Career Development

At the Therapist Development Center we understand the lack of on-going support for mental health professionals. We are here to try to fill that void through quality professional development services including licensing preparation, continuing education courses and professional advice and support.

Successful clinicians don't just wait for things to happen.  They plan, seek opportunities, and invest in personal and professional growth.  They actively make a path for themselves.  We are here to guide you along that path.

So, ask yourself:  Thirty years from today, looking back to this moment, what would you like to say about your career?  What will you be most proud of? What might you regret? What opportunities should you have pursued? What risks do you wish you would have taken?

And stay tuned for more professional development services from TDC.  If you have ideas for services, blog topics or continuing education that you would like to see us offer, we would love your input.  Your success is important to us!

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Remember, it’s the journey that matters.