I PASSED!  Thank you to the TDC team for providing me with such a practical resource and guide that helped me not only pass the exam but also change my learning experience into something more meaningful and constant.  I was so overwhelmed in previous years by the amount of information that sat before me that I didn't know where to even begin.  Your program helped me to focus less on memorizing material and more on processing the information and critically thinking through appropriate clinical interventions.  This allowed me to view each question using a method that is ultimately a tool every clinician should use in practice anyway. Thank you for staying with me until I passed the exam by providing an extension when I needed it and "being in my head" on test day... really Amanda!  I heard your voice the entire time ruling out answers until I got to the right one!

Next, the LCSW Clinical Vignette exam - You'll be hearing from me in the next month or two as I register for your program on this one.  YAY!!!! I look forward to more brain training and passing the final test to become licensed in the state of California.

I took the California LCSW Standard Written Exam yesterday, July 1st, 2013, here in San Francisco, CA. I passed the test! (my first time!). Your prep course really made the difference for me. The stucture of your prep course was very important to me. I completed the course, then reviewed everything and took the 100 question mock exams and all the quizes at least twice. Thankfully, I don't have to take that exam more than once. Now on to the California Clinical Vignette exam prep course. I truly appreciate your affordable prep courses.

I can't believed I passed!  I have taken the test a few times and kept missing by only few points.  I used all your study material the way we discussed and finally passed. I used all the strategies you recommended and felt confident going into the test.  Thanks for helping me be succesful!

I used the Therapist Development Center for both parts of my exam and passed each one the first time! I went into each exam confident and sure of my knowledge of the material.  I felt well prepared and finished both exams within plenty of time.  The methods taught for the clinical vignette portion made everything so manageable.  This program is amazing!

I just wanted to extend my thanks! Your program really gave me the right way of thinking to attack the exam! I didn't have the full eight weeks to get through the program, and so I modified it to be a condensed version, but the program really gave me the tools I needed to feel confident and PASS the exam on my first attempt! I was even recovering from Strep at the time I was registered to take the exam, and so I wasn't feeling my best, but utilized the tools that were taught and succeeded! Thank you so much for your assistance!!

I just wanted to say thank you for this brilliant set up!  Walking into my test I felt prepared and knew I had the best possible chance of passing this wretched test!!!  When I hit the end button (they really make you sweat it out) I knew what word would be there but I felt happy seeing it!!!!! Thank you for a wonderful education!!

Thank you very much for your training program.  You made the studying quite enjoyable and stress free.   I just passed the first exam and will start studying for the second.  I will purchase your study program next week and jump into studying.  Lets hope and pray that a month from now I will have successfully completed both exams.  Thanks again!

I passed my LCSW exam today first try! You all were awesome. I have to tell you before I took your study course I was so anxious; it has been 12 and a half years since I took the last one. I got my Master's degree 13 years ago. Everyone I talked to warned me how hard it was and how many people fail it on the first go round. Your pep talks and lectures made me feel confident and well informed. Taking the exam I never felt out of my depth or that you hadn't prepared me. In fact on several questions I thought, now in what order would Amanda put these in. I have to tell you I researched study courses and several things impressed about yours. One was your website, another was the testimonials, and third was that you went to a school that I knew; one that I was confident prepared you well, which as a Clinician and as a Fordham graduate, was important to me.  Your course was everything I hoped it would be and I will recommend it to everyone who has to take this exam!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

I just wanted to say thank you for creating a program that was organized, had direction and was very positive.  Today I passed the CA LCSW Standard Written Exam and I followed all of your tips including taking a break and imagining you were in the room with me.  This program helped me manage my anxiety and feel confident in myself as a clinician. I am excited to move forward and study for the Clinical Vignette Exam. Thank you so much Therapist Development Center!

