National AMFTRB MFT Exam Prep
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Our National AMFTRB Exam Study System includes INSTANT on-line access to:

  • An organized, step-by-step study plan for the AMFTRB exam
  • 19 on-line audio workshops with downloadable HANDOUTS
  • Complete review of essential content areas
  • Effective MFT exam study tools — Top 50 Topics Tested, Law & Ethics Quiz, Theory Review, DSM 5 Review
  • Clinical examples that help you learn instead of memorizing
  • Clear test-taking strategies you will use on exam day
  • 750+ ON-LINE practice questions with audio rationales
  • Test anxiety management
  • MFT Exam Prep Coaches available for on-going questions and support

    This AMFTRB exam prep is designed to maximize learning and minimize stress. The program takes approximately 55 hours to complete once and can be repeated as needed. Access is set for 6 months, but extensions are FREE. We are with you until you pass!

Our National AMFTRB Exam Prep Program is for ALL states EXCEPT CALIFORNIA. For California please see California Law and Ethics Prep or California MFT Clinical Prep.

"I like how organized, detailed, and repetitive your program is laid out. I have used other online programs and books for the National MFT exam and they gave too much information that overwhelmed me.  Your program definitely covers the topics and your mock exams are great examples of questions on the exam. Thank you." -Jill Fishman



The AMFTRB National MFT Exam is a computer-based standardized exam. The exam includes 180 multiple-choice questions. Test takers are given 4 hours to complete the exam questions. Special accommodations can be requested by individuals who meet the criteria based on the Americans with Disabilities Act. In addition, certain states provide special arrangements for English Language Learners (see below for additional information).


The passing score for the National MFT Exam is established by a panel of expert judges and will change with each exam testing period. The passing score will shift up or down depending on the determined level of difficulty of each exam question; the easier the questions, the higher the passing score, and the more difficult the questions, the lower the passing score. The majority of states will use the passing score that is set by the AMFTRB; however, some jurisdictions set their own passing score. Test takers do not receive their results immediately; scores are sent to appropriate state licensing board and mailed to you within 20 business days of your exam date.


Eligibility to sit for the exam will differ for each state that accepts the AMFTRB National MFT Exam for licensure. You will need to contact your state licensing board for the application and to determine eligibility requirements. Once you are approved by your state licensing board to sit for the AMFTRB National MFT Exam, you will receive an approval letter that will include an approval code and a link to the PTC Online Application System. Once you receive approval, complete the PTC application and submit payment for the examination/testing fee. PTC will email you a Candidate ID and Scheduling Authorization within 6 weeks of your testing period.


The AMFTRB National MFT Exam is administered one week each month. The schedule for upcoming exam periods can be found here.


Accommodations are available for test takers with disabilities covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you would like to request special accommodations, complete the online application (at least 8 weeks prior to exam date) and attach the appropriate documentation (i.e. doctor’s letter).


The following states provide special accommodations for English Language Learners:

Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

The following states do not provide special accommodations:

Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Missouri, North Carolina, New York, Utah, Washington

(see here for updates)


The answer to this question will vary based on the state you are moving to and requirements established by the state’s MFT licensing board. The first step will be to apply to the state MFT licensing board. Once that state MFT board reviews your application and credentials, they will inform you of any deficits or if you are eligible to sit for the AMFTRB National MFT Exam. You must apply to sit for the National MFT Exam through the state’s MFT licensing board in which you plan to practice. You cannot sit for the exam without taking this step. Here is an overview of requirements by state.

The California Board of Behavioral Sciences is actively pursuing increased reciprocity for MFTs. To date, several states will accept the California MFT Clinical Exam, which means MFTs moving to these states may not have to take the AMFTRB National MFT Exam. Check with the state’s licensing board to determine if the California MFT Exam will fulfill the exam requirement.


