LMSW Exam Prep: ASWB Masters Level Exam

LMSW Exam Prep: ASWB Masters Level Exam
Price: $275.00

Our LMSW Exam Study System prepares social workers to pass the ASWB Masters Level Exam. Our ASWB Masters Level Exam Study Guide includes everything you need to pass your exam with confidence. Our online study system includes access to:

  • An organized, step-by-step study plan designed by experts in social work - we are the only program with a 10-step system that gives you clear tasks to prepare for the ASWB Masters Level Exam. This makes your studying efficient and effective.
  • Audio lectures with printable handouts – listen and learn at your convenience. When you attend a workshop, you only get to hear that information once.  Real learning requires repetition. With our lectures, you can listen and take notes as many times as you need.
  • A thorough review of all essential content areas on the 2020 LMSW exam - we took the ASWB Masters Level Handbook and organized our course in a way that makes all the information accessible and covers it in a way that will actually be tested on the ASWB Masters level exam.
  • Multiple, effective study tools - we learn best when the material is presented in different formats.  Our program does just that. We review the Top 50 Topics tested, provide multiple handouts, lectures, and quizzes to reinforce concepts.
  • Our clinical examples from professional social workers help you learn instead of just memorize the information, which is essential for successfully answering the reasoning-based questions that make up the majority of the exam.
  • Clear test-taking strategies and anxiety management you will use on exam day.
  • 600+ ASWB Masters Exam practice questions with audio or written rationales
  • Experienced exam prep coaches available via email for questions and support - our coaches have passed the ASWB Masters Level Exam with a score of 90% or higher!  They know the exam and will always email you back to you within two days (if not sooner!). 

This ASWB Exam Prep program takes 50 hours of study time to complete once. We recommend studying 2-12 weeks for the ASWB Master Exam. Access to the program expires after 4 months, but extensions are FREE. We mean it when we say that we are with you until you PASS!

Still unsure if our ASWB Masters Level Exam Study Guide is right for you?

For many social workers, taking the ASWB Masters Level Exam can be very intimidating, and that is understandable. The ASWB Masters Level Exam covers a massive amount of content. With so many options - books, workshops, apps, and other online options, finding the right ASWB Masters Level Exam Study Guide can be daunting.

It has been our experience that many social workers come to us after using other ASWB Masters Level Exam Study Guides and failing.  Frustrated and defeated, they worry that they won’t ever be able to pass the exam. Many report they were overwhelmed with books or the app that they bought was nothing like the ASWB Masters Level Exam.  We totally get it. That’s exactly why we created this program. As social workers who have actually successfully passed the ASWB Masters Level Exam Study Guide who had seen the other study guides out there, we knew there was a very real need for a better program for test takers. That is why we created a robust, but concise study system that provides a clear plan and multiple learning methods so your brain can truly learn and absorb the material. When it comes to passing the ASWB Masters Level Exam, you are in good hands with the Therapist Development Center team.  We look forward to helping you pass!

(Please note that for the Michigan LMSW exam, you want to sign up for our Clinical LCSW program, as this is the study system that will prepare you for the Michigan LMSW exam. Our LMSW exam prep is for a Masters level exam that is NOT required in the state of Michigan.)

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Course Reviews

I studied for 2 months. I listened to Amanda while driving daily. I listened to all clips multiple times. I did practice tests and most importantly I believed in myself.

Thanks for giving me such a great base of understanding. I couldn’t have done it without you guys!

I have taken the exam 6 times and after the first time, failing by 34 points, it went down to 10, then 2, then 6, and then 3!! I decided to finally try a test pep program and was thrilled by TDC study prep! It gave me the confidence and structure I needed and I am so happy that I finally passed!! I re did the course several times and had to push my date back due to personal set backs and TDC was understanding and was able to accommodate me ! thank you so much TDC!!

I passed me exam on the my first try!!! without TDC I don't think I would have done it. TDC prepared well for taking this exam. In addition, it provided me guidance and direction and they break down the material in such a way that is manageable and understandable. It shows you how to answer the questions and how to study for this exam. TDC is just amazing. I have recommend this program to all of my SW friends and when its time to take my clinical license, I will definitely be using TDC it is the best program!!! Thank you TDC!!!

I graduated in 05/2012 and I took the test 3 times. Each time I felt more and more unprepared and hopeless. Each time I failed. I stopped trying for almost three years. I built up a wall out of fear of failing it again. That was until I told about the TDC. I took a chance and I ordered the program. I studied relentlessly for two consecutive weeks and I passed! Earning a higher score than what was needed to pass. Thank God for TDC!

I passed the LMSW on my first try! I KNOW I wouldn't have without TDC. It is an excellent study system that I would highly recommend. Thanks TDC!

When I began this process I was very overwhelmed. TDC was a great study tool for breaking down the exam and making it manageable to wrap my head around! Thank you!

