Maryland Social Work License

Maryland Social Work License

Earn Your Maryland Social Work License

The Maryland Board of Social Work Examiners is the regulatory board in which social worker candidates must apply through in order to receive your Maryland Social Work License. Their website can be found by clicking here, or you can call them at 410-764-4788, to make sure you’re taking the right steps to becoming an Maryland LCSW-C. Of course, TDC is also here to provide you with a clear path on those steps as well.

One key difference we should point out for the state of Maryland, is that the clinical license is called an LCSW-C, not an LCSW. In Maryland, an LCSW stands for Licensed Certified Social Worker, not Clinical. Just wanted to point that out since in other states LCSW is the clinical license, and could be a source of confusion for some.

Okay, so you have your MSW, right? The next step is…

STEP 2 - Apply for the LMSW exam and Pass with Confidence!

  • When you’re ready to take the Masters Level Exam (LMSW), contact the Maryland Board of Social Work Examiners to get approval to register for this exam.
    • The state application can be found here.
    • You will need to provide three (3) professional recommendations as part of this process.
  • Once you receive the approval, next contact the ASWB to register for the exam (click here) and then Pearson VUE to select your test location and date (click here).
  • Then once you have your text date, it’s time to start studying! TDC offers a comprehensive study program that can help you get 100% ready in 2-12 weeks or 50 hours. Check out TDC’s LMSW Exam Prep: ASWB Masters Level Exam prep program by clicking the link.

STEP 3 - Accrue Hours to become an Maryland LCSW-C!

  • Before you accrue hours, you must complete and submit a Contractual Agreement with the state of Maryland.
  • Prospective clinical social workers (LCSW-C) must have an LCSW-C as a supervisor.
  • Then, the applicant must provide proof to the Maryland Board of Social Work Examiners of two (2) years of experience consisting of at least 104 weeks of not less than 3,000 hours of supervised social work in a professional setting.
    • Of these 3,000 hours, 1,500 hour shall consist to face-to-face clinical practice, including tasks such as forming diagnostic impressions and applying psychotherapy.
    • Also the candidate must obtain 144 hours of periodic face-to-face supervision.

STEP 4 - Apply for the Clinical Licensing Exam, Schedule, Study and Pass!

  • Once you completed your experience requirements, you will need to apply for eligibility for the exam with the Maryland Board of Social Work Examiners, by filling out the application here. Some of the things required in this application are (but not limited to):
    • Three (3) professional references
    • Supervision verification
    • $100 application fee
  • Your application was accepted? Great! Now contact the ASWB to register for the ASWB Clinical Level exam, and Pearson VUE to select your location and date/time.
  • And once you have your date selected, it’s time to utilize TDC’s LCSW Clinical Exam program to give you the right tools, knowledge and confidence to ace this exam! It’s a one stop program what will get your ready to pass in 4 - 8 weeks. Learn more about our program by clicking here.

So did you pass? Wonderful news! Congratulations on receiving your Maryland social work license! And best of luck to you on your inspiring and impactful career.

The Therapist Development Center Team