MFT Case Conceptualization

What Every MFT Should Know About Case Conceptualization

The first step in sucessful treatment is understanding your client and their treatment needs. In this white paper, we provide a basic overview of how to conceptualize a case. 

MFT Supervision

Getting What You Need from MFT Supervision

Good supervision is critical to your professional and personal development.  It is also essential to accruing your hours towards licensure. This whitepaper, based on a popular blog post, give you the 10 things you should know about getting supervision.

MFT Hours

Make Sure Your Hours Count

The last thing you need as an un/underpaid intern is to lose some of your hours towards licensure. The best way to avoid that is to know what you need in terms of paperwork.  This white paper, developed by Merriam Saunders, LMFT, gives you the essential information you need to make sure your hours count.