The National MFT Exam has more questions than the California MFT Clinical Exam (200 versus 170). The content areas have some overlap, but the National MFT Exam covers more domains (aka knowledge areas). The domains that are tested on the National MFT Exam can be found here. The National MFT Exam has a larger share of recall-based questions, whereas the California Clinical MFT Exam is mostly comprised of reasoning-based questions. However, The National MFT exam does include exam questions that will test your critical thinking skills.


There is some overlap between the content that is tested on the National MFT exam and the California Clinical MFT exam. However, there are also significant differences in the content and types of questions that appear on each exam. Each program teaches the content and strategies designed to meet the unique needs of each exam. For this reason, it is not appropriate to use one program for both exams. If you are using TDC to prepare for both exams we would be happy to give you a discount code as a thank you for your loyalty.

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Course Reviews

This curriculum did a great job at preparing me for the test. I usually suffer from severe test anxiety but with this curriculum I was extremely confident walking into the test and did not worry at all.

Hooray I finally passed my MFT licensing exam. This was my fourth time taking it, and TDC made it happen. I found this program way better than other programs I have tried in the past.

I am an anxious test taker and knew I would need a good study program. TDC was super helpful in providing study strategies. My coach Asya, was super helpful, and gave me some great strategies to, ease my anxiety and gave me the confidence needed to pass my exam. I enjoyed the study material and it prepared me for the real exam. Thank you, TDC

I’m almost embarrassed to say that with my first few tries at the exam I did not utilize this course to the fullest extent. I was so busy at the time working, being a single parent and navigating survivorship of early stage breast cancer. Now 3 years later and over 5 years (and counting!!) cancer free, once my permit expired I had to sh-t or get off the pot. I saved money, quit my job and committed to this program fully. I studied overnight from 230am- 530am. I engaged Asya as my coach. She was patient, honest and always provided a substantial reply to my emails, about my process and the content. I’d also recommend investing in a 1-1 coaching session. That gave me the extra edge I needed to adjust my thinking strategies. I am so thankful for this course. I think I’m most thankful for sticking with me until I received a passing score- invaluable! I also strongly feel that so much info is provided that it has done much more than help me pass my exam. It has helped in my daily practice as a clinician. I hope to advocate on the behalves of others about how difficult this exam is. It seems almost punitive. It’s good to know that TDC is here in the meantime. Thank you!!

TDC is all encompassing. It starts from the beginning of how to study, how to breakdown the questions of the exam and what up to date knowledge you need to best prepare for the exam. The coaches are MFT's so they understand our brains and how we think. They have ever changing paths to help. Although I failed twice while studying with TDC, they were right there with me to help me get back up and take it again, I passed the third time. The first two times were no fault of TDC, though, it was my own anxiety and partial laziness that got in the way of my success.

Prior to investing in the TDC program I failed the California Law and Ethics exam twice. I have really bad test anxiety and anytime I've ever used the TDC study program, I passed. I've used other study programs because I was reluctant to spend money but I ended up spending the money anyway because I did not pass with the other study program. TDC is the most organized, comprehensive and practical study program you are going to find and worth every penny. Asya and Amanda are by far the best when it comes to coaching, test preparation and anxiety management. I found TDC's audio (i.e. rationales, study prep/ calendar, 48 hour pep talk, etc.), quizzes, mock exams and study coaches helpful and effective. I recently passed the National MFT exam on the first try receiving a score of 82 out of 99. Asya was with me every step of the way and I am so grateful. One of the best investments I've made into to my professional career thus far. I have now passed the California Law and Ethics Exam, California Clinical MFT exam and National MFT exam. Thank you TDC!

Well worth the money and time! I passed first try after using this program!

Very helpful program. TDC makes you feel confident going through each step and helped me feel like I was building on to my knowledge. The quizzes were very helpful and the audio was always on while I was walking, driving or sitting down and focusing on the material. Highly recommend this program!

