A Note from TDC: Black Lives Matter

By Amanda Rowan on June 5, 2020

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As a company comprised of social workers and MFTs, we are called and committed to pursuing racial justice. Like many of you, we are deeply saddened and outraged at the death of George Floyd. The ongoing systemic and institutionalized racism that led to his death, and the ongoing violence towards people of color, is unacceptable and changes are long overdue. While we as individuals continue taking steps personally and professionally toward racial justice, as a company we believe it is necessary to put our money where our mouth is. For the month of June the coupon code CHANGE25 will both take $25 off the cost of your program and TDC will donate $15 to Campaign Zero for each coupon code used.

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10 Responses to “A Note from TDC: Black Lives Matter”

  1. Sharon Sumler

    Thank you for recognizing this and giving your support.

  2. Roger

    This is an incredible thing, a SW test prep program getting involved like this. Very grateful to you for playing a part in this movement.

  3. Yvonne Gordon

    Thank you so much for supporting the cause, and for supporting us clinician’s on our journey to promote change!

  4. Rai Camille

    Thank you

  5. Loretta Brown

    Thank you so much for supporting the cause, it means more than you can ever imagine!

  6. Teresa Osby

    Thank you very much.

  7. Kenya

    Thank you for acknowledging the racial injustice and your support!

  8. Raechelle Gaffney

    THANK YOU for acknowledging what is way overdue in our nation, THANK YOU FOR saying GEORGE FLOYD name, THANK for being apart of the movement, THANK you for not putting black and brown people in a general category, and THANK you for acknowledging racial injustice even exist. You are appreciated!

  9. Gail Marie Erlandson

    Thank you for your support of Black Lives Matter. It is so important that we take a stand and work together to end racial disparities. I am currently reading “White Fragility” by Robin Diangelo. There are so many good resources out there like this that are available to continue our education. We cannot pretend to have all the answers. I find it important to keep a “beginner’s mind” and a posture of listening. I want to be positively part of this dialogue that is essential to our social justice ethic. Thanks TDC for being clear about your commitment to racial justice.

  10. Deirdre

    Thank you for acknowledging the racial injustice and for saying George Floyd name. Thank you for your support in this ongoing struggle ! Peace


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