I passed!!!!!!!! I got 125 correct! I am so grateful that I found out about your study system because I truly think that I would not have pass without it. 99% of my questions were reasoning ones and if I wasn't able to listen and understand your reasoning for why an answer was right it would have made that test a lot harder. You guys broke it down, made it digestible and understandable too. Thank you! I am recommending you to all of my cohort.

I passed my LCSW Clinical Vignette exam on Sat., thanks to TDC! I felt very confident going in and actually thought it was kind of easy. I never thought that I would say this about the exam, given my two previous failed attempts. Your study material made all the difference. I will be recommending you to my colleagues. I cannot thank you enough for helping me to finally conquer this, what a relief.

Both of my parents are LCSWs, so I guess you can say social work is in my blood. I remember my mother studying for her LCSW exam when I was a little girl. She studied every night for what seemed like forever. A child's perception of time is somewhat skewed, but that has always been in my mind. When she took the exam she scored in the high 90s. That is one of the main reasons I have put off getting my LCSW license and the fact that I didn't have the time to devote to studying. I have never been good at these types of tests. I barely passed my master's level exam. With my mother's high score looming over my head the pressure was on. All I really wanted to do was past the exam the first time. Well, I wanted to let you know that I not only passed the exam the first time, but I made a 90. I still can't believe it. Crazy. Your program gave me the skills to take the exam and pass. It gave me the processing skills to think through each question. I heard Amanda's voice in my head with every question; walking me through the questions to get to the right answer. I wanted to say thank you for the wonderful job you all do. Great Program!

I finally passed the LCSW due to your essential strategies and extensive support through your material and audio workshops.  I felt very confident, but anxious.  I utilized the frames and also stayed present throughout the test. I used all my time, used the scorecard and also remembered Amanda throughout the exam.  Thank you so much, I finally accomplished one of my final goals and it was due to your program.  I am a true believer.  Thank you again for providing me with effective tools to conquer the test.

I passed my LCSW Standard Written Exam yesterday and I owe much gratitude to the Therapist Development Center!  I had seriously been struggling with studying - I was using another prep company's materials and I could not "get going" with them, it was too much material. Ten days (!!) before my exam, I spoke with a co-worker who had just passed her exam and she highly suggested TDC's materials - I reviewed the website and testimonials and purchased them. I could not have been happier, it was exactly what I needed - direction and the content more organized just a 300 page book to read and study questions.  With my exam looming ten short days away, I dove in.  It amazes me how well the information was organized and presented to maximize learning of the material itself and shifting my thinking to how to take the exam.  I realize the materials were not designed to "crash" for the exam; that was the situation I created and I think my  ability to get so much use/benefit from them in such a short period of time is a testament to the thought and hard work that went in to create them.  These materials are 100% worth every single penny spent.

I am already feeling confident regarding the Clinical Vignette exam and will purchase TDC's materials without a doubt.  I can and will recommend these materials to co-workers or anyone else preparing for the exam. Thank you Amanda and the entire team at TDC! 

I am so excited to say that I passed my LCSW Clinical Vignette Exam yesterday!  Thank you TDC for the principles taught in the workshops.  I felt equipped for the exam just doing the steps once!  I only used the TDC to study and did not use any other program.  I have three other coworkers that also used the TDC and all passed their LCSW Clinical Vignette Exam!  I wish I would have known about the TDC sooner so I could have used it to pass my first LCSW Written Exam, as I failed that one the first time by one point, because I didn't finish the exam... I had 4 questions left!  I passed it the second time using another program, but would have loved to use the TDC as it probably would have helped me feel more equipped and confident in taking the exam.  You can be confident that you will learn the principles and strategies necessary to pass the exam!  Thank you TDC!

TDC was my life saver. Initially, I was hesitant to try the course but I am glad I made the choice to purchase the TDC course. After spending so much money on another program course, I thought I would never be able to pass my test. The reason I chose this program was for two reasons: (1) The Queen of Test Prep (I do crown her as that)-Amanda Rowan called me to tell me about the program.  Amanda did not try to sell or persuade me to buy the TDC course.  She gave me the confidence and the hope I needed to pass the test. (2) TDC program comes with a coach. My coach Emily Pellegrino, was my angel. She was there for me every step of the way. When I did not understand a question, Emily made it easy for me to understand. The TDC program is easy to follow, and what sets it apart is you don’t have to spent hours studying from a test prep book. It is an audio course that set the foundation to passing the exam along with online practice tests, mock tests, reviews, and a final practice exam. I recommend this course to anyone who is trying to pass the LMSW exam. TDC is a hidden platinum gem that I can’t say enough good things about. Thank You for helping me pass my exam and giving me the hope, tips, and the knowledge I needed to tackle the test through your course.  I could not have done it without TDC. I will be back to purchase my LCSW TDC course. I will never be able to Thank You guys enough.

