My first exam was taken "cold turkey"- no significant studying. I convinced myself to initially view the first try as a practice, which reduced the test anxiety associated with it. I didn't pass, but I was determined to pass it after obtaining some additional CE units. I made the two-hour trip to the Los Angeles hotel for the seminar, which was time-consuming and costly, but I assumed the in-person approach would give me a better chance of absorbing the material and passing. I was shocked that results of my second exam showed only a minor improvement from the first try. Now, the stakes were higher, and I had already lost money on obtaining units and exam costs. I then recalled what a colleague shared with me (when at the L.A. seminar), which was her plan to take this course in addition to the CE units. I remember liking the idea, but the cost scared me away at first. I later reconnected with her, and discovered she passed the exam on the first try. I finally purchased this course for myself, and passed the exam! I would have saved money in the long run if I had taken this course from the start.

Trust the TDC method! If it was not for TDC study plan and the coaches being by my side through everything I would not have passed! I'm so glad I paid for this study course because it was the best decision I ever made.

I just wanted to say thank you for the materials provided to us in this program. They were very helpful, and helped guide me throughout my exam. Thank you for the audios and rationales provided throughout the course. I used TDC for both my Law and Ethics exam, and my ASWB Clinical exam. I am happy to say that I passed both exams on the first try!

The TDC study program was instrumental in helping me understand how to think about the test, what it was testing and the purpose. The investment was well worth it. Thanks TDC!

I completed my MSW studies 10 years ago but put off the licensing exam. The TDC study course was very helpful organizing my study for the LICSW exam. The quizzes, quick studies, audio lectures are a wonderful aid. Taking mock exams were great prep the week before the exam. Thanks for the encouragement and support provided, I was able to pass on my first attempt.

I have always had text anxiety, but many friends reassured me that with TDC I would go into the test feeling confident and ready. I wasn’t sure how I was going to do even after taking the Final Mock exams because I felt my scores were too low not knowing what percentage was a PASS. However, the night before the test I listened to the final pep talk and also to the Let’s Talk Law and Ethics for a final time and something seemed to click! I had Amanda’s voice inside my head and I knew I was going to PASS. I woke up the morning of the test calm which has never happened in a testing day before. Of course there is always that little bit of doubt but I was so excited when a I saw the word PASS on my results page. Thank you TDC!

I didn’t pass my exam on the first try using TDC, and that was partly my fault as I didn’t study for as long as I should have. I really took the time to go through all the course material this time around and I emailed the coaches as much as I could to really understand the material. I will say that having the support of the coaches and having them email me back in a timely manner made all the difference this time around. They offered validation and didn’t make me feel like I was studying incorrectly but instead reframed the way I looked at questions and I really think that helped me pass my exam this morning. I am really grateful and excited to start on this new journey! Thank you so much TDC and especially Ms. Heidi Tobe for answering my questions and really helping me feel prepared.

TDC had me feeling so confident I literally walked through the hallway to get to my test punching the air. Amanda said to go in there and attack this test and that's how I approached it. Then I sat down, put my noise cancelling headphones on that make your head feel like it's in a vice grip, and FORGOT EVERYTHING. I forgot all the information I learned through the audio recordings I listened to in traffic. Forgot every quick study and quiz I took. Forgot all the mock and practice test answers I had memorized (some of you can't tell, but that's just me being funny). But it didn't matter that I suddenly couldn't remember anything. I followed their study plan and it became almost like muscle memory with my brain. All the awesome information they give you, it's floating around in your head somewhere. You just have to take a couple deep breaths and channel Amanda and Bethany into the test center with you. I literally heard Amanda a couple times say "that's a possibility, but is it the best answer?" If you follow this program you will still be nervous, but you will be confident. And you will succeed. I passed today and I just want to thank TDC because this journey started the day I began grad school. Also, they love their Veterans so they have a special place in my heart. Semper Fi :)

I had failed the exam two times before but this time I really made it a point to follow the structure of the guide word for word. I went to the library every Saturday for a month and focused on taking the quizzes and the final mock exams to get used to the process of taking the actual exam. I would review what I had failed on the quizzes and the mocks during that week. I made the "process of elimination" my "go to" technique whenever I was stuck on a question and it really helped me. I highly encourage people who have a difficult time to use the "process of elimination" technique and to take a break while taking the actual exam. I am really glad that I stuck to this program and I would recommend this program to anyone. Thank you for all your help.

The TDC program is great!  Easy to follow, very thorough and well planned out. I especially liked having the audio because I am on the road a great deal. I listened over and over!

I purchased the TDC program in August 2017and initially took the exam the first time October 2017. I did not pass on my 1st attempt. It was very disappointing when I failed, however I knew going into the exam that the worst that could happen is that I would have to take it again. I missed passing by 3 points. I felt that I rushed through the material and should have studied longer. I began studying again in November and put a lot of effort into being prepared. Through the process I did connect with others and formed a small study group and I participated in several FB groups. I do believe the TDC material is comprehensive and prepared me well for the exam. This week my anxiety about the exam diminished and I felt at ease. I took the exam this morning with my mind set on doing my best. I passed and now I am ready to move on to the next phase of my career. Thank you TDC for sticking with me until I passed. Thank you Heidi.

Thank you! It the difference between going to a gym by yourself vs. having a personal trainer with you the whole time. I am glad I used the Therapist Development Center, and it felt great to pass!

This was my second attempt at the exam, and felt so anxious. TDC came at the right time for me and was such a gem! TDC helped me prepare and feel confident for the exam. I learned to tolerate uncertainty and to ATTACK the exam! I am so happy that I made this purchase! I needed 99 to pass and had 126! Thanks TDC.

I just passed my Law and Ethics test! I studied for a week and a half and felt prepared. My mock quizzes/test ranged from 65% to 77%. I look forward to utilizing the TDC for my clinical test!

The materials TDC offers is very helpful, and I love their two short mock exams, study materials, and their two full mock exams. Bringing glasses to cut the blue light off the computer screen was very helpful to my eyes. I highly recommend TDC and the glasses. P.S. - Wear the ear phones when taking the exam, it helps also.

I passed my exam on the first time, and am so grateful for the help of this study program. The sample exams, answer explanations, and topics were very helpful in helping me to pass. The program is very thorough as well, which is beneficial even if you don't intensely study each section. Thank you so much for creating this for social workers!

I passed on my first try! Amanda was in my head the whole time :). As a veteran I am thankful for TDC for their support and offering the program free to those of us who have served. Amazing program and I would recommend it to anyone!

Thank you for the help and support. I found the course very informative and detailed. It was especially helpful learning how to think through questions and rate answers. I used that technique a lot when I was unsure of the answer. It was a difficult exam and I was very thankful I took this course and passed my first time. Thank You!

There was so much on the line with my LICSW test, including loan forgiveness and a job offer. Heidi was so helpful is responding to my questions quickly and with information that made sense! I am so grateful for this study system and appreciate the work that you all do. I passed on my first try and I'm so happy. Thank you TDC!

The program is by far the best one I have tried. I like how I could listen to the content over and over which really helped to engrain it into my brain. In addition, I only used the coaches one time, but they responded within an hour on a Sunday. I found that really impressive!!! The course is easy to use and did a great job helping me to pass. I have already recommended it to all my classmates and will continue to do so. Thanks for all the GREAT work!