Yirley Corea, LCSW
LCSW Exam Coach

Yirley Corea is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Los Angeles, CA. She received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from California State University, Northridge in 2004 and her MSW from California State University, Long Beach in 2009. Yirley has worked with diverse populations, including victims of domestic violence, children on the autistic spectrum, and adolescents struggling with conduct disorders, substance abuse, and trauma. She is currently working in community-based mental health, providing onsite and field-based services to severely- and emotionally-disturbed children and their families.

Yirley is a happily married, proud mother of two. As she began preparing for her licensing exam and while pregnant with her younger child, Yirley was referred to the Therapist Development Center by multiple colleagues who had passed using the system. She found it to be a perfect fit to her busy schedule. TDC’s exam prep allowed her to maximize her study time while balancing and family life. She learned exceptional test taking strategies and useful content that gave her a boost of confidence to successfully tackle the exam. Yirley looks forward to helping other professionals feel empowered and confident in preparing for their licensing exams.