetting the program if needed. If it were not for this program I really do not think I would have passed this exam. This program was instrumental in me passing both LMSW and LCSW exam.

Thank you so very much,

This system was extremely helpful. I passed on the first try as I used the system as it was intended. I moved up my test date 2 weeks as I felt fully prepared for the test. I decided at 9 pm the day prior to take it the next day. I would highly recommend doing the system as it was designed and it makes it a lot easier when you are trying to figure out what they are asking. Thank you TDC for being there with me along the way to make me feel confident!

Thank you! The system works and I was READY and CONFIDENT!!

TDC makes studying simple. I felt well prepared before and during the exam.

I passed on the first attempt which almost brought me to tears! I have always been anxious about completing exams but this program was a life saver and made me feel more prepared than I could've ever been on my own! The practice exams helped build my test taking skills and were the most helpful part. There were a few topics that were included in the exam (unfortunately I can't remember what they were) and/or some questions with unforeseen scenarios that really through me for a loop. But the continued practice around reasoning skills and putting the answers in order was a GOD send! This program is so awesome and I will be forever grateful! I felt like I was in school again and really enjoyed revisiting all of these topics!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

First and foremost, I just want to thank you all at TDC because I passed on the first try!! There were several moments during the exam that I thought I was definitely going to fail. But, Amanda, your pep talk and specifically where you addressed these specific feelings was incredibly helpful! I remembered what you said during the exam and it really helped me to calm down. Your program built my confidence like none other...I did use another program at first and did not feel confident enough to take the exam on the date I originally scheduled it for. So, I gave myself another 5 weeks and used was worth every penny!! AND, Heidi (one of the coaches) was SOOOO helpful in encouraging me and providing me with some solid study advice one week before the exam. I couldn't be more grateful to you all right now!!

I trusted TDC with both my LCSW Law and Ethics Exam as well as the ASWB Clinical Exam. I went through the program twice just as TDC recommended and I felt very prepared going in to the exams. I would definitely recommend it to colleagues!

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