I graduated in 2015 with a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. Worked for a year in a clinic and then was given a dance studio. I took the exam 2 weeks after I found out about the studio and failed. I worked full time at the studio for 5 years only to do therapy part-time for the last two. Due to COVID, I knew I wanted to change that and do therapy full time. I started by taking the exam again. I have really bad test anxiety and I'm dyslexic. I truly did not believe I could pass the exam because of the dyslexic and not being in the field as much as others. I can say I would not have passed the exam without this program. I ordered books from other programs and nothing compared to this. You are truly taught to pass the exam in a way that is not intimidating. I am beyond grateful for this program and highly recommend it for anyone with learning disabilities. Thank you!

TDC helped me pass my exam on my first try. It was my only study tool. Practice exams were so helpful so practice sitting for an long form exam. Really great!!!! Thank you!!!

Not only did I pass on my first try but I passed by 19 points?! I am in complete shock and on cloud 9!! This program truly prepares you for everything that is tested and more! The staff/coaches are highly accessible and the material is so easy to digest. Although I may have felt I did not pass walking out of this exam (you find your scores out 20 painful days later) I felt as if there was nothing more I could have studied and this program definitely covered all my bases! I scored between a 69-80% on all of mock tests and scored a 81% on the actual exam... I felt the mocks did a great job preparing for the real deal! Thank you Amanda and the team for helping me through this stressful point in my career and I’m so so so relieved to be where I am now!!

I PASSED!!!!! I am so happy I chose this program! If you are reading this and haven’t made up your mind yet, DON’T GIVE IT ANOTHER THOUGHT, do the program!! It offers more than you need to pass the exam. I regret having studied so hard, as most of the recall questions were very simple (especially the DSM ones.) I have been out of school forever, took the test 5hrs away from my home, as they don’t offer it where I live, and had an asthma attack during the test due to the prolonged mask use for C-19. I didn’t review any questions because I needed to get out of there to breathe. I finished with 47 minutes left. So don’t panic, you can do this!!! Amanda was great, I took her to the test with me and when I got stuck, she was right there reasoning for me. I got 85% and considering the fact that the computer crashed twice and I had asthma, I couldn’t be happier. THANK YOU TDC, THANK YOU AMANDA!!!!!

This study program really helped me to get ready. Thank you very much for providing such a great resource for us!

I just received my results and am thrilled to have not only passed but scored 27 points more than required to pass. I felt very prepared and ready for the exam and everything Amanda said would be on the exam was! I'm so grateful I used TDC and my only regret is that I spent any time studying on my own before starting TDC. Whew. So glad that's done (and in a pandemic no less).

This course helped me pass the first time, so I'm incredibly grateful! All of the materials were very helpful and relevant, and the practice tests were very similar to the actual exam. I also loved the sections on how to answer questions, study tips, and the pep talk! Highly suggested!!

I just want to say thank you to TDC. This program truly helped me feel confident about the MFT Licensure Test.

I am so grateful that I used TDC for the MFT National Exam. I think the hardest part of this exam stems from figuring out how to break it down into manageable study sections. TDC does that for you and does so in such a positive and motivating way. I followed 90% of the study and test taking tips - and they all helped. I even noticed I had the test material's author's voice in my head while I was taking it! Because of TDC I was able to pass the exam on my first try! Thank you!!!


I have major (MAJOR) test anxiety. On test taking day, after about two months of using TDC's National MFT Study Exam System, I had just the right amount of confidence I needed. Not too much, and not too little. I ended up finishing the test with almost an hour to spare. Thank you for helping me prepare intellectually by organizing the broad range of information, emotionally with the positive self affirmations, AND physically by prompting me to exercise regularly during the study period and encouraging me to get up and take breaks during the actual test. Had I not studied using TDC, I am confident I would have failed.

I immediately liked the TDC study approach when I found it while searching for something to help me prepare for the exam. Other methods seemed to focus on rote memory, repetition, and/or other processes for learning that simply didn't sound effective for an exam that is testing our ability to think on our feet. TDC focused on the right areas and applied learning theories designed to not just remember information, but how to apply it.

This study program was spot on for what was on the test, how questions are worded and gives you an amazing amounting of practice tests to study and gauge your progress. This was my second time and the first time I used a different study program and was very lost when I saw test questions. I highly recommend this program.