I passed the clinical ASWB exam. I took the exam once before and my score was 80. I studied using the SWES test exam preparation and it did not prepare me enough. I had some other issues going on in my personal life as well, so I decided to wait a year to take it again and use different materials. The next time I took the exam, I scored a 110. You have to have 101 to pass in Michigan, that is a 30 point jump. I found the Therapist development center after searching forever to find something different to use in trying to pass this exam on the second attempt. I liked that the therapist development center did not have as much information to study. They focused on certain areas and techniques that helped me pass the test. It seems that other study material did not do a good job of outlining as well as the development center. I really liked that they gave me someone to contact after I took the practice tests, if I was still stuck on some questions. I could contact a coach to help me spend some time on the reasoning for the rationales. I studied for almost 5.5 weeks to prepare and pass the exam. To my advantage, I have no children or a significant other, so I had lots of time to study almost every single day. I felt much better taking the exam using the Therapist Development Center material, than I did using the SWES material. Though it is a state board, and state boards are not easy exams. I advise anyone to use this material to pass your clinical exam in order to be a fully licensed social worker. Work hard, believe in the materials and all the techniques the Therapist Development Center recommends.


I wished I found the Therapist Development Center sooner instead of wasting money on other prep courses that did not help me in passing the LMSW exam. I highly recommend taking this course. The TDC prepared me for my LMSW exam so thoroughly. I never felt so confident taking an exam. My score did improve by 20 points from the last failed attempt at passing this test. I have raved about this prep course to all my coworkers and friends who are prepping for their LMSW. The TDC will definitely be with you until you pass. Thank you Emily and Amanda for all the support, words of wisdom, and encouragement. I would not have been able to successfully obtain my LMSW without the TDC's help.

What I loved about the TDC was-EVERYTHING!  I LOVED how organized it is, and how structured it is.  The system kept me on track as I moved forward.  The lecture series were tremendously beneficial, as I could listen in the car while driving, while putting on make-up or getting dressed, making dinner, etc.  I really enjoyed the prep-tests and quizzes, although would have appreciated the quizzes to have been within the system to be taken online. I also appreciated having Bethany, who was there WHENEVER I emailed her, with a quick response and helpful guidance.   Thank you Bethany!
After attending a prep-class for the exam, there were many students in the class who had already taken the exam and failed.  They mentioned various study materials they used, feeling overwhelmed, and unprepared.  This really scared me.  That’s when I began to look online for something more effective.  A friend gave me a CD with some test questions to answer over and over, but it didn’t feel like I was learning the material, so I pressed ahead in my quest for some effective study materials.  I studied approximately 3 months.  I’m working full time, and would try to study at least an hour each day, sometimes longer.
The exam was difficult.  No way around that.  It’s tricky.  However, that being said, I felt a confidence that I don’t believe I would have felt had I not gone through the program with you.  I kept hearing your voices, and that was reassurance in itself!  The dialogue on the recordings seemed very effective for me, and I enjoy listening!
I took the MOCK exam you provided and didn’t feel that I did as well as I thought I would.  I then took the ASWB practice exam and got a 94%!  I contacted Bethany and asked if she thought I was ready, and she felt I should go for it!  I’ve not heard what score I received on the exam yet, the paper I received saying PASS, said I should get something in the main from ASWB in about 2 weeks. But I don’t really care!  I PASSED!  
My advice is STUDY these materials!  When you think you’re ready, go through everything one more time, and then GO FOR IT!

I passed! This program was so helpful. Not only do you get study materials you get a private prep class!  I practically took the TDC into the exam with me. I recommend this program to anyone who is looking for a comprehensive and cohesive way to study.