As someone who has trouble sitting down and reading a test-prep book, this system worked so well for me! The content was digestible and easy to grasp. I also learned a lot that I believe will ultimately help me in my career as a social worker!

I am very happy with Therapist Development Center. I studied the material for the past two week and successfully passed the NASW Masters Licensing Exam on the first try.

So after being out of the classroom for over 25 years, I was a wreck about not passing the LMSW Exam. I heard about your program from a colleague and decided to purchase it, It was terrific! I budgeted my time accordingly, followed your program to a “T” and passed first shot! I was a bit disappointed in the final mock exam, so I would encourage people to also buy the ASWB Practice Exam to get a true feel for what the test will be like. Thank you for developing such a great tool for people to use!

My first pre-test with TDC I received a 54%. By the final Exam I had increased my test score to 80%! I only studied for 2 months and had graduated with my Masters back in 2009! It was definitely helpful!!!

I don't know where to start! About two weeks ago I was panicking due to "not retaining" materials from a ASWB test prep book. I started to googled online course, Therapist Development was the first one that popped up. I took a leap of faith and bought it. I can whole heartedly say it was the best decision I made. I used to go in exams with the worst anxiety, but with this test I walked in feel good! It worked, I PASSED!

Thank you so much

This helped me conquer my fears. I procrastinated my butt off because I was so afraid. Today, I passed on my first try. I feel so relieved. Thanks for adding the macro section. A big portion of my test was macro related.

I graduated with my MSW 3 years ago and have been putting off taking the exam. When I decided to finally take the exam I felt like it was starting from scratch. I felt like I had forgotten everything! I heard that TDC was free for veterans so I thought I would try it out. I had to trust the program because it was time consuming and I wouldn’t have time to use any other program. I’m so glad I did! I LOVED the audio lectures. They were so helpful to listen to when I was on the go. All of the material was presented in a way that made it easy to learn and easy to remember. I can’t thank you enough for supporting veterans and creating this amazing program!

TDC helped me more than any other study materials/programs. TDC really breaks everything down for you, which enables you to retain all of the information better. TDC taught me more than the other study materials/programs I had previously used. Furthermore, TDC has more than other study materials/programs that just have Practice Quizzes & Tests, since TDC also has Quick Studies, Audio Lectures, and Handouts. TDC also covers How to Think and Types of Questions. TDC had great rationales as well, which enables you to better understand everything. If you're considering buying TDC, you should, since it is what helped me to pass my LMSW Exam! I've already recommended TDC to someone, who now has TDC. I'll be recommending TDC to everyone!

The truth is there are no shortcuts to passing the LMSW exam - no tricks will get you a license. What you need is a program to help you think and reason in a way that helps you pass the exam. That’s exactly what TDC does! Tgey helped me pass the LMSW on my first attempt! Thank you TDC! I’ll be back when it’s time to take my LCSW!

I have worked for 27 years in the social work field. I accidentally let my licensed lapse and was required to reapply with the state which included taking the exam again. Although I work in the field I do not work with a variety of populations and have been out of school for many years. I was concerned about my lack of specific knowledge in all areas that would be covered by the test. I do not think I would have been able to pass this exam without this course. i really appreciated the variety of learning formats. The most helpful aspect was learning how to approach questions. I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone preparing for this exam.

This study system is AMAZING!!! I was two weeks before my exam date, when I felt that none of the study exam guides, books, flash cards, text books etc. that I bought prepared me enough to feel confident in taking and passing the exam. I felt completely overwhelmed and then I remembered seeing this program on my Pinterest account and signed up on 6/6. I went through the entire program twice, listening to the lectures, reading the quick studies and taking the quizzes (yes- all in the matter of two weeks) and I am proud to say that I passed my LMSW exam on 6/24, and this was my first time taking the exam. This program gives you the reasoning based skills you need in order to pass this exam, tips to lessen test anxiety and confidence in learning the content that is pertinent for the exam. This program goes over all the content you need to pass this exam and I honestly do not think I would have passed without using this program. I will be using this program again for my LCSW exam later down the road. This program is the ONLY guide/study materials that you will need- honestly. Huge thank you to the Therapist Development Center and Amanda for this comprehensive study program.

I have a mental health condition that is constantly interfering with everyday life. This program allowed me to study, focus, and concentrate on the test in a way that was flexable and easy for me. I was able to ask for more time when I needed it and I passed my test with a great score!! I will use this program time and time again for my other exams in the future.

Thank you TDC!!! I PASSED!!! felt SOO prepared walking in with using this program. The program worked perfectly with my work schedule, and now I can face the world with my LMSW! You guys rock! I needed a 99 and got 105 correct. I felt prepared and all thanks to TDC! I will be using this program from my LCSW! Ahhh!! It’s so surreal!