I wanted to share the amazing news that I passed my LCSW exam yesterday! I am now officially an LCSW! Your test materials were the key to my passing the exam! I had purchased two other test prep companies but found myself getting confused with their strategies and rationales.  My friend highly recommended TDC but I was hesitant to spend more money on another test company.  I kept hearing such positive things about your seminars and how you were able to make everything clear.  After talking to you, I felt more confident about purchasing your test materials. So I bit the bullet and decided it was worth the investment!  It was one of the BEST decisions I've made in the whole process toward my licensure!  I listened to your seminars twice, reviewed your test materials several times, and practiced the mock exams!  When I actually took the exam yesterday, I felt very confident because I was so well prepared! I can't thank you enough for preparing me so well! I have already been recommending your company to my friends who are preparing for their exams.

On March 27,2013, I passed the LMSW test using the Therapist Development Center prep learning material. I placed a call to Amanda Rowan, LCSW, in December 2012. She returned my call. She informed me about the Therapist Development Center prep material vs other companies prep material. I was in the process of studing the LEAP material, however, I saved her telephone number in my cell phone. The later part of December 2012, I contacted Amanda Rowan, LCSW, again, and purchased the Therapist Development Center prep learning material. I was not disappointed. Amanda Rowan, LCSW and Emily Pellegrino, LMSW coach are awesome!  I love the lectures, the tests, reviews, and the coach. Today, I finished strong and passed the LMSW.  I have informed all of my friends in Dallas and Texarkana, TX about contacting the Therapist Development Center to get positive results on the LMSW test. Thank you TDC!

Thank you, TCD, for all of your support throughout the study process. I passed my LCSW exam today on the first try! Your simple-to-follow, streamlined process made all of the difference in my preparation for the exam. I felt at ease and prepared going into the exam. It is clear your company clearly cares about the professional development of all of your customers. I am forever grateful!

TDC I am forever grateful for your services.  I recently passed my LCSW CV Exam.  I used the other study programs for my inital exam and I realized how much I over studied due to the overwhelming amount of information they give you to MEMORIZE. You help one to LEARN and APPLY what we already know.  With the second exam I took the advice of many of my cohorts and realized through your workshops that applying what I know and learning strategies to overcome my doubts and reinforce my skills was key.  You defenitely helped bring to light the confidence that is in all of us, yet that becomes overshadowed with other test companies.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I am now an LCSW!

I wanted to let you know I PASSED the both the Standard Written LCSW Exam and the Clinical Vignette Examination and I couldn't have done it without you and your prep course! I was startled that 90% of what Grossman focused on was not even on there and what I really needed were the tools to learn how to think about the questions on the exam. Your strategy based approach was so much more helpful than the content based approach the other companies use. In fact, I even felt they gave a lot of inaccurate information and often provided rationales that conflicted with one another. Your strategies were invaluable and your program really accurately reflected what was actually on the exam. Thanks for being so accessible and responding to all of my specific questions along the way. I will certainly be recommending your program to my colleagues because I am confident you offer the best test prep out there for these exams.

I had never taken the LCSW exam before.  I refused to take it until I felt ready.  For the past 2 years, I didn't feel ready since I had no time to study.  With 4 kids, a spouse, and 2 jobs, I had no time to prepare for the exam.                                                                                                                            

I  tried a few other study programs in the past, and even attended a workshop.  It all overwhelmed me with the amount of material that I was expected to memorize.  I think that these programs actually stopped me from studying because I thought "There is no way I can memorize all this material!".  Most of those study programs have been sitting on my shelf for the past 2 years.

After a lot of consideration, started searching again for a program.   I already had an idea which programs to avoid, so I had to dig deeper and find something I had not looked at.  That's when I came across the Therapist Development Center.  I emailed them, and I received an email back within the same day, and I was able to talk to someone about the program before I bought it.  I thought, this is the one I need.

I loved the personal touch, the fact that TDC offers a coach was fantastic!  My coach was able to calm a lot of my anxieties and encourage me in the areas that I needed to focus on for this exam.  

The approach was amazing!  TDC focused on prioritizing what you study, rather than memorizing everything you have learned through the MSW program.  They did not stress memorization at all, and they made it clear that the focus was learning the material necessary, and not anymore.

The audios are outstanding!  The audios walked me through questions and taught me how to reason through each question, learning how to deal with FIRST, NEXT, and BEST questions.   The top 50 topics questions were very helpful, and gave a great understanding of the topics that may be on the test.

Not only are there  audios with questions, there are audios that are basically lectures about important topics that are necessary to know, like ethics and the DSM.  The thing is, these audios lectures are interesting, not boring, and examples are presented to help remember material. 

The DSM lecture was my absolute favorite!   I feel that I learned the DSM in 2 hours with their approach.  This was so helpful on my exam, since there were many DSM questions on the exam.

The main difference between TDC and other companies is that TDC focuses your studying on the priorities for the LCSW Exam, and doesn't overwhelm you with material.  TDC teaches you how to study effectively for the exam and provides a guide of what to study that is most commonly found on the exam.   If you have only a short time to study for the test, this is the program to use.  