I had almost given up. Two years ago, I bought the AATBS Gold package "Guaranteed to pass!" I drove to LA to take a weekend of classes by one of their instructors. I have a BSW and an MSW. Surely I can pass these exams...right? I passed the first exam on the first attempt. However, I failed the vignette not once...not twice....but THREE TIMES!!! A few weekends ago I was spending a precious Saturday morning studying the same old, tired vignettes (that seriously didnt change the entire time I used AATBS.) I told my husband, there is something I am not getting. I am just NOT grasping what they are looking for on this test. I felt so hopeless about this exam.  I went to the internet and found Amanda's video on Youtube of how to make the test score sheet. Hmmm....this is a different approach. I went to the TDC website and signed up. I absolutely loved it. I loved listening to the vignettes. I loved hearing Amanda talk about these cases and break it down, step-by-step. I was ready for this exam in a week and a half, just like the TDC said. I applied their techniques and found myself passing the mock exams (which I couldnt do even on AATBS.) I finally GOT it. It clicked like never before. TDC, thank you so VERY VERY much for all of your hard work and expertise in creating this prep course. When I took the exam this morning, I would often remind myself of your words...like "be confident with your X's" From the bottom of my heart...thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I can honestly say, I couldnt have done this without you!

I used this program from Dec. 2012-Jan. 2013 and passed the LCSW Standard Written Exam at the end of January my first time taking it.  This program fully prepared me with the knowledge and confidence I needed to pass this exam. Thank you.  I am now using the program to get me ready to pass the Vignette portion!

On Thursday, May 11th I passed my LCSW Vignette Exam, just two months after passing the Written Exam.  I would like to thank you, Amanda, and your center so much for the help that I just did not receive from the other company I started my studies with.  Your preparation not only completely helped me understand what to study for both tests, but also relieved much of the apprehension I had about become a therapist!  I am so fortunate that I was informed about the Therapist Development Center from colleagues that had also found success after using your program.  I will definitely be spreading the word (I already have!).

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Therapist Development Center & Amanda Rowan!!! I just passed my LCSW Exam and could not have done this without your program!!  I used a "different program" for my first attempt and was not successful. Fortunately, I found TDC and had a much BETTER experience during the overall study program and of course the final outcome!! I would also like to say I believe I have much stronger clinical skills thanks to this program. My MSW is in Social Work Administration, and my internship was focused more for early intervention and prevention with younger children, so my clinical foundation was not quite as strong. However, after completing this program I feel much more confident in my overall clinical approach!! Please know I will definitely spread the word in Sacramento promoting TDC and how much more effective and time saving it is from the "others prep courses"!! 

If there is doubt and you are in need of securing your license for your career to advance or to retain your job, now is not the time to debate on whether or not you should purchase the Therapist Development Center (TDC) study material.    I only wish I learned of the TDC study materials prior to my first exam attempt which resulted in Anxiety NOS (self-diagnosed) for my future attempt; however, the TDC was the best medication and Cognitive Therapy I could take to calm my nerves/thoughts.  The materials undoubtedly will assist you with learning how to differentiate between diagnosis, defense mechanisms, increase theory understanding as well as many other components that are tested on the ASWB exam.  Ultimately, the materials help with understanding how ASWB ask questions and what knowledge they are testing. In addition to the study materials, you will have access to a “coach” (thank you Bethany V.) through the center.  When you are in need of question(s) being answered, they responded quickly with a great display of patience and knowledge each time I interacted with TDC.  I genuinely encourage you to invest in YOU and no longer self-doubt; the TDC materials will be worth your time, financial sacrifice and will decrease hard-ache in the end.  Many thanks to TDC!!!!!!

I passed!!!!!!!! I got 125 correct! I am so grateful that I found out about your study system because I truly think that I would not have pass without it. 99% of my questions were reasoning ones and if I wasn't able to listen and understand your reasoning for why an answer was right it would have made that test a lot harder. You guys broke it down, made it digestible and understandable too. Thank you! I am recommending you to all of my cohort.

I passed my LCSW Clinical Vignette exam on Sat., thanks to TDC! I felt very confident going in and actually thought it was kind of easy. I never thought that I would say this about the exam, given my two previous failed attempts. Your study material made all the difference. I will be recommending you to my colleagues. I cannot thank you enough for helping me to finally conquer this, what a relief.