"I had almost given up hope after failing the LCSW exam for the second time by only 1 point! I had used other companies twice and didn’t understand why I didn’t pass after I spent 3 months studying for the exam.  I was devastated, I didn’t know where to turn or where to go. I just knew that I needed to pass. I put my career on hold for almost three years because of this exam. Once I picked myself up, I did some research and I contacted the Therapist Development Center. Amanda called me back right away. When I talked to her I felt completed relieved. I was shocked when she told me that I would only need to study for 3 weeks!!! AATBS told me that I would need to study for 6-12 months!  What? I can have a life outside of studying for the exam? It was a new way of thinking for me.

Your program taught me how to understand the test questions, and how to think about the LCSW exam. I didn’t memorize material but I went into the exam with confidence. I passed my exam and I only studied for three week and I had a life while doing it! The exam was so much easier the third time because I had the tools I needed. Now, I can move on with my life and it has restored my confidence. I wish I could have found her program sooner! I highly recommend this program. It will save you time, energy and money!! I can’t tell you how happy I am to be able to move on with my life. It truly was an answer to my prayers. Thank you!"  - Sarah Stranton, LCSW


"Thank you so much for helping me pass the California Standard Written MFT exam and Clinical Vignette Exam. For the first exam, I had spent hundreds of dollars with two other MFT exam preparation companies. I attended many of their workshops, received boxes of manuals, and studied everyday. According to their standards, I was prepared to take the first exam. After the test began, I went into a full blown panic attack. It was obvious, that the study material that I had concentrated on and was so proficient at learning was nowhere to be found on the test. I FAILED the first written exam.

I soon found one of your previous students who suggested that I call you. It was the best thing I could have done. You tips to to help manage my test anxiety. Using your study material, which was easy to understand, concise, and simple, it became clear to me why I had failed the first MFT Standard Written Exam.  I found many errors, and inaccurate information, in the other MFT test preparation companies test banks and manuals. I found myself calling these companies with corrections to their material.

I am so grateful that I found you.  After going through your program, I easily passed both exams. Thank you so much, Therapist Development Center!" -Debbie Powers, MFT

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