TDC has audios that talk you though many test questions, reasoning through each of the answers, and explaining why the correct answer is correct.  With the help of the audio, I was able to reason through the actual exam questions quite easily.  Other prep test companies I have found do not provide audios that will also talk you through questions. 

The best part is that memorizing material is at minimum, the goal is to actually learn, and it works!  I learned so much from the program and I also use what  I learned in the program on my job as a social worker.

If you are looking for an effective program to help you pass your LCSW exam, get this program, it will help you prioritize how to study for this exam.  Try and avoid all those acronyms and the tons of content that other programs what you to memorize,and use this program.  I believe it will serve you well.

Thanks TDC for all you do!

This week I passed the LCSW Clinical Vignette exam for CA after using the TDC study methods. I am happy to say a huge thank you for helping me pass. I feel that your methods were just what I needed to help me focus on the most important aspects of the CA LCSW exam. I used the question framing and the scoring, which helped me better evaluate each answer set. I will be recommending you to everyone who I come across who is preparing to take CA's social work exams. In my opinion it was money well spent.

So I started my studying for the LCSW exams by buying the huge (and expensive) AATBS "platinum" package- and after going to the first 'workshop' and leaving incredibly disappointed and actually more confused than before going. I started asking around for what colleagues had used that helped them pass. As soon as I heard about TDC, I figured it was worth the investment because you came so highly recommended. And now I know why! Your methods helped most by giving me confidence and feeling like I "knew" what to expect on the test. And it's true, your tips were right on. After passing my first LCSW Exam with the help of your audio lectures and materials, I felt prepared to sign up for the 2nd vignette exam quickly, and after only 6 weeks of studying (which seemed short compared to others I know who studied with AATBS for months), I passed!!  I really can't recommend you highly enough! I think I sound like a broken record, telling all of my colleagues to go straight to you if they want the knowledge and confidence to pass! So thank you so much! I really appreciate the helpfulness of your materials and the focus of your methods. And now I can say, I'm an LCSW! :)  

Today I passed the written clincal social work exam.  From the first to the last question answered, I KNEW that I had passed the exam before receiving the PASS report on the computer. Your strategies are absolutely the reason for the confidence I exuded throughout the exam (I was laughing inside throughout). Very soon I will be purchasing your course for the clinical vignette exam, and I am extremely confident that I will pass that exam as well (the first time).  I am thankful and grateful for the information you have provided and will definitely recommend your program to other colleagues.  My transition to Los Angeles California from Washington DC has just had a boost and I thank you for that.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I passed the LCSW Vignette exam today. Your system was the key to my success.  I used Berkley and I was completely lost. Your system gave me the tools to successfully pass. Thank you for helping me take this most important step in my career.

I cannot stress this enough that TDC provided me with the exact strategy and appropriate knowledge to pass the LCSW Standard Written Exam. I felt connected and got the rigor, rhythm and confidence as soon as I got in touch with the coaching instructor. Their instruction material is profound, precise and perfect which has helped me PASS and if you try with TDC, you will too. I feel immensely fortunate to have found TDC via internet search, experienced immense passion in TDC staff in helping me get one step ahead towards my success. I am telling everyone that TDC is the key to success, and do not waste your time, energy and valued money in buying materials from other tutorial company. TDC's price is very reasonable knowing the fact that you are going to PASS. I am stressing PASS may times as who will know more than me of how important that is after I used AATBS and Gerry Grossman and had to hunt for TDC to finally PASS . I can go on and on.... Thank You TDC for being creative, honest and keeping me grounded. Oh! Will get in touch for the CV preparation. Love you TDC and your team! You Rock!

I just wanted to thank you for creating this program. I took my Clinical Vignette Exam on 8/28/12,  completed the exam in 102 minutes, without a doubt that I had passed thanks to your coaching. I had taken the exam one time before, using other companies study materials. Although,  I felt confident in my clinical skills, I was not able to wrap my head around the other companies justifications and was not able to obtain constancy in my practicing.  With your methods and coaching, I felt a sense of control, I felt prepared, not only an increased confidence in my own knowledge, but I felt prepared on HOW to take the exam without becoming overwhelmed. I truly feel that was one of the key factors that aided in my passing the exam. I have already and will be recommending you to others. Thank you again TDC!

TDC, I am the gal who signed up for your course after reading Monica Stel's outstanding recommendation for your workshop lectures.  I had been studying AATBS, and was just spinning my wheels, and then started studying with you.  IT IS AMAZING!  I GET IT!!!  I used to faciltate workshops that taught underrepresented students in the engineering and computer how to STUDY SMART.  I "flipped" when I heard you use that phrase on the audio's--it is a wonderful way to learn--verbal, auditory, and kinestic; I know it works, so many of our kids actually graduated with a B.S.--the retention/graduation rate was 79% rather than the norm of 41% for "kids from the hood".  I will be taking the first CA LSCW exam within the month and "will pass with confidence". Thanks for being here. Again, a big, fat, thank you.  Cindy
P.S.  I spoke with Monica a couple of weeks ago and that day she had taken the LCSW Exam II and passed--thanks to your second workshop!