Emily Pellegrino, LMSW

Emily Pellegrino

Emily Pellegrino is an Associate Clinical Social Worker in San Francisco. She received her Bachelor’s degree in psychology from DePaul University and completed her Master’s in Social Work at Loyola University in Chicago. Emily passed her LMSW exam on the first try in September of 2012 by using the TDC's LMSW exam prep. She found the TDC approach unique in that it teaches people to understand the exam material from a social worker's perspective in an easy to learn manner.

Professionally, Emily has held a wide variety of clinical roles including working with adults with disabilities to help them live independently, and provided both individual counseling and case management for adults, children, and families at a community counseling center in Chicago. Currently when not working with TDC, Emily works for Seeds of Awareness in the Bay Area providing outdoor social skills groups for young children and works for their family counseling center seeing children and adults individually.  Emily also sees clients individually for therapy in San Francisco & Oakland, CA: https://www.emilypellegrino.com/